For My Sister

Everything I do, I do for my twin sister.

For Parvati.

I have to remind myself this as I stare at Ron Weasley, the boy who was supposed to be my date to this Yule Ball, as he sulks in a corner, his red hair standing out brilliantly against his too-small suit.

Parvati's the one who begged me to go with Ron. She was going with Ron's best friend, after all- Harry Potter, the famous Boy Who Lived.

I can't help but be a little jealous of her. She's probably having fun with her date, while I'm stuck here watching Ron ogle Hermione Granger from across the dance floor.

I hate this party.

I am dressed fabulously, wearing one of my favorite turquoise outfits, silk material pooling at my feet, my dark hair brushed and shiny.

I look beautiful.

And yet, here I am, standing off to the side as my classmates chatter and laugh and talk all around me.

I squint through the crowd.

Where is Parvati, anyway? Probably off dancing with Harry Potter, no doubt.

No. I am not jealous.

I am happy for her, because Parvati is my sister. It's not her fault that I'm not having any fun.

Maybe I should just leave.

It's not like Ron would care.

I miss Parvati. She's the one who's good with people. She's the one who knows how to interact at fancy balls and dinners. I have absolutely no clue what to do with myself.

Yes, I'll leave. I'll go back to the Ravenclaw Common Room, change into a more comfortable outfit, and curl up on an armchair and read.

I smile to myself. It sounds like a very appealing option.

But what about Parvati?

She has been looking forward to this ball for weeks. I can't just leave her here, alone.

But she's not alone. She's with Harry Potter.

I sigh. I wish Parvati would just come and save me from this torture.

Someone taps me on the shoulder.

I turn around, and there she is, smiling radiantly. My twin sister.

Parvati Patil.

"Harry is no fun," she complains, rolling her eyes. "Want to go dance?"

I grin at her. "Of course," I say, and she leads me onto the dance floor.

I'm glad I didn't leave the ball.

Now I can be here. For my sister. Just as my sister is always here for me.