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Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 74

Trip knew having T'Pol come clean about their family was important. It was vital that the Captain understand why certain events had taken place and why they were now far more open and honest. Their adoption by Soval and the Captain's budding relationship with T'Pel also meant that the truth had to be known sooner rather than later. So he had bit the bullet as the old saying went and had this dinner with his captain and friend. He watched and hoped everything would go as he needed it to. This really was no different than T'Pol telling him stories and to be fair she had told them all those years ago…hopefully Jonathan could agree.

Jonathan Archer sipped his beer. He had learned more about his family history in the last two hours then he had in a lifetime. However he was not upset or even angry about it anymore. Perhaps when Enterprise had first launched learning about his mixed heritage might have enraged him and he might have been angry at the Vulcans for withholding so much. However now he was accepting. Perhaps it was the weight of his own hard choices that made him able to understand his own families' choices and Mestral's. He held onto T'Pel's hand and knew he would have chosen her even if biology had not been pushing them both however having it as a reason to bond made it easier on her. He would live with it. He noted Shran was looking even more annoyed. Well he knew telling him the truth would be shocking. However in the interests of friendship and full disclosure it had to be. Of course a part of him wished they held back on telling Shran if only for his own sanity he was still processing and had to worry about his friend's reaction too.

"So you have a rather large group of Vulcan Colonies on Earth, I take it that they are to remain hidden? How did we all miss them by the way?"

"Well yes, can you imagine the outcry people be fit to be tied after the Xindi. They would feel even more betrayed. I mean they would think that Vulcan should have protected Earth if only to protect their colonies which of course would be true if the old high command had known they were there, then again if they had the Xindi might have seemed like kids having a temper tantrum as the old high command would have hated the idea of mixed race children." Trip said. "They hate the idea of refugees thriving away from their control. I am not sure the high command would not have tried to subjugate earth if they had known the truth. Imagine what they would have thought if they had realized Mestral and his family effectively controlled parts of the planet. They have made the Xindi attack seem tame I think."

"Yes I can see that, well I suppose if you are kin then your being such close allies makes sense but given what you have all shared I think perhaps it be wiser that no one on my world be the wiser. It would cause too many issues. Look I trust you all and I think maybe you trust me but peace is a fragile thing. No point in making it harder. I don't want my government second guessing its choices. Maybe I will tell the General or the Queen but no one else. I'm not even sure I can trust them with this."

"Shran you will always have a place with us." Archer said. "I contacted the home place and our leaders agree. You are family too." He appreciated the tough spot they had put Shran in but he was glad his friend seemed to be taking this in stride. Or maybe Shran was just getting used to the insanity that seemed to follow his family and crew?

"Oh, ah….well if I must but to you pink skin and to you Tucker, no offense but I refuse to call Soval papa. Of course we want a place there on that Island of yours maybe we can find a way to trade and work together. I have some family I can suggest take the post of ambassador and who knows maybe my sisters or brothers can find mate or two as well, family alliances are the best. We could say that they recently moved which in our historical terms would not really be a lie."

That had the men all laughing and their wives glaring at them. It seemed that once more the truth of Vulcans on Earth would be hidden but choice.

"Logical but we would need to know more about your siblings to help find mates they could tolerate as humans can be a challenge." T'Pol said "Unless of course one of the Vulcans or our mixed relatives chose to add Andorian DNA to their family lines. I think it would prove most beneficial as your people are a hearty race." Her look said she was not exactly joking and that she was thinking logically.

Archer spit out his beer as an image of a Vulcan with Blue skin and white hair popped into his head. T'Pel let his hand loose and said. "That would be most lovely. I could see a child with beautiful blue skin or maybe it would blend into a more purple color?"

"What?"Shran asked. His own mind now giving him that vision he had to admit a darker purple would be lovely.

"A Vulcan/Andorian/ Human baby with Blue skin, white hair and brown eyes and Pointy ears such a child would be perfect blending of our speices." T'Pel said.

"Oh, yeah …ok." Shran said suddenly thinking maybe it might be wise to wait a bit. He had only been joking about the marriage alliances he had never thought the Vulcans would agree. The human maybe but the Vulcans should have objected. I am so dead he thought. Then again my sisters are adventurous so maybe it could work. I think they might be able to loosen up a Vulcan male a bit.

Soval leaned back and wondered if telling the tale of Carbon Creek was wise and he silently cursed his father for suggesting he ever manage to avoid illogical humans. His own mate smiled at him and he sighed oh well humans made life interesting.

He sat back as T'Pol began the story once more-


T'Lia crawled to the barn she had spotted her new friend and was eager to feed her. She had brought along several sandwiches made of tuna and a bottle of water along with some bandages and cleaning supplies to help heal the wounded paw. She hoped it be enough to help her friend survive.

Mother cat watched her human crawl into the barn. The little female was alone and clearly she was dragging a bag with food in it. She could smell the fish from where she watched in the rafters. She carefully climbed down to the child and came to her with care. She was still wary but she was hungry and she had to eat so she could feed her kits.

"Tuna for you kitty kat," T'Lia said as she pulled out the sandwiches. She found a small bowl and poured the water into it. It was fresh and clean and cool. The cat lapped it up and then went to take the food T'Lia set out. It was lovely and she ate it quickly then she moved to T'Lia allowing the girl to pick her up and pet her. She purred her thanks and was shocked when the little one began to clean her wounded paw. It hurt but she sensed the little one was only trying to help so she sat still for it. She soon found her paw cleaned and bandaged.

"Feel better, eat, sleep heal." T'Lia said softly she loved the kitty and stroked it hoping to let it know she cared.

The Lynx purred and licked her hand in thanks. Then guided T'Lia to her kits she was proud of them and was pleased to see her human smile.

"Pretty kitties," She then laid down on the straw and fell asleep. Mama cat looked on and then curled next to her and the kittens joined them into a pile for warmth all soon asleep feed and happy.


Heather was busy rounding up the boys when she noticed T'Lia had wandered off. She felt a moment of panic. "Seth have you seen your sister?"

He looked up at her and shook his head no. He looked at his elder brother who seemed to be looking around now for their little sister. She was gone.

"Where is T'Lia?" Samuel asked he was suddenly worried.

Hannah who had been helping caught him before he could take off to find her.

"Get the boys things together. I'll go see if I can find her."

Heather looked worried but nodded. "Boys gather your toys please."

They considered protesting but logic dictated that the sooner that task was done the sooner they could look for T'Lia. So they hurried and put their toys in the bags. Both looked worried.

Hannah began looking around the area looking for tracks. Surely the little one could not have wandered off far?