Alright... first chapter here we go. Tell me if I screw up. I usually put these out fast, though I'm not the best writer. Don't hate, It's how I roll.

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Food, I think to myself. I need food, food to live. Wandering around in this green is bound to find me food. I've been Traveling with the others. There is Great Tusk, our leader. There are others, but only the best of us get a title. With them there are perks, but they usually find the food before I. I have trouble finding the food. They all have better searchers than I do. If I can't even get to the food, then the others will first. I will perish. Doubting myself again. If the others can do it it, so I can too. My searcher starts to wiggle. Food? Yes! Unmistakeable! Haven't eaten for a few ticks of the Great Shiner. So hungry. I shuffle my searcher into the brown below. A strong smell. Smells very tasty. Tasty is good. Rooting, Rooting. As the smell grows, so does my exitedness. My searcher bumps something. Rotting wood. The smell comes from inside. With my tusks I rip away the tree skin. Orange. Strong smell. I know this. A green-decomposer. They wait for the green to perish, then appear on them. Some have even infected crawlies. They are crunchy. I'm thinking too much. As soon as I snap out of my pondering, I immediately start devouring the decomposers. Sweet. Sour. Savory. The flavors melt around me...

Dark. Blinded. Run. Panic. Too much. I notice the tree, but...


Waking. Alive. Tired. Too many emotions to think about. Processing.


They are gone... they have been gone. Strayed. Blinded by hunger. Panic. Fear. Grief. Yet I can show no emotion. Wait a second... scent? I know that scent. It is the smell of the Great Tusk! Following. It now occurs to me that the Great Shiner has almost fallen. Not much time. I follow, follow, follow more. He is here, somewhere. As I follow the scent, it leads down a pathway. A natural path, seems wore away by the blue over time. The smell is stronger as I turn my searcher in that direction. I follow, he is here. Ticks pass as I follow, and soon the smell is the strongest. Dusk hits. It doesn't matter, I found our leader!

Or what was left of him, for that fact

I cannot comprehend. Nothing could defeat Great Tusk. The smell. It is not all of him. It was his signature. A single, chipped, bloody tusk. Then I see it. A singular, gray, breathing mound. Next to the tusk. Wait a second. Darkfall has come. It starts to move. Frozen. Fear. A mass of flesh, feather and scales rises up, eyes closed. I've never been so afraid in my life. Yet I cannot show emotion. The next sight was bone chilling. As IT opened its eyes, two blazing, bright orange orbs were piercing through me. Then it comes back to me. Nightmare. The Nightmare rears back letting out a screeching roar. I feel my legs pounding under me without thought, away from the incoming threat. Threat is bad. Bad means hurt. Hurt means weak. Weak means death. Life or death. Faster, Faster. The thought echoes about my head. Keep going. I see the sand. Sand means friends. Friends mean safety. I hear the horrifying, maniacal laughter of the Nightmare. I decide to stop, yet I don't know why. Tired. That must be.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The Nightmare approaches. Jaws. Flesh ripped. Hoisted in the air by its mighty maw. Wailing in pain. Death. It comes. Final moments. I feel as though I can hear it cackle...

"Don't worry. This will only sting for a second."