By Le Chat Noir

- Disclaimer

All characters and settings are copyright to JRRT and the Tolkien Estate. The writing itself belongs to Le Chat Noir, and whomever the chapters were written for. It is appreciated if readers do not use the story for their own purposes before asking nicely first.

- Notes

A little explanation is needed concerning this story. At first, only the Prologue had been written, under the title of Children's Play. It was a story for Kazaera's birthday, as she had requested a non-second Age Celebrimbor fic. Then, mainly because of Furius' birthday request, a happy Celebrimbor and/or Fëanor fic that taps on the intrinsic goodness of Elven nature, this evolved into a sort of many-chaptered story focusing on Celebrimbor's childhood, or daily life in Formenos seen through the eyes of a child. Furius' birthday fic consists of the second chapter of this story. Here. Now people who might have been confused because they had read the fic before those changes are not confused anymore. Oh Joy in the Kingdom of God.

Quick summaries:


Curufin has taken his young son to meet Sindar Elves for the first time.

            Part 1:

In the very early days of Formenos, Finwë, a yet relatively sane Fëanor, Curufin and small toddler Celebrimbor share the spotlight.

            Part 2:

Celebrimbor has nightmares, and Curufin tries to do something about it to help. Appearance from Maedhros.

            Interlude 1 – Art:

In Nargothrond, a Celebrimbor still at war with his childhood and the Curufin we've all come to know and love/hate… Of Tyelpe's perception of his father.


Sometimes I might choose to use the Quenya names rather than the Sindarin ones, if I feel it is more in accordance with Celebrimbor's "voice".

Kurufinwë Fënaro = Fëanor

Nelyafinwë Maitimo Russandol = Nelyo = Maedhros

Kanafinwë Makalaurë = Kano = Filit = Maglor

Turcafinwë Tyelkormo = Turco = Celegorm

Morifinwë Carnistir = Moryo = Caranthir

Kurufinwë Atarinkë = Kurvo = Curufin

Pityafinwë Ambarussa = Pityo = Amros

Telufinwë Ambarussa = Umbarto = Ambarto = Telvo = Amras

Kurufinwë Tyelperinquar = Kurvo = Tyelpe = Celebrimbor

There is absolutely no canon evidence that Celebrimbor's father-name is Kurufinwë, but how could I resist…