"Time to waste, there is not," Yoda said, hobbling through the crowded and buzzing hangar crawling with soldiers to the row of ships belonging to the Jedi Council. "We must reach the child before the Sith."

"Indeed, Master Yoda," Obi-Wan said, keeping his brisk pace with Anakin by his side. "Anakin, back into the uncharted and unknown we go, yes?"

Anakin chuckled, stopping at his ship. "Let's not get captured in front of Master Yoda this time, okay?"

Yoda looked up at his ship, smaller than Obi-Wan and Anakin's to resemble his stature. It was a gray, podular cockpit with two bulky wings each noticeably lacking equipped firepower like his companions' ships. Yoda crouched, and with a jump of great speed and agility for his age, he landed in the pilot seat. "I have heard much of your synergy as a team," he said, "balanced in the Force, you are."

"We plan on keeping our Council's good name," Obi-Wan said, closing his cockpit and flipping all switches.

"You ready, R2?" Anakin asked the droid, receiving excited beeps. Anakin put on his headset. "We're all set, send us out, Captain."

The hangar door warning lights flashed yellow as they parted, revealing a second, blue barrier than tinted Coruscant's pink and orange sunset over the vibrant skyline. Flying cars and their passengers of all colors, forms, shapes, and sizes moved through the sky in loosely organized lines, with the buildings rising high above the clouds acting as guidelines for the lanes of traffic as well as their intersections. "May the Force be with you," Rex's voice said over their intercoms, dropping the shield long enough for them to rocket out and burst high into the sky. The sunset faded to black within seconds as they shot into the vast expanse of space, leaving home behind for the final frontier.

"Anakin, do you have the coordinates for this 'Earth?'" Obi-Wan asked.

"Why wouldn't I?" Anakin said, seeing the map on a panel by his armrests.

"Because the last time I fully trusted you with knowing where we were going, we ended up stranded on Jakku gambling for our ships." Obi-Wan smirked at his audible sigh. "I'm just checking so we all go the right way."

"It's not my fault you couldn't figure out Master Qui Gon's dice trick," Anakin said.

"Then on my point, you will follow," Yoda said amusedly, chuckling quietly under his breath. "Younglings..."

Anakin read the flight time under the map. "I hope you both are comfortable, masters," he said, putting on autopilot and leaning back. "This is going to be a long trip."

"Then we must go back," Yoda said sternly, making the two Knights' eyes widen in concern.

"Master Yoda?" Obi-Wan said.

"Go before the trip, I did not," Yoda said, leading the ships back to Coruscant. "We must not take a detour, lest we wish to embarrass ourselves."

The three Jedi took off again on their second outing, with the soft rocking of the ship lulling the ancient master to sleep as well after what seemed like countless hours of sailing among the stars. R2 beeped as they rounded an icy dwarf planet, awaking Anakin who had dozed off just minutes before. "R2, there's nothing on the scanners," Anakin said groggily, sitting up in his chair and looking at the map. It was a surprise that they made it to the Outer Rim without being heckled, but R2's frantic beeping gave Anakin the feeling that their luck had just run out. "Master Obi-Wan," Anakin said, "R2 is swearing that there are other spacecraft approaching us just beyond this small asteroid field."

"So is R4," Obi-Wan said, "but my radar is showing nothing."

The three pilots took the helms again, passing through the field with ease. "Their infrared scanners must be picking up on a heat signature not far from here," Anakin said.

"No, we are not alone," Yoda said, "what you think, hear, or see that shrouds itself from the light, the Force will uncover."

They shot out from the asteroid field and before their eyes, at least twenty black ships blinked onto their radar and into their line of sight. "Impossible," Anakin exclaimed, "I built the tracking systems for these ships myself, there's no way a fleet that size would have just slipped by."

"I don't think they care who built what, Padawan," Obi-Wan said, tapping a blue button on his panel. "Requesting clearance for correspondence, please respond when you receive this-"

"Well, well!" a man with a gruff, Southern accent said haughtily over the communicators. "What are you three pretty boys doin' all the way out here in the Outer Rim, are y'all lost or somethin'?"

Anakin noticed the insignia on the side of every wing, picturing an outline of a shouting man's blue head with a short, red Mohawk. "Just passing through," Obi-Wan said, with a growing voice telling him that they weren't going to let them do just that, "you just surprised us, that's all."

"We were waitin' for somebody else," the fleet leader said, "somebody who took somethin' from me."

"Well, that's unfortunate," Obi-Wan said, "I do hope that you regain what you lost, and wish you all the best."

The fleet leader chuckled mischievously. "That's mighty kind of you, stranger, but maybe you can help me out," he said. The trio of Jedi gripped their controls, noticing wing cannons presenting themselves on every member of the ragtag troupe. "Accordin' to what my boy Kraglin sees here hackin' into your mission feed, you and my target ran into each other quite a bit today, Jedi. You took 'em in too," he laughed. "I thought y'all were supposed to be smart."

Obi-Wan glanced at Anakin through their helms, with Anakin's thumbs dancing on top of the blaster buttons. "If you want to head to our point of origin, feel free," he said, "but we have no quarrel with you."

"There's a toll for passin' through these parts," he said, "blasters, lightsabers- just them fancy Kyber Crystals though- and whatever you got in your pockets. If you don't pay, you'll get hurt, understand?"

Anakin rolled his eyes, setting his targets on the center ship. "We're not going to fight you," Obi-Wan said.

"Looks like we're gonna hurt you, and then rob you," he said with glee, "and Jedi?"

All of the blasters were focused on the three Jedi ships.

"Nobody just passes through my turf," he said, "when ya get back home, tell all those uppity robed pieces o' shit that Yondu and the Ravagers told ya to stay the hell away from the Outer Rim!"

"Master Yoda," Anakin said, "please, go find the boy. Master Obi-Wan and I will handle this."

"Abandon you, I will not," Yoda stated, holding out his hand toward the fleet.

"Light 'em up, boys!" Yondu shouted.

"Incoming!" Obi-Wan exclaimed. "Shields up!"

R2 and R4 followed their commands, bracing the ships for impact with a blue glow they transmitted around the spacecrafts. Forty cannons fired their lasers, but with a closing of Yoda's little, three-fingered hand, the beams stopped cold. Silence lingered over the communication channels as Yoda sailed fast. "Move quickly," Yoda said plainly.

Anakin watched the grandmaster fly over the Ravagers who continued trying to fire, the intensity of the laser backup growing brighter with every passing second. "That's amazing, Master Yoda!"

"You can tell him when we get there," Obi-Wan said, "we don't want a firefight on our hands."

Anakin scoffed. "You don't."

They shot after Yoda as the beams released onto each other, converging into one blinding light that made Yondu grunt in pain. "Get the bastards, we'll have to pick up my boy ourselves from that shitty rock!"

"What's stopping them from chasing us all the way to Earth?" Anakin asked.

Obi-Wan looked in his rearview, seeing three Ravager ships accelerate toward them and leaving the others in the dust. "If these Guardians of the Galaxy are from there, they would have set up an ambush there, not here."

"They're gaining on us," Anakin said suggestively.

"Engage, we will not," Yoda said, officially putting his little foot down. "The path of peace, the Jedi will always choose to take."

"I'm just-" Anakin jolted up in his ship with a bolt to the back. "-saying!"

"Make the jump to hyperspace, you must," Yoda ordered, quickly tapping his panel before a shot nearly threw him headfirst into the glass.

Anakin and Obi-Wan watched Yoda's ship stretch from the front as if one end was moving faster than another, and in a blink the ship was gone. They pressed the same button while R2 screamed under fire. "Y'all can't escape me that easy!" Yondu shouted, vanishing behind the Jedi and leaving his fleet behind.

The three Jedi continued traveling at that speed, looking back and seeing streaks of white light in their cameras for millions of miles in mere minutes. Obi-Wan sighed in relief. "That could have gone better."

"I don't think it's over just yet, Master," Anakin said, "one of the Ravagers made the jump into hyperspace right as we did. We're going to need a couple seconds to get our shields back up once we jump out."

"Ravagers?" Yoda said curiously. "Know them, do you?"

Anakin's face hardened at the thought. "They were a group of bandits that hopped around the Outer Rim, they didn't do much back then, I wouldn't be surprised if they are still the same bunch of bullies now that they were proud of being back then."

They lurched forward as they hovered over their destination, a fairly sized planet with green land masses spread out by large, blue oceans and icy poles. Yoda tilted his head back, letting out a satisfied hum. "Strong in the Force, this place is," Yoda said with a small smile.

"Yeehaw!" Yondu shouted, forcing the three Jedi to watch him come out of hyperspace firing everything he had.

Obi-Wan and Anakin both took shot after shot, not being able to out maneuver his homing lasers fast enough. "We're going to have to land immediately!" Obi-Wan said. "R4, how much longer on that shield?"

Anakin barrel rolled out of several blasts and turned around on Yondu's ship, firing several shots back. "Young Skywalker, no!" Yoda shouted, taking a direct hit himself. "Reach the surface, we must!"

"He's going to kill us, Master Yoda!" Anakin said, his frustration growing as his direct hits bounced off the side of Yondu's shield.

"I won't," Yondu said, "but this might."

With a push of a button, Yondu's red shield burst like a grenade all around him, damaging the Jedi wings and engines from the impact. "Everything is down, R4!" Obi-Wan exclaimed.

"You three wanna go to that rock so badly?" Yondu shouted. "I'll send you there alright!"

One of Yoda's thrusters ignited uncontrollably from the sparking, sputtering damage left from the blast, the other two Jedi helpless as their master suddenly rocketed around the globe. "Master Yoda, please respond," Anakin said with worry, receiving only static.

"That attack destroyed his communication signal," Obi-Wan said, "we'll have to find him when we get on the ground."

"Seems like the little one was a bit eager, don't be nervous, you two!" Yondu taunted, watching them slip into Earth's gravitational field. "Mama Terra's gonna give you a push."

Obi-Wan and Anakin did their best to stay calm and collected in their free fall, trying to reboot every system they could while R2 and R4's lights were out. "Come on, R4," Obi-Wan pleaded, seeing R2's lights flash brightly in the black, starry skies to boot up Anakin's shields as they approached a dark, forested mountain dangerously quickly. "No time for dramatics, we're about to be Bantha fodder in a minute if you don't-" Obi-Wan winced from a blinding light surging from his panels all roaring back to life at the same time. "You're not going to like this." He yanked the controls back, his thrusters giving him just enough power to destroy miles of trees while Anakin passed over him for a much smoother crash landing.

Anakin leaped out of his ship that had landed with a crunch from the snow underneath and darted through the fallen, scorched and broken deadwood to his master's ship. "Come on, R2!" he shouted back, coming upon the wreck of his master's ship with R2 rolling behind him. Outside of the wing, R2 was just a little taller than Yoda, rolling on two wheels attached to arm-like extensions and one wheel attached under his small, white and blue, pill-shaped body. Anakin looked inside the cockpit, seeing Obi-Wan leaning back in his chair with an exhausted yet surprised look plastered on his red face. The door opened with a hiss of the airlock. "Are you alright?"

Obi-Wan ran his hand through his own hair and smiled at his Padawan out of stress. "Another happy landing," he said, climbing out of the ship. "R4, how are you holding up?"

R4 let out a sad beep, moving his head from left to right.

"Don't worry, little one," Obi-Wan reassured him, "we'll patch you right up and find Master Yoda in no time." His expression soured, with fears of the worst crossing his mind. "However, this is exactly why the Council was wary of him coming in the first place."

"For once I agree with Master Windu," Anakin said dryly, pulling out a handheld device displaying a hologram of the planet, "but you remember Geonosis. That ship practically folded itself in half and Yoda came out with only a scratch."

"What are you doing?" Obi-Wan asked, watching Anakin set two red dots on the hologram of Earth and drawing a red line from the dots across the planet.

"Drawing a trajectory map," Anakin said, "we'll just be wasting time if we don't have a clear idea of where he went."

"I'll see what I can do for my ship," Obi-Wan said, cringing to himself from the branches tearing through the exposed wiring on the body and the wings. "It might not be fully operational, but I can get it in the air."

R2 beeped loudly in warning, drawing the two Jedis' attention to the sky. Anakin pulled out his lightsaber, turning it on and brandishing it apprehensively. "Looks like the welcome crew is here already, unusual for Outer Rim planets." A red and gold, humanoid robot soaring above them with rockets from his hands and feet locked its blue slits for eyes with Obi-Wan below.

"It looks like a battle droid," Obi-Wan said, "or a bounty hunter of some sort."

"Either way, if it's coming to scavenge, it's going to have one hell of a hard time doing it," Anakin said, taking a fighting stance as it touched down in front of them. "This is exactly why I left the Outer Rim and never went back."

"Not because you were a Jedi, or anything like that?" Obi-Wan said, pulling out two small white strips with clamps in the middle. "Put this on."

"You're going to talk to the droid?" Anakin said, taking one of the strips and fastening it on the inside of his mouth.

"Of course," Obi-Wan said, "if nothing else we can find out where we are and the quickest path to civilisation so we can get parts to repair my ship."

"If there is civilization here," Anakin said, "it's the Outer Rim, I don't expect much."

The robot stood to full height, made up of gleaming red and gold plates of armor and a shining, triangular core in its chest with a scowl etched on its golden face. "I see the little devices of yours work," he said with a shockingly human voice. "I don't know what this Outer Rim is, but you're one to talk about civilization if your first move against a stranger is to pull out your glorified butter knife."

Obi-Wan eyed him curiously, stepping in between the stranger and his Padawan. "My apologies, my partners and I crashed here by accident, naturally we're a bit disoriented by the entire ordeal."

"Partners?" the robot said. "There's more than just you two?"

"We had a third," Obi-Wan said, "he was shot down by pirates like the two of us. We need to fix our ships so we can find him, it's imperative that we do."

The android looked toward the wreck and down at the blue and white droid behind Anakin's leg. "Why were you around to get shot down in the first place?"

This droid was highly advanced, Obi-Wan realized. "We are here on business from the Galactic Republic's Jedi Council," he said with a diplomatic smile, "not to sound cliche, but we mean you no harm."

"Jedi, you say?" the android said. "You guys were here already a few weeks ago. My associates and I have actually been waiting to speak with you."

The two Jedi looked at each other warily and back to the man of steel. "This the first contact the Republic has had with this planet, whatever it is that greeted you then was not a Jedi."

"There was a kid," he said with growing bitterness in his voice, "a 'Jedi' broke into his parents' house and snatched him right out of his bed, he tried to kill the entire family before running like a coward and we took the kid back." He raised his hand at the two Jedi. "If you wanna prove yourself, you'll come with me."

"Attacking a Jedi is a direct violation of Galactic law," Obi-Wan said, "we would gladly clear anything up, but we need to find the third member of our party as soon as possible."

"If we cared about Galactic law then we wouldn't have kicked your buddy's ass, there is no 'Galactic law' here," the droid said. His hands started to glow bright white with a high-pitched humming indicating that he could fire at any moment. "I'm not in the mood to ask twice."

Obi-Wan whipped around as the robot flew backward into a tree. "Anakin!"

"He was going to fire at you!" Anakin shouted.

"If you had let me at least attempt a Jedi mind trick-" A blast at Obi-Wan's feet knocked the Jedi to the ground. He rose again with his lightsaber drawn and the teacher and student stood side by side against the floating mechanical menace.

"Now I'm a little annoyed," he said, "I never said I wouldn't help you find the third member of your space monk brigade, but as far as 'Jedis' go, we have issues we need to settle before we let you traipse around the planet again. Don't make me do this."

"You don't understand the severity of losing our companion," Obi-Wan said sternly, "unless he's with us, we're not going with you."

The droid sighed. "You're making me do this."

Anakin spun his blade as the stranger's hands began to hum again. "Aren't you supposed to be the negotiator, Obi-Wan?"

Both sides stopped cold as a flying red and white striped shield with a white star on a blue center cut through the middle of the fight, followed by a glowing gray hammer striking the ground with blue lightning to knock all three of the warriors back. "Friendly fire, guys!" the stranger shouted, rolling to his feet. The shield bounced off the tree, coming back to the hand of a tall, muscular, fair-skinned soldier in a blue combat suit with the same white star on his chest and a white "A" on the forehead of his mask. He wore brown, leather gloves and brown combat boots with steel toes that looked like they would hurt.

"Sorry about that, Tony," the soldier said, "why are you fighting Jehovah's Witnesses?"

"These guys are more Jedi, Steve," Tony said.

"Like the ones who tried to steal the child?" a deep, heroic voice from above said. The Jedi looked up at their third opponent, a tall, muscular, and glowing mountain of muscle in gray plate and chain link armor with a flowing red cape. His eyes were blue like the lightning that crackled around his hammer that flew to his hand, his long, blond hair flowing from the static.

"They say the guy who came to us wasn't one of theirs, Thor," Tony said, "I asked them to come with us back to base so we can talk, they said no dice without their third man and the one in the black pushed the air at me."

Thor landed next to them. "It's going to take a little more than air to put us down."

"Is this 'Tony' your droid?" Anakin asked.

Tony laughed. "Now you're just asking for it," he said, "I'm a guy in a suit just trying to defend my home, what's your trash can's excuse?"

R2 beeped in offense, bumping the back of Anakin's leg for him to do something. "That insult's probably the worst you can do."

Obi-Wan attempted to be the voice of reason one last time. "It doesn't need to end like-" He leaned back on instinct, feeling the wind off Steve's shield as it flew overhead. He caught it with the Force and threw it back at Steve, darting forward and bringing his saber down hard on the shield. Both men were surprised at the clash, with Steve feeling the heat of the blade through his gloves and Obi-Wan shocked that the saber didn't cut through it like butter.

Anakin rushed the other two head on, sliding under a hammer swing and slashing at his armor. Thor did little more than wince at the sting of it grazing his ankle, turning around and punching the young Jedi dead in the chest. Tony stood over him, opening his hand. "It's over, kid."

Anakin "pushed the air" again, sending Thor high into the sky and crashing him through the trees. "I'm just getting started, tin can."

Obi-Wan pushed Tony into the rocks and Steve into the bushes. "Don't breathe just yet," Obi-Wan said, standing back to back with his Padawan as the three Earthlings surrounded him. "If you had spent less time trash talking and more training, you would have dodged that punch."

"I too can call upon powers from the other realm, well-bearded man," Thor said, raising his hammer and summoning lightning down to separate the Jedi. This time Obi-Wan faced Tony and Thor, working double time to deflect laser blasts into Thor while dodging lightning. Obi-Wan and Thor locked weapons momentarily, creating bright sparks in the center of the clash. A metal kick from Tony sent the Jedi rolling through the snow, but the older gentleman was as resilient as he was skillful.

"Your old man's pretty fast," Steve said to Anakin, dodging several slashes and blocking one, slipping underneath the blade to deliver a vision shaking uppercut. "Where are you guys from?"

"He's not my father," Anakin said, pushing back a shield bash and kicking the inside of Steve's thigh. A punch to his face sounded like steel hitting bone, but the Earthling wasn't fazed. "And I'm from Tatooine," he said with grit, making Steve tumble back with a Force push. The Jedi yanked him toward his blade again, this time taking a hard kick to the chest. "Why do you care?"

Steve bounced on his toes, beckoning Anakin forward again. "I just assure myself of something," he said, whipping the shield over his head. Anakin ducked the first time but missed as it returned, knocking him face first into Steve's fist to knock him out cold. "I assure myself that the toughest kids are from New York," he said, running to help his friends getting thrown around the forest. "You got heart, kid!"

Obi-Wan's eyes shifted to all three opponents, dodging the hammer to let it hit Tony in the chest while ducking Steve's shield to send it into Thor instead. Obi-Wan rushed toward Tony, deflecting beam after beam before flattening him to a rock with his hand. "I don't want to fight you-" He gasped, leaning back and catching the hammer by its handle in his hand.

Thor's face went white as the Jedi carried it for an entire second, the color returning with the hammer suddenly sinking in the snow and taking Obi-Wan down with it. "Stop!" he shouted, pulling the hammer to his hand. "Enough of this!"

Tony and Steve pulled their punches, and Obi-Wan didn't take advantage, simply holding his stance. "What is it, Thor?" Steve asked.

"This man's goals may differ from our own but if he can carry Mjolnir even for a moment then this man's heart is righteous!" Thor said. "If this man says that the cretin who attempted to take one of our own was not a Jedi then I will vouch for him!"

Obi-Wan put away his lightsaber first, catching his breath and looking at his Padawan laying face down in the snow. "What was the name of the Jedi who visited you?"

"Qui-Gon Jinn," Tony said, "a fired coworker of yours?"

Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed with a pang to his heart, glaring at nothing but wishing the man who said that was in front of him now. "He was my master and he is no longer with us, one with the Force," he said, "the man who came to you is an impostor, more than likely a bounty hunter knowing that we would initiate a follow up investigation."

"Define 'Jedi,' please," Tony asked, flipping open his helmet. He was a fair-skinned man who looked a little older than Obi-Wan, with a black goatee, intelligent, brown eyes, and short black hair. "Right now, 'baby stealer' might not be great for your image.

"My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi General of the Galactic Republic," he said, "we are the balance against darkness, protectors of the light, and the guardians of the galaxy. I'll go with you to clear up this entire mess, we are here on a mission vital to the existence of your universe as you know it."

The three strange men glanced at each other and back at the Jedi. "What about the third member of your group?" Tony asked.

"If you can help us repair our ships and find him," Obi-Wan said, "he can tell you more about our purpose than I ever could. That way, we both get what we need from each other."

Obi-Wan picked Anakin up off the ground, putting his Padawan's arm over his shoulder to keep him standing. "Before we take you in," Tony said, "if that bounty hunter was expecting you here, then you were after the same thing. Why did he try to take a child from his home?"

"That child," Obi-Wan said, "if he even found the right one, has incredible latent power in the Force beyond anything we have ever seen before, and he is in grave danger if a bounty hunter has already made contact. We're here to find him and secure him from those who wish to use his powers for evil. That criminal was only the beginning, and with the dual threat of the Infinity Stones, we cannot afford to take anything for granted."

"We will see to your ships," Thor said, hefting Anakin on his shoulder with ease, "and you will meet with our organizer who directed us to you to relay all of this again."

"Galactic Republic, Infinity Stones, Jedi, the Force," Steve said, "for once the Avengers stand completely lost."

"I'll tell you, don't worry," Obi-Wan said, realizing just how far on the Outer Rim he was stuck on, "but I have a feeling that what results from this meeting will be bigger than all of us."