Chapter 1

The sequel to Son of Andy and Prue. A few months after Prue's resurrection and the sisterhood of three now four has been formed creating a new collective known as the Power of Four a collective stronger than the Power of Three. A lot has changed for the Halliwell family for starters Prue and Andy moved into Dan's old house next door to the Halliwell manor with their son Paul. The world unaware of Prue's death back all those years thanks to the Angels of Destiny. Prue returned to her job at the magazine as a photographer. Prue found the world of the living to be extremely difficult at first adjusting from being resurrected from the dead for a number of reasons. One of these reasons would change a child's life forever!

Today is a regular Sunday morning one of the few days Prue and Andy have a day off. The two parents decide to spend the day with their son Paul. Paul feels as if the missing piece of his heart has been returned with his mother's resurrection. It's half past ten and in the Trudeau household in the kitchen, we have Paul who has just made a fresh pot of coffee which he poured some into a mug so he can some caffeine with his breakfast cereal.

"Just another Sunday," Paul says.

"Awh is my little within training tired from the extra training last night," Prue asked Paul as she entered the kitchen wearing a pencil skirt, blouse and blazer with small heels.

"No, okay maybe a little bit it just I got to go a local coffee house for an interview," Paul tells his mom.

"Oh, and you're going to your interview dressed in black jeans and a t-shirt" Prue commented.

"What's wrong with my clothes"? Paul found himself asking his mother.

"Nothing sweetie but they are a bit too casual" Prue pointed out trying to be as gentle as possible.

"Do you think I should change I have time to change I-I could skip breakfast get changed and head straight down there?" Paul asks his mother.

"You look fantastic you have time to get changed eat your breakfast and get there on time driving your car" Prue replied.

"Driving my car but Dad took my car off me for a week," Paul tells his mother.

"I think your father will let this slide just this once under the circumstances.

"I guess I do have time after all," Paul says.

"Where is this interview anyway what coffee house"? Prue questions Paul.

"The interview is at a small successful and popular independent coffee shop called Jessup's coffee," Paul told his mom.

"Jessup what's the owner first name"? Prue asked.

"Bane, I think I just hope I get the job I really need the money," Paul said.

"I'm sure you will hey do you want to spend some quality time with me and your father after your interview today"? Prue questioned her son hoping for a yes.

"That would be great speaking of Dad where is he normally up at this time" Paul spoke.

"Out for a morning jog he left a couple hours ago," Prue tells her son.

Meanwhile, over at the other side of San Fransico on a very large estate lies the ex-mob boss Bane Jessup. The estate has been in his family for generations and passed down from the parents to their eldest child throughout the generations. The estate consists of a large Victorian mansion that has a few renovations over the years. Along with a large forest a couple stables that horses reside. In the mansion study, we have a fourteen almost fifteen-year-old boy with brown eyes and dark brown hair almost black hair sat down at an old wooden table with notes books in front of the boy. The boy is five foot tall and ten inches. The boy is wearing a plain orange t-shirt, a blue jumper to go over it and blue jeans as well as a very light blue trainers. The boy is not alone for he has a private tutor with him the young tutor is in her twenties and she has light blond hair tied up with green eyes and she wears trousers with blouses.

"How many kings are they in the play Macbeth"? The tutor questions her student.

"Most people believe it's Duncan and Macbeth, however, there actually a third king" The student replied not looking up from his notes.

"Excellent Daniel do you remember the third king's name," The tutor asked Daniel.

"No, sorry" Daniel apologised.

"No need to apologise Daniel we work more on Macbeth in our next lesson," The tutor told Daniel.

"Okay, wait these lessons are normally two hours long but we've only been here for an hour and a half" Daniel points out confused as to why the lesson has ended early.

"You're father wanted to see you now in his office that's why the lesson has been cut short Daniel" The tutor explained.

"Please, Vanessa call me Danny everybody does well they would if I had friends" Daniel rambled.

"I don't think that would please your father" Vanessa replied she known Daniel since he was eight and he always hated his family and tutors calling him by his full name.

When Daniel left the drawing room he runs down the hallway and finds the pain he has from his open wound which he got from surgery that has massive portraits of Jessups' that lived a long time ago. Daniel turns left at the end of the hallway and runs down a set of centuries-old stairs where he encounters his father Bane who is wearing a black suit. Daniel the moment he sees his father Daniel slows down but still misses a couple of steps and falls! Bane use to his son's clumsiness quickly catches his son.

"Daniel what have I told you about running in the house," Bane said annoyed and irritated of his son's behaviour.

"Papa, I was only running down the stairs to meet you in your office" Daniel replied after he regained his balance.

"Running in the house is how accidents are caused, Daniel if I ever catch you running down the hall or stairs there will be consequences" Bane warned his son.

"I'm sorry papa" Daniel apologises looking down at his feet not wanting to meet his father's disappointed gaze.

"Now I wanted you to come over to my office because I'm heading into town in five," Bane says but before he can finish his sentence Daniel buts in.

"Can I go with you there a new expansion pack for my game I want to buy I saved my allowances for the past couple months"? Daniel asked looking directly into his father's eyes hoping that his father would say yes and let him leave the Jessup estate.

"Sorry, kiddo but it's not the right time for you to go about into town you've only just got back from the hospital," Bane tells Daniel.

"B...but papa I'm all better" Daniel complained.

"Daniel, it's only been a week you're nowhere near the physical state you were before the operation you still have stitches speaking of stitches I need to check yours since you're already pushing yourself past your limits," Bane said as he reached the bottom of his son's t-shirt and lifts it up slightly to where Daniel had the surgery Bane inspects the see-through dressing to make sure his son condition is fine.

"Papa, I would know if my stitches burst I'm not five" Daniel snapped a moment later Bane finishes his inspection of Daniel's see-through dressing were, he sad the surgery. Bane lets the t-shirt fall down before gently slapping the back of Daniel's head before speaking.

"That's enough of that cheek Daniel, I wouldn't treat you as a five-year-old and everything looks fine but I want you to go and lay down for a nap or something before the pain medication wears off" Bane lectured before giving Daniel an instruction.

"You're letting me stay here by myself with Vanessa leaving at the same time as you," Daniel said.

"No cousin Anthony will be here any minute" Bane replied and true to his word outside the mansion Anthony has just pulled up and honks his car horn once.

"Speaking of cousin Anthony," Daniel says and a couple seconds later cousin Anthony enters Anthony is taller than Bane and has green eyes and red hair and he wears a custom Italian made suits in the colour grey.

"Hey there Bane and little Dani" Anthony spoke as he entered the mansion and walked up to his two cousins.

"I'm not little" Daniel mumbled under his breath.

"I haven't you seen you in a week guys," Anthony said to his two cousins.

"Well, we'll make plans one day maybe another family reunion one day" Bane suggested.

"Pity we won't get the all clear from the governor of the prison our family currently reside in" Daniel joked earning a chuckle from both his father and cousin.

"I'll see you soon kiddo be good for Anthony" Bane replied as he walks over to the front door and leaves the mansion then gets into his car and drives off to his coffee store. Vanessa tutor of Daniel left shortly after leaving just Anthony and Daniel alone in the mansion.

End of chapter 1.