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Winston looked around as they entered the valley looking around for any signs of the others. There was no one to be found, he regrets going back alone, but he thought of his daughter and how he also wanted to protect his pack members from what was to come.

He walked up towards the dens where there were several wolves sitting and guarding. He decided to go around the backside where he could hopefully sneak by and get his daughter away from this pack. The trees did help with hiding his movements, but not the wind, if anything, the wind felt worse than it did before.

He moved slowly, but stopped when he saw or heard something moving. When he saw that it was a rabbit, he chuckled then continued on towards the other side of the dens. He counted a total of twelve wolves out front of the dens, there were no back entrances or gaps in the mounds.

Winston sighed and turned around only to see two wolves following behind him in a cautious manner.

"Hutch, Zoey, what are you two doing here? You're supposed to be back at the mountains." Exclaimed Winston in a whisper.

"You didn't think we would let you have all the fun?" Hutch replied as they stood in front of Winston.

"There are too many of them, if we fight now we will most definitely die even with the element of surprise on our side." Said Winston.

"We can take them. They won't know what hit them, especially with this wind and heavy snow." Said Hutch with Enthusiasm.

"Alright, we take them out three at a time. That is the only way we will be able to take them out with a chance of survival. We will be starting a war if we're caught." Cautioned Winston.

The three wolves got into position near their targets and waited for Winston to give the signal.

Winston attacked first, bringing his target down with ease and without so much as a sound.

Hutch lunged for his target and brought him down with a bit of effort as the wolf cried out, Hutch ripped out his throat with his teeth.

Zoey got to her target at the same time Hutch did but she had trouble bringing her target down as the wolf was much bigger than her. She got him to the ground but not without injury to herself.

The other wolves surrounding the dens heard the commotion and started towards the there where they saw they were laying still two had their throats ripped out one was knocked out. One of the wolves howled as several other wolves came out of their dens and from the tree lines to fill in gaps and also began searching for the intruders.

Winston and Hutch ran towards the tree line to escape the failed attempt as they saw Zoey slowly following them with a limp. Hutch ran towards her and helped her into the tree line as they sat and watched the wolves search the area, some going into the tree lines to search for them.

"Find them and bring them to me!" Cried out Blaze in anger.

"When you find them, make sure they can not get away so easily. They have enacted war and retribution will be repaid for the deaths of our warriors!" He continued to yell out towards his warriors.