Harry tossed and turned in his sleep as memories assaulted him.

Some were of the disastrous finally to the Tri-Wizard tournament a week past. But the majority were something else all together.

Harry was crammed into the back of an aircraft with dozens of other child, most no older than eight. Several adults were in the compartment, yelling insults and abuse on the children as they helped them strap on packs.


"Here is your target. Report back once the target is neutralized." An officer ordered Harry.

"Yes sir." Harry responded with a salute.


"So this is our new number six?" A massive man in armor said as the other four armored figures turned to face Harry.


"Reach has been good to me. Don't deny me this." The massive man said as he picked Harry up bodily and pulled off his dog tags before throwing Harry into the void.


The group of soldiers were down to four, a sniper taking down the lone female of the squad. They stood under the cover of a collapsed building waiting for evac in silence.


"She has chosen you to carry her. Make sure she gets to the ship."


"Sir you can't take it on. You don't have the firepower."

"No, but I have the mass."

Another gone.


"I'm ready! Are you?!"

Another gone.


"Are you sure you want to stay?" The ship's captain asked.

"Someone has to buy you time." Harry replied.


Harry panted from exhaustion as he fought. His armor's shield had failed and his visor was cracked, but the hoard kept coming.

Eventually he tore off the helmet and fought on as he was struck by plasma. Eventually he was taken to the ground by three of the hinge heads. Kicking one back, the others held him down before he was impaled by a glowing blue blade.

Harry snapped awake, hand going to his chest where the twin points of the sword had pierced.

Then his eyes hardened as his heart rate calmed before he smirked viciously.

The wizarding world was in for a shock.

The Lone Wolf of Beta Company, the only other one to gain the rating of 'Hyper-lethal', Nobel 6 was coming and hell's coming with him.

The next night, Harry scanned the area around the backyard, looking for his wizard minder.

Seeing a faint shimmer in the air near the shed, he smirked.

'Gotcha.' He thought.

While the thought of becoming so cold and ruthless had initially scared Harry, but after they settled, he had realized that his memories as Harry-B312 let him take an objective look at his life and his circumstances.

What he had found disgusted him.

Once again, he had been groomed to be a throw away soldier. He had been left in an abusive household that had kept him down trodden, unlike the training on Onyx with Lt. Ambrose and SCPO Mendez that had conditioned him to follow orders, he was conditioned to not question anything.

'No more. I will fight this war on my terms.' Harry thought as he watched the space where his watcher stood.

However unlike his fellow SPARTAN-IIIs, Harry was being set up as a martyr, though from the few articles that he had read in the Daily Prophet, he was being painted as a pariah by the Ministry's propaganda machine.

Hearing a muted crack, Harry opened his window and quickly climbed down the wall from his room. Hiding in the shrubs, he checked to make sure he still had his wand and shrunken trunk.

After ensuring that he had both, he quickly scaled the fence separating the backyard of number 4 and number 2 Privet Drive.

Moving carefully through the yard, he scaled the fence on the other side, dropping onto the sidewalk.

Harry quickly made his way away from Privet Drive, moving deeper into Surrey proper and heading for the tube station.

After getting a ticket to Charing Cross Road, he boarded the train and grabbed the overhead handle.

Swaying in the train's motion, Harry began to contemplate his plan of action.

'First I need to get my finances locked down so only I can access them. That and find out if my parents had a Will. Seeing if there is a way to check for any inheritances wouldn't go amiss. Second would be seeing a Healer to deal with correcting the issues with my body.' Harry thought as his mind began to develop the more analytical mindset of his past life.

'Revising the spell work from the previous years and learning ahead will definitely be required. Learning the Animagus skill will be a must as well. I also need to research Voldemort and his followers tactics from the last war. Getting a reputable source of intel needs to happen as well. Maybe I can find a way to get Dumbledore to stop playing things so close to the chest.' Harry thought as the train arrived at Charing Cross.

Quickly leaving the station, he headed for the Leaky Cauldron, ducking into a nearby alley and pulling out his trunk. Tapping the shrunken trunk with his wand, Harry pulled out a hooded traveling cloak before tapping the trunk again to shrink it.

'Buying a charmed trunk last summer was a damn good decision.' Harry thought as he entered the pub.

With a short bow of his head in greeting to Tom, Harry headed for the entrance to Diagon Alley.

After opening the barrier, he headed straight for Gringotts. Reaching the doors, he addressed the two guards.

"Honorable warriors, I apologize for the late hour arrival, but I have concerns that must be dealt with immediately and with great discretion to correct a number of injustices. May I be granted passage?" He asked, placing his fist on his chest in salute to the goblins.

"You may human. But do not tarry, we do not take kindly to those that waste our time." One of them replied.

Harry smirked beneath his hood. "Of course. May your vaults be lined with the gold of your enemies and your ears filled with the lamentations of their women." He replied, causing the goblins to grin wickedly as the opened the doors.

Swiftly entering the bank, he stepped up to a teller.

"Honorable teller, I am needing to speak to someone in regards to my accounts and misuse of my funds by those I did not authorize to do so." Harry stated firmly.

"What account would that be?" The goblin replied tersely.

Harry drew back his hood and replied. "House Potter."

Harry was quickly lead to a richly appointed office deeper in the bank. He stood waiting for the goblin that would assist him as his eyes took in the room.

Soon enough the door opened and a goblin entered with a stack of folders under his arm.

"Hello Mr. Potter. I am you account manager Stonefist. I have been waiting to speak with you since you re-entered our world." Stonefist said as he took a seat behind the desk.

"I probably would have been here sooner if not for the machinations of the Headmaster and his ilk." Harry replied as he took a seat, his back straight and head held high. "Circumstances have changed though and I was able to piece together some things and found that I didn't care for what I found."

"What circumstances would those be?" Stonefist inquired as he organized the files.

"I assume that you are aware of the revival of the self styled Lord Voldemort?" Harry asked, getting a nod in return. "After the fight, I began to remember a past life. One where I was a soldier that was trained to be nothing more than cannon fodder. My life was controlled from the time I was six until I died in before I turned twenty-one." He explained. "I was able to step back and review the events of my life and found numerous inconsistencies. The chief amongst them that I had willfully be kept ignorant of my heritage and most likely illegally placed with my relatives. Blood relation or not, my aunt seems to loathe both myself and my mother. I do not believe that my parents wished for me to be placed with them."

Stonefist frowned. "No Mr. Potter, you were not. I drew up the will myself. Your parents explicitly stated you were not to be placed with your mother's sister. However Dumbledore was able to place you there and prevented anyone from challenging it. The fates of your godparents are proof enough." He stated.

"I know my godfather is Sirius Black who was illegally incarcerated without a trial, but who was my godmother?" Harry asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Your godmother was Alice Longbottom. Had she and her husband not been attacked and tortured into insanity by the LeStranges and Crouch, you and Heir Longbottom would have been raised as brothers." Stonefist replied.

Harry frowned at this. Neville was most likely blameless in this as he either didn't know or had been told not to approach him about it.

"I see. Would it be possible to have the will read?" Harry asked.

Stonefist merely passed the document over to him.

As Harry read, he became incensed. He was never supposed to go to the Dursleys to begin with. There were half a dozen guardians listed aside from Sirius and Alice Longbottom, and only one of those had been killed in the war.

The bequeathments also astounded him. There were almost a dozen properties that he could have lived at with a suitable guardian and had a semblance of a childhood. Then there was a section of the will that stated he was to be emancipated and take up the headship of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter on his fifteenth birthday, a mere two and a half weeks away.

"Manager Stonefist, would the decision of the Ministry forcing me to participate in that blasted tournament be enough for them to have declared me an adult in the eyes of the law?" Harry inquired as he placed the parchment onto the desk between them.

Stonefist gave a vicious smile. "Indeed it would. But then with the knowledge of your reincarnation, and the fact you died as an adult in your previous life, you would be considered an adult anyways. I take it that you are planning to take your headship?" He asked.

Harry smirked. "Indeed I would." He replied.

A rune was pressed by Stonefist and a small wooden box appeared on his desk.

"This box contains the head ring for House Potter. If the magic accepts you then you will be named Head and will be able to take control of your House." Stonefist explained.

Harry nodded as he opened the box. Taking the ring from it, he slipped the ring onto his right ring finger. The ring then warmed and resized to fit his finger.

Stonefist nodded. "The ring has accepted you. Congratulations Lord Potter." He said.

Harry nodded.

"I would also like to perform a heritage test to find out if there are any other assets that I may lay claim to if it is not too much trouble." He said looking to the goblin.

Stonefist nodded and opened a drawer, pulling out a silver bowl, a knife engraved with runes, a quill, and a piece of parchment.

After slicing his palm and allowing the blood to flow into the bowl, Harry watched as Stonefist placed the quill into the bowl, where it absorbed all the blood. The goblin then placed the quill on the parchment where it stood still for a moment before zooming across the parchment.

Nearly five minutes later, the quill stopped and fell over, its job done.

Stonefist looked over the parchment.

"Congratulations Lord Potter. It seems that you have inherited several other houses and their lordships." He said passing over the sheet.

Harry read over the list, eyes widening as he did so.

Houses by blood:

Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, Sole Heir, Lordship Claimed, Trust vault access, Family Money vault access, Family Items vault access

Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, Heir Apparent, No vault access

Ancient and Most Noble House of Peverall, Sole Heir, Lordship pending claim, no vault access until Lordship claimed

Houses by Right of Conquest:

Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin, Lordship pending claim, no vault access until Lordship claimed

Noble House of Gaunt, Lordship pending claim, no vaults to claim, previously confiscated to pay debts

Houses by Reincarnation

House NOBLE, no lordship, one vault, immediate access

The last entry caused Harry to start.

Turning his attention back to Stonefist, he spoke.

"I would like to be claim the other lordships and be taken to the Potter and NOBLE vaults please."

Stonefist nodded before pressing another rune on his desk, summoning the other rings.

Suddenly alarms went off.

"What's going on?" Harry asked over the din.

"It appears that one of the rings has been corrupted by very Dark magics. I have summoned curse breakers to cleanse it." Stonefist replied as the alarms went silent and half a dozen goblins entered the office.

The goblins quickly went to work and removed a couple of nasty curses before settling into removing the main taint of the ring.

Soon a black miasma rose from the ring with an unearthly scream before it dissipated under the goblins' chanting.

The goblins then began to inspect the other ring for any taints.

Harry turned to Stonefist. "Would it be possible to have the good curse breakers do a scan of me once they have finished with the ring? I will compensate for the time." He inquired.

Stonefist nodded and spoke to the lead curse breaker in their native tongue.

Soon enough it was discovered that the same dark taint that had corrupted the first ring, the ring of the Peverells that had gone on to be the Gaunt ring, was lurking behind his scar.

A quick trip to the ritual rooms below the bank saw that the taint was removed.

Back in Stonefist's office, Harry asked his account manager. "What were those things?" His voice disgusted with how Dark and twisted the magic felt.

Stonefist sighed. "They are abominations that we have sought to have eradicated from the world. They are called Horcruxes and they are the epitome of hubris and how twisted some humans can get." He said after a moment.

"What is their purpose?" Harry inquired.

"To keep one's soul from passing onto the next life. By ritual and murder, the caster's soul is fragmented. Those fragments are then put into a container. Ordinarily, an individual only makes one. Both anchors that were destroyed this night were created by the same person." Stonefist said, looking at Harry pointedly.

"Riddle." Harry growled out. "So this means he made at least three of these things, if not more. I destroyed one that he made while he was still at Hogwarts. What are the risks of making multiple anchors?"

"Due to the twisted magicks that are required, one's mental health would begin to decline even with the creation of just one of these abominations. But since Riddle did make more than one, I would be assumed that he didn't stop at just three. Add to the fact that a living host is ill advised due to the possibility of the host dying before you. I believe the one in your head was an accidental anchor caused by the backlash of whatever your mother did." Stonefist explained.

Harry pondered for a moment before nodding. "Given what we now know, I believe that I should visit my vaults to take stock of them." He said finally.

Stonefist nodded before summoning another goblin. While they waited, the goblin spoke.

"Lord Potter, I believe that it would be prudent to perform an audit of the Potter holdings. I can have it started immediately at your request." He said to the young wizard.

Harry nodded. "That would be most prudent indeed. I also want to have it locked down so that only I have access to my vaults. I do know that the key for my trust vault has not been in my possession at any point." He replied. "Also, for your help and as a gesture of goodwill, take an extra ten percent on top of your normal fee for the audit." He added, getting a short laugh from his manager.

"As you say Lord Potter. Gringotts will be looking forward to what the coming years will bring." Stonefist said as another goblin knocked on the door and entered.

The Potter vaults were a surprise to Harry. The money vault had mounds of coins stacked to the ceiling. Clearly the investments that had been made prior to his parent's deaths were doing quite well.

The items vault was full of books from Potters past, trunks of clothes, household goods, and there were weapons and armor of all kinds on stands and in display cases. On a plinth at the entrance to the vault was a letter addressed to him. Harry pocketed it to read later before leaving the vault.

The NOBLE vault was a shock. Instead of the stone chamber he was used to seeing in the Gringotts vaults, the interior looked as though it was pulled from a UNSC facility. Stepping into the vault, he saw the walls were lined with weapons, Human, Covenant and an unknown type he had never seen before. At the rear of the vault was what appeared to be a medical table that reminded him of the one he had been augmented on. Near it, was a glass case. Inside it was his armor. The MJOLNIR Mark V Variant B that he had worn on Reach, looking as though it had when he was issued it. Next to the case were crates of components so that he could modify the armor to suit his needs.

As he looked over the vault, he was startled by a female voice.

"Hello Six. It's about time you got here."