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"Banana"-Normal speaking.

"Banana"-Telepathy communication between Cipher and Lahela



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How hard can it be? God, did I really think that? That's just asking for trouble.

As it turns out it can be very difficult, and even as I contemplate what to do I find myself thinking of even more complications.

First off is the simple problem of whether or not my presence has already been detected. If this was near the beginning of canon then Dragon would have a whole bunch of satellites, sensors and other tinker gear that would have detected my arrival in this reality as soon as I started doing anything major.

So far I'd frozen a chunk of the ocean into a decently sized iceberg, had melted it again and had now levitated into low Earth orbit, I might not be blasting towns and cities out of existence, but I'm pretty sure that anyone with Dragon's degree of competence would probably have picked up on me.

Alright, that meant I needed stealth, I needed to be sneaky.

The thought's enough to make me laugh, or it would be if I had lung, a throat and a mouth. As it stands all I can do is sort of . . . bobble slightly with my main core and lifting my head up and down a little my jaws can move too so thats a plus.

I mean, I'm currently a 1000 feet tall, have no arms, no legs,looks like a mummy and have a bird head, no not just a any bird head a skeletal one, that's the sort of thing that tends to draw attention. Even if I wasn't immediately identified as an Endbringer, I would still be regarded as either a projection or a Case-53 of ULTRA-MASSIVE size.

'Although now that I think about it only Lahela would even get identified as 1 of the 2 latter ones, while I would just be very likely the first and very unlikely the second' I though to myself as I slowly regret the decision of making my EB way too oversized. Either way I'd end up drawing more attention than I wanted, and before I'd had a chance to plan to boot.

But . . . stealth was a possibility to us. After all, light was the main medium used to see by, and light was just another energy that I could play with. The same was true of pretty much everything else that could give us away, sound was just energy in the air, sensors and satellites could only spot us through the use of various forms of radar, radio waves and other things like could get me and Lahela absolute stealth !

Well lets worry about that later, I have news to be told and a gem to calm down.

"Lahela I have great news." I spoke to the gem that is floating still on the ocean as I descended to her.

"Ah there you are ! Whats the news ?Did you find out where we are ?"

"Yeah I have, we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to our right is the west coast of North America and to our left is Japan and Asia."

"Cool, soooo now what ? What are we gonna do with that ? I mean we cant exactly just stroll into a city and ask what time is it right ? Its not like you are a giant or something, or most people probably cant hear us. I mean atleast with me they dont shit themselves while you are way too big and will most likely make people shout "god-mummy !""

"First thing first, you dont need to point out the obvious, second I dont think that you will need to be worried about me being oversized, Psychokinetic can control all energy and matter remember ? I can use it to cloak both of us."

"Oh right...So which way shall we be heading oh so genius leader?"

"Well, can you stop speaking like that ?*Sigh* we will be heading toward North America of course, I mean unless you can speak japanese or any asian language I wont stop you"

"Sorry, but its just you know, I am sad that we stuck like this, things that arent even close to human,and we could probably be stuck like this forever !While having world destroying powers are cool and all I still want to feel like I am not just a simple floating head,so I only wanted to lighten the mood you know..."

At this silence dawn upon the two of it was at that moment that I happened to stumble upon a great idea.

"...Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" I said while moving myself left a right.

"What are you doing ? And what was that you just said ?"

"... you will get to know of it when you have a bigger brain Lahela,however as your more intelligent counter-part I shall impa-"


"Well where will we be going now huh Cipher ?" Asked Lahela with an amused tone.

"America which is South of us" I answered while feeling the giant bump on my head slowly heals.(AN:If you didnt know about how he got that bump just look up any anime, as there is bound for a scene like that[unless its absolutely dark and sad anime of course like Evangelion where the 2 EB in here are inspired by{Although there might be a scene who knows.}] and you will know of it.)

"Very well lead the way."

"Fine, stay still so that I can make us somewhat invisible with psychokinetic".

"Got it."

Alright, I think I can do this. It isn't a large scale use of the Psychokinetic power, more like a control based one. All around us, I can see the energy moving, light, heat, radiation, things that I can't readily identify but which I instinctively can understand. I can see them passing around me and Lahela, seeping into us, bouncing off us, scattering against us, all the myriad of ways that energy interacts with matter every second of every day.

Reaching out with my will I . . . curved it, guide it. Rather than interacting with us the various streams and waves of energy divert around us and then proceed on as though nothing had happened. It was an idea inspired by all the sci-fi shows I'd ever seen where invisibility was explained away as the 'bending' of light around an object. Right now I was doing just that, only I wasn't just doing it to light, I was doing it to everything.

It was incredible; I could keep track of it all, even though this was the sort of problem that would choke a supercomputer to death. All that energy was being flawlessly redirected and controlled to avoid interruptions or collisions.

However this wasnt just it, no what would be the point if of stealth if you cant see your own ally,as I realized that I let the energies interacts with us once more but to ONLY interacts with US and not one else, as soon as they bounced off of us and allowed one of us to see another they are immediately destroyed.

Although this might require some concentration its nothing that I couldnt handle, I think.

Well that aside, now we had at least some sort of stealth ability. I wasn't too sure how well it would hold up against Thinkers specialized Tinkertech sensors, but for the time being it was the best that I could manage and so would have to do.

Okay, now we at least had a chance of being able to do this without setting off a panic, now the question was where to actually do it?

Dropping into some random town did have the advantage that we was unlikely to run into any major opposition should our cloaking be breeched. On the other hand if we went somewhere of greater significance, like Washington or New York, then we might be able to gather more information. we could probably also get a look at some parahumans, if Lahela Shaper senses had the range and accuracy I thought they had. Then maybe-

No! That was greed talking there. I had to play this smart, at least for the time being. We'll aim for somewhere small, all I need is a date for the time being, I can worry about other I finished that though I turned my attention back to Lahela and said.

"Alright! That should be it ,now let us get moving."

"Crystal Clear boss!"

"I will not question whether that was a pun or not !"

I retorted back while we both slowly lift up.

"Also we should do the smart thing of angling ourself as to no make too much wind resistance and making the water splash too much ofcourse" I spoked to Lahela as we began angling ourself for the travel.

And at that, in a burst of speed both of us began flying toward the south.

As we were flying I couldnt help but notice how I easily I was maintaining our cloaking even at this crazy fast speed, it should have been very difficult but yet its as easy as staying still like before.'I freaking Love you being absolute powerful and OP' I thought to myself as we slowly see North America's west coast.

"Lets us slow down, otherwise we might hits some cloud or disturbs the wind enough to make them notice us."

"Copy that".

We lower ourselves at a careful rate and do our best to avoid clouds. After all there's hardly any point in what we're doing if we leave a vapour trail behind us or punch a hole in some clouds.

Alright, I don't know too much about American geography, but I'm pretty sure that New York is right about . . . there. Not a good place to go to, and Washington is somewhere south of it I think. In that case I'll go somewhere further north. Not a major city, as small town would be ideal.

"Just keep following me, okay?"

"Yeah Yeah, also I dont think I can miss your giant ass anyway"


After shaking my head left and right a little bit, we began looking for a town where its small enough for us.

Sometimes Later

Cipher's POV

"...Nope, too big.

Again, too big.

Still, too big.

Blast it; do Americans only know how to build bloody cities? Haven't any of them ever heard of the concept of towns? Alright, maybe I'm being a bit unreasonable, but it's still irritating that we can only find cities from up here, seriously why does they build so much !?We have been flying for like an hour and we still havent found a single town." Lahela whinned as me and her continue to search for a suitable city.

"For your information its only been 10 minutes,and yes I counted, however I do agree with you on the they build so much cities part." I replied also sounding a little bit annoyed like her.

"Haizz...Does it have to be a town ? I means a small city is good enough right ? I can just search it for you ! Theres no need for you to actually go down there and search for the date!"

"Fine then, that one there will have to do. It's still a city, but it seems smaller than some of the others, you will go down and find out what date we are while I will stay close and continue to cloak you. However remember that you cant go fast so do it slowly."

"Yeah Yeah got it ribbon ball."

"Good now g-...wait what did you just called me ?"

"Nothing, Nothing."

*Some how in the middle of all of this a single not big but still bucket sized sweat dropped from Cipher's head*

Third Person POV

Beneath the 2 still cloaked giant, as the sweat dropped down,unnoticed by the 2, through the air, as it was falling toward the ground, it hit a little girl running around in her garden with her bed sheet tied to her neck as she pretended to be a hero.

And instead of being unnoticed like any normal sweat drop, the gigantic size of the sweat hit like it was as if someone has pour an entire bucket of water on her head.

"Are you okay dear ?! " Frantically asked her worried parents as they cleaned the (unknowingly to them) sweat off her face.

'...what was that ?' the father of the girl though to himself as he looks up in the sky to find the source of the water.(AN:Anyone knows who she is ?)

Cipher POV

'Why does I feel like that I just did something horrible ?' I though to myself as I feel like someone I know just got screwed by me real bad.

"Well here goes." Lahela spoke as she slowly descend toward the ground.

As she slowly move towards the I focus on keeping her invisible.

Lahela's POV

'Okay so lets find that date for the stupid oversized mummy idiot, why does we need date in the first place ? Can we just kill the Endbringers thingy and be done with this ?' I though to myself as I slowly floated down the street while moving in between the buildings.

'I'm about two hundred metres or so from ground level and hovering over some sort of shopping district. There's a mall over there, or at least it think it's a mall anyway. So somewhere near here there should be . . .Ah.

Some things are utterly universal, namely that wherever there is somewhere where commercialism thrives there will also be a corner shop selling snack, drinks and newspapers. And wherever there is such a place there will always be a nearby rubbish bin with a discarded newspaper in it.'

I continued looking around and not to my surprised found a random rubbish bin with a discarded newspaper in it.

As I slowly used my top point to hold it on my head I slowly flies back toward Cipher to give him the newspaper.

Cipher's POV

"Thanks you Lahela" I said to her as I used my psychokinetic to lift the newspaper up and began reading it.

When my eyes first landed on the title of the newspaper,to say that I am not shocked by what I see is an understatement of the year.

As I hold it up using Psychokinetic I can feel my cores rumble in at what I have read.


I was in Brockton Bay!

All the alarms in my mind go off at once as I try to think of just how this can go wrong. Frantically I try to find the date, flipping through the pages.

As my eyes landed on the next page I can see that the date is...

06.17.20 . . . 05?

Was I reading that right? What kind of month was 17? Oh, hang on a moment, in America when you wrote the date you put the month before the day. So that meant the date was the seventeenth of June . . . in 2005?!

Bloody hellfire, the main story didn't start until April 2011. I'd arrived more than five years ahead of Taylor becoming Skitter. Right now the future warlord queen of Brockton Bay was nine or ten years old and still pretending to be Alexandria by running around with a bed sheet tied round her neck as a cape.(AN: and uknowingly to him getting sweat dropped by giant monsters).

Right, don't panic, that was the important part. Okay, deep breaths . . . oh, right, I didn't breath anymore, was that a reason to panic? No, calm, that's what I need, calm and rational.

Calm . . .

. . . Am I calm?

"Sooo whats the date Cipher ?" Asked Lahela(AN: and unknown to Cipher in a totally uninterested tone)

"It is Seventeenth of June in 2005!"

"CCooollll, whats so special about it ?"

"Well if we are in the correct universe as the R.O.B who put us here have stated then this means that we have arrived more than 5 years ahead of the Worm canon timeline."

"What is worm ?"

"Its an web serial published by John C. McCrea, and that is the universe that we are currently in."

"So we are thrown in a fictional world by some R.O.B and now we knows that we are 5 years ahead of the 'Worm canon timeline' will that helps us ?"


"You've got nothing do you?"

"I have ! Just let me think for a bit, we need to plan this out !"


"Fine Fine just wait a bit okay?Be more patient it will be a thing to start with your new body."

"Huff" and with that the conversation was over.

Now where was I? Ah yes, alright, I'm back on track. I wonder if it's Invictus that's letting me keep a hold of myself so well, but then again Lahela is panicking alot. I mean, I can say without boasting that I'm a pretty together guy, one of those types that doesn't get flustered or stressed too easily. That said what I was going through right now would have been enough to give even the most easy going fellow in the world a nervous breakdown, so her reaction was ...expected. Atleast the fact that we weren't at the bottom of the sea curled up into a tight little ball of denial and panic was a good indicator that there was at least something going on in our upstairs wiring.

Actually that made a certain level of sense. Whatever R.O.B. had turned us into an inhuman creature and given us the kind of power needed to bring nations to their knees had also given us the ability to control and handle those powers. It made sense that they'd also give us something like the 'Gamer's Mind' to ensure that we could actually function after what had happened to us. After all, a fic is hardly too much fun to read if all the main character does is metaphorically hide in a corner and suck his thumb.

Okay, enough introspection. We knew the date, now . . . and like Lahela said, how will that help us? What can we do about it?

Well, while I hadn't memorized the entire thing I had spent some time going over the Worm timeline in preparation for a fic I might write. Now if I could just remember what I'd read I could . . .

Like a shoot rising from soil the memory of my computer screen with the timeline on it rose up in my mind. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than it had been when I was my old self.


Now, let's see. 2005 was a year I remembered as significant. It was the year that Riley was 'recruited' into the Slaughterhouse Nine by Jack as well as the year that Leviathan sunk Newfoundland. That had been . . . just over a month ago, so that meant Dragon would soon be making her debut as a hero, if she hadn't already.

Was there anything else that happened this year? Uuuhh, I think Legend marries his boyfriend. Sweet, but not something that's too relevant to the 'plot', at least not in a big way. There was something else though, something important . . .

AH HA! Now I remembered. After 2005 the activities of the Endbringers hadn't been as clearly documented as they had been before, but there had been one thing that had been clearly stated. During 2005 the Simurgh had killed the wife and daughters of Alan . . . whatshisname, Sphere, the fellow that ends up going completely nuts and remaking himself into Mannequin.

Alright, I now know when I am, that just leaves me with the question of what I'm going to do now that I know it.

Well, the first and most obvious option it to fight the other Endbringers, that is kind of what me and Lahela'll have to do anyway; the Sibling Rivalry and You needed Worthy Opponents complication guarantees it. The question is, do we want to?

The Endbringers are something we can fight. If the descriptions of the powers we've received are anything to go by then we are stronger than any of them, except for the nemesis Endbringers but even then we are still crazy powerful, however that still doesn't ensure my victory. The full limit of their power was never really touched upon except for right at the end when they helped against Scion, and even then it's a bit hard to get a proper handle on what they could do given that he could essentially no-sell even them, and the Nemesis Endbringers are said to be especially designed to fight us and give us a hard time !

Leviathan and Behemoth were dangerous, although I doubt that they can harm us, they might be able to if Lahela and I were careless but with me being huge and all its unlikely at best, also I'm pretty sure Lahela could take either of them on solo, if she had to. The Simurgh though, she was the game changer. Her ridiculously strong telekinesis and her ability to tap into Tinkers in order to build whatever she needed was bad enough, but when you combined it with her postcognition and prescience made her a nightmare to fight under the best of times. Being an Endbringer made us a blank spot to many oracles and Thinkers, but I was pretty sure that the Ziz wouldn't be so blinkered, given that she wasn't a Shard.

Damn it, why hadn't we taken Blank, that would be making our life so much easier right now!Damn that last point that wasnt spent !

Wait, I might be able to counter her using Emperor of Man. I'm pretty sure there are a number of psyker techniques that could occlude one from scryers and oracles, if I could use those . . .

Well lets think about that later when we have more practices with out powers and know their full capabilities better.

The one problem was that if we did fight them they'd be going at it full boar, and if they did then even if we won the fallout would be catastrophic at best. And of course there was the other side of it. If we managed to destroy one of them then if things went the canon way it would only give rise to three more threats of equal power. If we kept on killing them, and we worked on the assumption that every time we killed one three more would emerge, then by the time we'd killed six of them all the remaining fourteen of the original twenty would be active and thats not even counting the threat of the nemesis endbringers.

Bloody hell, even if me and Lahela did our best I think human civilization would be torn to shreds before we could put them all down. Not to mention how many millions or even billions would die into the bargain.

And thats very likely with how when Behemoth died they adapted to his death and still caused alot of chaos without the worries of being attacked by Zion.

So no, actually destroying the Endbringers would do more damage than good. Hell, if you looked at it from a certain perspective the Endbringers were almost as much a blessing as they were a curse. They might cause enormous damage and innumerable deaths, but their presence kept the balance of the parahumans from going too far out of control. As long as they were about and a threat to everyone all the villains, except for crazies like the Slaughterhouse Nine, would only push things so far. If you took them out of the equation then the hopelessly outnumbered heroes would find themselves up against loads of less ethical parahumans that no longer had so much of a reason to follow the unwritten rules.

Alright, that meant that simply charging the other Endbringers full tilt was not an acceptable least not as of currently, we can try to develop a way of capturing the endbringers, like stripping them down to nothing but their core and trap them in a time freezed tomb universe with kaleidoscope.'I think we might need a little more power practice before we are able to do that though' I thought to myself.

Damn it.

Alright, what could we currently do?

My first idea is to drop straight back into BrocktonBay, find Taylor and play guardian angel to her. Granted that would lead to some complications, but I'm pretty sure that with the powers of Emperor of Man I could force her through a Trigger event, then erase the trauma from her memories so it wouldn't effect her. Presto, one young Skitter without all the emotional baggage ready and able to take up a heroic role . . .

And then I'd have a couple hundred other butterfly effects, not to mention that if we was hanging out at the Bay then it would become a prime target for the other Endbringers if they follow through on the Sibling Rivalry complication with probably a couple other World Breaker class Endbringer following them as well if the Worthy Opponents is anything to goes by.

My next idea is to simply get in contact with Dragon and ask her to help. Even though she was an A.I. creation of a slightly unstable Tinker she was still probably the sanest and most well intentioned person in the Wormverse. Hell, if I took Saint out of the equation-

If I took Saint out of the equation then she'd never experience her Trigger event and would be far more limited in what she could do. I suppose I could wait until afterwards . . . and then I'd end up making Dragon a target for everyone that thought she could control an Endbringer. I could just see Cauldron sending Contessa to take control of her. And even if that didn't happen there were the other Endbringers to think about. If we allied ourself too closely with anyone the Simurgh might well end up paying them a personal visit. The notion of Dragon unleashed and mind fucked by the giant winged troll was frankly horrifying.

Alright then, for the time being at least gaining allies didn't seem to be on the cards. Maybe we could work on it later, but for the time being it wasn't something we could safely do.

That meant we was on our own. Although having Lahela with me makes me feels safer and less lonely. Cant imagine the fate of the fools who didnt choose a friends bringers path.(AN: One of the best solution to a monster powerhouse fic, having friends to share said powers)

Third Person POV

Unconsciously Cipher's massive body slowly move toward Lahela a little bit and then stopped.

Cipher's POV

Of course, I didn't have to be. Between Lahela's Shaper and the knowledge I could feel swimming around in my mind thanks to the Emperor of Man it wouldn't be at all difficult to create a totally loyal army superhuman Ultramarines. Hell, why stop with Ultramarines? With her Shaper and my Emperor of Man we can create all kinds of things, recreate the Zerg with a Tyrannid enhancement, entire bio-cities, even constructing false kaiju wasn't beyond my means at this point.

No, it's a beguiling idea, but we can't afford to take such drastic steps right off the bat. If we do then First Impressions perk or no they'll declare us the unholy spawns of Nilbog and the Simurgh and launch every nuke in the world at wherever we're working, most likely immediately followed by an attack by every cape who will volunteer, as well as a few that'll be press ganged into the whole mess.

I have to take this carefully; I need to get my priorities completely in order.

Okay, what is it that we need?

Well, the basics of food, water and shelter don't really apply to us anymore. Companionship of some sort would be nice in the future, but I think it'll be a while before me and Lahela have to start worrying about loneliness eating away at our sanity, we are here with each other after all. At this point the notion of us needing wealth was laughable in its absurdity.

No, the thing hat I needed most right now was practice.

The powers we had are enormous,twice as normal thanks to World Breaker, but the control we had over them was suspect at best. What we really needed was a chance to practice them on a scale appropriate to their potential, but at the same time it had to be done somewhere where a mistake of a loss of concentration wouldn't immediately result in a huge loss of life.

And there was the matter of first appearances. We were Endbringers, and I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to hide that fact. The nature of my powers was a pretty good give away, but the 'blank spot' I occupied in regards to Thinkers was the real damning ability. As far as I know the only other beings that share such qualities are Eidolon and Scion, and since we are obviously not human, even vaguely so, that mean we'd straight away be pegged as an Endbringer.

And since we didn't want to fight off hordes of misguided but well intentioned capes we was going to have to do something to counter our bad PR. we had to do something big and unmistakably benign on our first appearance to cement in the minds of the world that we weren't the same as the other Endbringers.

The problem was that to do that we needed practice, and to get the practice we had to ensure we weren't going to be attacked the instant we appeared. It was a problem without a solution, that's what it was.

No! I couldn't think like that, there had to be some way out of it. Every problem has to have a solution, that's a basic law of the universe. Granted sometimes the solutions only lead to more problems of their own, but even so those problems can be dealt with in turn.

We could destroy the Slaughterhouse Nine, that would certainly earn us some good PR. The problem would be finding them and then dealing with them once we did, I'm pretty sure we can take them all, but the Siberian is one of the few cape powers that's actually a threat,albeit a very minor one, to us, then again we can just find her master but thats might be harder to do than said,although there is a more simple solution of turning all 100km radius around her into complete molten but then again we are trying to make good impression, and I don't know if Bonesaw has started seeding plagues to go off if anything happens to her or Jack yet. Then there's the fact that Jack himself is damnably slippery and might well be able to manipulate the local parahumans of wherever he is, into attacking me while he makes a run for then again we can just simple think him out of existence.

All of that is stuff I'm pretty sure we can handle, but not until we have a better grasp on our own powers. As things stand we might use a power on the Siberian and accidentally trigger a small atomic explosion or even worst destroy the multiverse and possibly our old world with it. Granted, it's unlikely, but it is a possibility. Then there's the chance of Bonesaw getting hold of something Lahela creates with the Shaper and twisting it to her own ends, that could go so bad so fast that it wouldn't even start as a B class threat, it would begin at A class and only get worse from there.

The simple fact was that until we could get some practice to get the hang of our powers Iwe was best served by steering clear of any major conflict.

I know that in most Worm CYOA stories the main character establishes the reputation by curb stomping some big name, usually poor Lung, but as Endbringers we already had an established reputation, that was the problem.

What we needed was to completely subvert the Endbringers reputation for mass destruction. We needed to do something creative, but at the same time something that couldn't be misconstrued as anything other than benign. The question was 'what' though.

Maybe we could bring life to the great wastes of Africa and Asia? That wouldn't be too hard, all we'd need to do is alter some existing plant life to thrive in the conditions and then build up some life forms to form the basis of a new eco-system. Once life was established other creatures would come and fill the necessary niches of predators and grazers. The weather conditions might remain a problem, but I'm pretty sure Lahela could work around that with the Shaper to create plants that gathered and processed the natural moisture in the air or just use kaleidoscope and magic it into existence, but then again its still too risky using that power.

The only problem was that once we get started someone's bound to say something like; 'Ahhh, the new Endbringers is doing something! Quick, drop every nuke we've got on them before they can finish and kill us all! Never mind that what they are doing looks like a good thing, that's probably just a trick!'. Then it's boom boom out go the lights and we're back to square one only now we've got an undeserved reputation as some sort of master planner on par with the Simurgh.

We need something eye-catching, something that will make people hesitate to push the metaphorical button of doom. It also has to be something that will capture the imagination of the general populous enough that they'll be willing to give us a chance despite what it is that we are.

. . . Ah.


Yes, that would work. It had just the right note to it, revival, redemption and reputation all in one. It'll also be big enough to make the whole world sit up and pay attention as well as giving us ample opportunity to test out and practice with our new powers.

Letting the pages of the newspaper fall from my PsychokineticI called out to Lahela.

"I got what we are going to to!"

"Really ? What is it ? Does it involve being simple and not having to go with the canon plot line ?Ignore what I said it is right ?"

"Well,...yeah kinda, you must understand that we arent the most human and friendly looking things right?"

"Ah Yes the obvious answer is obvious."

"...well yeah...But anyway what I plan to do is get us some pratice on using our power,we dont want to unleash a super deathly plague/anti matter explosion or destroy whole multiverses, and as Sibling Rivalry and You Needed Worthy Opponents forced us to fight other beings like us, and they might have powers that can nullify the use of kaleidoscope,we needs practice to go up againts them, however due to our appearance the normal human wont let us go along with testing our power ofcourse, so what we are about to do is something that shall make people looks at us and not fear of being killed immediately, so that we can pratice our power in peace and not push the metaphorical button of doom."

"Hm... thats actually a good plan, GOOD WORK MY MUMMY MINION! Very well then how do you plan to accomplish said feat mister ?"

"Well just follow me okay? I will show you".

We once more ascend up into the sky. At this time we didn't have to worry about tinkertech enhanced satellites, not yet anyway given that Dragon was only just starting out. Warping the lines of energy about ourselves is more than enough to keep us concealed.

Up and up we go, until the whole world is spread out beneath us,'its like a huge Energy battery' I thought to myself as the energy sensing part of me lets me feel the light being reflected of the world below me, and I can tell it apart enough that the differences form shapes in my mind, it'll take some practice, but in the end I think I'll be able to regain at least an approximation of my lost senses.

I dismiss such thoughts as a familiar energies reading forms from the welter of information flowing into my mind. There, that's my target, I can see that its different from our world map with most of it being covered in water but its still noticable enough. It's still quite a ways off, but the earth is turning beneath us, and as I isolate ourselves from its gravity I can feel the world unrolling as it passes.

" cool" said Lahela as she snuck her self near me in what I could only think of as an limbless hug.

'Wait limbless hug ?' I quickly dismissed the idea, her hugging me is like a tiger bringing grass to a baby goat.

I dismissed the dumb thought as our target is growing closer to us with every passing second, and that only speeds up as we use my power to fly towards it, Lahela following behind me with a "Wait For me !". Of course, it's still quite a distance away, but that will soon change.

Time to start playing this game that we find ourselves trapped in, but if we do have to play it then I intend for us to win.

And thats the end of chapter 2 of "The 2 Angels In a World Of Heroes"!

Damn that was tiresome.

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