Reign of Chaos

Chapter Two – Dreams of the Past

By Crow Skywalker


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Warnings/Pairings – R. This is a dark fic that contains swearing, character death and sexual themes. Read at your own risk. As for pairings, this is mainly a Chibiusa/Helios story, although there are going to be other possible romances on the side.

Summary – The year is 2199, and Crystal Tokyo is at it's finest. That is, until New Year's day, when all hell breaks loose and an old forgotten enemy returns. When her mother's kingdom falls, Chibiusa must do everything in her power to stop the evil which is consuming her people.


Her mother had left her in the great hall in search of her father, who was usually late when it came to such social gatherings. But tonight she suspected that it was because it was also her birthday, and he wanted everything to go just right.

Descending down the red carpeted stairs, she continued her way to the ballroom. However Hotaru Tomoe, who was her best friend, stopped her. She was dressed as any princess would be, in a long flowing purple gown that brought out both her eyes and her hair, and a golden tiara sat upon her head. Around her neck was a golden necklace, with her planet's sacred crystal set inside. The shorter girl smiled as she caught up.

"Hey, ready for tonight?" Her friend winked, nudging her, "Going on seventeen! You're growing up so fast!"

"You're one to talk," Chibiusa giggled, poking her friend in the ribs.

Hotaru stuck her tongue out in response.

"Then again," Chibiusa laughed, "I could be wrong!"

"So, did you find out what your parents got you for your birthday?" Hotaru asked as they continued their way to the ballroom.

"No," her friend replied, "I tried, but mother caught on."

"Ah," He friend smiled, "All I can say is that don't invest in a spy related job when you're older, cause you'd suck at it."

"I would." Chibiusa replied, a smile upon her face, "But I don't think princesses need to work anyway."

"True," Hotaru laughed as they approached the ballroom doors. They stopped briefly, staring at the doors. Beyond them were hundreds of people, awaiting the princess of the hour, "Are you ready for this?"

Chibiusa nodded in response as the great doors began to open, and she was greeted by the staring faces. This was what she always hated about making public appearances. The staring...hundreds of eyes on her. She absolutely hated it. And now here she was, being forced through it again. Plastering a fake smile upon her face, she entered the ballroom.

It seemed the people cleared a pathway for her as she entered, and she forced a smile as she passed by the gazing eyes.

I should be used to this, she scolded herself, but I can't help but feel that there's something not right..

Looking up, she looked into the smiling faces of her mother and father as they sat on their thrones, and she quickly made her way forward, trying to ignore the eyes that watched her. Upon arriving to the thrones, she bowed before the king and queen. Mamoru, who was smiling proudly, stood and took his daughter's hand, making her face the crowd as he spoke.

"Tonight we join in a joyous occasion. It will soon be a new year, and we will bring in the new year with a party. But not only are we celebrating the new year, but the birthday of my lovely daughter, Princess Serenity." He paused, smiling at the pink haired girl before continuing, "She will soon be the age of seventeen, and will no longer be a small lady, but our future queen."

Some cheers and applause could be heard from the crowd.

Turning back to his daughter, he took both hands into his and held them close, "What I'm saying is.."

"That you are of age now," Her mother cut in with a smile, standing and coming towards them, "And we wish for you to marry."

Chibiusa's heart suddenly stopped, and it seemed like her world had been pulled out from under her. Marry? At such an age? But... The applause from the room was unheard as her thoughts consumed her. I cannot be married! Not yet! I will not be forced into something I don't want to do!

"We have selected several fine gentlemen," Mamoru went on, not noticing his daughter's silence.

"No..." Chibiusa said softly, but it went unheard.

The room was in an uproar with talk about the marriage. It was certainly good news. It was about time the Lady Chibiusa had found a suitor and had settled down! Usagi and Mamoru would not always be there, and the people were worried for their future.

"They'll make great husbands," Usagi added.

"NO!" Chibiusa cried, this time being heard as the whole room silence in her outburst.

Her mother was confused, "No?"

"I will not marry unless it's for love!" She stated.

Sighing, her father laid a hand on her shoulder, "Small Lady, sometimes you cannot always marry for love...but for the good of the people. Your marriage will bring them hope for the future, and they will do good to know they have you as their future queen, with a fine king by your side."

"No, father!" Chibiusa pulled away, "I will not marry unless it's for love. A love written in the stars, just as yours was!"

"Small Lady!" Usagi whispered harshly, embarrassed by her daughter's disobedience, "You are making a scene! Perhaps we should talk about this later on?"

"I think that's a good idea," Chibiusa responded coldly, before disappearing into the crowd. A silence followed, but the music soon made the people forget such worries, and everything soon returned to normal.

Lost in the crowd, Chibiusa grit her teeth. How could they just decide one day that she was fit to marry, and marry her off to some rich snob that she didn't even love? After all Usagi and Mamoru had gone through together to be could they just marry their daughter off like that? For the good of the people? But what was best for her?

"Chibiusa! Wait up!"

She turned around to see a raven colored hair girl running towards her, a look of concern on her face.

"Rei? What do you want?"

"Are you okay?" The other girl asked upon arriving.

"Yeah," Was her only reply.

"Well you don't sound like it," Rei replied, eyeing the girl, "Want to sit down and talk about it?"

"I don't know..." Chibiusa said numbly.

"Come on," Rei grabbed the younger girl's hand, leading her towards a nearby table, "Have a seat. Let's talk."

Upon sitting, the younger pink haired girl burst into tears, "It's just so unfair!"

Rei laid a comforting hand on her back, rubbing it soothingly, "Shh,'s okay."

"Why are they doing this to me? I don't want to marry! Was this the big surprise they had in store for me? Because I certainly don't want it!" Chibiusa choked between sobs.

"They have to look out for the best interests of their people, Chibiusa, " Was her reply.

"But what about my best interests?" She sobbed, "When I was younger...I had a dream of standing at the alter with the one man I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I even had my own wedding dress planned out." She sniffled, "I know it sounds kind of crazy, but am I supposed to give up my dream?"

"No," Came a voice behind her, and she looked up to see Minako Aino, Makoto Kino and Ami Mizuno standing behind her. The former Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mercury sat beside her, trying to comfort her.

"Never give up your dream, Chibiusa," Minako smiled, "Dreams are important! Besides, the guy in your dream...the one that's supposed to be standing next to you...he's out there somewhere. You just have to find him."

"That's right!" Makoto agreed, and the other's nodded in response.

Chibiusa smiled through her tears, "Thanks you guys."

"Hey, no problem," Rei smiled, "That's what friends are for."

That's what friends are for...

Friends are for...




Chibiusa woke up with a start, sitting up in bed and breathing heavily as if she'd just been running. Realizing she was safe in bed, she lowered herself back down onto her pillow, her eyes gazing up at her dark ceiling.

It was a dream, she told herself, A dream of what happened in the past. She closed her eyes, reliving the past once more. Rei...Mother...Father...



Everything was going as planned. Well, there had been one complication in Usagi's plans. Her daughter didn't take well to her news, not that she thought she would. Chibiusa was so like her it was scary, and Usagi knew what her daughter was going through at that very moment. However, not a lot could be done until after, and she knew Chibiusa needed her time alone.

Looking across the room of dancers who had momentarily stopped to peer up at the sky waiting for the new year, she smiled as she spotted the senshi, also her good friends, talking to Chibiusa.


The time was clicking down to the new year, and Usagi smiled as she felt someone take her hand and hold her close. Mamoru smiled back, laying a kiss upon her hand.


The crowd hushed, awaiting the chime of twelve o'clock.


All prepared for upcoming celebration, and the fireworks that were sure to light up the city.


Chibiusa, who sat across the room, glanced up as the clock chimed, and an uproar of cheers and applause started. However, all was cut short when there was an explosion overhead, one that was certainly not fireworks.

They were under attack.


Chibiusa closed her eyes against the darkness, trying to block the images of the last night she had been together with friends and family. However, they would not leave her.

Mother...Father...I'm so sorry...She thought, a single tear rolling down her cheek in the dark. We had no way of knowing...and we couldn't save the Palace. Almost everyone died...and...I never saw you again....More tears fell, and she brushed them away with her sleeve, I can't help but feel there's something I could have done...Something that would have changed the outcome...And you died thinking I hated you for what you had done. I'm sorry...

She didn't bother to wipe away the tears that followed. There was no use. There had been many times that she had cried since that night. The night she had lost everything. Her home, her family, her friends...her dream. All was lost.

There was a hiss as her door opened, and Chibiusa struggled to stop crying and wipe away the tears. Looking up, she found Hotaru standing in the door watching her. Looking away, she tried not to let her friend see her tear stained face. She was her people's last hope, what would they think if they saw their leader crying?

"Yes? What is it Hotaru?" She finally asked, finding her voice.

"Setsuna sent me to tell you that Michiru has just returned," The dark haired girl replied, before entering the room, "We've heard the news. How are you?"

"Fine," Chibiusa answered, still refusing to look at the other girl.

"You don't look fine," Hotaru observed.

"I'm fine, okay?" Chibiusa snapped, finally looking at her friend. Then, realizing what she had just done, apologized.

"It's okay," Said Hotaru as she sat down on Chibiusa's bed, "I know you've been going through a lot...and Rei showing must be hard on you."

Chibiusa nodded in silence.

After a moment Hotaru replied, "It's okay to cry, you know. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Chibiusa had heard this from her friend many times before. Hotaru insisted that it was bad to keep all of these feelings locked up inside, but she still refused to cry about them.

"Crying will fix everything!"

"Crying won't make everything right won't bring back Mother and Father..."

"I've told you before," She whispered, "I can't."

"For the good of the people, right?" Her friend asked sympathetically.

Chibiusa nodded. For the good of the people... Oh Mother...

Hotaru slipped off the bed, making her way towards the door, "People who don't let their emotions show will break at some point," She said softly, before looking over her shoulder at her pink haired friend, "Just remember I'm here for you."

"Thanks," Chibiusa forced a smile.

Hotaru smiled back, "Come on, everyone's waiting."

With that, she was gone, leaving Chibiusa to her own thoughts.

To Be Continued..