Authors Note: hey there readers this is my first fanfic hopefully you guys will enjoy it so I just wanted to say the reason why I wanted to do this fanfic. Its because no one has done a fanfic about James Bond, Indiana Jones or Dr Who visiting Zootropolis, so I thought what if I meshed them all together and here we are.

So grab your popcorn, turn off the lights sit back and enjoy!

Oh almost forgot Dislcaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, Zootropolis and Indiana Jones belong to Disney, Dr who belongs to BBC and James Bond belongs to Eon Productions.

Prologue 1 Nick and Judy


Nick tossed and turned to the sound of his alarm clock waking him until he hit the sleep button and drifted off again until his hyper bunny partner came shouting from the next room.


Nick groaned and sat up in bed like the Frankenstein monster with the look of a zombie on his face. Then he got out of bed and made his way to the shower as he said in a zombie manner

"I have you know Carrots that I'm a sly fox."

"Not to me your not you sound like a mammal who slept like the dead, probably looks like one too" Judy replied in her usual mocking manner.

Nick just rolled his eyes as he got in the shower and replied with


After he had a shower got changed into his uniform and had quick breakfast with his partner in crime, they set out and walked to Precinct 1 which was only a 20 minute walk.

When they got there they were greeted by the one and only Clawhauser who sat behind the reception desk.

"HEY Nick HEY Judy!"

The hyper Cheetah exclaimed waving his hand in the air like a crazed gunman.

"Hey there Clawhauser how's life?"

Judy asked in a polite manner.

"Not bad not bad but just to let you know the coffee machine is broken we'll be getting a new one tomorrow cuz that old thing needed replacing anyway."

"Great no caffeine for me then, Carrots your gonna have to pinch me every 5 seconds now" Nick said with a sigh.

Judy just rolled her eyes and turned back to Clawhauser.

"Any news from chief Bogo?" Judy asked.

"Yes actually" Clawhauser said in a serious which was unusual for him "Bogo wants every Officer in the briefing room because aparentally there's been sightings of some strange creatures running around Zootopia last night."

Nick and Judy both raised one eye brow and looked at each other then back to Clawhauser.

"What kind of creatures?" Nick asked with curiosity.

"No one knows" Clawhauser said back with slight fear in his voice.

"Well" Judy said breaking the silence "best we go to the briefing room and see what else we can find out."

And with that Nick and Judy both walked to the briefing room.

As they sat down with all the other officers some were arm wrestling others just chatting Nick looked over to a polar bear named Officer Grizzoli and tapped him on the leg since Nick was smaller than him.

"Hey Grizzoli any idea what's going on with the strange creature sightings?" Nick asked

"not a clue" replied Grizzoli looking down at nick with a shrug.

Then the door swung open and the buffalo himself named Chief Bogo with his usual bored expression on his face, folders in hoof. All the other Officers started drumming on their tables like someone was about to announce a raffle ticket. Bogo put his hoof up and shouted


The officers all stopped and stayed quiet for their chief to speak.

"Thank you" Bogo said with relief "now as some of you heard the rumours there have been sightings of strange creatures running around the city and city hall is right up my ass demanding questions that I cannot answer yet."

Bogo looked around the room to see shocked faces staring back at him he then continued

"now then this is wh-." he was instantly cut off by the sound of a strange wheezing, groaning sound.


The sound was coming from the lobby and everyone turned their head to the door with confused faces.

"what in hell is going on out there" Bogo said under his breath and made his way to the door. As he was doing that Nick leaned over to Judy and whispered

"Carrots something is telling me that this is going to be no normal day."

"I hear you lets follow Bogo and see what happening" Judy whispered back and the both of them dropped down from their chairs and ran out of the briefing room. They stopped in their tracks when they heard their chief shout


Authors Note: so there you go chaps, the first Prologue done just to let you know I'll be doing 3 more prologues just to tell how the Doctor, James and Indy get to Zootropolis.

Also if there's any spelling mistakes or sentences that don't make sense then I'm sorry.

Anyway hope you enjoyed and as I always say Goodnight, Good luck and look after yourself.