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Kingdom Remnant

Chapter 1

After the Salem war, the world of Remnant is finally at peace for the most part. During the final battle of the war, team RWBY along with the members of team JNPR (minus Pyrrha Nikos) defeated both Cinder Fall and Salem ending the war. When Cinder was defeated a miracle happened. Pyrrha was brought back to life by the fall maiden powers since she was meant to be the fall maiden. Beacon Academy has been rebuilt. Ozpin somehow survived the destruction of Beacon and is now running the academy as he did before the Salem war. The members of team RWBY and team JNPR are now in their third year at Beacon. But even though the Salem war has ended the aftermath from the war remained. The Grimm became more hostile than before and to make matters worse creatures of darkness called Heartless started to appear. The people of Remnant have heard about the heartless from ancient stories about the past before but assumed they were a myth because they have not seen the heartless in Remnant until now. They also thought the legendary weapon that is needed to defeat the heartless known as the keyblade and the wielders of the weapon were a myth as well.

Beacon Academy, Remnant

It was Monday morning at Beacon academy. Ruby Rose was just getting up to get ready for school. Ruby was now getting dressed into her school uniform since she already brushed her teeth and took a shower. After she got her uniform on she took a look at herself in the mirror. Since her first year at Beacon, Ruby has matured. Her hair was now at chin length (almost as long as her motherSummer Rose's hair) and her figure was the same as her sister, Yang's figure.

During the time Ruby was in the shower the rest of her team was getting ready as well. When all four members of the team were ready they all left their dorm room and headed to class.

During the first couple of classes with professors that aren't usually seen like Professor Peach, Ruby wasn't really paying attention because she had something else on her mind. Team RWBY was now in the cafeteria with Team JNPR eating lunch. Nora was talking about a exaggerated story of hers while Ren was explaining the actual details that Nora was exaggerating about.

Ruby was still lost in thought about what she had on her mind all day. The rest of Ruby's team and Team JNPR noticed so Jaune decided to ask what was on her mind. "What are you thinking about Ruby?," Jaune asked with concern.

"Just thinking about the heartless and the legendary weapon that is needed to defeat them," Ruby replied in a slightly depressed tone.

"You mean about the keyblade?,"Blake asked to confirm. Ruby just replied with a nod.

"But the keyblade is just a myth," Weiss said with a sharp tone in her voice.

"No the keyblade has to be real since the heartless are real. My mom told me the stories about the keyblade wielders when I was little," Ruby stated.

"I heard those stories too sis," Yang said, "but it is time to face facts. If keyblade wielders really exist wouldn't they be here by now to take care of the heartless."

"Don't be so sure Long," Ozpin said who walked into the cafeteria and heard the conversation.

"Professor Ozpin you believe that keyblade wielders actually exist, don't you?" Ruby asked with concern and worry.

"I can not confirm or deny whether they exist or not," Ozpin replied, "but if you believe they exist you may find them maybe what you are looking for will find you." Ruby smiled, satisfied with Professor Ozpin's answer. Team RWBY and Team JNPR both continued eating their lunch.

Yen Sid's Tower, Twilight Town

Meanwhile, Sora the keyblade's chosen one was returning to Yen Sid's Tower from his training after he failed the Mark of Mastery Exam. He was there because Master Yen Sid had summoned him for a mission.

Sora walked into Yen Sid's office where Yen Sid was standing behind his desk looking out the window. "You summoned me, Master Yen Sid?" Sora asked.

"Yes," Master Yen Sid replied, " I have summoned you for another mission in another world called Remnant."

"Are the heartless attacking this world?," Sora asked with concern.

"Yes but the heartless aren't the only concern," Yen Sid said answering Sora's question. "This world is plagued by creatures called Grimm, like the heartless they are creatures of darkness that feed off negativity. Due to a war that recently happened called the Salem War, the creatures of Grimm have become more hostile than before."

"Where are Donald and Goofy, aren't they coming with me to Remnant?" Sora asked.

"No, they are with King Mickey," Yen Sid said, " They won't be able to come with you on the mission."

"How come?" Sora asked wondering why Donald and Goofy weren't coming with him to Remnant.

"The reason why they won't becoming is because there are a type of human like creatures with animal traits called Faunus," Yen Sid explained, "Many of the people in Remnant discriminate the Faunus by either treating them as second class citizen or worse like animals. If Donald and Goofy went with you they may get mistaken for faunuses."

"So I guess I'll be going solo then," Sora said after putting two and two together. Yen Sid could have suggested bringing Kairi and Riku with him but he knew what happened between the three of them leaving Sora heartbroken.

" While you are in Remnant you must keep a low profile about the fact that you are a keyblade wielder," Yen Sid explained, "Remnant is a world that is unstable and anymore negativity would cause large amounts of chaos threatening the safety of that world. Plus this world has not seen a keyblade wielder for a long period of time. Look for a man named Ozpin, he should be able to help you get adjusted to Remnant while you are there. He should also be able to help you in case the fact that you are a keyblade wielder ever got out."

"Understood Master Yen Sid," Sora said, "I will take a Gummi Ship and head to Remnant right away."

"Good luck Sora and be careful," Yen Sid said as he saw Sora leaving his office.

Sora went back to his Gummi Ship and inserted the coordinates to Remnant in the ship's GPS. According to the GPS it would take the Gummi Ship two days to get to Remnant. " Looks like I got a long trip ahead of me," Sora said as he set off on his way to Remnant.

-to be continued-

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