Klaus' POV Ch. 29:

In the years that followed too many things happened. My family remained separated. Elijah still did not have his memory back. The hollow was gone and his mind remained blank. Fraya kept an eye out for him, but he remained alone and without his family. Rebekah and Marcel decided to settle in a small village in France. They plan to marry, I assume. I don't know where Kol and Davina are, as promised to me so many years ago. I hear from them few times, magically. I know they are keeping her safe from our many enemies, who have tried to attack us while separated and lost many in the process. Hope has grown into a beautiful young lady. Her magic grows with her and she remains at school in Mystic Falls. Most of my days are spent with her. I decided not to tell her about what I will need from her soon. Hailey and I discuss it at length often. She knows what I'm asking and if I thought it would harm our daughter I would not ask her, but she is still so new to this life. We will leave the decision to her and I will respect it whatever it may be. I worry about her magic, but Hailey assures me that she is in control of her powers. Our enemies have nearly been decimated except for the Volturi. Something I'd never expected has occurred. Annette tried to find Adrienne, but found me instead and I ended her life without haste. What I did not count on was her mate coming for me. Felix abandoned the Volturi and came to act out his own revenge. These vampires mated for life and without her, he lost the will to live, but not without vengeance. When he came for me I was unprepared and nearly lost my fight, as he had a white oak stake in hand. When I ended his life and burned his remains others came for me, but I fought them still. It had been a grueling nine years. I tried not to think of her often as it brought on a new sense of pain, but my dreams were my own paradise. In my mind we were together and the darkness from our past was gone. We lived and were happy.

"It will happen." Edward told me. Today I was here visiting them in Alaska. In the time that past Edward and Bella married and had a daughter. Nessie was a special child born half human, half vampire. She was gifted like her father and grew into a young woman in only seven years. "It's almost time. When Hope is eighteen, she will have the power needed." He told me.

"If she'll do it. I don't want to make her feel like she has to." I told him.

"But she loves you and she will do it for you." He told me. "Now come on let's celebrate." He said grimly. Edwards's daughter was engaged to a wolf. I didn't know how he actually felt about that, but we were here to celebrate their engagement. He rolled his eyes and I smiled. Inside everyone was gathered. Jacob and Nessie were cuddled in the corner taking a million pictures.

"Congratulations." I told Jacob who shook my hand without hesitation.

"Thanks man." He turned to Edward and smiled widely. "Can I start calling you dad?" He asked and everyone laughed. Edward rolled his eyes again and smiled back. Bella, who was now immortal, came by his side and took his hand.

"Real funny Jake." She said. Nessie came to them and hugged them both. "As long as you're happy." She said to her. The party continued and by the end Jacob had fallen asleep. Nessie, Alice, and Esme spoke about wedding plans. It was supposed to be a simply grand affair, but the engagement would be long.

"How many people will you bring?" Nessie asked me.

"Am I invited?" I asked her. Alice and Esme smiled.

"Of course!" She told me. "Maybe by the time we have everything ready for the wedding my Aunt Adrienne will be here and I could finally meet her." She told me with innocence in her eyes. I smiled at her.

"I hope that's true." I told her.

"And Hope of course!" She told me excited.

"I'm sure she'd love to be there." I explained. Nessie bounced around again was chatting with everyone. Edward excused himself with Bella early and I was left alone to sleep. Tomorrow I was headed back to Mystic Falls to speak with Hope and my mind was erratic with thoughts. I slept that night and my delusion continued. She appeared to me in the compound of New Orleans. We sat on the roof and looked up at the stars. I held her close and let my imagination run wild with details of her being. The smell of her hair was potent and her soft touch was enchanting.

"What's on your mind tonight my love?" She asked me in whispers.

"I wonder if I have finally lost my mind." I told her and she laughed.

"Well bringing conjuring me in your mind is not crazy. If you saw me in your every waking state, then perhaps." She laughed. "If it brings you comfort in our time apart, what's the harm?" She finally told me seriously.

"I have to ask Hope soon." I told her. She grew still. "I have to ask my daughter to bring you back to me."

"And what do you think she will say?" She asked me.

"I think that my daughter loves me and I hope she says yes, but she's become her own woman, and may not want to risk it." I told her.

"If she doesn't than you can either find another way or let me go." She told me. She turned towards me and looked calmly into my eyes. "I don't want you to be unhappy, but if there is no way to raise me, without bringing out the hollow, than I would rather remain daggered." She told me.

"But you're not real." I explained. "You are a figment of my imagination love." I stroked her face. "I can't know that it is how you actually feel." I told her. "I made you a promise." I told her again.

"I may not be real, but you know me, the real me, enough to know what I would want. Sacrifice is a normal part of my world." She explained.

"And you have no idea how much that pains me. Have you not lost enough from your life?" I asked her.

"I remain." She said.

"You've lost your family, both birth and adopted. You've lost your coven, and practically everyone along the way. We finally have a chance to be together and live our lives, I made you a promise. I have to give you a chance at life, a happy life, full and complete." I told her. She looked at me teary eyed.

"Don't you know that just seeing you again has brought me eternal happiness? Everyday I've gotten is a gift my love." She told me. "If all we got to have were a few months, than I would thank the heavens and be grateful." She said.

"But don't you want to live. Don't you want to be here and know what it's like to live without the loneliness? I don't think you've ever gotten a chance to live the way you were meant to. I owe you that; I owe you true happiness in your life." I told her. She looked at me again, without moving. She turned and looked towards the sky and then back to me.

"It's time to wake up now. I will see you again soon love." She smiled at the sound of my phone ringing. My eyes fluttered open and I sat up in the oversized bed in the Cullens Alaskan home. I got ready for my day and when I came downstairs, only Edward and Bella remained there.

"Where is everyone?" I asked them.

"They went hunting early." Edward said.

"Well I'm heading out now. Thank you so much for inviting me." Bella smiled and came over to hug me.

"Thank you for being a part of her day." She told me and stepped back towards Edward. He came to me and shook my hand.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to call." He told me. "It will be fine." He said. I smiled and took my bags to my rental car. When I left I still felt uneasy. I thought about what I would say to her and hoped that she would understand my plea. I dreaded having to ask her for this, but she was the only one. I had verified Elly's vision with every psychic all around the world. Once I was in the air, I was nervous, counting down the seconds before I had to ask my daughter to do this extraordinary task. When I arrived no one waited to greet me. My car was in the parking lot as I frequented the airport. It took me one hour as I took my time to get into Hailey's new home. They no longer lived at the boarding house; instead they lived in a modest house on the outskirts of town. When I pulled up, Hope ran out. I took her in my arms and swung her around. She laughed. As I put her down I reached for my bag in the backseat and handed her a big box. She carried it to the stairs of the porch and opened it.

"Happy Birthday Princess." I told her. She opened the box and started to pull out new canvases and brushes I'd brought back from my travels. The Paints were unique as I'd made the colors myself.

"Wow Dad these are great. Thank you!" she hugged me again.

"There's one more." I told her, pulling out a long box. She stared at it and then at me. "This has been in my possession for almost 900 years. It belonged to some queen." I laughed. "It is said to protect you against anyone who may wish you harm." I told her snapping the box open. She stared at the locket and ran her fingers over the engravings. I pulled it out as her smile brightened.

"It's beautiful." She told me and I snapped it into place around her neck.

"That's why it belongs to you." I told her, grabbing the box and bringing it inside. "Are you excited to be an adult?" I asked her.

"I'm excited to be another year older." She told me. "I'm not sure if I'm ready to go at it on my own." She smiled. My little girl always knew what to say to make me feel useful.

"I don't know about on your own, but you've grown up into a beautiful young lady."

"Thanks Dad." She told me.

"What are the plans for tonight?" She started unpacking her new art supplies and setting them up beside her bedroom balcony.

"Mom wants to throw a party with the kids from school, but I'd rather have a low key affair with my friends." She told me.

"Whatever you'd like sweetheart." I told her. "How is school? This is your last year." I told her. She looked at her hands as she sat down next to me.

"I'm not sure how I feel about school right now." She said. I looked at her concerned. "Imagine I've been on training wheels my whole life and now they just want to rip them off and let me go at it alone." She said. "I'm scared I'm not ready." She told me, which only made me feel guiltier.

"I know that you are powerful sweetheart, but you are also Mikaelson strong and Lebonair Strong. That makes the difference. That is how you will always be in control, but you must believe it." I told her and she smiled up at me.

"I missed you Daddy." She told me. We spent the afternoon together until she left me to get ready for tonight. Hayley came to me and we sat up talking as we walked through the forest.

"So did you ask her?" She asked me. I shook my head. "Why not?"

"She's afraid that she is not in control." I told her. "I can't add to her worries and put pressure on her." I told her. She stared at me in awe.

"You've come a long way Mikaelson." She told me and smiled. "If you want my opinion, I think you should ask her. Maybe it's what she needs to bring up her confidence in herself." She told me.

"It's not selfish?" I asked her and she stopped short.

"Of course not!" She told me. "The old Klaus would have forced whoever to do what he wanted. The new and better Klaus is only asking his daughter for a favor, if she says no, then we try to find another way." She told me. "Whatever it takes." She took my hand and we continued walking. Our relationship has come a long way. We walked back to her home and began wrapping decorations around the porch. Tonight we used twinkle lights and hung custom banners. As we gathered for her, other familiar faces arrived. Caroline, Rick and their daughters. Jeremy was also in attendance as well as a boy my daughter introduced as Cain on a prior visit. As she came outside we all yelled happy birthday! And the music flowed. Conversations began and the twins danced. Hayley stood up on the porch rail and tapped her beer bottle against a fork. We all silenced.

"Get up here Klaus!" She yelled to me. I appeared beside her. "We are celebrating our baby girls 18th birthday. Hope we are extremely lucky to be your parents." I nodded along as my daughter smiled at us. "We couldn't be more proud of the woman you've become." She said. She looked up at me.

"There is no one in this world we love more." I smiled. "To Hope!" I raised my glass and the others followed.

"And to prove how much you mean to us all, you have a few more people who'd like to say Happy Birthday!" Hayley said. From around the forest stepped out Rebekah, Kol, and Fraya. Marcel and Keelin came in behind them and Hope ran to them all. I looked at Hayley and hugged her too. "Always and forever." She whispered. "Now go!" She said and I jumped down and into their waiting arms.

"How are you here right now?" I asked Kol, in whispers. He smiled.

"Relax Davina's got it." He told me. I nodded. "Have you asked her?" He asked me and I shook my head.

"Later." I told him and he closed his mouth and handed Hope more jewelry. The party flowed and those who were once mortal enemies now laughed and spoke to one another. The miracle was that it was all Hope. They loved her so much that they would put up with just about anyone to make her happy. I did the same. As the party wind down and some called it a night, we sat down talking about our lives and memories. Kol and Marcel finally had no animosity between them, and Hayley just smiled at us all. I knew she missed Elijah, and with Hope growing up so quickly, I knew she must think more and more of finding him. All in all the night was a success. It was not the grand bash I had imagined, but it was right. Only the people who truly cared for her were here. We let the night come to a close and the others began leaving. All that remained were Hayley, myself, Hope, Kol, and Rebekah. Marcel had left to go make a call. Hayley nudged me while Hope whispered to Rebekah.

"Did you enjoy your birthday baby?" Hayley asked her. She turned towards us and smiled.

"It was great." She said.

"Good. You're all grown up now. You're stronger now, and you have to stay on the path that you think is right." She told her. Hope nodded. "I think you're ready to take on the world baby." She told her and Hope smiled.

"Thanks mom." She said.

"Speaking of." Kol began. "There is something we didn't want to burden you with, until you were ready."

"And we believe that you are now ready." Rebekah spoke and they both turned to me. Hope looked at her mom and then at me.

"What's going Dad? What am I ready for?" She asked me.

"It's not something that you have to do. It's merely a question that I have to ask you, more like a favor." I told her nervously. She continued to stare at me. "You know that Adrienne is trapped within her mind, and that we are waiting for the right witch to free her." I told her and she nodded. "You are the right witch sweetheart." She smiled. "If you do not want to risk it, I understand. I don't want you to feel pressured or anything. If you say no, it's no. No one will be disappointed or angry." It all came out too fast. The others smiled at me and Hope laughed.

"Would you calm down?" She laughed. "Of course I'll do it." She told me and I went to her and hugged her. "I just want you to be happy Dad." She whispered.

"Thank you Hope." I told her. The others took their turns hugging her and her mom pulled her away and whispered to her words of encouragement. I looked at Kol and he pulled out his phone.

"When should we do this?" She asked us.

"First I will teach you the spell and adjust where you feel." Kol said. "Davina and I have spent the better part of a decade honing in on the right spell." He told her. Kol went to his bag and pulled out a grand book. He flipped through its pages. "These are different variations." He began showing her and she dove right in. Rebekah after putting away her phone came to stand by me and held my hand.

"Do you see what you've been worried about?" She asked me. "You have the most amazing daughter that wants to help you." She smiled.

"I'm lucky." I told her. Hope was more powerful than I imagined. When given the challenge of Kol's unlinking spell it took her less than ten minutes to master it. She was strong and she could conjure what she'd like to at will. We watched her practice while Kol made arrangements with Davina. God willing Adrienne would be awake in the following night. My nerves were excited and in motion. I went to sleep with hopes of laying my head down tomorrow night with her and never letting her go.