Note: Not my best work but I really wanted to finish the event on time.

Day Four: Halloween

Erza tackled Halloween just like anything else – with unmatched gusto. Over the course of the evening he'd lost track of her costume changes. Jellal stayed parked at the bar with Laxus. They wore nearly identical, generic black vampire capes that Mirajane called Boring Husband Capes. He wasn't sorry to see the evening end.

She saved her final requip for when he least expected it. The lace was startlingly red and the black threads caught the low light of their bedroom. Erza stalked across the floor and tugged on the strings knotted at his throat. The cape fell to the floor and her black fingernails clicked lightly over the buttons of his shirt. She stopped at the waistband of his pants.

"You didn't have too much fun with Laxus at the bar did you?"

"I'm not drunk," he whispered touching the strap of her bra. "Are you?"


Erza's eyes scorched something inside of him as she unhooked the button at his waist and pulled the tails of his shirt free. He let her undress him before sliding his hands over her shoulders and up around her throat. Jellal angled her chin upward and took a bruising kiss. Erza's fingernails pierced his chest and she pushed him backwards into the bed. She didn't remove the lingerie and he wouldn't consider ruining it.

She moved fast and gripped his erection in her hand. He winced but also enjoyed the squeeze very much. The smooth patch of satin between her legs slid easily over him in a rhythm that both excited and frustrated him. Even once her wetness soaked the panties and he was ready she made no move to take them off. Erza bit her lip and grinned down at him. Her hair hung in her face and a truly dark sound fell from her lips.

When he flipped her to her back and loomed over her, she didn't fight him. Instead, her eyes closed and she bit her lip as his fingers traced over the lace cups of her bra and the seams of the panties he decided he liked very much. Still, he didn't remove them. Jellal hooked his thumb in the edge of the panties, tugged them aside, and hesitated. She'd teased him earlier and he thought to return the favor.

He left kisses on the swells of her breasts, below her navel, and finally dipped between her thighs. Erza groaned and her back arched beautifully. Maybe she whispered his name, maybe not. When her breaths grew heavier, Jellal pulled his mouth away and settled his hips between her legs.

"That was mean," she breathed, draping her arms over his shoulders.

"Not any more mean than you dry humping me with that cruel grin earlier."

Erza's tongue darted out and touched his bottom lip. "Get on with it."

"I don't know, I kind of like it when you beg me."

She responded by digging her fingernails into his shoulders. "Fuck me, now," she whispered.

Jellal grinned against her lips and pushed all the way into her. The palm of his hand slid over her thigh and his fingers dug into her skin as he pinned it to his hip. He swallowed all her words and swears and breaths. Erza wasn't hard for him to figure out and he could get her off easy… if he wanted. Instead of letting her fall easy, he dragged it out.

As selfish as it probably was, Jellal thought Erza at her most terribly beautiful when she was trying very hard to reach a climax but couldn't. Her eyebrows dented and her teeth bit into her lip. Her breaths were thick and fast.

"Jellal," she hissed. "Please."

It's what he wanted. He wanted the desperate please.

With a swift and merciless pace he finished her off with the quickness she'd wanted at the start. Her body softened along with his and she melted against him when he fell to his side.

"That wasn't a beg, by the way," she murmured.

"Of course not." He kissed her closed eyes and never lost the smug grin.

Because it absolutely had been a beg.