A/N 1: Panaratai is the name of the fusion of Borareta, Koitsukai and Pancea

Meanwhile on a planet in Universe 2...

"Our goddess, Ribrianne" one civilian said. Another civilian added "Is our universe finished?"

Ribrianne then appeared, and said "Not yet. It's not over yet" to which the civilians replied with "Ribrianne"

With Universe 7, and Cus, the latter being comforted by Piccolo, Old Kai asked, "They've been broadcasting the tournament to their own universe?"

"That's very bold of them" Whis replied. Everyone then looked at Mojito, and Whis added "To disclose it would normally cause mass hysteria"

Back with Ribrianne, she said "I was defeated. But, the light of love has not yet been lost. Please, everyone, cheer them on to the end! The two remaining warriors, and their battle of love!"

Caulifla, meanwhile, is getting more and more frustrated. She yelled out "DAMNIT! GET FIRED UP! KALE! CABBA! PIRINA! IF YOU LOSE, I'M GONNA CLOBBER YOU!"

"If we lose, we get erased, there'll be no-one to clobber" Pirina replied. Cabba then yelled back "YOU'RE THE WEAKEST OF THE THREE OF US! IF ANYBODY'S GETTING CLOBBERED, IT'S YOU!"

"YOIU CAN DO IT!" Botamo, Magetta and Hit called to them.

"No matter how many times we fall, we will rise" Rabanra said. Zirloin then added "Can you hear that?"

"Yeah, I hear it. The voices of the people praying for our victory" Rabanra replied., and at this, many glow sticks appeared, both from in the stand and back in Universe 2.

"Exactly! The love of everyone in Universe 2 is now on your side" Ribrianne said. Rabanra then added "What we bear are the hopes of everyone living in Universe 2. They are way too heavy! But this weight is also love"

"Let's turn this heavy love into power" Zirloin said. Rabanra and Zirloin then powered up into Ribrianne-Zirloin and Vikal-Rabanra"

"I think I'm going to be sick" Caulifla said from the stands, absolutely disgusted by Universe 2's transformation.

Back on the arena, Cabba said "Maybe they can take care of themselves now. I'm surprised they didn't do the transformation to counter us"

"Of course not. The real reason for the transformation is coming on us right now" Rabanra said as five of the six fighters of Universe 3 burst through the rockface, with Paparoni staying back, watching and observing the action while controlling Borareta, Koitsukai, Biarra and Pancea, the last of those hanging around him for protection.

Suddenly, at about the time that Universe 2 powered up, and while Kale powered up to Legendary Super Saiyan and Cabba to Quake of Fury, Pirina gained a white glow on his outline.

"What the?" Kale asked. Pirina replied with "The ability for Namekians to become one and gain further power, Namekian Fusion. Upon learning of our universe's peril, many of our people from Namek volunteered. As their representatives, we absorbed all their power to fight in this tournament. Saonel didn't last long enough for his powered-up body to stabilise, which was why we avoided aggressive fighting. To save our strength in the tournament. Now, though, my body's power has stabilised, so now that the time has come, I'm one of only three warriors left. However, now is not the time for regrets. We will fight with our people whose lives we were given. This is the Planet Namek's resolve to survive!"

Katopesla then used Mode Change to go from Whirlwind Speed Mode into Raging Battle Mode, increasing his power by 300 times.

"Watch out, that Katopesla guy's power just skyrocketed" Cabba said. The five members of Universe 3 then engaged Cabba, Kale, Pirina, Rabanra and ZIrloin.

Cabba and Kale struggle to block the attacks of Katopesla, everybody punched and kicked at each other, fighting evenly. Meanwhile, Pirina is fighting Borareta, Panchia and Koitsukai. Meanwhile both Rabanra and Zirloin are hunting down Paparoni, while being chased by Biarra, who was shooting energy blasts at them.

"Rabanra, you hold Biarra, I'll face Paparoni" Zirloin said. Rabanra nodded, said "May love be with you", turned around, and engaged Paparoni.

Katopesla got strikes on Cabba and Kale, however Kale got a quick energy blast on Katopesla, followed by another powerful kick from Cabba.

Pirirna was struck by an energy beam from Borareta, but avoided strikes from Panchia and Koitsukai, then punched or kicked all three of them away.

Rabanra struck Biarra hard, and shot him across the arena. However, he got struck hard by Paparoni.

"How the hell did you get to me?" Rabanra asked. Paparoni replied by pointed at an unmoving Zirloin.

"Oh no, how?" Rabanra asked, flying over to check on him.

Meanwhile, Pirina gets several big strikes on Borareta, Panchia and Koitsukai. At this point, Paparoni and Biarra combine to fire a devastating blast on Zirloin and Rabanra, who held the attack back with a combined Pretty Cannon and a Ki Cannon Blast. After a few moments, Rabanra uses his beast warrior traits to attack Paparoni and Biarra, managing to allow Zirloin to overpower Paparoni and Biarra blasts, though Paparoni and Biarra largely avoided damage.

"Nice" Biarra said. They then re-engaged.

Back in the stands, Sour said "They're holding up, somewhat good", to which Heles nodded. Vados meanwhile was starting to worry.

Back in the arena, when Paparoni decides to combine Borareta, Pancea and Koitsukai into one giant mechanical warrior called Panaratai, Cabba, Kale, Rabanra, Zirloin and Pirina get even more worried.

Then wham, Panaratai slams Cabba, Kale, Zirloin and Rabanra, and appears to knock everybody except Zirloin off the arena. Zirloin tried to grab Rabanra, but missed. On the other hand, Pirina extended his arms to save Kale and Cabba, quickly throwing them both back onto the arena. Panaratai then uses his arms to smash Pirina in the neck, crippling him and allowing him to be easily knocked off by Katopesla.

With Grand Priest and both Zen-Oh's, Grand Priest said, "Universe's 6 Pirina and Universe 2's Rabanra have dropped out" and with two taps, Pirina's and Rabanra's portraits go dark.

Meanwhile in the stands, as Kale and Cabba are smacked by Panaratai, Caulifla screams "NO!" and attempts to jump back onto the arena to help Cabba and Kale. Hit, however, knowing that if she left the stands she, and everybody in Universe 6, would be erased, used Time Skip to grab Caulifla and pull her back onto the stands, also, unemotionally, confirming that Caulifla isn't wearing anything under her Harem Shorts.

"Hit, let me go, I have to help my friends" Caulifla said, struggling to break free from Hit's grasp,

"If you did manage to get off the stands, you would have been erased, along with everybody in the Universe", but Caulifla wasn't listening, and she yelled "KALE! CABBA!" and it was only when Pirina had got Cabba and Kale back onto the arena that she finally calmed down.

Back in the arena, as Kale and Cabba hit the ground, they notice that Biarra is right at the edge of the arena, and so Kale and Cabba decide to fire blasts to send him off.

With Grand Priest and both Zen-Oh's, Grand Priest said, "Universe 3's Biarra has dropped out" and with one tap, Biarra's portrait went dark.

Back in the arena, Kale and Cabba decide to search for Paparoni. With Paparoni, he is evenly fighting with Zirloin, who was rolling around at Paparoni. Paparoni managed to catch Zirloin, and throw him away. Kale fired a blast at Paparoni, but Paparoni deflected it and swung his staff at her, which she narrowly avoided. Zirloin charged back at Paparoni, but he just smacked him to the edge of the arena, where he was saved by Cabba.

"Why?" Zirloin asked. Cabba replied with "Universe 3 is attempting to get both our Universes erased", to which Zirloin nodded.

So, what happened with that blast that Kale shot at Paparoni? Well.

Meanwhile Shantsa floats over where Kale's top and skirt and the top half of Cabba's battle suit are lying on the ground. Noticing this, Shantsa said "Hmm, now who have I seen with these clothes? Oh right, the two remaining Saiyan fighters of Universe 6"

In the stands, Caulifla noticed that Shantsa was examining Kale's and Cabba's clothes.

"Give me back the cloak, I think I can fool a fighter after all" Caulifla said. Hit nodded, gave her back the cloak, and she threw it on herself leaving just her head visible, just in time as, back in the arena, Sahntsa looked up at the Universe 6 stand.

"Ah, so maybe there is something going on with the Universe 6 Saiyans on the arena, if the Universe 6 Saiyan in the stands has covered herself" Shaanta said. He then walked towards the edge of the arena, expecting Kale and Cabba to be up to, other, things, however, when he arrived at the edge of the arena, he realised that there wasn't anyone there. Just as he realised that he'd been tricked, the blast that Kale sent and Paparoni deflected sent Shantsa flying off the arena.

With Grand Priest and both Zen-Oh's, Grand Priest said "Universe 4's Shantsa has dropped out" and Zen-Oh tapped the portrait containing Shantsa, and it went dark.

Back in the stands, Shanta apologised to Quitela, who was livid.

"DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHEN CAULIFLA YELLED THAT THE PLAN THAT THE SAIYANS OF UNIVERSE 6 HAD CONCOCTED DIDN'T WORK ON UNIVERSE 2? WHY DID IT WORK ON YOU?" Quitela yelled at Shantsa. Shantsa, ashamed, said timidly "I didn't hear her. There was so much going on that I didn't hear anything from the stands"

"GAH! NOW WE'RE DOWN TO THE CICADA BROTHERS" Quitela yelled. Shanta replied with "Oh shit, sorry", Quitela growled angrily, absolutely infuriated.

With Caulifla, she removed the cloak, smiled, and said "I can't believe, even after it had failed the first time, that somebody had been fooled by the clothes and the cloak", to which Hit smiled and said "I don't think it'll work for anyone else. The other Gods of Destruction know that Kale and Cabba aren't doing anything other than fighting, they'll have communicated that to their fighters. But you're right, I have no idea how it worked on Shantsa"

"Because Quitela's a rubbish God of Destruction of course. He should have communicated that to Shantsa, that way he'd still be in the ring" Beerus said. Quitela glared at Beerus, but knew that, if he tried to start anything with Beerus, he would probably be erased, Zen-Oh having already threatened to erase Champa and Heles, along with literally everybody in Universe 6, after they started on each other.

Panaratai and Paparoni then engage Cabba and Zirloin, and briefly fight evenly, before Cabba fired off a strong blast to send Paparoni flying into a rockface.

"I can handle this Paparoni guy, you go and find your girlfriend" Zirloin said. Cabba replied "She's not my, oh fuck it, he won't hear me" Cabba said. He then raced off to look for Kale.

In the stands, Caulifla heard what Cabba had said, and said "The events of the last ten minutes or so has told me that Kale may be bi, just like I am, and Cabba for that matter. Yes, I saw Cabba blushing after his interactions with Vegeta"

Back on the arena, Kale, meanwhile has re-engaged Katopesla, and is on the defensive, just trying to survive. Cabba attempts a surprise attack on Katopesla, but Katopesla avoids the blast.

"That Katopesla guy is VERY annoying" Cabba said. Zirloin then rolled into Katopesla, and sent him flying. Paparoni burst out of the rockface, and, along with Panaratai and Katopesla, stood opposite Kale, Cabba and Zirloin, the former two starting to tire.

"I cannot believe that I'm fighting alongside a member of the Universe I hate for what they did to Caulifla against another Universe trying to erase both of out universes" Cabba said to himself. Kale then said, "Let's go" and the fighters re-engaged again, with Cabba taking on Katopesla, with Cabba getting angrier and angrier as he continues to fight, Kale engaging Paparoni and Zirloin engaging Panaratai.

It soon became clear that Universe 3 had a plan. Although Cabba was finally getting the upper hand over Katopesla, and Kale was getting the upper hand over Paparoni, that they were getting nearer and nearer to the edge of the arena. Finally, when Cabba, Zirloin and Kale were less than a foot from the edge, Katopesla, Paparoni and Panaratai allowed themselves to get struck, pushing all of them back. However, before Kale, Cabba and Zirloin managed to get any further, Pararoni used a pulse from his staff to keep them back.

"They're going for a Team Attack, just like the Pride Troopers did" Kale said. Cabba nodded, and together, he charged a Final Flash, Kale charged a Final Energy Cannon and Zirloin charged a Love Cannon Beam. Katopesla, Panaratai and Paparoni all charged their attacks. Then they all fired. And it became apparent quickly that, despite being more powerful than the others, Kale and Cabba were tired, and were losing power. The combined Kale/Cabba/Zirloin beam was overwhelmed, and Cabba quickly threw up a Saiyan Shield, trying desperately to stop them being knocked off. However, Katopesla broke from the beam and shot over, breaking Cabba's shield with a powerful kick.

"IF I GO DOWN I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME!" Zirloin yelled, and he grabbed Katopesla's legs just as they were enveloped by the blast. Kale, Cabba, Zirloin and Paparoni were all shot off the arena.; suit.

As Cabba, Zirloin, Katopesla and Kale were knocked off, Vados , realising what this meant, yelled "WHIS!" and both Whis and Cus ran over to her, and threw themselves around her as Cabba and Kale returned to the stands, with Cabba landing on top of Caulifla, while Kale was caught by Hit. Cabba and Caulifla briefly lock eyes, then, realising the looks they're probably getting, split apart immediately, blushing furiously.

"I'm still clobbering you two, sorry Kale" Caulifla said. Cabba smiled and said, "You'll have to catch Kale and I first", so Caulifla started chasing them, with all three of them laughing as they race about. Quickly Caulifla catches them, but when she does go for the clobber, Kale and Cabba easily block it, noticing that there was a lot less energy in the hit than they had expected.

"Caulifla, are you, alright?" Kale asked. Caulifla dropped her arms, and her head, and Kale knew that Caulifla was upset. Kale turned Caulifla around, and hugged her, while Cabba just started rubbing her back, as she began to shudder, showing that she had started crying, the emotional rollercoaster she had been on had finally proven too much for her to handle. Kale and Cabba continued to try and comfort and console Caulifla, battling to keep their own emotions from rising to the surface.

Meanwhile with Grand Priest and Both Zen-Oh's, Grand Priest said "For Universe 2 and Universe 6, all warriors have dropped out, they've been wiped out. And now, Universe 2 and Universe 6 will be erased" Grand Priest said, his voice breaking as he finishes the sentence, knowing that a daughter of his was going with her universe.

The members of Universe 2 just sit there, accepting their demise as everybody in their Universe, except Sour, vanish.

"Whis" Vados said. Whis looked at Vados, and asked "What?" to which Vados replied with "Avenge me. Avenge Universe 6. Destroy Universe 3, they were the ones who got us erased"

"I will" Whis said as Kale and Cabba continued to comfort Caulifla, while Saonel comforted Pirina. Zen-Oh's hands then went up, and Universe 2, everyone except Sour, vanished. Then the lines appeared around Universe 6. This time, it included Vados. As Champa was about to get erased, Champa said "Beerus" and the instant that Beerus looked over, Champa made a silly face, then vanished, along with the fighters, Fuwa, and finally, Vados.

Cus broke down crying, unable to take in what had just happened. A series of footsteps then appeared from behind.

"Mojito" Whis said as the Angel of what was Universe 9 arrived. He put an arm around Cus, and steered her until she was up against him, crying into his chest. He then said, "I'm going to use the Super Dragon Balls to wish Vados back"

"Really?" Cus asked through her sobs. Mojito replied with "I promise". Cus then felt another hand on her back. Looking around, she saw Piccolo rubbing her back.

"Sorry about running away earlier Piccolo" Cus said. Piccolo kneeled down, and asked "Can I take her back please? I was trying to comfort her when this happened" to which Mojito nodded, and let go of Cus. She ran over to Piccolo, and buried her face in his chest, before Piccolo could hear renewed sobs. All Piccolo felt that he could do was to just hold her, and let her cry, all while repeating "Let it out Cus, you'll feel better" over and over again.

Meanwhile with Universe 2, just after Universe 2 got erased, to Sour's shock, the top of his staff exploded, the shards of which cut the side of his face.

"AH!" Sour said as the shards cut his face.

Seeing that everybody was stunned, not seeming to be doing any fighting, and what had just happened to Sour, Grand Priest took the opportunity to call a short time-out to allow one of Zen-Oh's guard to go an tend to Sour, while he tried to get a grip on himself.

Whis turned to face Vegeta and Goku, and said "Universe 3. That is our target Universe, alright Goku and Vegeta?", to which Goku and Vegeta angrily nodded. They now knew exactly which Universe to target.

The narrator then Brianne "Universe 2 and Universe 6 were erased, and with it, so was Vados, the angel of Universe 6. Universe 7 now sets out for revenge against Universe 3 for Universe 6. The Tournament of Power is reaching its climax. The time remaining in the Tournament of Power is 10 minutes"

A/N 2: How many of you remembered that I was having Vados erased when Universe 6 was erased? This is, unfortunately, after it was revealed that Angels are not connected to their Universe, but I decided to go with it anyway, just for the extra emotional blow at the end. I am soon going on a 1-month Hiatus, as I'm going to New Zealand for the Christmas/New Year period, and I'll need time to catch up on Dragonball Super after I come back, and to build up a buffer for my other fanfics.