Dagur's POV

I honestly would have thought that the daughter of Stoick the Vast, Conqueror of Pirate's daughter would have been more durable. Even though I shot her, the wound on her side was barely grazed by the bullet. It bled quite a bit but dried up fairly soon. The bullet that went in her shoulder probably hit a bone. It didn't even come out of the other side. It would hurt like a bitch for a while, but she'll be fine. It bled a lot however and Hiccup, for some reason, was still knocked out.

I huff as I row her unconscious ass to my home island. I never would go back if I had a choice. My sister Heather is the Duchess of Berserk and hates me with everything in her soul. Maybe if I hadn't killed her father I wouldn't be as hated, but that's a story for another time.

Meathead wasn't an option. Everyone on that island was huge and we would stick out like a sore thumb, despite me being fairly muscled. I'm also definitely not allowed there since I slept with the duke's daughter, then his niece, then his other daughter, and his wife…twice. Luckily, I never got any of them pregnant, but there was a close call with the second daughter.

I could have gone to the Bog-Burglar Islands, but Hiccup wouldn't be able to survive on her own and I need her to take over Berk. Also, I was a man. There were barely any men at Bog, other than the few husbands women had and the servants. I am pretty friendly with the lady of the land, Camicazi. And by friendly, I mean, whenever I'm near her chain of islands I stop by and we have sex. She needs a kid and she's probably never get married, since not many on her islands get have men spouses, so each time I visit she tries to trick me into giving her a child, but I'm careful. I don't actually want a child that I know is mine being raised by someone else.

My arms burn and shake as I row with all my might. The sun is just starting to rise, and I've only taken an hour to rest, check on Hiccup, and take care of my business. Her wolf stayed near her the whole time and only bothered me when he wanted to annoy me.

Why I actually care for her? I have no idea. She's stubborn and annoying and about six years younger than me, but she makes me feel… complete. No emptiness. Plus, I add, thinking to myself, I need ransom money for a new ship and a shit-load of pardons on like 90% of the Archipelago's islands.

I scrunched up my eyebrows and clenched my fists around the oars at my thoughts. I rowed harder and faster until I bumped into the back of the island where my secret hideout was, and hopefully still is.

I built it with Heather and my father when I was young, maybe seven or so. It was our special place and also, when I ran away from home, the only place I could go without getting into a boat and leaving the island. I eventually did when I turned 16 and killed Heather's father.

Hiccup groans from her place in my boat and shifts slightly. I look at her for a moment before hopping out of the boat and motion for the animal to get out. Toothless(?) gives me a look as if saying, "If I'm going anywhere, my human better be with me." I roll my eyes and heave the boat further onto shore.

Ignoring the pained grunts from the unconscious girl I throw her over my shoulder and grab the knapsack. Her animal jumps out of the boat and trots beside me as I trudge through the sand to the forest. Once in the forest I count my steps and end up at a bunch of vines. Moving the vines aside, I grab ahold of the staircase and pull it out setting the bottom a few feet away. I motion for the wolf to go, joking, and astonishingly he snorts at me and attempts to walk up the stairs. I end up having to shove his ass up the stairs into the treehouse fort.

I head towards the cot pushed to the side of the large room, not really noticing the small changes and how clean it was after it being supposedly abandoned for seven years. Gently, I place Hiccup down and start to remove her shirt to check her wounds.

She groans, and I stop, momentarily worried. She wheezes, and her eyes start to crack open. Her eyes are glassy and sweat clings to her forehead.

I let a grin slip as she looks up at me with a confused expression, then an annoyed/angry one.

"You shot me!" Is the first thing that comes out of her mouth. I'm about to answer when three things happen at once.

Her pet comes bounding over almost knocking me over, Hiccup, the little she-devil, slaps me, and the cold metal of a gun is held against the back of my head.

"Who the fuck are you and how did you find this place?" The cold, hard voice sends shivers down my spine as Hiccup looks above my head her hand snaking out to grab the front of my armor.

"Dagur." Hiccup hisses at me, her face pale but flushed at the same time. As soon as Hiccup utters my name the gun disappears from being pressed against my skull and a soft gasp slips out of the strangers mouth.

Confused, I turn around and freeze.

Her hair is thicker than I remember and in an elaborate braid that goes down to her waist. She's wearing dark leather armor. Her black shirt is long-sleeved and is underneath the armor. She has metal knee high boots and a light grey skirt that's shorter in the front than in the back. Her legs are also covered in black leggings.

Her eyes are just as green as I remember and no less angry and filled than tears than I remember the last time I saw them. Her face is less freckled and round than I last saw, but it's still the same girl I left all those years ago.

"H-Heather." I choke out a laugh. Hatred shines in her eyes, but immediately it dissipates as she looks behind me at Hiccup. I glanced behind Heather at the desk and noticed Toothless watching us with wary eyes.

"Thor almighty, are you alright?" She starts to move forward, but I instinctively step in Heather's path. I shake my head at her and my facial features immediately curl into a glare.

I turn back towards Hiccup and kneel down. Ignoring Heather's gaze burning into the back of my skull, I slide Hiccup out of her shirt, ignoring her protests.

"You can't just do that! Give me some bindings at least!" Hiccup shouts at me, tying to get up and cover her breasts, but wincing at the pain.

I roll my eyes at place her shirt over her chest covering up the mosquito bites on her chest, that some might call breasts.

I gently, undo her wound dressings and pull out my flask of alcohol from the bag and douse her side in, causing her to screech and grab my hand to get me to stop.

Annoyed, I hold my hand in hers as she squeezes it in pain.

I continue my work of checking for infection and cleaning out her wound. I move onto the shoulder and I move to straddle her. Her flushed face, flushes even more and I squint at her for a moment before pressing the back of my hand to her forehead only to find her burning up.

Beyond pissed, I move up and put her good arm underneath my legs. She immediately turns frantic as I reach into my armor and produced a knife. I then proceeded to take off my armor leaving in only my shirt and pants.

"D-Dagur. What are- please don't-Dagur please." She begs and grin manically at her. Toothless growled softly from where he was peering at us and my grin slightly dropped.

Cleaning it off, I hold down Hiccup's right arm as I hear Heather gasp behind me. I turn towards the sound and my grin turns into a full-blown smile. Her expression turns surprised as she takes a step away from me.

I reach into my bag once again and pull out a shirt. I momentarily let go Hiccup's arm to rip off one of the sleeves. I roll it up and hold it to Hiccup's mouth for her to bite on. Her breathing gets faster as she hesitantly opens her put. I shove it in and she immediately bites down hard on it.

Her expression gets panicky and I sigh placing the knife down and hold Hiccup's head in my hands. I gently took the cloth out of her mouth and then continued cradling her head.

"Red. Red, you need to calm down. If you keep struggling and breathing like that my knife will slip and I will kill you. I need you, okay?" My grin slipped off of my face and I leaned forward enough to place my forehead on hers looking into her eyes. Her forehead was sweaty and a lot warmer than it should have been, but I kept it there anyway. She smelled like the ocean and had a faintly smoky metallic smell to her. She took a breath and nodded at my words.

"Breathe with me, okay?" I told her trying not to look at Heather as she moved to get a better view of Hiccup, getting into my line of sight. I took deep breath and Hiccup shakily copied me.

"In and out." I instructed, and she followed. I smiled softly at her and moved back as she continued to breathe. I replaced the cloth and gave her hand a squeeze before holding down her arm and grabbing the knife.

"I-I can do that." Heather's voice was slightly shaky, and she looked a bit wary. I nodded, and she held down Hiccup's arm as I looked at Hiccup who gave me a meager nod as she continued to breathe deeply.

I braced myself on top of her and grabbed the knife. Hiccup suddenly took a deep breath and clenched her jaw. I bit my lip in concentration and splashed alcohol on the wound before continuing. I ignored the puss and the silently screaming and the bucking girl beneath me as I preceded to dig the knife in and find the bullet. Once I found it I quickly took it out and took out clean gauze and cleaned the wound again before wrapping the wound in gauze. I put her shirt back on her and brushed her bangs out of her face. Immediately, Toothless was there sniffing around Hiccup and licking her forehead and bandages.

Hiccup had tears in her eyes and Heather promptly released her hold on her arm and took a few steps back.

I wiped the blood from my hands and the sweat and tears from Hiccup's face before getting up and sighing. Toothless settled himself down by Hiccup's feet, gaze wandering from me, to Heather, then to Hiccup.

I stumbled back and ran a hand through my hair as I wordlessly left the tree fort and into the forest. I wandered around aimlessly before eventually finding myself in front of a large pond with a waterfall a little way away. I smiled to myself before cupping my hands and taking a drink.

It was freshwater. Very clear. Relatively clean.

I took my shirt off, just realizing it had a bit of blood on it. My pants and underwear flowed it as I stepped into the lukewarm water.

I swam a bit before going to the waterfall and washing my body. I continued to swim, then float until the sun was high up into the sky and my stomach started to growl and I grew drowsy.

Once to shore, I washed my shirt and armor. I put my clothes back on minus the shirt and started walking to the treehouse where I saw the very top of it where a worn and faded dark green flag fluttered just barely above the tree line.

I went back and saw Heather just starting to come down. She looked furious.

I decided that sleep was worth being screamed at and my presence known by walking to the tree fort.

Heather's eyes met mine immediately and she stomped up to me.

Raising an eyebrow, I went to ask why she was mad, when she immediately slapped me. My eyes widened, and my jaw dropped. Just as I was about to ask her why, she slammed a fist into my face and started screaming at me.

"Thor almighty Dagur! Are you kidding me right now? You actually shot your girlfriend! I can't believe you! What happened to you?" Heather screeched at me.

"Hey! Shut up for a moment!" I yelled after my initial shock wore off. "Hic-Red isn't my girlfriend. Where in Odin's name did you get that from? And I shot her because I was saving her scrawny ass. Now if you can move, I'm fucking tired and I want sleep."

Before Heather could get another word out, I shoved her aside and went up to the tree fort. I sighed and looked over at Hiccup who was leaning against the wall and whose eyes were halfway open. She was nodding off.

"Hmm, Dagur?" She asked, slightly raising her head.

"What?" I snapped at her. She wrinkled her nose and coughed hard into the crook of her arm before talking.

"Why are so, hm, nice to me? You…you kind-kind of kidnapped-," Hiccup never got to finish her sentence when she suddenly fell over, on to her good arm. Toothless was asleep in the corner near his owner, ears slightly twitching at the sound.

My eyes widened, and I strode over and righted her before realizing she passed out.

I sighed and glanced around the room before spotting a chest on the far side of the room. I placed Hiccup down on her side and walked over to dig through the chest.

It was full of quilts. I smiled in relief as I realized how cold I was. I looked over to the desk and noticed a sack closed tightly. Ever the nosy person, I opened it and saw cheese, a pork sandwich, buttered bread, and water in the sack.

"Heather's lunch or breakfast, most likely," I thought aloud.

Bringing a quilt and the sack over, I started to eat the sandwich when Toothless bounded over and snatched it right out of my hands. Livid I pushed the dog away and glared at it, only receiving a doggy-like smirk and a grunt.

I looked over to Hiccup who was probably hungrier than I and sat her up. I moved around so that I could face her. Gently shaking her shoulders, I took a piece of bread out, ripped it into a smaller piece, and held in in my hand in front of her face. She wouldn't be worth much if she starved to death.

"Mm mm." Hiccup groaned. I shook her a bit harder and her eyes partially opened. "Leaf me 'lone." She slurred.

"Get up, you need to eat."

Hiccup's eyes fully opened, and her glassy eyes looked at me then the food in front of her lips.

She started opening her mouth and I was about to push it in, when she suddenly shot forward and snatched the bread out of my hands causing me to shout in surprise. She swallowed and opened her eyes.

She clumsily grabbed the bag and dug out the cheese and took the bread from my hands.

"Hey!" I protested.

"Hey, yourself. I'm hungry."

I glared at her and snatched the cheese back and ripped of a hunk as well as some of the bread and quickly ate giving Hiccup the leftovers.

Once we both finished we passed the water flask between the both of us until we finished it off.

Hiccup yawned and started leaning forward towards me. I froze up as she rested her head against my chest and sighed, starting to relax. I took a deep breath causing her to grumble. I quickly put her down on the cot before lying down next to her and pulling the quilt over us.

Despite the sun shining brightly into the relatively small room, I closed my eyes and started to drift off, thinking of one thing before sleep consumed me.

Why was I being so nice to her?

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