Sorry guys for not uploading in a while.

First I want to thanks you guys for following and adding me to your list. I have gotten many praise for my stories that made me realize that I want to continue writing. I am always thinking new stories in my head but the problems they come to me as movies. For me writing is difficult esspecially now. Last summer I got a job that takes a lot of time out of my shedule, now with summer break over I need to get back to studying for college. I also want some free time, and writing fanfiction is fun but not as fun as hanging out with my friends.

I have been writing fanfiction as just a pas time and wanted to inspire people to make similair stories. And English is not my first language. I'm putting all current stories on permanent hold. Some I may continue and others I will rewrite. But as student with a job and not a lot of free time, most I want to spend with my friends gaming and other things.

I also have plans to make new stories.

The stories that wil stop are:

-Indigo Daimond
Wrote this story before the finale of Steven Universe, and I like to write stories that contain cannon material and are still reconizeable fanficitons. But I got screwed over with White and Pink Daimond

-Power and Lightning
Honestly this was me just copying antoher author that was not updating his story. I don't have any idea on how to write this character or to incorperate it, maybe young justice but that would make her a Marry Sue

There are stories I have plans for:

-Child of the Sea
I originally wanted to put this in the DC animated universe (JL war, JL throne of Atlantis etc) but I want more time and character development in this story because this was my first original idea so I won't abbandon it. Next time I am going to put it in Young Justice, with the new season and the plans for another one I have high hopes for this one.

This story Idea came from whitetigerwolf, and I love it. Don't have any plans yet but I would love to see what I can come up with.

-The Ice Princess
I made some mistakes with this one. I first copied the dialogue from the manga then described the images, after that I would rewrite it. This takes alot of effort and time and is not fun, it is fun to do research on things

I don't want to make promises to anyone, any one can use these stories/ideas to make their own fanfiction if I don't upload them in a while.

Maybe I'll make something new you'll like, currently I am working on a storry for Legend of Korra. In it she is the abbandoned daughter of Lin Beifong, how will the chief of police feel with having the boistrous Avatar as a daughter, HOW WILL KORRA REACT TO FINDING OUT WHO HER REAL MOTHER IS

Ideas floating in my head:
Harry Potter x Transformers Prime
Star Wars x Harry Potter
Generator Rex x Harry
Lucifer x Harry Potter

Maybe I'll write them most likely not.

It might be a few years before I upload again.


Maybe I'll see you next time


For now

Ghost Edge