Part 1

After the moon rises, I was in the warren and putting my sons to bed. Gilia came and gave them a kiss and a nuzzle. We had a tiring day that we spend time together outside of our warren. Even watching Archer and Stafford playing Tail-Tag with my younger brothers and Mason's kids.

"Father, could you tell us a story please?" Archer asked.

"Oh, Archer you had a long day of Silfing today, you and your brother need some rest." Gilia convinced.

"But Mother, we're still awake and we can't sleep." Stafford said.

I thought of a idea that could help put our sons to sleep. "What if I tell you a story?"

"Yes please." his sons said.

After they agreed, I than sat next to his sons. "Did I tell you how I came here, more importantly how I met your mother?"

"No, you never told us." Stafford replied.

"I haven't heard a story about you and Mother neither." Archer said.

Gilia turned back and joins us, by sitting next to me. "I'll love to hear it as well."

I took a deep breath as it'll be a long story.

Once upon a time, it started at a orphanage.

"What's a orphanage?" Archer asked.

"An orphanage is a place that children, who don't have parents, lost their parents, and/or let go." I answered.

"Were you an orphan?" Stafford asked.

"Yes. I never knew about my parents. I been living there mostly in my life." I answered.

Our sons felt remorse. However, Gilia nuzzled them for comfort.

A boy lived there, he was four years old. He lived in New York City and he was surrounded by friendly staff and owner, including other children to play with.

"What's New York City?" our sons asked.

"New York City is a city in New York that is at the United States of America, which is a country." I answered.

"Like where Uncle Mason came from." Gilia added.

I nodded, as the Archer and Stafford under stood.

One day, I decided to walk around, but not far from the orphanage. While on my walks, usually finding parts that I could upgrade my Zune player I was given. When I found these parts, I add these parts onto my Zune. I even showed my player, from unzipping my backpack and showed them.

"How did you even be able to have it here?" Stafford asked.

Well, on that same day, almost like any other day I'll be going on my walks. I than spotted a rabbit and was trapped into a snare. Came to the rabbit's aide, using my small pocket knife to free it while telling the rabbit to remain calm. After the rabbit was freed, I couldn't be able to know who the rabbit was, but had a close resemblance to your guys grandmother, I was given a kiss.

"Why did the rabbit kissed you, father?" they asked.

"It was because I helped the rabbit and felt it was the right thing to do. If I didn't help the rabbit, I'm sure it would be a meal for someone that lives in the streets." I answered.

After the rabbit flee, I felt proud that I helped a poor rabbit and I started to head back to the orphanage. As I was about to approach the orphanage, while crossing the street, a cab came out of no where and got ran over.

Our sons gasped out of the surprise.

"Did you felt any pain?" they asked.

"Actually, it went quick and I was dead. To put it this way, I didn't felt any pain." he said.

After I passed on, I was somewhere in the meadows, what I'll know later it was called Frith's Meadow. Where I also saw Frith and The Black Rabbit of Inle'. He offered me a second for saving a rabbit I didn't know and my time hasn't come, because I was still young.

They were amazed.

"What did Frith look like?" Archer asked.

"He was so brighter than the sun that I can't be able to describe in full, but he was like the sun." I answered.

Afterwards, I was being transformed into a black buck. Then I was being brought back, but I ended up at Nuthanger Farm. After I arrived, I realized that I still have my Zune HD and I was also given a vest with a accessory backpack. I wandered around the farm and I felt I was completely lost that I couldn't be able to get my bearings where I was. While was adventuring, a cat came across with me like an ambush.

"Well, hello 'Long Ears'." the cat spoke.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Another meal." it snarled.

I started to hop away from the cat, until I was further away from the farm and lost the cat. As I was started to find my way around, I spotted a band of rabbits. And one of them, would be your grandfather.

"Grandpa Hawkbit!" our sons exclaimed.

"That's right!" I confirmed.

They heard me coming, I decided to come out and showed myself.

"What are hlessi" the tall brown hazel colored rabbit asked me.

"My name is Tyler Damien." I answered.

"You look very familiar." a brown colored rabbit, who had a scar on his left eye, said.

"He's the BLACK RABBIT!" a tall yellow golden rabbit screamed and hid behind a short dark grayed rabbit and a orange colored rabbit.

"That's enough! He already said he wasn't the Black Rabbit. I'm sorry about that lad." another tall rabbit said, who has a lion mane.

"That's alright. I am lost and I was looking for a place to stay." I said.

"Why don't you stay with us." a rabbit who had the same colored as the first rabbit, but short.

"You're welcome to follow us and greet you." the first rabbit added.

"Thank you." I thanked.

I followed them to a warren that has a tall peach tree and we went into a tree hole, and entered Watership Down. It was big and I was amazed to see so many rabbits that live here.

"Hopefully you'll like it here." the tall, hazel brown rabbit said.

"Thank you for your hospitality." I thanked.

"You're welcome. And I'm the chief of this warren Hazel." he said.

"It's nice to meet you." I said.

The rabbits gathered and met everybody in the warren. I also met his children and one of them is your mother. She was about near to my size and she was tan furred and I started to feel the love at first sight.

I than felt Gilia's paw on my shoulder and nuzzled.

As I was living in the warren for weeks, I was adjusted well. I even join the Owsla for a patrol and know what we ate, as well getting better acquaintance with everyone in the warren about themselves, including your mother. One night, I was listening music, your mother came into my burrow.

"Hello Tyler." she said.

"Hello Gilia." I said.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm listening to music. Do want to hear it?" I offered.

"Mother, how did you take it?" our sons asked.

"Well... I was a bit shy when the two of us were by ourselves and I got close, and your father placed 'headphones' onto my ears." she said.

"What kind of music was it?" they asked.

"Your father called it Bring It On Home, by Same Cooke." she said.

After I played the song onto the player, Gilia started to enjoy after a slow start. We even had a small dance in the burrow. My heart was pounding that we're dancing. Even while she was dancing, I was surprised to see her that she does it well. After our dance, we even had ourselves a kiss.

"Father, don't make it gross." Archer said.

Me and Gilia chuckled and we even gave each other a kiss.

"Mum! Dad!" our sons exclaimed and started to giggle.

"Alright, that's enough now." she said. "It's how we kissed and I'm sure if you meet a doe, it'll be that feeling when you have your first kiss."

They stopped giggling and understood what their mother meant.

As we finished our kiss, I wondered how she knows it and our dance. "How did you know how to do it?"

"A human, who was turned into a rabbit by the name and stayed with us, Mason Smith showed us how to dance and kiss from a story he told us. Along with other stories he told us about humans. It was amazing that not every human is bad." she said.

"Really." I said and came to realization that I was human and I didn't even told them that I was. "A human turned into a rabbit?"

"Why yes, it was more of long story though. However, I do enjoy being with you, hopefully I see you soon. Goodnight." she than left the burrow.

"Goodnight." I said back. I started to feel terrible that did even told everyone who I really was, when I first met them.

"Then what happened?" our sons asked.

The next day, I decided to tell the truth, who I am. I met with everyone at the Honeycomb, where I shared the truth and confessed. I told them that I was human and how I got here after a cab accident. Even telling them, that I met Frith and The Black Rabbit, and given a new life until I met with the rabbits of Watership Down. They were more surprised than shocked, other than Grandpa Hawkbit. I even saw your mother and she was surprised, but wasn't upset like your grandfather. I started to tear, apologized, and ran back to my burrow, where I cried for a couple of hours. I woke up from crying to sleep, I felt a bit better and I came out of my burrow.

While I was in the tunnel path, I passed by your grandparents' burrow, where I heard them argue. Your grandma Clover was trying to be reasonable with Hawkbit. However, how I used to know about your grandfather. He was a bit angry that he even said that I was cursed and I was "The Second Black Rabbit of Inle'". After I heard that comment, my heart was broken and hurt. I ran back to my burrow and thought I should leave.

About a round midnight, I have my Zune HD in my vest backpack and was ready to leave. However, I still felt appreciated that I was welcomed and been able to stay that I left them a note hand-drawn on the dirt in my burrow. "Goodbye, you guys. Thanks for everything."

After leaving a note, I snuck out of the warren and it was dark outside that I decided to find a bush to stay for the night.

"What happened after you left?" Stafford asked.

"Your grandfather came by our warren on the next day and found my note. He started to feel guilty because he was sure that I heard everything. He than told everyone that I ran away and he was going to look for me. Hazel and the rest of the Owsla joined in for the search." I answered.