The Delinquent Dragon Emperor

Full Summary:

What if Issei had manifested his sacred gear earlier in life? What if he and Ddraig became friends with Great Red before meeting Raynare? Trained from a young age to be a badass delinquent and the wingman of Great Red, Issei kept his power a secret in anticipation for the day he would finally fight the white dragon emperor. Things don't go quite as expected however, when his infamous rival turns out to be a beautiful silver-haired foreign girl who just transferred to Kuoh Academy with her pale blue-haired friend. How will the devils and angels deal with three extremely powerful dragons going to the same high school?

Super-Strong, delinquent, and less-perverted Issei x Harem x Fem Vali x Tiamat

Harem includes: All of the canon harem girls, Raynare, Ravel, Ophis, Tiamat, Female Vali, etc. If you have your heart set on someone else PM me or mention it in a review.

Chapter 1: Prologue

A ten-year-old boy with golden brown eyes and spiky brown hair stood in his bathroom crying out in pain. His entire body felt like it was on fire as an unbearable itching pain spread over him. He grimaced in agony as he hunched over the sink coughing up what felt like dirt.

From his throat several embers and clumps of ash erupted over the mirror and the counter as smoke began to come from his mouth. He coughed furiously as he looked back up in the mirror. His eyes then glowed green as he coughed up more embers.

The boy looked at himself painfully, "What's happening to me?!"

From his arm a crimson red gauntlet then manifested out of glowing red energy. From the back of his hand he could now see a green orb glowing within. It flashed as a voice filled his head, "You have awakened me at last my new host."

"W-what?! Who said that?! Where are you?!" Issei panicked as he looked around the room. The voice he heard sounded deep and echoic as if it were coming from inside his mind. Whatever created it was definitely not human.

"I am sealed within you boy. I am within the Longinus Boosted Gear that is bound to your soul. My name is Ddraig and I am the Red Dragon Emperor," the voice answered powerfully.

"Longina what?! Boosted Gear?! Why does my body feel like it's on fire?!" Issei demanded as he felt his left arm's new red gauntlet.

"You are the reincarnation of my power, child. The sensations you are feeling are the result of being the host of a heavenly dragon," Ddraig explained.

"Heavenly dragon?! You're a dragon?! Dragons aren't real! What the heck is this thing on my arm?!" Issei shot back as a crimson glow coated his arm.

"I will explain shortly, but first you must gain control of your power! Calm your emotions and still your breathing! Focus on returning to your normal self in your mind and your magic shall recede back within you." The dragon commanded.

Desperate to get rid of the horrible pain, Issei did his best to focus on returning to normal and attempted to calm down. Much to his surprise, imagining it in his mind actually worked. Before long, the red gauntlet over his arm finally dissipated and his eyes were now back to their natural color. Shortly afterward, the burning sensation finally stopped.

Now in a more stable condition, Issei glanced back into the mirror relieved. Despite his gauntlet being gone, a green circle still appeared on the back of his left hand.

The voice of Ddraig spoke to him in a calm tone, "Good, you managed that better than I expected. Most hosts end up destroying a lot more before they figure out how our power works. It is based on your will."

Issei looked down at the glowing green circle on his hand incredulously, "I'm…your host? What does that mean? You're inside of me? Why did you pick me?! I'm just a kid! What's a dragon doing inside of me?"

"Calm yourself, boy. We dragons do not choose our vessels. I am bound to the sacred gear, and it manifests in a human host after the previous one dies. I have no control over where or who I end up with," Ddraig elaborated.

"Okay…so you're a dragon then? Why's a dragon in a sacred gear? What the hell is a sacred gear supposed to be anyway?" Issei asked.

"Sacred Gears are the gifts of God. They are bestowed upon humans by God and enact miracles upon the world. There are thousands of them and they are highly sought after by angels and devils. Your sacred gear is a Longinus, which is a unique and godly type of sacred gear. Supposedly there are only 13 of them. Yours is the Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet…the Boosted Gear," the dragon continued explaining.

Issei was dumbstruck with the explanation, "God? As in the guy floating around in the clouds? He's real?!"

"Yes…he is. Unfortunately, my battle with him is the reason why I am currently sealed within your sacred gear. As I explained, I am the Welsh Dragon Ddraig. To the rest of the world I am better known as one of the two heavenly dragons…the Red Dragon Emperor," Ddraig patiently answered.

"You fought god?! Just how strong are you?" Issei gawked.

"No angel, demon, or god is a match for the heavenly dragons. Albion and I are greater than even the Five Great Dragon Kings. As my host, this power is yours to command as well," Ddraig said proudly.

"Who is Albion?" Issei asked.

"He is the other heavenly dragon and my eternal rival…the White Dragon Emperor. He and his host will one day seek you out to battle. Such is the way of our eternal feud. You must master the Boosted Gear and be ready for that day," Ddraig commanded.

"I still don't know what's going on…" Issei said as he shook his head.

"I will explain everything in due time. For now, we should prioritize training you and focus on concealing your power for-" Ddraig stopped mid-sentence as a pounding was heard at the bathroom door.

"Issei what in the world are you doing in there?! What's that smell?! Who are you talking to? I'm coming in!" the boy's mother shouted furiously from the hallway.

Issei then realized that the entire bathroom was a wreck and several fires were burning in the room. Before he could think of what to do, the door swung open.

His mother gasped at the condition the bathroom was in and looked at her son disbelievingly, "Issei what have you done in here?! Have you been playing with fire?!"

"No, mom, I…" Issei couldn't find a way to explain the situation as his mother furiously began to pat out the several fires in the room.

After she was finished, she turned towards him angrily, "I thought you knew better than that! What were you doing in here?!"

"Sorry, mom…" was all he could think to say. He truly had no idea how to explain the situation. He couldn't very well tell his mother that he was coughing up fire in the bathroom.

Mrs. Hyoudou glared at him, "You've been acting up all week! Now this?! Wait till your father gets home! You could have burned the house down!"

Issei said nothing as he felt the familiar burning itch covering his body.

'Oh no…I can't start this up again while she's standing here! I have to run before she sees!' Issei thought in a panic as he immediately darted out of the room and then the house.

"Where are you going?! Issei, get back here this instant!" his mother demanded.

He could hear his mother calling out to him from inside the house, but he was now sprinting down the street at full speed. Much to his amazement, he was moving way faster than he ever had before. Charging down the street, he even started to pass by cars.

Seeing a crowd of people ahead of him, he desperately darted right across the street and jumped to avoid them. To his utter shock, he leapt a tremendous distance and landed on the roof of a nearby house.

"What the hell is this?!" He said aloud as he looked around breathing heavily.

He felt the boosted gear trying to manifest again, but using Ddraig's previous suggestion, he managed to revert it a second time. Issei let out a sigh of relief as he laid back on the rooftop staring at the stars in the nighttime sky.

"I can't believe I just did that…" he said as he blankly stared into the cosmos.

"Your physical features will be enhanced considerably now that you've awakened your dragon powers. Your Intellect, speed, strength, agility, stature, and even your charisma will be far greater than that of a human, angel, or devil. I've actually never seen it manifest in a host as young as you. It will greatly affect your development into adulthood I imagine," Ddraig rambled.

"What are you talking about, Ddraig?" Issei asked confused.

"Nothing boy…just thinking aloud. Just know that as a dragon, you will dominate everything around you. You must be careful with your power however. It attracts everything to it…enemies, mates, and even those who wish to venerate you as a god. Previous hosts of mine have taken full advantage of their dominance, but it has ultimately led to their deaths. All of my previous hosts have gone mad with power. You should understand this truth if you wish to master yours." Ddraig concluded.

"So, what happens now?" Issei wondered.

"For now, you must simply live your life. At your age you are still vulnerable to angels and devils…as well as other mythological beings. Until you are older and stronger, I recommend you keep your power a secret. I will educate and train with you every day until I am certain that you are adequate to reveal yourself," the red dragon replied.

"Okay…so start from the beginning then. If angels, demons, and dragons are all real then what else is real?" Issei asked.

"You might as well get comfortable…it takes many hours to explain this," Ddraig said with a sigh.

4 years later…

Four long years of training had passed for the now 14-year-old Issei Hyoudou. In that time, he managed to progress exponentially at an almost alarming rate. Much to Ddraig's approval, training and teaching a child was far easier than a teenager or an adult, and that made Issei a much better learner than his previous hosts.

He had actually come to like his host a considerable amount despite only knowing him for four years. During their time together, Ddraig had managed to teach Issei all about the different mythologies and dangerous beings of the world. He trained the boy in proper use of the Boosted Gear, and much to his astonishment, Issei had fully mastered Balance Breaker, and was even able to activate his Juggernaut Drive. Unfortunately, he lacked proficiency in the latter because it was impossible to actually train with Juggernaut Drive without drawing unwanted attention from the widespread destruction.

He and Ddraig had debated for months on how to deal with this problem until one day, Issei got an idea.

Sitting on the edge of a high-rise building in the city, the brown-haired boy spoke, "I think I know where I can train the Juggernaut Drive, Ddraig."

"Really? What do you have in mind?" his good friend asked.

"You remember that place you talked about where the Great Red Dragon lives? The Dimensional Gap? I was thinking we could try there. It's removed from Earth, Heaven, and Hell and would be a great place to get some much-needed practice without having to worry about toning my power back," Issei explained his logic.

Ddraig let out a low grunt of disapproval, "That is not a good idea. The Dimensional Gap is a realm of chaos and entropy. It would tear you apart to go in there without any sort of protection. Not to mention, not even we are a match for the Dragon of Dragons. If he sees you in there, he'll kill you."

"Why would he kill us? We're both dragons, aren't we? Not to mention, if he's able to fly around in there, why can't I? You're telling me there's no way I can fly though there safely?" Issei wondered.

"Well…it theoretically could be done, but it would take a great deal of effort to even get into the Dimensional Gap, let alone resist its entropy for long periods of time," Ddraig sighed.

"Don't you think that would be a great place to train? If my body is constantly fighting to stay intact, I could up the intensity and really test the limits of my boosting. Plus, it would be a good place to spend my afterschool hours you know?" Issei said eagerly.

Ddraig chuckled, "I admire your enthusiasm to train, Issei, but to be honest, getting there would be the most difficult part. There are only a few ways I can think that we can do it. The most obvious one would be finding Ophis and convincing her to take us there. I would rather we avoided that option lest we risk revealing the return of the Red Dragon Emperor prematurely. The only benefit to that option is Ophis can protect you from Great Red should you encounter him within the Dimensional Gap."

"Ophis should be our last option then. What are the other routes we could take? I'm surprised you weren't able to just go into the Dimensional Gap yourself. Is there any reason why I can't?" Issei asked.

"Technically I could pass into it, but it required a great deal of power. If you wished to do so without causing a lot of destruction, then you would need to refine your power into a proper ability to penetrate the veil of this world. Obviously, that would require more training. The only other options are to go through Ophis or seek out a weapon that can cut through space and time. Both of which would only draw unwanted attention," he sighed.

"This might be off-topic, but how long do I have to keep my powers a secret? I find it strange that nobody has noticed me yet. Is all of this sneaking around really necessary?" Issei asked.

"I am taking special precautions with you, boy. The various factions always have a way with tracking down dragon hosts early on in their lives. Many become their allies or lackeys. I have seen it countless times and it only serves to annoy me. You should reveal yourself when the time is right. For when you do…the white one will seek you out. Enjoy this peace of yours while it lasts. It's the only semblance of a peaceful life you'll ever have," the dragon said authoritatively.

"Well let's get to training then…I'll figure out a way to tear open a rift into the Dimensional Gap." Issei said as he stood up eagerly.

Several weeks later

"Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Boost, Transfer!" Ddraig announced as Issei condensed a great deal of boosted power into the very tip of his gauntlet's claw.

With a precise, swift swing, he finally succeeded in cutting a rift into the Dimensional Gap with the heavily condensed power on his claw's tip.

"Finally!" Issei shouted in success as he joyfully activated his Balance Breaker and flew into the opening before it could close.

"Impressive, boy…I never thought you would be able to do it with such little power," Ddraig said approvingly as Issei was now inside the Dimensional Gap.

"Well it's like you said…the opening required a ton of power to tear it open. But I figured if I put a lot on one tiny area it would eventually get so dense that it would have no choice but to tear open. It took a lot of work to only get it on one claw though. Thankfully it finally worked," Issei stated the cause of his success.

"Woah…this place looks weird. Nothing like I imagined," Issei said as he looked around the chaotic realm with awe and wonder.

"You should be able to practice your full Juggernaut Drive in here without fear of being noticed…but don't push yourself too far or this place will tear your body apart. I suggest you only stay for a few hours at a time," Ddraig said as Issei already began to transform.

"I can't wait to finally do this!" he said eagerly.

As he transformed into his full juggernaut drive, his emotions began to flare as he gleefully unleashed as much power as he could in any which direction.

Several Days Later

The past five days had proven to be an effective training regime for the Sekiryuutei. Issei had been coming into the Dimensional Gap after school consistently now and would stay there for hours at a time. A couple times he actually stayed all night much to his parents' concern. Granted they were quite used to him never being home these days. The more time Issei spent in the Dimensional Gap, the more he came to love the place for the sheer amount of solitude and freedom it provided.

Now on his sixth day of training, he was adamantly working to perfect his Longinus Smasher courtesy of Ddraig's suggestion. Upon achieving success after several hours, he finally managed to fire the overpowering blast into the distance. Right as he fired it however, a rift actually opened up in front of his attack.

Issei and Ddraig could only watch with utter horror as the Longinus Smasher fired in a colossal green beam towards the opening rift.

From the rift, a massive red dragon over a hundred meters long came through. It had four colossal wings and looked like a western dragon. The creature's golden eyes glowed with intensity as it did a barrel roll dodging the Longinus Smasher beam in a sharp turn.

Issei gawked with disbelief as the enormous red dragon flew over him letting out a loud vrooming shriek. Great Red flew over and around him in a circle as his eyes locked onto Issei in his juggernaut drive.

"Ddraig what the hell do we do?" Issei asked seriously as the colossal dragon began to snarl and vroom loudly.

"What the fuck are you staring at?!" Great Red demanded as he flew around in front of Issei looking down at him with a stoic glare.

To say he was intimidated by the Great Red Dragon of Dragons was an understatement. Issei had no idea what to say, but thankfully Ddraig spoke for him, "We were just training Great Red. Forgive my partner for getting in your way."

"Ddraig huh? Now I recognize you…I thought I made it clear the last time that we ain't friends just because we're both red dragons. Get out of here unless you have a death wish! This is my turf!" Great Red said in a low delinquent tone.

To Issei the dragon reminded him a lot of a Bosozoku which seemed unusual for a mythical creature of legend.

"We'll leave, Great Red," Ddraig announced with evident relief in his voice.

"Not so fast…what are you even doing in here? I don't like shady business," the dragon grunted.

"We were training, Great Red. I was doing it here, so I could keep my identity as the Red Dragon Emperor a secret," Issei explained to the titanic dragon.

"Just call me Red…none of that 'Great Red God-Emperor' or 'Dragon of Dragons' bullshit. I'm not some great messiah for you little whelps to gawk at!" Red said threateningly.

"Alright, Red, no disrespect, but Ddraig and I need this place to train in secret. I honestly never expected to see you in here. I thought this place was infinite," Issei explained.

"Hmph…so you're training here to avoid being discovered by the angels, devils, and gods?" Red asked.

Issei nodded, "Yeah that's right. I want to keep my powers a secret, so they can't bother me or interfere with my life until I'm more powerful. When the white dragon finally shows up, I want to be so much stronger than him, that I ultimately crush him and everyone else. After that I just want to live my life without anyone bothering me or telling me what to do…maybe pick up a few girls along the way too."

Red started laughing as his mood immediately lightened up, "Ahahaha! Now that's a pretty good reason for training here. I wasn't expecting that. You don't want to rule the world or destroy it? You just want to be free and unstoppable. I like you kid. You're just like me."

Issei knowing full well what kind of personality Red had at this point decided to go along with his complement, "Yeah, that's pretty much all I've ever wanted. I don't care much for all this drama between mythical factions. I'm glad that Ddraig encouraged me to not get involved with any of it yet. I just want to be strong enough to where nobody ever fucks with me."

"Heh…I like that. You and Ddraig are free to hang out here then. Train hard kid and stay out of my way if you see me coming," Red said with a chuckle as he began to turn.

Seeing an opportunity in front of him, Issei called out, "Wait! I don't want to bother you or anything, but is it cool if we hang out with you in here?"

"I fly alone. Why do you want to come with me anyway?" Red asked strongly.

"I know you're a badass outlaw and all that good stuff, but I just thought it'd be cool to train with the strongest dragon in the universe," Issei suggested.

"You're pushing it kid…I don't have time for that," Red said disapprovingly.

Issei frowned beneath his armor, "Too bad…I was thinking we could make a dragon gang or something."

"Eh? Dragon gang you say? Hahaha, well that's a first. I don't think I've ever heard that before," Great Red laughed.

Ddraig spoke seriously, "What are you doing, partner? He's already granted us freedom to train here. Don't antagonize Great Red any further. He just wants to be left alone. Not to mention, dragons by nature are selfish and territorial. The idea of them being in a 'gang' is unheard of."

"What's your name, wielder of the Boosted Gear and host of Ddraig?" Red asked.

"Issei Hyoudou," said teenager answered immediately.

"I like the way you think. Everyone would think twice about crossing us dragons if we made our own gang to rival theirs. You've convinced me. Now we need a cool name," Red said with an unusual enthusiasm.

"I can't believe he's going for this…" Ddraig seemed to be in disbelief that Issei was actually convincing Great Red to train him.

The Sekiryuutei thought for a moment, "Maybe Dragons of Discord. That's a cool, rebellious name."

"Hah! You and I are going to be good friends, kid. Let's go flying and I'll train you a bit. If you're gonna be my wingman, you gotta be as tough as I am!" Red said enthusiastically.

Three Years Later

For the past three years, Issei and Ddraig would make trips into the Dimensional Gap to train and hang out with Red. Despite the unusual predicament, Ddraig came to appreciate the situation as Issei had managed to learn a great deal from his new mentor. Great Red taught him many forbidden and secret abilities that would come in handy against the White Dragon Emperor and other beings. In addition to gaining a ridiculous increase in his power, Issei had also grown an additional pair of dragon wings with his sacred gear now having four just like Red did.

Over the years of tough training and mental conditioning, he was now a rugged badass with a lean, buff physique and an incredibly desirable aura. With Great Red's training and overall mentoring, the now 17-year-old Issei Hyoudou had picked up a lot of delinquent personality traits as well.

His parents were quick to notice his new ways and would often try to talk to him about his life. During these long years of training in all of his spare time, Issei had spent a lot of time and many nights away from home which led his parents to assume he was part of a gang of some kind. When their son bought a motorcycle with unexplained money and started wearing a leather jacket everywhere, they were convinced he was involved in crime.

While it saddened Issei to see his parents distraught over his behavior, he figured it was probably best for them to assume that he was simply some delinquent thug than a powerful dragon emperor capable of destroying the world.

His first year of high school was rather interesting as Issei never actually went to class. In a stroke of genius, he managed to forge paperwork that said he was hospitalized and that he had to do his school work from home. He only ever showed up to take exams and would surprisingly always make perfect scores despite his lack of interest in the academics taught.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasted forever as his excuses and forgery eventually ran out. Despite not really caring about school, he still had a matter of pride to finish just so his parents wouldn't go off the deep end. With a reluctant sigh, he made his way to school for the brand new 2nd year at Kuoh Academy.

As he made his way to school, he rode his custom red motorcycle up to the front of campus popping a wheelie as he entered its gates. Without a muffler on it, the two-wheeled vehicle let out a loud howling noise as Issei blasted past students causing several to even jump out of his way in fear.

Pulling up next to a sidewalk, Issei parked his motorcycle and got off it. He left his leather jacket on the bike as he began to walk away. He was used to just leaving it on his bike everywhere he went and assumed there was nobody was stupid enough to try and touch it after the entrance he just made. As a delinquent, he wouldn't even wear a helmet which was technically illegal. Nobody had ever stopped him though much to his amusement.

His first day back to school was already starting to annoy him after he walked inside the main building. He strolled down the hallways with his hands in his pockets and an apathetic glare on his face. Much to his annoyance however, instead of avoiding him out of fear, everyone was staring at him like he was the most interesting person they had ever seen.

Some of these people had known him since he was young, but his distance and development over the past few years had caused Issei to become something of an outlaw to his peers. They barely saw him, and when they did all they could do was gossip about how strange and scary he had become.

Some people gave him nasty glares as he projected an aura of rebellious apathy that said to the world, 'Don't fuck with me.'

That was only the bravest of the bunch however. Most people would shuffle out of his way in fear as the tall, buff delinquent was notorious for being the toughest kid around. Issei found it strange how well known he was by the students of Kuoh Academy considering he was barely there all throughout his first year.

Many girls began to freeze up and gawk at him as he passed by. While they were clearly intimidated, some had shameless lustful looks. Girls were always attracted to bad boys, and according to everyone around school, he was the baddest.

"Issei-kun came to class today?!" One girl gawked loudly before blushing in embarrassment as Issei glanced at her.

"Hyoudou-san is actually at school today...just in time for the new school year too," he heard one of the girls say to the student council president.

The dark-haired student council president adjusted her glasses as she locked eye contact for a brief moment with the passing Issei.

He immediately stopped walking as he turned to face her, "What are you looking at Buchou?"

"Nice of you to come to school…I see your health is well. It must be considering you drove into the front gate pulling a wheelie," Sona said passively. Her tone clearly indicated that she was well aware of the fact that he wasn't actually sick during his time off.

"Yeah…all healed up now," Issei replied carelessly.

"I hear a lot of rumors that you're a troublemaker. Make sure you keep your nose clean or I'll get you expelled. Understood Hyoudou-san?" Sona said fearlessly.

Issei looked down at her incredulously, "Is that supposed to be a threat?!"

The onlookers all turned to watch as Issei took a step towards her with imposing eyes. She remained calm and looked up at him blankly, "It was…I suggest you get to class. You don't want to make an enemy out of me. Keep your delinquent behavior reserved to off-campus if you would, please."

"Or what?" he replied.

Sona gave him a death glare, but it did little to phase Issei as he turned his back on her, "Aye aye buchou. You stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours."

As Issei continued walking a blonde boy, Saji, called out to him angrily, "Hey asshole! You can't talk to the President like that! Why don't you get your ass back here and apologize to her!"

Saji tried to stop Issei as he placed a hand on the back of his shoulder. This proved to be a huge mistake as Issei immediately grabbed the guy's wrist and turned around.

Saji slumped over in agony and began to cry out in pain as Issei squeezed his wrist tightly forcing him to his knees.

"Don't ever touch me again, dude, or you're losing this hand…" Issei said with a passive low tone as he released his grip on Saji causing him to fall over and grab his wrist.

"Should we do something about that...about him?" Tsubaki said to Sona somewhat concerned as everyone watched Issei walk away.

Sona looked concerned and whispered to Tsubaki, "Saji might not be very powerful as a devil, but a normal human shouldn't be able to do that to him. I had my suspicions there was something off about Hyoudou, but that was surprising. We should talk to Rias' peerage and see if they can find anything out about him. I doubt he would let anyone from the student council get near him without acting up."

As he walked away, Issei felt the eyes of everyone on him. His easy manhandling of Saji proved his reputation was accurate and it had everyone gossiping and staring like mad.

'Now I know how Red feels…these cowards seriously need to stop looking at me. I knew it was gonna blow coming back here this year, but this is just insufferable,' Issei thought annoyed.

After continuing for a while, he finally walked into his new second year classroom, and was met with his sensei and class.

It looked like she had already started class and he was late. She turned to face him with a stern face, "Hyoudou-san?"

"Yeah…" he said carelessly.

"You're late…but seeing as how it's the first day, I will let that slide. Go ahead and take your seat," she said before turning towards the class.

Right as he sat down in a corner seat by the window, Issei saw a pair of girls walk into the room. They were both incredibly beautiful, but something about them caused him to immediately tense up as if they were a threat.

They spoke quietly to the teacher before she turned to the class again, "Well…it seems we have two new transfer students this year. Go ahead and introduce yourselves ladies."

"Two in one day? That's nuts," one of the male students said disbelievingly, "but at least these two are a couple of hotties and not some pretty boy asshole."

The male student had a shaved head and seemed to be having a conversation with his glasses-wearing friend next to him about the sizes of the new girls. On some level Issei could appreciate their conversation, but he was so far removed from them that he never bothered to talk to the two class perverts.

The transfer student with pale blue hair walked up first, "My name is Tiamat Draconis. I'm from Eastern Europe."

She seemed to be just as annoyed and callous towards the class as Issei which struck him as interesting. This girl clearly had no interest in coming off as friendly or approachable.

The silver haired girl walked up next, "I'm Valeria Drage. I'm from northern Europe. Most people just call me Vali. I would prefer it if you addressed me as such."

"Wow their Japanese is perfect," one of the girls in the class remarked with awe as she gazed admirably at the two gorgeous transfer students.

"Go ahead and sit over there you two," the teacher pointed to the two empty desks to Issei's right.

As the two girls made their way to their seats, both immediately looked at Issei as they sat down. He normally would have been bothered by this, but something about these girls was interesting to him. They both seemed atypical for high school girls…and not just because they were foreign.

Despite his curiosity, Issei decided not to look at them after a moment. Whatever they were it clearly wasn't human, but that mattered little to him as he had grown used to detecting devils in this school. So long as he kept a low profile, they would never be able to tell that he was a dragon.

After class, he made his way to lunch, but was alarmed when a smell filled his nostrils, 'More Devils? this school reeks of them. I wonder if those transfer students were devils too?'

As he bought some lunch, Issei looked for an isolated place on the rooftop to eat by himself. He passively ate his food as he thought about his next trip to see Red. His inner thoughts were short-lived however when the pale blue-haired girl from class walked up to him.

She was by herself much to his curiosity. Issei looked at her confused as she stood there and sniffed the air, "You're not human…you're not a devil…you're not an angel…you don't smell like anything. What are you?"

He immediately stood up and looked at the girl carelessly, "I'm nothing that concerns you."

"Is that right? Do you even know what I am?" she asked seriously.

"A beautiful girl asking me for a date?" he said with a laugh.

Tiamat couldn't help but smile at his statement, "You're lucky I found that funny or you would have died for saying that."

'Issei…she's a dragon. I know her…Tiamat is one of the Five Dragon Kings! Please don't let her find out…' Ddraig said telepathically.

'Why? Is she powerful or something?' Issei asked telepathically.

'Compared to you? No…but I still owe her, and I would rather she not find out who you are unless you want her to stalk you for the rest of your life.' Ddraig replied.

'She your ex or something?' Issei asked.

'Not exactly…but I sort of owe her for breaking a treasure of hers. She's come after me and my hosts ever since then. Trust me…she's not the kind of drama you want to deal with,' Ddraig said concerned.

"So…you're just a mystery then? How interesting…You must be a devil if you're this deep into their territory and they haven't done anything to you. Or maybe an undercover angel hiding his power and scent. Whatever you are, I will find out," Tiamat said as she got really close to Issei and started to sniff him again.

She immediately stopped when the voice of someone else called out, "Tiamat leave him alone. Let me do the talking here."

"As you say, Vali…" Tiamat said curtly before backing off.

Vali walked up to Issei and looked over him, "I don't care what you are. Angel, Devil, whatever…I'm half human myself. The name's actually Vali Lucifer. Nice to meet you Issei Hyoudou. I hear you are kind of a badass around Kuoh Academy. Word is you manhandled some student council white knight earlier."

"Is there a reason you're introducing yourself to me personally?" Issei wondered.

Vali shrugged, "Well not particularly. I just thought we'd touch base with you before anything else happens at this school. I don't make it a habit of approaching people or interfering with their privacy unlike Tiamat. I just wanted to let you know that we're not associated with the devil dens in this school."

"Neither am I," Issei replied casually.

"That's surprising, but it's good to know. If you'd like, you can join with us. You seem like the type of person worth keeping around," Vali said approvingly.

"Vali Lucifer…are you a devil?" Issei asked curiously.

"Yep…a high-class devil heir," the silver haired beauty said as she flashed eight black demonic wings before quickly receding them. He took this moment to fully take in her appearance now. She had beautiful blue eyes, long styled silver hair, and an aesthetically beautiful face. Her arms and legs looked very well-toned and she had a respectable bust and a really nice ass thanks to her athletic build.

Issei was genuinely surprised by the reveal of her devil wings as he stared at her uncertainly, "So you're a big-shot devil? What is she then?"

"Tiamat is a Dragon…one of the Dragon Kings. Specifically, she is the Chaos Karma Dragon. We're allies, and we have been for several years now." Vali explained.

"What are you doing at Kuoh Academy? What possible reason would a super devil and a dragon king have here? Why reveal yourselves to me?" Issei asked.

"I am looking for allies to join the Khaos Brigade and this town is rife with paranormal activity, so I was quick to assume it was a good place to scout for a while. This city is mostly part of the Gremory and Sitri territories, but it's got other variables here as well…such as yourself. I honestly didn't expect to find a suitable recruit on our first day," Vali replied.

"That makes sense…but what's the Khaos Brigade?" he asked.

"A group of individuals that are aligned against the angels of Heaven, the fallen angels, and devils of the underworld. We work for the Infinite Dragon God Ophis," Vali explained.

"Ophis the dragon god is your boss?" Issei said disbelievingly.

"Yes, and she said this town also had a dragon in it. I'm guessing that's what you are," Vali concluded.

'Oh shit…damn I better play this down if I can. She doesn't know I'm the Red Dragon Emperor…maybe I can pretend I'm just some other dragon.' Issei thought on his feet.

"Ha…good guess. I am a dragon. Nothing quite as impressive as a Dragon King or anything like her though," Issei pointed at Tiamat.

"Oh, he's a dragon? How come I couldn't tell? That's odd…" Tiamat said shaking her head.

"One of my special abilities is concealing myself to others' senses. I prefer to keep it that way as angels and devils tend to despise my kind unless we're serving them," Issei explained.

"Fair point…though you seem more powerful than a simple dragon and you don't really smell like a human. I also don't know you and I know all of the great dragons." Tiamat said skeptically.

"Guess I'm not that great or powerful then," was all Issei said with a shrug.

"Regardless, we could always use another member of the Khaos Brigade. Besides, I'm sure Tiamat could train you up well," Vali suggested.

"Look, no disrespect Vali Lucifer and Dragon King Tiamat, but I sort of just do my own thing around here. We can be on good terms, but I don't care much for causes and taking orders from self-righteous people…no offense," Issei replied.

"So, you just intend to side with nobody? That's ridiculous! If the devils in this school found out what you were their clans would immediately try to recruit you into their ranks. That or they would kill you. If you're not that powerful, you wouldn't stand much of a chance against entire devil clans. You need allies in this world if you intend to stay alive. You can't just hide in plain sight forever. What interest do you even have in the human world?" Tiamat protested.

"It's relaxing for the most part. Honestly, I don't see much of a difference between your faction and the angels and devils. It's all pointless politics that literally means nothing to me. I don't care about angels, devils, gods, dragons, and whatever else. I just want to ride my motorcycle, do what I want, and not have some bigwig boss me around. I do that just fine living in this town," Issei said strongly.

"You're definitely a dragon…not interested in following others I see. Very well, Issei Hyoudou, we won't pressure you to join us. You have my word on that. However, I will take you up on your offer of being friends," Vali said with a sly grin.

'Friends?! When the hell did I tell them I wanted to be friends? Being on good terms is not the same as being friends. Hmph…well at least they're not being super pushy about the recruiting thing. Besides these two look pretty…and pretty tough. I guess if it keeps them off my back,' Issei thought as he checked them both out.

'Something about that Vali girl seems strange to me…I can't quite tell what it is, but I have a weird feeling about her. Keep your guard up around her Issei. She must be very powerful if Tiamat's taking orders from her. I wonder why they're working for Ophis?' Ddraig said telepathically.

'I think Red mentioned something about Ophis challenging him a while back. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. We could always ask him when we go back,' Issei replied to Ddraig.

"Friends? That might be pushing it a little. How about this, I'll stay out of your way and wave if I see you in the hallway. And I guess you can eat lunch with me if you want…but that's it. I'm not your lackey, I'm not your ally, and I sure as hell am not your friend. So, don't try cozying up to me," Issei said strongly.

"For a dragon with little renown, you're awfully bold to talk to us that way," Tiamat said with a low hiss.

"Maybe so, but I don't take shit from anyone whether they're a dragon king or a Satan," Issei countered.

Tiamat smiled at his fearless attitude, "You've definitely got the right attitude to be strong. I can still train you if you want. I don't see many other dragons these days."

"No thanks…I'd rather not get mixed up with you two if I can avoid it. You can still eat lunch with me if you want though," Issei said dryly.

"Suit yourself, dumbass. I've never offered to train another dragon before…but I kind of like you so far. The offer still stands if you change your mind," Tiamat said as she got really close to his face and licked his cheek.

Tiamat then left leaving Vali and Issei alone. The silver-haired beauty cocked her head at him as if deep in thought, "Say…that red motorcycle at the front of the school wouldn't happen to be yours, would it?"

"Yeah it's mine…what of it?" Issei asked.

"It looked pretty decked out…it might even be as fast as mine," Vali noted.

"You ride?" Issei asked surprised.

"Hell yeah I do. I got my bike imported just the other day. I know you're trying to keep a low profile by avoiding us and all, but if you're up for it we can go riding sometime," Vali suggested as she took her leave.

Issei couldn't help but stare at her ass for a moment almost transfixed by it. He quickly collected his thoughts as he returned to class. As he walked inside and down the staircase, he saw gorgeous girl with crimson red hair pass by him in the opposite direction.

The two briefly made eye contact before Issei passed her. He looked back at her standing on the stairway to see that she was staring at him. Her sapphire gaze was drilling a hole into him, yet for some reason he wasn't bothered by her staring.

He quickly departed shortly afterward as his mind wandered on the encounter, 'Who is that girl?! Her hair was redder than blood…and what was with that look she gave me? She smelled like a devil…is she the Gremory Devil girl that runs the Occult club here? I don't think I've ever seen her before.'

As Issei's mind wandered he stopped paying attention to his surroundings and ended up walking into someone. It was a blonde guy who looked rather handsome and well-groomed.

Issei had no idea who he was, but he accidentally knocked this guy down by walking into him. This seemed to cause a scene as many surrounding girls shrieked and gawked at the scene.

"Oh my god! Hyoudou knocked down Kiba-sama!" one of the girls proclaimed loudly.

The blonde boy quickly recovered and stood up looking at Issei surprised. It only took him half a second to detect the trace of a devil scent on him.

'Damn how many of these things are in this school?!' Issei fumed mentally.

The blonde boy, Kiba, seemed shocked that Issei was able to knock him down by absent-mindedly walking into him. He rubbed the back of his head and gave a friendly smile, "You're a lot stronger than you look. Sorry if I got in your way, Hyoudou-kun."

'Huh…he's being respectful? That's odd. He definitely isn't part of Sona's devil den then. All of them are uptight assholes. What'd that girl say his name was? Kiba?' Issei wondered.

"Yeah, my bad…I didn't see you," Issei replied calmly deciding not to be an asshole to the guy.

Kiba seemed surprised at Issei's lack of hostility as did the surrounding Kiba fangirls.

"Well excuse me, Hyoudou-kun. Take care," Kiba replied with a smile as he took his leave.

'He must be part of the Gremory Clan. He didn't seem like a half bad guy for a devil,' Issei thought as he returned to class.

End of the Day

As he reached his motorcycle at the front of the school, ready to go home, Issei was surprised to see Vali on a badass white motorcycle right next to his.

She looked over at him as he walked up, "Yo Issei, why don't you show me what that bike of yours can do."

Before Issei could respond Vali revved up her motorcycle loudly causing a huge scene. Everyone in the front of the school stood around and watched with shock as Issei got on his, started it up, and revved his back at her.

Tiamat pulled up on a blue motorcycle right next to them a moment later, nearly running over several students in the process.

"Nice bikes," Issei said with an enthusiastic grin.

"Yours too…" Tiamat said laughing as she did a donut in the street.

The Sekiryuutei grinned as he immediately popped a wheelie and took off down the road. He was surprised when the blue and white motorcycles of Tiamat and Vali slowly caught up to him.

Both came up either side of him and before long Issei realized it was a race. They all tore through town at high speeds causing many police to come after them, but none managed to catch the dragon trio as they recklessly and obnoxiously raced around the city. This went on for nearly two hours before finally Issei came up to his home.

He wasn't surprised that Tiamat and Vali had ended up following him there as they likely wanted to know where he lived. Issei couldn't help but wonder if they intended on using his family against him, but quickly dismissed those thoughts as he realized they would be dead if he ever caught them messing with his parents.

"Done already, Issei? That was a blast!" Tiamat exclaimed.

'They're already calling me by my first name like we're friends or something…that's presumptuous as hell,' the brown-haired dragon couldn't help but think.

"You never asked if it was okay to call me by my name. I thought I told you we aren't friends," Issei said as Vali and Tiamat traded glances.

"Good race, Issei…you won't win the next one though. Take care…" Vali said as she gave Issei a seductively sly grin.

A moment later both Vali and Tiamat took off leaving Issei at the front of his house. He sighed for a moment before parking his bike.

Just then a terrifying epiphany crossed his mind, 'Wait a second…they think I'm an actual dragon and not a human. So, if they end up seeing my human parents they'll assume I'm a human too. And then they'll assume I have a sacred gear…ah shit. I better avoid bringing them here if I can. It couldn't hurt to come up with a good excuse for when they ask me about it too.'

"I wouldn't stress over it too much, Issei…you're definitely ready to reveal yourself now that you've matured your powers," Ddraig said reassuringly in Issei's mind.

'Yeah…but it's like you said, the moment I do, all hell will break loose. I at least wanted to get through high school. At this rate I doubt that's gonna happen.' Issei replied telepathically to Ddraig.

He sighed heavily as he walked through the front door lost in thought.

Both of his parents perked up with surprise as he walked inside and announced his arrival, "I'm home."

"We know…we heard you drive up. I-I hope you're doing well, Issei. We never really see you much these days. You mind if we talk, son?" his father asked cautiously.

"Sure, I guess…what about?" Issei asked.

"Umm…well your mother and I have been talking and its…well we're concerned about your behavior," his father continued.

"This again?" Issei sighed as he rolled his eyes.

"We thought it was just a phase at first, but you're really getting deep into this delinquent thing, son. You're not involved with the Yakuza, are you?" his father asked worried.

"No, I'm not…I just ride my motorcycle and work. You guys worry too much about me," Issei said casually.

His mother frowned, "We never see you with any friends or hear about what's going on in your life. It's like you're never here…like you never want to be here. Why? What are you avoiding, Issei? Is it us? Is there a girl or something going on? Are you in trouble? You can tell us, son…we're just worried about you."

"I'm fine, honestly. I just have a lot of hobbies," Issei tried to explain vaguely.

"Like what? Where do you go? You aren't part of any clubs from what I've heard, and there's rumors that you're a troublemaker at school. I even had one of your teachers ask me if you were recovering from your illness. Have you been skipping school too?" his mom asked.

"Not skipping. I still have the highest grades in my class I believe. I just do things around town…I work on motorcycles and train martial arts. You know that kind of stuff. I promise it's nothing bad," Issei said reassuringly.

"Then where do you get all this money from? How can you afford that motorcycle and all the things you buy for us?" his dad asked.

"It's not that much money…" Issei said with a shrug.

His father shook his head and held up two tickets, "You bought us roundtrip tickets to a resort in Europe, and paid off my car. Kids don't do those kinds of things for their parents."

"What your father is trying to say is, we appreciate these things you're doing for us, but it's just hard to accept since you barely talk to your father and me. You don't have to buy us things to make us love you, Issei. We just want to see you around more," his mother said softly.

'I totally forgot I bought them tickets for a vacation. That's actually good timing…I can get them out of here for a bit and keep my cover going,' Issei thought relieved.

"I wish you guys would stop worrying about me. My grades are good, I make good money, and I have hobbies. It's not as crazy as you make it out to be. I just thought it'd be a good anniversary gift for you," he replied.

"We can't accept these tickets…not unless I know how you could afford to buy them," his father said.

"I've been working for this international group lately. They pay really well for me to fix their motorcycles. Just take the tickets and go on the cruise," Issei said sternly.

His father sighed, "Well…I suppose if you insist. Although why didn't you buy one for yourself as well?"

"I'm too busy with school and work. Speaking of which, I have homework to do," Issei replied.

"A-alright…we love you son. It's okay if you ever want to talk to us. We just want you to know we're here for you," his mother said somewhat emotionally as she moved to hug him.

Despite his delinquent personality, Issei still did his best to maintain a good relationship with his parents. After talking to them, he made his way to his room and closed the door.

'I should go ask Red if he knows anything about the Khaos Brigade,' Issei thought as he plopped down on his bed.

"I wouldn't recommend trying to go tonight or anytime soon. Those two girls are no doubt watching you in some manner. Let their curiosity die down a bit before going. You will regret it if Tiamat finds out you're the Red Dragon Emperor," Ddraig spoke up.

"Ughh…I hate this crap. I'm so used to hanging out in the Dimensional Gap that I just can't stand not being able to vent there," Issei sighed.

The next day

The following day, Issei's parents left for their vacation. They seemed a bit unhappy about it being on such short notice, but Issei knew they would change their mind once they got there.

He rode his motorcycle to school, and actually decided to park it more appropriately today. He was surprised when he saw Tiamat and Vali waiting by their bikes when he pulled up.

'Damn…are they waiting for me?' Issei thought incredulously as he pulled up.

"Yo, Issei, about time you got here. Do you make it a habit to show up five minutes before class?" Vali asked with a laugh.

Issei shrugged, "Pretty much. I like to spend as little time around this place as possible."

"I meant to ask you yesterday, Issei, what kind of dragon are you?" Tiamat asked as the three began to walk towards the school building.

"Just a high-level flame dragon…nothing crazy," he replied.

Tiamat looked at him curiously, "Hmm…is Issei your real name?"

He nodded, "Pretty much."

"I've never heard of a flame dragon having the ability to transform and conceal his power. You're stronger than that," Tiamat said shaking her head.

"Well I'm sort of unique…but seriously I'm nobody important," Issei replied.

Vali stared at him for a moment, "Hey, Issei…would you be interested in meeting Ophis? She could make you more powerful if you wanted."

'So much for not trying to force me to join the Khaos Brigade. These chicks are seriously being pushy,' Issei thought.

'Technically they haven't actually asked you to join again. But this is definitely them trying to get on your good side. They're remarkably persistent. Although considering it's Tiamat, why am I surprised?' Ddraig remarked.

'It makes sense I suppose. Ophis did send them to this town to find a dragon and recruit people for their little faction. I wonder how she knew I was here? If we meet her, she'll immediately be able to tell I'm the Red Dragon Emperor,' Issei thought concerned.

"I don't really have much of a reason to get more powerful. I'm trying to stay out of all these wars and shit, you know?" Issei tried to talk his way out of the corner.

Vali frowned, "Yeah, but you're a dragon. All dragons want to get more powerful, famous, and rich. Greed is in their nature. You seem too strong-willed to have no ambition or goals to get more powerful."

"What the hell would you know about dragons…devil?" Issei said darkly.

Vali sighed, "No need to get mad. I'm just going off of what I know from seeing Tiamat."

"Heh, she's not wrong, Issei," the blue haired dragon said with a chuckle.

As the three passed into Kuoh Academy's front doors, they were met with the wide-eyed stares of everyone present. Every single guy in the room was radiating envy at the sight of seeing the two new sexy transfer students following Issei.

The girls all began to cluck around and gossip like made hens.

"Issei-kun is hanging out with the transfer students?!" one declared.

"They're so beautiful…why are they following that prick?" a guy said sadly.

Issei appeared even more desirable to all of the girls in the school now as the two bombshell hotties followed him to their class.

"Is he dating one of them? Both maybe?" one girl gasped.

"I saw them riding motorcycles away from school yesterday. Are they in a gang or something?" another said.

"Issei-kun is taken? How is he ever going to notice me with girls like that hanging around him?" Issei overheard one girl whisper to her friends.

Just a simple stroll to class, and it already seemed to be spreading like wildfire that these two girls had a thing with him. Issei found it amusing, but was slightly embarrassed because Vali and Tiamat undoubtedly heard it all too.

Right before they made it to class however, Issei noticed Sona and the gorgeous red haired girl from the other day talking to each other further down the hallway. They both turned and stared at the sight of him, Vali, and Tiamat all walking into a classroom.

'Oh shit…now the devils are going to think I'm with them. Ughh…the drama never ends at this school,' Issei sighed.


Alright so there's the first chapter. It's pretty long, but I make it a point to write large chapters. So I hope you enjoy what you've read so far. Thanks for reading and let me know if you liked it.