Name: Atarah Latorre

Nickname: Ata

Character Role: Hunter, friend of the Winchesters

Physical Descriptions

Age: 21

Species: Nephilim(doesn't know her entire background so she thinks she's human)

Eye Color: Blue/green hazel

Hair Color/Style: Dark brown, wavy/curly, generally up in a ponytail, only down when around motel/bunker and for fancy occasions/ fake FBI stuff.

Build/Height/Weight: Muscular, about 5'10

Style of Dress: Casual: Spaghetti straps(camis), tank tops, flannel, fan merchandise, jeans, leggings, combat boots, high tops, knee high boots, t-shirts. Fancy: knee length dresses, high heels, black boots; FBI: Dress suits, grey ties, black heels and flats, her mom's old trench coat.

Personality Traits:

Snarky, sarcastic, reserved, lacks trust in most people, strong confident/kind, caring, empathetic, sarcastic, joking, trustworthy, strong leader.


Mom: Nora Latorre(Deceased), Dad: Cael Latorre(Unknown), Step-Brother: Tyler Brownell(Deceased), Step-Dad: Karter Brownell(Unknown)


Has nightmare about when her brother died recently, fights monsters, no money


Hunter, elementary school education


Her father was a not-well known angel, step-brother and dad, and mom are normal. Her step-dad left before her mom met Cael. Mom died when she was 11 to a demonic possession, her brother died on her 20th birthday because he had recently been taken by an angel as a vessel, that angel was killed as was her brother.{Not a happy lifeā€¦):}

(This is a character outline for a fanfic I'll be starting soon. I'm working on the prolouge, which will be published soon. Hope you enjoy the character sketch, feel free to use the format of it(; )