Chapter 7: Home Again

Lenora's eyes shot open. She took deep breathes, and looked around, she was back on Dragon Island. Toothless was by her side, and growled quietly. "Are you okay?" he asked in his dragon language.

But Lenora didn't feel okay. Her nose was stuffy, her throat was sore, she felt hot, and her body ached. "Actually Toothless, I'm not feeling so good. We better get home." said Lenora. She tried to get on his back, but she felt too sick to fly.

She moaned, and Toothless nuzzled her face to comfort her. A squawk came from above, and Lenora looked up and saw a Deadly Nadder. It landed near them to reveal that it was Aster and Brightscales.

"Aster." she said. "Lenora there you are, your parents got worried when you didn't come home." said Aster, hurrying up to her. "Worried? How long have I been gone?" asked Lenora. "Three hours, are you okay?" asked Aster.

"Actually Aster, I'm not feeling very well. And I don't think I can fly Toothless home." said Lenora. "Don't worry, I got you covered." said Aster. He mounted on Toothless, put Lenora behind him, and the two and their dragons flew back to Berk.

When they got back to Berk, everyone was relieved to see Toothless, that meant Lenora was back. Aster landed Toothless near Gothi's hut, and helped her up there. While Gothi checked her over, Aster went to go get Gobber, Stoick, and Valka.

Toothless stayed by her side, as she was checked. After Gothi came to her conclusion, she wrote in the dirt with her staff. Just as she finished her godfather, parents, and fiance came up. "Lenora, thank goodness you're back." said Valka.

"Is she all right, Gothi?" asked Stoick. Gobber read what Gothi wrote, and said, "She's says it's nothing serious. Just a case of eel pox." said Gobber. "I thought I was coming down with something. (Coughs)." said Lenora.

"Well let's get you home and into bed." said Stoick. Toothless helped Lenora stand up, and supported as they all walked home. Lenora felt good being back with her friends and family. Once they all got home, Lenora went up to her room, changed it her pajamas, her mom braided her hair, and she lied down in bed.

Toothless warmed up his spot in Lenora's room in order to warm up the warm. "Thanks, bud." she said. There was a knock at the door. "(Sneezes), come in." The door opened to reveal her friends and fiance.

"Guys." she said. "Hey Lenora, we heard you were sick, so we brought some things to help you feel better." said Fishlegs. "These pillows I fluffed myself, it takes a lot you know." said Snotlout. Lenora smiled playfully.

"Thanks, Snotlout." said Lenora, as she allowed him to put the pillows behind her. "In case you get bored, I brought you some books. Got story books, the Book of Dragons, and even some maps." said Fishlegs, putting them at her bedside.

"Thank you Fishlegs." said Lenora. "And in case you get cold, we brought you our old childhood blanket." said Ruffnut, as she and her brother held up an old smelly blanket. "We haven't washed it in years." said Tuffnut.

"Uh, thanks, guys but please just set it over there." said Lenora, pointing to her desk. "I brought you the Dragon Eye, so you can amuse yourself." said Eret, setting it by the bed. "Thanks, everyone." said Lenora.

Snotlout, Eret, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut left, while Aster stayed behind. "You know, I'd like to kiss you, but I don't want to get you sick." said Lenora. "I'll settle for a hug." said Aster.

The two shared a tight warm hug, and Aster told her he'd visit her later. For the rest of the day, Lenora read books, dozed off, and looked at the Dragon eye with Toothless' fire. When night fell, Stoick and Valka came up with her and Toothless' dinner.

"Here you are, dear. Some nice fish stew." said Valka, setting a bowl of soup in front of her. "And here's some nice cod and salmon for you, Toothless." said Stoick, putting his dish in front of him. "Thanks, Mom, thanks Dad." said Lenora.

"Your welcome, we're glad you're okay." said Stoick. "We thought something might've happened to you." said Valka. "Well actually something did happen. I had this crazy dream where I went to this strange world where everyone was crazy. The food made your grow, the drinks made you shrink, and everything was backwards." said Lenora.

"That certainly sounds like quite a dream." said Valka. "Well you know what they saw about eel pox, it can make it hard to think straight." said Stoick. "I think it makes it hard to dream straight too." said Lenora.

But Lenora was glad she was out of Wonderland, and back on Berk with her loved ones.

The End