So basically the idea is to use the Phases of the Epitaphs as a sacred gear/gears or have them be with some people from the canon if you want though if you do this Fidchell will be with Azazel

the phases are

Sketih likes violence, anger, quarreling and determination, to the point of being between sanity and madness.

Innis is more linked to sad emotions and to hide feelings from users, creating a different image to reality.

Magus likes interaction with various users / situations, such as friendship, love, family relationships, at the same time. However, indesicion is also the other counterpart of this aspect.

Fidchell is interested in the knowledge and wisdom of the users. With these factors, it is possible to see a clearer future, but it is usually dark due to human nature.

Gorre is interested in the personalities of the users, especially those who are very precise emotional control to the point of being on the brink of bipolarity. It is also linked to manipulation to get what you want.

Macha tends to be linked to attraction, love and devotion. Regardless of the situation, these aspects are what create a powerful link between the avatar and user.

Tarvos likes sincerity, clarity but also the desire to defend and fight for what the user wants.

Cobernik is interested in restoring the elements to their primary stage, that includes healing the users, restoring destroyed places and purifying everything

Skeith:"The Terror of Death"

Innis:"The Mirage of Deceit"

Magus:"The Propagation"

Fidchell:"The Prophet"

Gorre: "The Machinator"

Macha:"The Temptress"

Tarvos:"The Avenger"

Corbenik:"The Rebirth"