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Chapter 1

I pulled into the driveway , worried for Carly. While speaking to her on the phone the week before, she told me she had accepted an angels request to be their vessel because of the "honor".

I run a up to the house and knocked, expecting her to come to the door. Minutes passed and no one came, so I opened the door.

"Carly? I'm here!" I shouted as I got through the entryway. She didn't reply, so I grabbed my gun from my belt and checked the bottom floor. No one.

"Carly?" Again, no reply. I ran upstairs and opened the door to her room. I entered, gun up, and saw her.

She was on the ground. In a pool of blood.

"Carly?" I ran and sat down next to her, even though I knew she was gone. I looked around for what might have gotten her. I went over to the bed and pulled something out from under it.

It was an angel blade, coated in blood. Looking around, I noted that the lamp was knocked over, papers from her desk on the floor. There had been a fight. Between angels, and it ended with the on using Carly as a vessel dying, along with Carly. That fact was obvious with the angel wings burned into the carpet.

I ran downstairs and cleaned the knife, figuring it would be useful for future cases, since my other one had been stolen by demons. When done, I threw it in the trunk of my car along with the towel I had used to clean it. I pulled out my phone and called the police and told them what happened, leaving out the part about my new angel blade.

When the police arrived, they asked me a series of easily answered questions, then told me to evacuate the crime scene. I hopped in my car, and drove off. Almost immediately after I pulled out of the driveway, a black - impala from what I could tell - pulled in and two men got out. Odd car for police to drive… I turned on some music and drove to a diner to get some food.

When I woke up the next morning, I started to pack up to leave the town. I had found a case a couple towns over, and figured I would leave that morning. Just as I was about to collect the hex bags from the main room, I heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was either room service or the takeout I had ordered over an hour ago, I answered the door. It turned out to be two guys wearing suits.

"Fancy way for takeout guys to dress…"

The shorter one looked at me like I was insane, "Wh-What? We're not takeout guys!"

"Well, then who are you?"

The taller one rolled his eyes and pulled out a badge."FBI, w-"

"You're not searching the place without a warrant." I spat out, probably sounding like a robot with how uniform the speech was. The guy cleared his throat.

"As I was saying, we just need to ask you a few questions."

"Fine," I moved out of the doorway revealing the 'living room'. "Come one in."

They walked in, and I ran to the bedroom to grab a t-shirt from my bag.

"One sec, be right back."

While I was in the room, I heard them murmuring to themselves, something about the case might not be their type of case. I rushed out their, now with a t-shirt on over my tank-top.

"So, before you ask any questions, what are your names?"

The taller one, who i noted had longer hair, cleared his throat. "I'm agent Hamill, and this is agent Ford." He said, gesturing at the other one.

'So, uh.. Agents.. What questions do you have for me?"

Agent Ford cleared his throat. "We were wondering if you know who this is." He held up a photo of Carly. "She was foun-"

"I know who she is. She's an old friend, I found her dead while going to visit her this morning. Why do the FBI care?" I didn't know what the FBI had to do with it, even if it was a weird murder.

"We were just assigned to this, so don't question it. Anyway, did you notice any odd smells at the site?" Ford asked, slightly irritated by my interruptance.

"Smells like…?"

"Sulfur, rotten eggs maybe. Anything really."

"No, but why does the FBI need to know this?" Ford rolled his eyes, but before he could say anything, Hamill spoke up.

"Did you see anything out of the ordinary, or any weapons on the floor by chance?"

"Except for the burn marks on the floor, nothing unusual. And no weapon either," I said, scanning over the room to make sure the angel blade I had picked up was still hidden. "Is that all?"

"Uh…yeah. If you think of anything, just let us know." Hamill smiled at me.

As they were leaving I heard Ford whisper something like 'while she's a snarky bitch.' Hamill glared at him and then they left.

While they were weird, especially for FBI agents, if they even were FBI agents… I shook the thought out of my head before getting up to change.

Before I left, I looked in the mirror. I was in my suit with a badge in my coat pocket. I grabbed my bags and the room key, before leaving the room.

I checked out of the hotel, then loaded my car and drove to Carly's. On the way their, my phone went off. Odd happening in town, come visit when you can. Aka. ASAP! I didn't have time to check the ID before I was pulling into the driveway of...what was Carly's house.

I walked up to the door, where two policemen were standing.

"FBI, Agent Maron."

"Come on in, agent." The cop smiled at me. Creepy I thought entering the house.

I looked around the living room and kitchen for anymore signs of the angel fight. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, so I decided to go upstairs. On my way, I looked at the pictures on the wall, most of them were of her. Her and… my brother Tyler. I remembered her face when I told her about his dea… Nevermind.

I got into her room, and was grateful that the police had moved the body. I looked around the room for signs of other weapons. I checked in Carly's bedside table, where she kept everything. I was surprised when I found an angel blade sitting in the drawer. I picked guessing that this was Carly's blade. I took a deep breath and put it back, but before I could close the drawer, I heard someone come in the room.

"Hey, where the hell did you find that?!"

"De- Ford, it's probably just agent Maron."

"Oh.. yeah." I hear some shuffling and whispers. "So, uh, what'd you find, Agent Maron?" He said, sounding a little more formal now.

"Just, a.. Uh, blade in the dresser. Not anything I've seen before." I said, turning around. I noted that it was agents Ford and Hamill from earlier. I had the blade in my hand and showed it to them, figuring they wouldn't recognize it. They exchanged slight glances of confusion before talking again.

"So, Maron," Hamill said, looking me in the face. "Have you found anything else."

"Sam, isn't that the chick from earlier?!" Ford practically shouted in "Sam's" face. I looked at them, realizing that "agent Ford" just recognized me. Shit, so much for a cover now, dumbass. I thought. I smiled unsurely.

"W-What are you talking about…?"