The Other (Acher/ אַחֵר)

Mulder and Scully investigates a murder of a newly married couple in South Carolina. With investigations they reach out to save another soon to be married couple and to her greater surprise Scully finds Mulder with an unexpected question!

This is my first **real** fan fiction based on my own findings. This relates to my previous fan-fic "All things that mattered" as I have added some dimension to Scully and Mulder's relationship. Please do check it out of possible as otherwise some lines I have added for them might sound too **unreal.

The facts for this story are based on an extensive web research but the names, incidents, rituals and places mentioned are purely fictional. I'm not living on the states so there might be some discrepancies as the story goes. But I hope you guys will enjoy this.

Thanks for checking out my story!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters NOR the script for any of original "The X files" episodes but would like to thank FOX this amazing episode Series!

Location: Mayfield Estate, Beaufort, SC


It was a breezy but a warm evening and the gentle wind was like a soft shower of a cooling mist, refreshing and inviting them to stay in the outdoors to savor in this very moment.

Pretty fairy lights were still flickering, while the faint flame of the tea-lights on the picnic bench faded with the darkness of the air. Abigail lowered herself to the porch steps, watching her husband cleaning the final trace left by the guests. Even though all of their guest left some time ago, she could still hear their laughter. Today was their homecoming party, and they had a handful of family and a few friends to share this special step in their life. She glanced at the paper lanterns above her, hanging freely on the pergola above her, admiring the beauty of the night sky, which is now adorned with a thousand of tiny stars.

Hey Babe.. She gasped to his soft tone. He helped himself next to her while gathering her in to his arms.

I'm so glad that we are finally here Jac.. She was almost whispering to his ears as she reached for his hands and placed them on her belly.

Mom and Dad were so thrilled to hear that we are expecting! Her voice mirrored the same. She looked at him with glistening eyes.

So was Shav and Aaron.. She added immediately before placing a soft kiss on his lips. Thank you for bringing me up don't know how much it means to me..But I promise, we can go back to Mesa for next year...I don't know may be when the baby is here..She was lacing her fingers with his.

I'm ok with it Abby..It's good that you are close to Mom and Dad..I just..I just want the best for you and the baby.. His voice was warm..Oh you know what Aaron wanted me to join with him on the final session of their wedding dance.. He chuckled.. Oh man! He is so excited.. but Savannah will be here all day to keep your company. He gently muzzled soft kisses to her neck.

It's ok baby..She gazed at him, his deep blue eyes were the kindest she has ever seen.

Come on...go inside now...I will quickly clean this up and join look tired already…His voice was rather concerned now – you need a good rest.

She nodded.. Okay..Just don't stay too long right. She replied with a slight smile, gently stroking his cheek before he kissed her forehead. I will be there even before you step out of the bathroom. He promised her as she slowly stood up, letting his hands go from her tight hold.

20 minutes later

You know what Jac..I forgot to tell you what Mom told me tonight! Abby's voice was full of excitement as she stepped out of the bathroom.

She looked around, hoping to see Jac inside the room, but she was wrong.

Jac.. she called him, hoping he will respond soon within her reach, or may be hug her and surprise her needing some TLC.

She was wrong; it was all freaking silent, except for the random hooting of the owls and insects. And then she saw a faint shadow of a black figure outside the bedroom window. Both worried and scared, she tightened her robe before reaching out for the bottom drawer of the dresser to grab their gun. She was shaking, her breaths racing like crazy..God please help..She led a silent cry before she opened the bedroom door.

It was all dark now where she has previously lit the house lights on. But she could see the porch lights were on. She slowly reached to the door, aiming the gun outside with both her hands.

Jac.. She screamed as it was all she could with what she could see by the porch steps. She dropped the gun and ran to him, who was barely breathing. Oh..Jac..Jac.. She cupped his face. Please talk to me..please Jac..Her sobbing was melting with the warm air, as his lifeless body laid on the porch, his chest covered with blood and warm streams of blood flooding around him slowly.

Jac…She screamed..and just then a sharp pain pierced her heart..

What…No..No..Nooooooo…She was horrified to see the spray of her own blood in front of her eyes and it was all she could manage before her last breath unified with the cold dark and doomed atmosphere of the late hour.

Just then, an abhorrent smell of burning fresh flesh covered the air.