Author's Note: This may be the first chapter, but it's really just a teaser for the story.

Post Date: 23 October 2017

Word Count: 195

Chapter One

1992 June

"We shouldn't be wastin' our time on this!" Makoto yelled as they continued to run. Eriko cut her eyes over at her brother, but the death-filled glare only made the tall asshole laugh. "Admit it! This is a fool's errand! You don't give a shit about the others goin' to war!"

"That's where you're wrong! If one kingdom falls, we all fall!" Eriko shouted back. The sound of rushing wind as they ran at top speed caused them to yell back and forth at each other, but they probably would have been yelling even without the loud wind. Eriko loved her younger brother, just like she knew that he loved her, but they communicated best at loud volumes.

"What if we get there and he's already dead?!" The question was practical, but Eriko still felt like reaching over and decking Makoto for even voicing it out loud.

"He won't be!" Her voice sounded sure, but the sinking feeling in her gut had her worried. What if they didn't make it in time?

"Hold on just a little longer, Raizen. I'm coming," Eriko thought as she pushed a little more speed out of her tired legs.

Ending Note: I know it's extremely short, but that's because it's just a teaser to drum up some interest! I'm already working on the fourth chapter, and the chapters after this one are full-length chapters.

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