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            "Catti-brie!  You wouldn't!"  Drizzt looked at her, shocked.

            "I would!"  She was smiling, her blue eyes twinkling almost as brightly as they had before Wulfgar's death.

            "You couldn't.  It would never work."

            "Wanna bet?"

            "What's your plan?"

            Catti-brie whispered to Drizzt, whose lavender eyes widened even further.  After regarding her for a moment, he burst out laughing.


            Thibbledorf Pwent stood at his king's right hand.  He stared in amazement as the princess of Mithral Hall walked into the throne room.

            "Catti-brie!"  Bruenor nearly fell off his throne in shock as he regarded Catti-brie's thick, luxurious beard.  "What happened to ye?"

            "Do ye like it?" she asked.

            Pwent's jaw dropped.  His arms hung limply by his sides.  Suddenly straightening up, he said, "So ye finally took me advice."

            "Yes."  She gave him a coy look.  "Do ye want te take a closer look?"

            "If ye'll come te me room."

            "Will ye take yer armour off?"  She raised an eyebrow.

            "Fer you, me love, I'll take off every last piece!"

            "Let's go!"

            A puzzled Bruenor looked to Drizzt, who attempted, very badly, to shrug innocently.  "What did ye do to me girl?" he growled.

            Drizzt laughed and ran from the room.


            Pwent stood naked in the middle of his room, watching as Catti-brie slowly stripped off her shirt.  He wasn't paying attention to his surroundings.  Except for her.

            Suddenly, the door burst open and three of the Battleragers-in-Training jumped on top of Pwent, who started cursing as he saw the entourage of twenty dwarves carrying a steaming, foamy tub of water.  The scent of roses filled the air.  Pwent screamed and thrashed violently as he realized what was about to happen.

            Two dwarves carted off Pwent's armour.  The Battleragers-in-Training tossed Pwent into the tub, and he screamed as the warm water hit his body and he splashed everyone in the room, including Catti-brie.  Her shirt stuck to her body and Pwent watched in horror as Catti-brie's "beard" melted off of her face.

            "Flour and water," Catti-brie giggled, holding up the gooey srands of hair.

            Everyone in the room turned at the sound of laughter from the doorway and saw Drizzt and Bruenor leaning against the door and each other, tears tracing down their faces.

            Over the course of the next half hour, Pwent was thoroughly bathed and splashed with Lavender Oil, in honour of Drizzt's eye colour.  Finally, the "bathing committee" decided that he was clean and allowed him to put his freshly cleaned and oiled armour on. 

            Pwent grumbled and ran off to the woods nearby to roll in the mud, to the amusement of everyone involved.  Quietly, Drizzt handed Catti-brie five gold coins.

            "You've earned them," he whispered, laughing softly.


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