This is the revised version of the first story I ever posted, way back when...I can't remember, like four or five years ago. The original premise is still should be. Anyway, welcome one and all to a Kingdom Hearts story which I'll try my best to write. Thank you to anyone who stumbles upon this fic and who gives me the time of day to read it and possibly fav or follow it :D

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Chapter 1

I Wasn't Staring

"Who does she think she is?!"

I open my locker and an absentminded 'uh huh' slips off my tongue. Math book, pencil case, what else do I need?

"Like Friday, we were still out on the field and the guys were finishing off their laps. Tidus winks at me, me! But someone else thought it was her. You should have seen her gawking like an idiot, Kai. Full-blown, drooling at the mouth. Now she's spreading this rumor that he's into her when he's not. Can you believe that! Oh, and it doesn't stop there."

My locker closes with a gentle flick of the wrist. That should be everything. Now, to deal with my second task for the morning, "Don't you think you're overreacting?" Selphie's downturned lip says otherwise, "Not to sound mean or anything but Tidus isn't really into you either." Who am I to break the unfortunate news to the haughty brunette that Tidus has eyes for neither her nor Rikku. I've seen the way he's been discretely checking Yuna out, Rikku's cousin no less. "He could've blinked like normal and you thought it was a wink."

I imagined frustration or pouting, not a broad grin on Selphie's smooth features and she held both hands to her hips, "We both saw a wink, one. Two, there's no guy in this school who is not into me in some way." Well…personality, brains, looks, Selphie is a pretty decent package. But at what cost? Unless any guy can match the very same criteria, he's got zero chance. She's picky like that, "Three, he is in fact into me. I can prove it."

"Prove it to Rikku, not me." Selphie literally hissed at the name.

Her face morphs, completely disgusted, "She makes me so…ugh, Rikku makes me so mad. If I ever get my hands around that neck."

"Selphie, come on. You're exaggerating." I'm eighty percent sure she's not.

"What did I do?" A questioning voice interrupts our conversation, "Should I be scared?"

"I can help you Selphie." And then there were four. Riku and Yuffie appear beside us, the latter's arm coils around Riku's neck in a deadly chokehold. She lets go seconds later, giggling while her target messaged his manhandled neck.

Selphie shakes her head, "Not you Riku, Rikku."

"But I am Riku." He remarks incredulously.

Selphie groans, her emerald eyes rolling, "The one with hair extensions, a skirt and lip gloss."

"That can be arranged." Yuffie tugs on a strand of silver hair and Riku distances himself from her.

The bell chimes, ending the conversation much more effectively than I could. Selphie beams in Yuffie's direction. Those two share some sort of telepathy, one always knows what the other's thinking. Yuffie links arms with Selphie, the latter's negative thoughts about Rikku all forgotten. Figures, they have class with Cloud after all, "We'll see you guys later."

"See you at lunch." Selphie's eyes roam from Riku to me. She winks in my direction and I resist the urge to roll my eyes at the unsubtle gesture. The not-so-Siamese-twins prance down the corridor, abandoning Riku and I in the deserted hall.

My best friend attempts to snatch my math book from my arms while my attention was elsewhere but I keep it out of his reach, "Nice try. I can carry it myself, thank you." I smile pleasantly at him.

"Never said you couldn't." He smiles back, walking towards our classroom and I follow, "What's Rikku done this time?"

"The usual, their target's Tidus." I tuck a loose strand of scarlet behind my right ear.

Our classroom door is in sight. As I reach for the doorknob, Riku beats me to it and opens the door. I pause, waiting for him to enter first. "We can do this all day." Is that smug undertone in his voice I detect?

"Unless you want us both to get a tongue lashing from Tifa, get inside Riku." This is really getting old.

He gestures with the smoothest wave of his arm, "Ladies first."

I end up smiling but remain where I stand, "I believe the correct term is 'we men' first, so you go right ahead."

"Kairi, get in the classroom." We'll have no debate, according to that tone. Fine.

Defeated – no, wanting to be done with Riku's nonsense – I step inside. The vast majority of students have already taken their seats with a few chatting and others prepping their materials. Tifa's at the front desk, skimming through her notes. She offers a glance while we come in. I quickly find my seat to the classroom's center, greeting a few people on the way there. Riku settles in his seat on my left.

"Alright everyone." Tifa calls the class to order, "Today we'll be covering Statistics." She writes out the topic on the blackboard.

A breath later and a gentle knock plays on the classroom door, "Enter." Our teacher says in a less than welcoming tone. Principal Yen Sid materializes from the other side, a student right behind him. Tifa straightens up when the principal steps inside, her face taking a turn for the better while being addressed by her superior. So she can look like a responsible adult if she tries, who would've thought. The grey haired man's conversation with our teacher was insubstantial compared to the high interest value of the brunet looking about with eyes like a fish out of water. Sapphire gems wander the classroom, taking everything in. From the dusty cupboards near dirt coated windows, to haphazardly dangling fluorescent bulbs dimmed with time, half of an ancient chalkboard which miraculously is still attached to the paint peeling walls, to the group of curious onlookers dissecting him from head to toe. Radiant Garden University at its finest. This decrepit wing of the school building anyway. Renovations have been pushed back for reasons unknown but our health and safety is negligible in the sight of administration.

"Okay." Tifa announces when the principal leaves, reverting to her regular dull self, "Class, we have a new student so please make him feel welcome." Her tone lackluster, Tifa eyes the new boy, "Introduce yourself."

"Sure." He sounds rather upbeat. "I'm Sora. Nice to meet you all." The brunet appears to be my age, scratching the surface of twenty, maybe twenty-one. Hair spiky like a porcupine, bright sapphire eyes, goofy grin and tall, he's tall. Not Riku tall, but tall.

"There are empty seats in the back, grab one and sit down." Tifa returns to the board.

"Sure." Sora's head lowers. I'd do the same if every single eye in the room were fixated on me. I turn to the front once he passes my desk.

Tifa resumes her lesson but couldn't hold a candle to the attention grabber sitting two seats behind me. Even Riku snuck quick peaks when he thought no one was looking. Halfway through class, Tifa gives up on teaching and demands we finish two pages worth of questions in our textbooks before class is over. This is when I glance back at the new guy. Just great. It's technically not his fault but if everyone stopped gawking his way we wouldn't be stuck with completing three whole exercises. As if touched by my glare, Sora's gaze shifts upward from his excessive page flipping and we lock sights. I didn't study his entire face until now…and now it's gone. His head tilts down, focused on his work instead of the girl staring at him. I whip around and start the first problem. Did that really count as staring? I wasn't staring. He probably thinks I was. What does it matter? He can think whatever he wants.

…I wasn't staring.

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