"You do care, Dami," Dick said in an almost hushed voice even though Damian's headache was gone and Tim was still unconscious. The older man made his way to the med bay watching the younger of his brothers being together, for Damian's part willingly. He had never felt more useless than when he had been searching for his little brothers and couldn't find them. Damian wasn't in his room and Tim of course wasn't either.

"The family would suffer should any of us fall of the roster, that is all," Damian replied backing away from Tim as if to prove that he and Tim weren't on better terms. The time spent in the sewer changed Damian. He was still Damian to be sure, but he was different. He was almost in shock that Tim willingly protected him even though he knew there was a chance he could die.

"I heard you, 'no more dead Robins'. I agree Bruce saved all us, only for me to have to fake my death, Jason to be beaten to death, you to die at the hand of your clone, and a ton of crap for Tim to have to deal with all because we wore the 'R'. It's a unspoken rule, Robins take care of each other," Dick explained.

Damian held back the urge to roll his eyes, knowing that what Dick said was real. Robin's had a knack for disobeying orders and sucking at staying alive. That wasn't quite right, Damian thought back to the fight with Killer Croc, how many times had Tim pushed him out of the way and taken the brunt of the fighting to keep him safe. It was infuriating, but he knew that Killer Croc was out of his league, for right now. Robin's looked after each other, too. Batman couldn't be everywhere at once, and as loathe as he was too admit it, Batman couldn't fix every problem. His father was far from perfect even though he loved all of his children he couldn't stop any of their deaths.

"I was merely thanking him helping me fight the mutant. What would have happened if," Damian started to ask looking at Tim's unconscious form, and then at Dick, "If you and father were a few more minutes late?"

"It wouldn't happen. I'll come for you, or Tim, or Jason, or Bruce. You won't be alone, Dami," Dick promised. "We have to look out for each other."

Damian didn't like that answer Tim err, Drake, had really came that close to dying? For him? He almost didn't believe it. He had seen the blood work they had done on Tim to make sure he didn't have any infection or toxins so he wasn't drugged or anything like that. It wasn't right Damian wouldn't have done it for him. He would have for Father or Grayson, but they would never be in the situation to need it. Being Robin and having 'siblings' was nothing that he had ever been trained for it left him in debt and he did not know how to repay it. Being apart of the Robin Legacy had expectations for him to uphold. Protect former and current Robins almost like they had a secret code that hadn't been told to him until it could be shown to him.

Tim woke up slowly hearing murmured voices. He wished that he could just fall back asleep or die. His head hurt and he felt fuzzy all over. Pain was just coming back, like he'd been given something and it was wearing off. He opened his eyes slowly, the heavy lids came up to show Bruce and Alfred. It seemed like they were discussing something or another. Tim suddenly remembered the events from last night. Damian... where was he? He looked around the other beds in the infirmary were empty, but that didn't mean he got off scot free. Tim tried to get up, but failed as Alfred and Bruce noticed he was awake Bruce gently put his hand on his shoulder to keep him still.

"Is Damian ok?" Tim asked still searching for the little gremlin.

"He is quite alright. I must say you have given us a good scare. Dr. Thompkins has already taken her leave," Alfred replied before muttering, "Lucky that she was able to come on such short notice."

Tim could feel the tension fade from his body because Damian was safe, and somehow he was still alive. "What happened last night?"

"It was two and a half nights ago. Dick and I were patrolling Gotham when we got a message from Killer Croc that he had you two. We fought with him and he finally told us were you were. We came just in time, if were just a few minutes later I don't know if you would have made it. Damian was really worried about you, we all were," Bruce explained as he tried to adjust the lightweight blanket around Tim. Bruce was trying to be less awkward around him, Tim gave him a weak smile.

"Oh, it's good that you came in time," Tim muttered right before his eyes shut and he drifted back in to the darkness of sleep.

Alfred checked over the IVs. Bruce ran his fingers through Tim's hair the ebony locks going in all directions. "This was so much easier when I didn't have kids."

"Master Bruce, you say that, but think of how much harder it was. You didn't have a son to get excited when a criminal was put away, a son who would debate the finer points of classic literature with the Riddler, a son that needed to be needed to know that he had a place and a family that wanted him, a son who needed a home and a purpose other than what his mother wanted. A daughter that needed a family, a real father not just a handler. They all needed you as much as you did them," Alfred pointed out. "Even now even if you don't adopt more children you'll still be a father figure to them."

"It seems that I always needed them more than they needed me," Bruce mused.

"None of you has had an easy road to carve. They have all changed so much last year, Tim protected Damian. Damian protected Tim. You're proud of both your sons," Alfred replied.

"I know, I know, I don't understand why they always have to get hurt and be killed," Bruce softly said as he turned to face the old butler.

Alfred simply let his son come to him as he gently embraced him, "It's hard to see your children suffer. Especially when you can't always protect them, at least your sons can protect each other."