Kaito momota, lumary of the stars, was eating food by the name of spring roll/harumaki.

maki harukawa/maki roll/harumaki was watching him eat, she was very jealous.

"oooh i wish that was me" she would say, as spoiler alert she had a HUUUUUUGE crush on kite memeota and wished he was eating her up instead.

that was when haruroll sprinted up to kai, knife in hand, and cut the spring rolls until they were Deceased and didnt exist

"oh kaito my love please eat me" roll said in a very very serious manner, she was serious

kaito responded in the best way possible, yelling "I BELIEVE IN YOU SHICHI"

edgeroll was very confuse

so she decided to flat out make out with kya and it worked

they were having deep passionate love until

"You've still got a ways to go."
HOSHI RYOMA jumped from a spring roll and swatted maki aside

he then started making out with MOMOTA KAITO and they were having hot gay lesbian sex as maki watched herself get cucked before her very own eyes, she was crying.

however, the makeout session stopped. momomomo started coughing very violently, until he coughed up blood on HOSHI RYOMA.

this angered the Hoshi. He then changed into his true form, the Supreme Overlord of Ice, GUNDHAM TANAKA! HE LAUGHED UPROARIOUSLY, PITYING THE FOOL WHO WOULD LET THIS HAPPEN. HE USED HIS DEMON POWERS OF UNLIMITED FLAME AND momota kaito WAS DEAD.

spring roll was in tears, her true love had died right before her eyes. so she summoned her Persona, Knife, and battled TANAKA GUNDHAM. It was a fierce battle, that had ended in a tie.

as a result of the tie, HARUKAWA MAKI and TANAKA GUNDAM decided to get married and live a happy life with 1000 zodiac general children.

they all grew up healthy, drinking plenty of kazoo sugary beverage.