With A Purpose-Ch 1

Penelope couldn't believe her eyes as she read the headline, tears streamed down her cheeks and she said, "no this can't be, he couldn't have escaped". She was so caught up on reading the article that she didn't hear Hotch walk into the room, calling her name several times.

He put his hand on her shoulder and she jumped, he said, "sorry Garcia but I called your name several times, are you alright"?, she handed him the paper and said, "n n no sir I'm not". He took a deep breath and said, "I was hoping that I would be able to tell you about this before you heard somewhere else".

She stood up and said, "this can't be happening, how did he get out"?, Hotch said, "he was being transferred to another prison and during an mechanical problem with the transport van he was able to escape". Penelope felt her heart breaking and she said, "he killed them bossman, he killed my mom and dad".

Hotch pulled her into his arms and said, "I know Garcia and I'm so sorry, I wish their was something I could do or say to make it better". She wiped the tears away and said, "we've got to find him, he can't be free, free to kill somebody else like he did my parents".

He said, "Garcia I need for you to listen to me", she nodded her head and he said, "we've been asked to consult on the case and I'm going to need an analyst to go with us, are you up to it or do I need to get Kevin to cover"?, she said, "no sir, I'll do it, I've got to make sure that he rots in prison for what he did to me and my family".

Hotch said, "do you have your gobag"?, she said, "not here, no but I can run home and pack it and be back in a few minutes", he nodded his head and said, "go, I'll get Luke to drive you". She grabbed her things and said, "thank you, thank you sir" as she headed out of her office.

After sending Luke a text message asking him to meet Penelope by the elevator to drive her home so she could pack her go bag he pulled up his directory on his cell and his finger hovered over a number for a few seconds before he finally pushed send and after a few rings he heard, "he man, what's going on"?, Hotch said, "we've got a problem and she needs you, Garcia needs you".

Derek said, "I saw the article in the paper, I was just getting ready to call her", Hotch said, "we've been asked to consult on the case and when she gets her gobad we're heading to the jet". Derek said, "man, she shouldn't be going", he said, "I asked her if she thought she could handle it and she said that she could so she's going with us".

Derek ran his hand over his head and he said, "how's she doing"?, Hotch said, "she's devastated, heartbroken, she needs you right now, she needs you more than she has in a long time". He took a deep breath and said, "I know that you're going through a lot right now with the separation from Savannah but is their anyway that you can meet us in California"?, Derek said, " momma is here helping care of aunt Von so I'll get momma to watch Hank and I'll meet you guys at the airport".

Derek said, "what's wrong with your aunt"?, Derek said, "she fell and broke her hip and momma wanted to come down and help take care of her for a while". Hotch said, "I know that Dave misses her", Derek grinned and said, "momma's missing him to but hopefully soon aunt Von will be doing good enough so that she can come back home", Derek said, "well I'll get off here and get things done and I'll see you in California"

Hotch smiled and said, "we'll text you the address of the airport when we get into the air", he said, "thanks man", Hotch said, "be careful", Derek said, "always Hotch, always". After the call ended he looked at a picture of him and Penelope that was taken the last time they were together and he ran his finger over her face and he said, "hang on baby girl your hotstuff's coming, he's coming".

He then turned around and headed upstairs to get packed and call his mom to get her to watch Hank for a while, Penelope needed him right now and he knew that he would move heaven and earth to make sure that he was by her side, a place where he should have been all the time.