Soundless and Blind love of a WhiteRose

Chapter 1

"Yay, it's another great day ahead of me." Ruby thought cheerfully as she stretched her arms, she walked out of her room and headed downside greeting her dad who was cooking her breakfast.

She waved at him smiling at her dad, he was the best when it comes to cooking bacon and eggs and she has always enjoyed his breakfast.

He and her big sister, Yang were always there for her ever since she was born.

She remembered it clearly when she was just a kid she saw the world around her but she always noticed something there were sounds.

From bird, cars and it was also coming from other people mouths, each one sounding different from each other, she then tried to do what those people were doing but nothing came out why couldn't she say anything? As the months go pass her father noticed something was wrong with her.

She wasn't speaking at all, first, he thought that Ruby was just the quiet type and that she would eventually speak.

But when Ruby was one year old she hasn't spoken a single word yet and this was when Taiyang really got worried. He took Ruby to a doctor and it was then she was diagnosed to be mute.

There was no explanation as to why she was mute. Why did it have to be his daughter, Ruby that has to be mute?

Taiyang was beyond disbelieved at first he told the doctor that he had to be wrong he has to be. There was no way his little girl was mute. He stomped out angry holding his daughter hand tightly as the young Ruby looked at her dad worried.

Yang soon found out the news from her father and tried her best to comfort Ruby. Ruby at that time still didn't understand what was going on. She didn't know what mute means back then, she thought she was normal like her big sister.

Two years have past and he was still in denial, Tai tried using storybooks and reading the words out to her when she was three.

"See Ruby a cookie," Tai said slowly as he then pointed to the picture of a cookie on the book.

"Cookie?" Little Ruby thought as she tried to say it out but couldn't.

She tried and tried but nothing would come out of her mouth. Why does her dad have a voice but she doesn't?!

Not being able to say it she cried, she then felt her father hugging her tightly.

The little girl looked at her dad.

"It's alright sweetie, it's alright…" He said crying as she grabbed her tighter.

Ruby was sent to a normal school, her father hoping that with the help of the school and its teachers she can learn and one day grows up to have a job and maybe a family…

Ruby struggled at first she wasn't actually the best when it comes to studying but she pushes herself. However, she wasn't able to make friends and even got bullied by others. This was when her dad decided to get for her a dog that they named Zwei.

A few years later.

She has just recently graduated from Beacon high school last week and she is now pursuing her dreams.

Hoping for the best and maybe one day...meeting someone who can be her super bestie better than the restie.

Back to the present day, she was now 18 and is a young entrepreneur opening a store that sells cupcakes. She decided to name the store 'Rose's Cupcakes'. Although her dad encourages her to go to college due to her excellent grades in high school, Ruby told him that she is very happy with starting her own business and if she were to go to pursue a degree she would be very limited for her options.

Owning a store which sells cupcakes may not be everyone dream but she enjoyed it regardless.

"How is my little girl doing?" Taiyang said.

Ruby then showed a thumb up using her fingers her dad smiling knowing that she is fine.

Her dad placed her breakfast on a plate as she started to devour her meal in mere seconds causing her dad to raise an eyebrow.

"Dear, why are you in such a hurry. I know you're opening the store but you still got to hire people, acquire the materials needed and find a reliable supplier and a lot more."

Ruby nodded at her father smiling as she wipes her mouth before dashing upstairs.

Tai sighed before smiling, "I'm so proud that you managed to make it this far sweetie." He said as he looked at her empty plate that she has left for him. "Well, time to clean up I guess," Tai said as he took the plate to the sink whistling to himself.

Ruby dressed as well as she could. She was opening her store today and she is going to meet her business partners who are going to help her and her store out.

She wore a red business suit and wore long black pants. She then grabbed a small bag and took her scroll with her calling her business partners and telling them that she was on her way after she was done with everything she needed to do before she leaves, she headed down the stairs to wave a goodbye to her dad as she exited from their home.

Their home was a small house located in a small town in the Kingdom of Vale as Ruby started walking across the street to take the bus to the main city of Vale where her new store was located.

Once the bus has arrived, she boarded it sitting on one of the seats as she put on her best smile.

"She couldn't wait to see the grand opening of Rose's Cupcakes."

Author note

Hey, guys, I was inspired to write this story which depicts Ruby as mute and Weiss as blind. I thought it would be a great AU to write so I'm here to present it to you, Soundless and Blind love of a WhiteRose enjoy. Art rightfully belongs to Kumafromtaiwan.