I began this story about 5 years ago and I must say that I almost forgot completely about it. Almost. It's impossible to forget something you created and put on display for the world to view and comment on. I was 15 when I started this story and it is a little embarrassing to read it, but I am in no way ashamed. When I reflect on it, it becomes painfully clear that I was a horny little kid. But, hey I was a kid. I sincerely thank everyone who commented and reviewed this piece. I remember it made me feel like I was the shit for receiving such positive reviews. I've matured a lot more and I think I might just continue this piece or right another one. I've always loved reading fanfiction, and even though I've taken quite a long hiatus, I will continue to write it. I am an aspiring author and I am an avid supporter of reading and writing everywhere. I love to read a new story and live in someone else's world if only for a few short hours. Discovering a new writer or a wonderful story is like a drug for me. I'm sure it's the same way for many of you out there. I really appreciate people who write these stories not only for their entertainment but for their obvious love of the craft.

I guess I'm writing this little note for two purposes: 1) I'm letting you know I'll continue with my work and 2) I wanted to get a few things off my chest. I remember one review in particular that said my story seemed a bit rushed and I must wholeheartedly agree with them. Reading it again and knowing it's my work makes me feel funny because I know I can do better. It takes time and commitment but it's well worth it. I'll be updating soon so stay tuned. I'll try to finish this story and see where it goes; I may end up writing a new one in fact. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!