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Chapter 16

The Doctor's Last Goodbye

Indiana Jones P.O.V

Two Years later after the events of Zootopia in Marshall College, Indiana Jones was sitting in his office writing some reports when he got a knock at the door.

"come in" he said as he finished the last sentence on the last report, Indy looked up to see Charles Stanforth the dean of students open the door with a happy but slightly concerned look on his face. Indy sighed with disappointment as he took off his round steel rimmed glasses and placed them on his desk.

"alright" Indy said leaning back on his chair "what did he do now" Charles looked at him in confusion.

"what did who do?" Charles asked.

"what's Ralf done now".

"Oh" Charles said as he knew what Indy was talking about "it's nothing to do with Ralf no no you have a visitor".

"A visitor?" Indy asked looking a bit surprised.

"yes a visitor" Charles replied with a nod then looked at Indy confused "he said his name was the Doctor, tell me are you unwell?" Charles said looking concerned.

Indies face was confused at first but then he realised who he was talking about, Indies face lit up and smiled "oh no he's just a friend could you tell him he can come in" he replied.

"of course" Charles said and he walked back into the hallway closing the door behind him. A couple seconds later the door opened up again and in came the Doctor in his brown Billowing jacket, brown striped suit jacket and trousers with a light blue shirt and tie with circle patterns embroidered into the fabric of the tie and wearing white sneakers. The Doctor gave a small smile as he closed the door behind him.

"it's good to see you again" he said.

"my... you don't age a day" Indy said dumbfounded "although and I don't know how but in some ways you seem older even though you don't look it".

"yeah some people see that" the Doctor said.

"so what's with the visit, need my help or something?" Indy asked.

"no... I just wanted to give you this" the Doctor reached into the pocket of his Billowing jacket and pulled out the Golden Idol and placed it onto Indies desk. Indies eyes widened with shock and slowly picked up the Idol, he looked at it carefully then looked back up at the Doctor.

"how?" he said dumbfounded.

"it's a gift from me to you that's all you need to know" the Doctor said with a big smile on his face.

"but why?" Indy said still surprised and confused.

"because it's a goodbye present, because you won't see me again well not looking like this anyway" the Doctor said pointing to his face.

"I don't understand" Indy said looking confused as he put the Idol back on his desk.

"no I don't expect you to but all I will say is carry on with your life and put that in a museum" he said pointing to the Golden Idol "because someone told me that these sort of things belong in a museum". Indy gave a chuckle and stood up and walked around his desk, up to the Doctor and held out his hand "thank you Doctor and good luck" Indy said and the Doctor shook his hand with a smile before turning around and left the office closing the door behind him leaving Indy.

As the Doctor walked out of the college and walked down the front steps he looked at his hand and saw it glowing.

"not now" he muttered and the glowing started to fade until his hand wasn't glowing any more "I still have three more stops" he muttered again as he walked into his Tardis.

James Bond P.O.V

Four months after the events of Zootopia James was in his flat in London packing up for his next mission in Brazil he wore a white shirt with brown trousers with brown shoes. Then he heard a knock at the door.

"be with you in one moment" Bond shouted from his bedroom so the person who was waiting for him could her. Bond put a folded up holiday shirt into his duffel bag before he walked out of his bedroom and into his living and walked up to the front door, he opened the door to see a familiar face.

"hello James" the Doctor said with a hearty smile.

"well I wasn't expecting you to be here" Bond said slightly surprised as he motioned the Doctor in.

"well I just stopped by to say goodbye" the Doctor said as he entered and looked around the living room.

"what? As in goodbye for now or..." Bond started as he closed the door before he got interrupted.

"for good my time is nearly up... so I'm saying goodbye to all my friends" the Doctor said turning around and facing Bond who looked shocked.

"oh" Bond said "but how could your time be up I mean you hardly look old to be dying"

"oh I'm not dying I'm changing, very complicated and very confusing so I won't tell you no I just wanted to give you this" the Doctor then reached into his pocket and brought out a photo and handed it to Bond.

Bond took the photo and looked at it, it was a picture of him when he was a child and his parents standing either side of him all smiling at the camera, they were all wearing climbing gear and in the background were mountains and snow covering the top.

"where did you get this?" Bond asked.

"I did a favour for them and they wanted me to give you this when you were older" the Doctor said as he put his hands back in his pockets of his jacket.

"th-thank you" Bond said fighting the tears as he held out his hand for the Doctor to shake which he did.

"anytime" the Doctor said with a small smile and let go of Bonds hand and put it back in his pocket "well I have to go so I'll see myself out so... goodbye" and with that the Doctor walked up to the front door opening it and walked out of the apartment closing the door behind him.

Nick and Judy P.O.V

Six months after the celebration, Nick and Judy walked out of a cafe in Downtown.

"well carrots that was a nice lunch break" Nick said patting his stomach with satisfaction.

"I agree there's nothing like a good cup of coffee and a slice of cake to have on a break, wouldn't you agree Nick...Nick" Judy turned around to see that Nick had stopped walking and was staring in shock down an alleyway.

"Nick what's the matter?" Judy asked as she walked up to him and looked down the alleyway and saw him, the Doctor, standing a few feet away with his hands in his pockets with an emotionless face.

"DOCTOR!" she exclaimed with happiness as she ran towards him with Nick following behind her, but something was wrong the Doctors expression didn't change he just stood there like a statue with his hair waving in the wind slightly. Nick and Judy stopped running when they got to him.

"Doctor what's wrong?" Judy asked in concern. The Doctor looked down at the both of them with a emotionless expression still on his face, his eyes looked dead before he spoke.

"I just wanted to give you this as a way of saying thank you" the Doctor pulled out a piece of paper from his jacket and handed it to Judy who took it and started reading it as the Doctor continued "I spoke to the Mayor and Bogo and got this sorted out for you because personally I think you two deserve more than just a medal" Judy's eyes widened as he finished reading the paper.

"well what did it say?" Nick asked eager to know what it said.

"it's a promotion" Judy said in disbelief.

"what!" Nick said as he took the paper and read it confirming to see if it was a joke but no Judy was right "sweet cheese and crackers... carrots we're no longer officers, we are now detectives!" Nick exclaimed with excitement and the both of them hugged each other with happiness.

The Doctor gave a small smile seeing the two of them so happy it made him feel good about himself but then his smile faded as he knew his time was ending, he could feel his insides changing like he was a jigsaw puzzle being replaced with new pieces, 'why?' he thought as the world froze around him 'why do I have to go?' a tier rolled down his cheek. 'I could do so much more' then time started up again like someone pressed the play button on the world and he looked back down at Nick and Judy who were still hugging. Then they stopped hugging and both turned to the Doctor.

"oh Doctor" Judy started "thank you so mu-" but she never finished as the Doctor yelped out in pain and clutched his side like he had been stabbed.

"Doctor what is it?" Judy asked in concern.

"do you need help?" Nick asked walking up to the Doctor

"no" the Doctor breathed heavily as he winced in pain, he looked at his hand and saw it glowing again, Nick and Judy looked at his hand in shock.

"what is that Doctor, what's happening?" Nick asked

"it''s... I'm nearly there" the Doctor said, ignoring Nicks question.

"what does that mean" Judy said sounding more worried as the Doctors hand stopped glowing.

"listen I don't have enough time ok, I'm changing and you won't see me again well not looking like this" the Doctor pointed to his face "and I know you have a lot of questions but I just can't explain" the Doctor finished and he started to limp towards his Tardis.

"where are you going?" Judy asked with sadness.

"to say goodbye to one last person" the Doctor called back as he opened the door to his Tardis and looked behind him to see Judy's eyes watering with sadness.

"don't go" Judy said trying not to burst into tears.

"I have to" the Doctor said looking down at his feet "but promise me one thing"

"what?" Judy asked.

"don't cry for me and don't wait out for me" the Doctor said looking up into Judy's violet eyes "this city needs you more than me, I'm just a man in a big blue box passing by"

"ok I promise" Judy said with a nod. The Doctor gave a small smile "Judy Hopps" he said "the first bunny detective, how about that then" Judy gave a small chuckle as she wiped the tears away from her eye's.

The Doctor turned around and limped into the Tardis closing the door behind him, within moments Nick and Judy both heard the wheezing sound of the Tardis as it started to fade away until Nick and Judy were standing in an empty alleyway.

January the 1st 2005 somewhere in London, the snow was falling and voices of two women could be heard as they walked through the snow.

"great now I've missed it" Rose Tyler said annoyed as she walked with her arms crossed to keep out the cold "midnight... Mickey is going to be calling me everything, this is your fault" she said to her Mother (Jackie Tyler).

"no it's not, it's Jimbo, he said he was going to give us a lift and then he said his axel broke I can't help it" Jackie said.

"get rid of him mum he's useless" Rose said sounding more frustrated.

"listen to you, with a mechanic" Jackie said sounding hurt before she changed her tone to more depressed "be faire though, in my time of life I'm not going to do much better" they both stopped walking and Roses expression turned from frustration to concern.

"don't be like that" Rose said softly, rubbing her mum's shoulder "never know there could be someone out there".

"maybe, one day" Jackie said gazing into Roses eye's. Then she changed the subject not wanting to end this on a bad note and she said happily "happy new year".

"happy new year" Rose repeated with a hearty smile as she hugged her mum who hugged her back. Then when they both broke the hug Roses face turned stern "don't stay out all night" she said as she walked toward an apartment complex.

"try and stop me" her mum joked as she walked the other way towards the street.

Rose kept on walking getting closer to her destination but then she heard a faint grunt behind her and she turned around to see a man in a long brown jacket, leaning on a wall, looking down at his feet.

"you alright mate?" Rose asked concerned.

"yeah" the Doctor replied.

"to much to drink?" Rose asked with a small smile.

"something like that" the Doctor said.

"maybe it's time you went home" Rose advised.

"yeah" was all the Doctor could say.

"anyway happy new year" Rose said.

"and you" the Doctor said as Rose turned to leave before he asked "what year is this?"

Rose turned and looked in disbelief "blimey how much have you had?" the Doctor shrugged "2005 January the 1st"

"2005" the Doctor repeated and Rose nodded "tell you what... I bet your going to have a really great year"

"yeah?" Rose asked and the Doctor smiled "c-ya" and with that Rose turned and ran towards the building opening up the door and ran up the stairs leaving the Doctor smiling as he watched her.

Then he felt the pain in his waist like he was being stabbed and he limped towards his Tardis he turned the corner and saw his Tardis on the other side of the street. The Doctor breathed heavily as he slowly made his way towards the Tardis the pain inside him getting worse with each step. Then he yelped out in pain and fell to the floor wincing in pain then he felt like someone was watching him, he looked up to see an Ood standing in a black suit holding it's communicator ball.

"we will sing to you Doctor" the Ood said softly "the universe will sing you to your sleep" then the Doctor could hear it, the singing, slow, beautiful singing and it gave him the strength to get back onto his feet looking at the Ood and breathing heavily. The Doctor turned towards his Tardis and started walking towards the Tardis with determination on his face.

"this song is ending but the story never ends" the Ood said as he watched the Doctor enter his Tardis.

The Doctor closed the door behind him and leaned on it with sadness and fear on his face, he looked at the console of his Tardis and slowly walked towards it, taking off his jacket and tossing it onto a pillar, he stopped and looked at his hand and saw it was glowing, he put his hand down and looked at the console, he walked up to it and leaned on it then started making his way around the console until he was on the other side, he pulled a leaver and the Tardis roared to life and started it's wheezing sound as it started to orbit the earth the Doctor looked up from the console knowing his time was up, there was nothing he cold do to stop it.

The Doctor walked around his console and looked up again with fear in his eyes and he started to breathe heavily as the energy started to well up inside him "I don't want to go" he said with dread as his face started to glow, he looked down at his hand and saw that it was also glowing then looked at the other, it too was glowing, he looked back up breathing faster as he cold feel the energy getting stronger. Then he couldn't hold it in any longer, he thrusted his arms out and looked up at the ceiling with his legs wide apart, he stood like a star fish as the energy spouted out of his body through his hands and head like a water fountain, the energy hit the Tardis and parts of the room burst into flames and one of the pillars broke of and fell to the floor and smashed into several pieces.

The Doctor screamed in pain as his face and body started to change and then it was all over, he stopped glowing and turned around and looked down at his body "LEGS!" he exclaimed as he grabbed one leg and brought it up to his face "I still got legs" he said in relief and kissed his knee and let go of his leg. "good" he started fumbling around his chest like he was looking for something then he started touching his right arm "arms" he said examining them then looked at his hands "hands oooo fingers, lots of fingers" then with his new hands he grabbed his ears "ears, eyes two, nose" he grabbed his nose then measured it with his hand seeing how long it was before he said "I've had worse, chin" he fumbled with his new chin "blimey, hair" he felt the his new brown hair and felt the back which felt a bit too long "I'm a girl!" his voice broke "no" as he confirmed this by feeling his throat "no I'm not a girl" he then grabbed the fringe of his hair and pulled it to his eye "and still not ginger... there's something else... something important" he said taping his head trying desperately to remember "I'm I'm" before a loud bang erupted somewhere inside the Tardis sending the Doctor flying onto the console, he grasped the console for dear life as the Tardis shook viciously and he laughed "HA HA crashing".

Outside the Tardis was tumbling and spinning to the earth like an asteroid hitting earth.

The Doctor ran to the other side of the console where his computer screen was laughing with joy with the new energy he had boiling through his veins, he felt like he was on top of the world, he looked at the computer screen to see that his Tardis was spinning out of control, he hooted with laughter as he grabbed the console preparing for impact, he looked up at the ceiling and screamed at the top of his voice the word "GERONIMO!"

the next day in Downtown square in Zootopia Nick and Judy were both wearing casual cloths which is appropriate for their new attire as detectives. Nick looked at Judy and saw she was still sad.

"cheer up carrots" he said putting a paw on her shoulder. She looked up at him and he gave her a reassuring smile which made her brighten up a bit.

"sorry Nick it's just that I'm worried about what the Doctor said yesterday, you know about us not seeing him again"

"carrots like he said don't wait for him I'm sure there will be something that will come up" Nick said softly "who knows maybe we will meet some more humans that will need our help and maybe they might have a cooler spaceship, because and no offence to the Doctor but his ship was pretty basic" Judy giggled at that last bit and gave him a playful punch on the arm.

"come on slick let's get back to the station" she said as walked to their cruiser.

"right behind you carrots" Nick said following behind Judy. Then there was a flash of light in front of them, Nick and Judy covered there eyes from the flash and they heard the screeching of car tires and then hissing to the right of them, they looked to the right and saw a car of some sorts, the back of the car had what looked like a machine with lights flashing, the whole car was iced over with water vapour steam radiating off of it. Nick and Judy walked cautiously up to it and Nick saw writing on the side of the car.

"what's a Delorean?" Nick asked confused. Just before Judy could answer one of the car doors opened upwards to the sky and a tall old man with white fluffy hair staggered out, he was wearing a white radiation suit. The man looked at his surroundings in shock before he exclaimed "great Scott!" then a voice from inside the car shouted back "what is it Doc" the Doctor turned around and looked down to see Nick and Judy who were equally as confused.

"Marty I think there has been a mishap with the flux capacitor" the old man said not taking his eye's off the two animals who were staring at him.

"what makes you say that" Marty said as he opened up his door and stepped out and then walked round and joined Dr Emmett Brown and he looked down at the two animals staring up them "oh".

Emmett cleared his throat and then said "good evening I'm Doctor Emmett Brown I'm a scientist and this is my partner Marty Mcfly"

"I'm Judy Hopps" Judy introduced herself.

"Doc that bunny just talked" Marty said shocked.

"yes Marty that bunny did just talk" Emmett said also a little shocked.

"how is that possible?" Marty asked.

"I have a theory that the flux capacitor has taken us to either an ultimate dimension or a parallel universe where animals are the dominant species." Emmett concluded.

"hey that's mammals to you grandad" Nick said angrily. Emmett and Marty both looked back down at Nick and Judy.

"so what do we do Doc?" Marty asked.

"I have one thing I would like to ask them" Emmett said as he looked down at Nick and Judy "em apologies for calling you animals you see this is new for us, by the way what year is this?"

To Be Continued...

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