Terence watched her.

A very noticeable change washed over the woman. She was rendered speechless, her hazel eyes were fixed on the television screen.

Alexis trembled slightly; it was as if someone had poured a sliver of cold water down her spine. Once or twice, she instinctively moved her fingers towards her neck.

On the television… it was about to get graphic.

She came to her senses. Anger flashed in her eyes.

''Turn it off!'' she yelled. ''TURN IT OFF NOW!''

In no particular hurry, Terence complied. He paused the tape.

She strolled up to him, her hands balled up into fists. He hazel eyes were so fierce that they could have burned something.

''H… How did you get this?'' she said to him coldly. ''This… this is PRIVATE. You have to give it to me.''

''Sure,'' Terence replied simply. ''I can give you this copy.''

She blinked. ''You… you have copies?''

''Of course Alexis,'' he said. ''Lots and lots of copies. It's too good. Now please, sit down.''

She wanted to kill him. But she had no choice. Crossing her arms, she sat down. Terence helped himself to a chair too.

''You'll be relieved to know though Alexis,'' he continued. ''That for now, this is our little secret. I haven't yet shown this HD footage to anyone else.''

The threats began again.

"How did you get this?" she asked.

"I have a lot of friends in Japan," Terence said casually. "I asked them to do some digging on your perfect past. Something came up. I'm glad I have possession of this particular tape; it's a long story."

''You have to destroy all copies,'' she said coldly. ''This is CRIMINAL. I'll get a lawyer, I'll call the police and they'll make you-'

Terence had enough.

"Shut the fuck up.''

She blinked in shock. She wasn't used to being talked to this way. She was speechless. The vicious expression on Terence's face intimidated her.

''You'll do NO SUCH thing,'' he said viciously. ''The MINUTE you contact a lawyer or a police officer I'll post this DELICIOUS video all over the internet.''

Her mouth dropped open.

He pressed his advantage. ''The police and the lawyer can do whatever they want but it won't make any difference, because the video will be out. And EVERYONE in the world will finally know what a SLUT you are.''

''HEY!'' she yelled at him. ''Don't you call me-''

''A SLUT,'' he said it defiantly. ''I will call you a slut Alexis because that's what you are. And this video proves it. So let's drop the Miss Perfect act, now that we both know how you got your REAL start.''

She was speechless. To her own surprise, her face blushed bright red. For a moment, she avoided facing him.

Terence continued, the next few words cut through her like a knife.

''So let's talk about you shall we? Four years ago, Alexis Rhodes, successful Duel Monsters player in Japan, already famous but it wasn't enough was it? You wanted more.''

She was speechless. Terence pressed on.

''You wanted to play at the highest level but you weren't sure you'd cut it. You were willing to take a shortcut. So you allowed some big shot exec to touch you to get your foot in the door.''

Alexis looked at him, her face blushing with shame.

''It… it wasn't like that,'' she managed, not expecting to have to justify herself.

Terence waited, wanting to hear what she had to say.

"I… I worked hard for the tournament,'' she insisted. ''I… I deserved to play, but Japan is so corrupt. The UGX wouldn't approve me. They were was going to overlook me because I'm a woman, it wasn't fair. I'm better than their players but they don't want to change tradition.''

''So you allowed him to fuck you?'' Terence asked.

''Yes,'' she said, her eyes slightly teary but her face full of conviction. ''I allowed him to have his way with me. I needed a chance to prove myself.''

Terence was satisfied, that was good enough of a confession. Alexis Rhodes was a slut. It was time for the next part…

Alexis Rhodes trembled. It was the one time. She insisted on perfection and hard work in all spects of her life. She had worked so hard, to be top of her class in Duel Academy and to always stay competitive professionally. The lapse in judgement haunted her. Ever since that nasty, dirty, day… she had worked hard to move beyond that, to prove that she deserved her success.

''I've watched the entire tape you know,'' he said, smiling.

She avoided facing him, her face blushing again.

''It sure looked like he enjoyed himself,'' he continued. ''I'm not sure you did. Though to be fair Alexis, I think in the end it was worth it for your career no?''

She glared at him, she couldn't believe this.

''In a way, he made you famous,'' he pressed. ''If it weren't for him fucking you, you would NEVER have become this famous. You would NEVER have won the Japanese Championship and you'd certainly never make it to the USA. So in a way, you owe all of your success to that moment.''

''That,'' she protested. ''That's not FAIR!''

''Why don't we let your fans decide Alexis?'' Terence pressed on. ''I think I should release these tapes-''

''NO!'' she yelled in panic.

''I think the fans deserve to know the REAL Alexis Rhodes. They deserve the truth.''

She broke.

''I'll… I'll make you my promotional agent.''