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-Doctor Rush. Eli's awake,- Lieutenant Johanssen said through Rush's radio.

Rush was sitting in the control interface room trying to restore power to Destiny's sensors. He had spent several days trying to sort it out but Destiny refused to power up anything but the most basic systems.

"Thank you Lieutenant, I'll be there shortly," Rush replied. He transferred limited control to a datapad he had lying on the console before taking the datapad and leaving.

He walked through the corridors of Destiny until he reached the infirmary where Johanssen was tending to Eli. Both Sergeant Greer and Chloe had been allowed to leave a few hours before, but Eli was still lying on one of the beds.

"How are you feeling Eli?" Rush asked.

"I'll let you two talk," Johanssen said. She walked past Rush and out of the infirmary.

"You're not going to complain about me crashing Destiny?" Eli asked. He was slightly surprised,

For the first time in a long time Rush smiled. "I've had time to analyse the data you had. I've run simulations and so far about one in a million results in Destiny arriving here."

"You mean that I should be proud?"

"In even fewer simulations we survive if Destiny makes it. So I am proud that I've taught you so well about Destiny."

"Right. So you're fine with Destiny crashing?" Eli asked.

"No, but it is better than any other outcome that the data allows. Everyone is alive and Destiny is relatively intact. So far this seems like a safe place, now we just have to repair Destiny. Brody and Volker are already trying to replace some of the more damaged systems with the replacements we brought from Atlantis."

"TJ says I need at least a week more before I'm allowed out of bed."

"That's not an issue Eli, your head is the part that's useful." He handed the datapad to Eli. "You can access most systems from the datapad. Try to get any systems that's offline back online without blowing anything up or electrocuting anyone."

"I'm in the infirmary Rush. Are you really going to give me work?"

"Of course, everyone is doing what they can. You have a few broken bones but your brain is still working. Chloe is helping out with calculations and Greer is leading a hunting party. They've found some sort of elk that tastes kind of good."

Eli picked up the datapad. "I'll see what I can do."


-Doctor Rush. Lieutenant Scott and the shuttle is returning from the mining planet with the first harvest,- someone said over the radio.

"Looks like I have to go," Rush said.

"Fine. I'll see what I can do about our systems," Eli said while Rush left the room.

Eli looked at the datapad that Rush had given to him, it was one of the new data pads they had brought from Atlantis and his fingers were itching to work. He pulled up some diagnostic tools and began to flicker through the data he had to work with.


When Rush arrived in one of Destiny's larger storage rooms, a room that had been inaccessible due to a large hull breach along the entire side of the outer wall, Colonel Young and Lieutenant Scott were both waiting for him with a large metal crate standing between them. Behind them Brody and Volker were working on the only piece of technology in the room, a dark grey cube roughly a meter across.

"Ah Rush, can we finally see what this miracle machine can do?" Young asked.

"If Brody and Volker have installed it the way they should we can do it," Rush said. He walked up to the crate and opened the lid. Inside lay thousands of balls mined by the drones they had deployed on one of the rock planets.

"Alright we're done," Volker said. He flipped a switch and the machine lit up.

"Now what?" Brody asked.

"We feed it. It is in essence a self building factory, the larger it gets the bigger things we can have it construct," Rush said. He took a handfull of balls and dropped them into a funnel on the side. A screen next to the funnel lit up after a few seconds, Rush inserted a storage drive and several items appeared on the screen. He pressed one of them and entered some settings before the screen shut down, they could all feel the heat and hear the humming that was coming from the machine as it began to work. Both Young and Scott looked sceptical until the humming stopped and a hatch opened on one side. A small tray moved out of the machine towards Rush, on top of it lay a small metal coil that Rush picked up and handed to Brody. "Is this what you needed?"

"What's that for?" Scott asked.

"The still, with everyone running around outside I imagine Lieutenant Johanssen will need some alcohol to distill wounds," Brody answered.

"So what can we do with this? Food? Water? Clothes?" Scott asked.

"It can reform any matter we put into it into another form. But it does not yet have the power to turn matter into other matter, you want something out of iron you need to give it iron. So yes we could use it for food and water but the results might not be pleasant."

"What Rush means that there is a lot more to food than just carbon and more to water than hydrogen dioxide," Volker said, trying to answer the questioning looks Young and Scott were giving them. "We could probably create a food pill that fills all our needs for the day, but it's going to taste bad."

"Thank you," Young said.

"Let us see if we can get it to expand," Rush said. He used his hands to shuffle more of the balls into the funnel, as soon as the screen lit up he pressed a button on it. The screen shut down again and red lasers began to project lines around the machine.

"What's it doing Rush?" Young asked.

"It's marking the area it can expand to with the resources it has in storage." Rush stepped back from the machine and out of the red area on the floor.

Within a moment a shield had formed around the red area and the machine began to hum again. Within a few minutes the machine was spitting out plates and parts onto the floor, when a small pile had formed on the floor the machine shut down and small grappling arms came out of the machine. The arms began to pull apart the machine and insert the plates to expand the machine. Roughly and hour after the shield had formed the machine had expanded to fill the shield and the shield shut down.

"That's quite impressive," Scott said.

"I agree. But if we want to fix Destiny we will need a lot more resources as well as a much bigger factory than what we can house here in Destiny. We need a few hundred of these crates to create another one of these machines for the base outside," Rush said.

"Can we create more of those drones?" Young asked.

"Yes, the rest of this crate should give us enough materials to expand the machine enough. Another two crates and we can get another drone. We will keep improving the machine with the materials the drones bring. I will have something set up if anyone wants to requests something."

"Good, we should have something created to mark this planet," Young said.

"I think the mountain that Greer blew up and the new bay that Destiny carved marks this site already. But if you want we can create a plaque or something."

"I was thinking more along the lines of a statue of Destiny crashing through the mountain, but we can wait until we have resources to spare."

"That would be best."

"Let me know if there is anything you need Rush, otherwise I will leave Destiny in your hands," Young said.

"I will let you know, but as long as the Lieutenant keeps bringing back the resources the drones mine I think this will go smoothly."

"Good." Young headed for the door with Scott following behind him.

Rush walked up to the machine and opened a hatch that was sitting where the funnel had been. "Give me a hand with this." He headed back to the crate.

"Where do you want it?" Brody asked.

"Inside the machine," Rush answered. Together the three men managed to push and drag the crate over to the machine and into the space that was waiting inside the machine. When the crate was inside the machine Rush closed the hatch and the screen lit up, he choose the expansion on the screen and stepped away. Just like before lasers painted a red area around the machine and when Rush left the area the shield formed around it.


Back in the infirmary Lieutenant Johansen returned to see Eli sitting in the bed waving his hands around in the air.

"Eli are you alright?" she asked as she slowly approached him.

"Never been better, sure some bones hurt but working like this is awesome."

"Eli, you're waving your hands in the air, you're not working." She walked up to his bed and looked at the datapad, dozens upon dozens of windows were pressed tightly together on the small screen, she could see some of the windows change each time Eli's hands moved and clicked in the air. "Are you doing that Eli?"

"Yes, mental interfaces. I saw some people using them when we were in Atlantis, it should take a few more days before we are able to even feel these connections but Destiny's been messing with our minds already so I think we're already somewhat used to it," Eli responded.

"Are you sure you're fine?"


She took the datapad from his lap and placed it on the nearby bed. "Let me just take a good look at your head again."

"Come on, I'm fine."

"Then we're not going to have an issue." She pressed a button on the bed and the bed lowered down into a lying position. She brought over one of the machines sitting in the corner and placed it on the bed above his head.

"Is this really necessary?"

"Yes Eli, you have developed mental abilities almost overnight. I have to check you so that everything inside your head is where it should be."

Jack held Sam tightly to his body. They were lying naked in Sam's bed on board the Nest hanging above the wraith outpost. They could clearly hear the pulsing coming from the generator that was powering the ship.

"So what happens to all the energy that we're not using?" Jack asked.

"We're using everything," Sam answered. She turned around to face him and they felt their skin rubbing against each other.

"Surely we're not using every last drop the generator produces?" Jack asked.

"The majority gets sent into the shield, then primary and secondary systems. Any excess power is sent to charge ZPMs, given the excessive amounts of ZPMs we have stored we begun to send the excess power into the shield," she explained calmly. She saw that glimmer in his eyes, he had an idea that would surprise her.

"Do we really need to sent so much power to the shield?" he asked.

"We do not need to send power anywhere, we choose to do it because the shield is what is keeping us alive in case of an attack." She could still see the glimmer in his eyes. "Tell me what you're thinking Jack?"

"Just that there has to be something better to do with all this energy rather than waste it on a shield we barely use. We have matter converters, why not us them and the energy to create something useful?"

"Of course we could, but most of our storage space is taken up by the half full fighter bays and they need crystals that we need to program individually," Sam explained patiently.

"So we could create everything except the crystals on site here and install the crystals later?" Jack asked. He was getting more and more excited and it was very clear to Sam, Sam meanwhile was simply stunned that she had not thought about it first.

"Actually I can have the crystals created here, we could have the ship create all the fighters we need right here on board."

"And you have the hangar on the top of the ship, can we use the matter converters to build something there?" Jack asked.

Again Sam was confused by what Jack had just said, it was so simple yet no one had said anything about it. "There's some things we need to make the old fashioned way, but we can make most things here on the ship, we could create the hull, superstructure and interior right here. The only thing we really need to get created elsewhere is crystals, hyperdrive, shield emitters, some weapon components and control systems. It could decrease the time it takes to build ships from a few months to a few weeks."

"Are we talking about something like the generation ships we made for the Travelers or larger like a Cruiser, an Aurora or a Sable?" Jack asked enthusiastically.

"That would be something like a Sable, but the Auroras are mostly empty space and after we create what we can here we could probably finish the other systems in about the same time. It all depends on how much technology you want placed inside the ship."

"That's perfect, and the hangar could be used for other production as well, or at least to create raw materials."

This time Sam knew that she could shut down his idea. "Of course we could do that, but the amount of resources we can send from this ship is highly limited by the stargate. The amount we can send would do little to relieve the shortage we have at the moment, of course if we stayed above the planet that needed the resources we could use the Asgard beaming technology to sent it straight to the planet but this is a warship, it is not meant to be a factory or resource hub."

"Then we will not use it to create Iron, Carbon, water or food, nothing that we need in large quantities. We create Trinium, Naquadah, Naquadria, Neutronium and the elements that are rare, the elements we have a hard time finding."

Again he surprised her. "We can do that." She nodded thoughtfully for a few seconds. "You know what, it will take a lot of our energy production but we can create fully working Asurans by the hundreds here. If we dial down the shield to a level where it will just barely hold against the black ship or an Ori fleet then we could maybe make five hundred Asurans each day. I'd have to make some calculations to be sure, but it should be somewhere in the neighborhood."

Jack squeezed her tighter and kissed her. "See now you're starting to use that big beautiful brain of yours."

"That's the thing you think is beautiful?" she asked.

He let out a sigh before answering. "Everything about you is perfect sweetheart."