Left Behind

Lucy Pevensie was walking down the soft prades of the Gardens of Cair Paravel, The grass gently caress her naked feet, It was now 13 years ago that she has decided to Left Behind, in Narnia, Her real Home… And she wouldn't changes for one second the soft salty breeze of the close beaches of Cair Paravel for the urban chaos of England, While she was delightfully enjoying her tranquility, she started to remember the last Goodbye she Shared with her beloved Sibblings.

Peter was holding her so strong that she Thought he was never gonna let go. When he Finally did, Lucy could see his distinct semblant, his blue eyes showed a mixed feeling of Worry, Anger, Impotence and Sadness, There was nothing he could do, his sister had already decide to stay in Narnia.

-Lu… -He started- How am I going to let you here alone? –His voice trembled in the girl's head while she observed how, with all his strength, he was triying not to Cry. While he hug her, Lucy saw Susan, Her sister was talking to Caspian, and in a mere flicker, they share a passionate Kiss followed by a strong hug, Lucy Gasp and Peter Laugh in tears of tenderness by her reaction, He caress her cheek while saying- I Love you, Lu – Peter let a soft Kiss on Her Forehead, Lucy, Now realizing she was never, ever going to see her sibblings again, started crying in disspair, this is what she wanted, she was sure of that, but it Hurts, It Hurts to be Left Behind. Peter Stood up, and look up to Susan and Edmund, they were sharing a Hug with Aslan, Peter gave them a sign with his Head, allowing them to say goodbye Now.

Edmund throw himself to Lucy's arms, then he started whispering to her how much he was gonna miss her and how much he loved her, they both where shaking in each others arms. They had come very close during the Golden Age of Narnia, and break appart now, was like letting a part of each behind, forever. Lucy drown in tears against her Brother's chest while Edmund slowly sobs onto her hair. She wish, right from the bottom of her heart, that the time for Edmund to Return to Narnia come soon, and that the time of his absent left fast. Last Finally, she shared a sweet, but short Hug with her Sister Susan.

-Be brave, Lu. Like you have always been -She whispered with tender and let go of the Hug. Lucy open her gray eyes full of tear, they where gone, and it feel like it was almost like, they haved never been there. She found shelter in Aslan's Mane, who take her with sweetness and give her confort while he was smiling with compassion and hugged her with one of his paws.

-Lucy – A familiar voice take her out of the world of memories, now she was Laying in the Grass, she recognized the person right next to her. He was laying one of his strong hands on her shoulder, Caspian, She Thought while smiling with such sweetness that can only be given by Her, The Telmarine King smiled back. Since her Sibblings have left, Caspian has become to The Valient, a Protector, a Friend, like a light in the deepest darkness. Like an Angel sent right from Aslan's Land, Just for Her. Caspian took her hands to help her Stand Up, They stay like that for a couple of seconds, without letting go of each other´s hands. He put her close, until they where just mere centimeters away from one another, Lucy could felt their breathing get tense, He put a rebel hair away from her face and then Kiss her slowly , yes, Caspian has become her everything, Even her new family, Her Husband.

-We should be going, The Dawn Treader is ready to sail off –Lucy nodded, feeling the warm expand throught her cheeks, Caspian turn back without letting go of her Hand, leading her to the dock.

-Wait – The Valient Queen make him turn.- Caspian… -He encouraged her to continue- I love you… -The words left her mouth in a soft melody while she smiled warmly. That warm spread all over Caspian X's Body, He pull her Close and hold her, enjoying the sweet smell of her essence. When they let go of one another, they started making their way to The Dawn Treader. Once in the Dock Lucy said Goodbye to Her Friends, Trumpkin, Mr. Trufflehunter, Glenstorm and to the good People of Narnia, who were saying Goodbye to Their Rulers, in such a noble mission.

Caspian took her hand over the railing of the boat, They both smiled at each other, and look at the Horizon, Saying Goodbye with a Hand to Narnia. Once again Lucy was forced to left her Home back to explore a whole new adventure, but she was never alone, Aslan knew what was her Destiny, and by staying in Narnia, She found it.

It is, and always will be… Caspian.