This will be a Steven universe / harry potter crossover.
First off I don't own one of these shows and I don't own both otherwise I wouldn't make continuity mistakes.

This is Gem!Harry story (which means that it is a Fem!Harry story because almost all gems, except Steven, have a female pronoun)

So here we go.

6000 years ago.

Homeworld. A planet home to the gems. Homeworld was ruled by four matriarchs called the diamonds, they were seen as perfect beings.

There was Blue Diamond the most compassionate of them all. She often let her emotions run freely infecting other gems around her. Sometimes even her fellow diamonds couldn't let themselves go when she radiated her emotions. She was a diamond of forgiveness and passion.

She a flowing blue dress that reached the floor. Along with her blue skin there was a blue diamoned embedded in her bust just above the place where her flowing white hair joined another braid of white hair.

There was also Yellow Diamond the most temperamental of them all. She was the most unforgiving diamond compared to all the others. She oversaw the greatest standing army Homeworld had at its disposal.

Her yellow hair was shaped like a bowl cut with two spikes at the front. Like blue diamond she her diamond also rested above her bust. She wore a dress that screamed military. The skirt ended just below her knees and had a cut going down from her waist to the end of the skit

The third diamond and also the youngest diamond was the kindest om them all. She was loved by all her subjects not only for her status as a diamond but also because she showed kindness towards all her subjects. Her name was Pink Diamond.

She wore a form fitting suit and her diamond was located where her bellybutton would be if she were human. Her hair was styled outwards and resembled that of a lions mane.

Then there was White Diamond. No gem ever had come into contact with White Diamond except for the other diamonds and their pearls who were sworn to secrecy.

She wore a wedding like dress and her gem was located on her forehead. Her hair white hair went up defying gravity.

The diamonds at just received a message detailing an uprising led by one of Pink Diamond's Rose Quartzes. They rebelled on the only pink colony called Earth. Now all four diamonds were gathered in their court room to discuss the Rebel Cell.

"Yellow what are your thoughts on the uprising." White Diamond asked her yellow counter.

"I think we should just be done with it and blast the planet with all those traitors to ashes." She snarled.

Pink Diamond and Blue Diamond shared a glance before Pink spoke. "Sorry Yellow. But I cannot allow that to happen. The Earth is much too valuable for me."

"And how do you suppose we should do with these insurgents?" Yellow Diamond asked back.

"You would say the same if it were your only colony Yellow. But your right I haven't the slightest of ideas on how to deal with uprising." Pink said resigned.

"May I propose something?" White Diamond asked as she spoke for the first time since the meeting had commenced. Seeing affirmative nods from her fellow diamonds she continued.

"I say it is time to make use of a gem disruption cannon. So that every gem on the surface of that planet will become corrupted and will only hold primal instincts. After that we'll just send a quartz squad to deal with those corrupted gems and resume our business there."

"That plan sounds good." Blue Diamond said.

"Yes, but I also suggest we add one to our numbers." White Diamond said.

All the other diamonds looked at White Diamond as if she had grown a second head.

"Think about it. It will draw the focus from the defeated rebels to a new matriarch." White said.

"And how do you think we can accomplish such a feat White." Pink Diamond queried.

"I've created a ritual that while certainly new will grant us with a new diamond. The reason I didn't proposed it sooner was because there weren't four of us at the time, now the time has come for us to make use of it."

"And why do you need the four of us?" Yellow Diamond questioned.

"For the ritual to work we Diamonds each have to provide energy simultaneously to a gem that will be conceived in an incubator. Where the new Diamond will develop and manifest for the first time." White answered.

"How long will it take to prepare for this ritual?" Blue Diamond asked

"Not long I've already made preparations. The only thing missing is your presence."

*different location*

The diamonds arrived in a antechamber that would lead them to the ritual chamber whilst continuing walking to the ritual chamber they conversed among themselves while their pearls where trying to keep up with their mistresses.

"So how much of our time will this ritual take?" Pink asked.

"The ritual itself will take but a cycle. The incubation however will take close to five or six millennia." White Diamond answered.

"That long!." Yellow Diamond roared.

"Come one Yellow, I for one think that the wait is worthwhile. We would gain a much larger infrastructure with a new diamond." Blue coaxed her Yellow friend.

"Uuugh. Fine, fine." Yellow conceded.

As they entered the ritual room they saw a pillar and with they saw a purple diamond laying in the middle of a ritual diagram. The diagram itself was a circle with a four pointed star in the middle. At the end of each star was a diamond shape just as in the middle where the purple diamond was resting.

"Now, each of us has to stand in at the end of the star inside the diamond shapes. Our order doesn't matter." White said.

Each diamond took its place Yellow going to the closest position, Blue and Pink on either side of her and White Diamond standing in the far corner of the room.

"Now let your energy flow through you and let it reach out to the gem middle of the diagram."

As they do what they are told the diamonds start focusing their energies at the gem in the middle. A light beam shoots from each diamond's gem linking them to the purple diamond. The energy output is so great that the diamonds start to float a little of the ground.

It took a while to charge the incubator with the necessary energy. But when the diamond were reunited with the floor beneath their feet they were so exhausted they retreated back into their gems to rest.

Nearly 6 thousand years later (1980 for earth) location: Home-World

The gem war had left its scars upon the earth and the gem society one being Pink Diamond shattered by one of her own Rose Quartzes. The rebellion had ended when the diamonds fired their gem destabilizer corrupting every gem that wasn't shielded.

The earth was cut off from the Warp-Pad network and all the shrines were abandoned.

All the remaining Diamonds were gathered at home world for they felt that the gem within the incubator was about the be born.

The Diamonds watched with baited breath as their new creation came to be. The incubator opened releasing the compressed gasses that were a byproduct of the incubation. Inside the incubator lay a little gem with a deep purple diamond on her sternum where her collarbones met. She had a small tuft off purple hair that was a shade lighter than her gem and lavender skin.

"WHY IS IT SO TINY? DID THE RITUAL GO WRONG!" Yellow Diamond roared waking the tiny purple gem.

White diamond moved towards the distressed gem who wailed inside of what remained of its incubator.

"The ritual went smoothly. I didn't mention it before but I based this new ritual on organic reproduction." White said whilst picking up the tiny Diamond. "In essence she is our offspring."

"This is unacceptable!" Yellow roared.

"What are your thought on our offspring Blue?" White asked ignoring Yellow's temper tantrum.

"In honesty I am angry you 'forgot' to mention this part to us. I want to be angry but I can't bring myself to hate this little one." She said moving towards White Diamond who handed the gem over to the blue matriarch.

"WE CAN'T STAND FOR THIS, THIS ….. ABOMINATION!" Yellow Diamond roared prompting Blue to shield the gem from her.

"If you feel that way you are free to shatter her." White said as she took the gem from Blue and handed it over to Yellow.

While Yellow raised her hand charging it with energy to shatter the gem, Blue looked like she wanted to interfere but she was outnumbered at the moment. During all this White Diamond looked indifferent.

Yellow was intent on shattering the gem with her own fists. She charged them. But before she even could think of bringing it down upon the gem, her fist started to shake.

"I-I-I can't!" she said releasing the energy from her fist and engulfing the gem in her arms. She allowed herself to look weak in front of her fellow diamonds. Who came to stand around her and their 'daughter' looking as she kept sleeping, unaware of what an impact she had made on the matriarchs.

"Our Indigo Diamond."

Time skip

The Diamonds had retreated to the citadel to look over their precious Indigo Diamond. It seemed that she had a positive effect on all the Diamonds.

The angry outbursts from Yellow Diamond became few and far between. Blue Diamond did not feel as much sorrow for the loss of Pink. The one that changed the least was White Diamond, whose behavior stayed over all the same.

Live on home world was once again peaceful for the Diamonds they would wait to announce the arrival of their 'daughter' to the rest of Home-World until she was a little more developed.

Everything was perfect.

Blue Diamond had just lulled Indigo Diamond to sleep and watched over her while she slept. She didn't understand why their daughter needed to sleep but deep down she felt deep satisfaction in watching the infant sleep.

"Is she sleeping?" Yellow gently asked as she walked in to the chambers of their offspring.

"Yes." Blue said not taking her eyes of their daughter as Yellow embraced her from behind.

They stood there watching their daughter sleep until they were interrupted by a bright flash of flames just above their daughter. When the flash died a magnificent avian creature appeared flying just above their daughter.

"Get away from her you VILE creature!" Yellow Diamond bellowed at the bird trying to reach for it.

But before Yellow could even touch the bird it shot toward their daughter. It folded her in its wings and with a flash of flames it disappeared along with their daughter.

Before Yellow could voice her anger, Blue cried out in anguish radiating her emotions around the room rendering Yellow in the same state as Blue Diamond.


A couple day ago the Potters had received the new that their baby was stillborn. Both Lily and James were devastated. They hadn't even told anyone except Dumbledore regarding the prophecy.

For Dumbledore this was a huge obstacle. The Longbottom boy has to inaccessible once the parents were out of the way. While the Potter child would have been perfect for the prophecy. So he ordered his phoenix Fawkes to retrieve, a child that would fit in the prophecy.

Albus sat in his study when his Pheonix came with the child that would be raised by his manipulations.

"Welcome to the world Iris Violet Potter."

That is the end of this chapter

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