Brock are you sure you know we're your going moaned ash from palot town Brock you don't know we're your going do you -.- mumbled Misty uhh yeh about that...said Brock UGH I'm sick and tired of being in this stupid forest I wanna get to mavlet city so
Ash can get his dumb badge so we can finally have a break shouted Misty *Bush waved*pika pi pikachu pointed to the bush out jumped an oddish wow an oddish im gonna chatch it said Ash in a excited voice quickly the oddish fled Ash followed it into
the caves of eternal darkness were am I questioned Ash pikachu used his electronic tail to light up the caves suddenly a crowbat appeared Pikachu watch out pikachu doged the crowbats venomous bite quickly pikachu elctro ball the crowbat fell
to the caves ground it quickly used the rest of its energy to float away Ashh Ashh were are you called misty Misty over here said ash with his voice echoing behind and in front of him Misty Brock I see away out see you outside explained Ash pikachu okay
pikachu your pika pal shouted out Misty Misty Brock get out here you need to see this! Screamed Ash Misty and Brock came dashing out the caves what is it wonders Misty clumsily Misty fell over ow what did you find the oddish? Asked MistyNo look
Wisperd Ashfinally are heroes made it to mavlet city yayyy Misty Screamed as she jumped down to mavlet city in joy haha look at Misty jumping for mavlet city said Ash while laughing yeah I know get all your Pokémon out Ash so I can give them there
nutritious food to make them healthy and strong and also so they can get some fresh air you too Misty uhh Misty Misty...said Brock hahaha laughed Ash come one let's go get her she'll probably be at the water Pokémon store explained Ash so there
they were running of with all Ashes Pokémon running or gliding behind him to catch up to Misty who's ran of into mavlet city already looking for a shop to pick up or drop off some poke balls or potions to heal her Pokémon that are impressively good trained
Pokémon like starmie or staru or even piplup let rotomdeck tell you about some of these Pokémon Starmie: A water type Pokémon that can use the tip of the top star to use such powerful Pokémon attacks that would really affect such fire Pokémon it's also
the evolution of staru also a powerful Pokémon the thing that they both have in common is the gem in the middle of them is there main source of life and power when the gem flickers they are knocked out witch means the match there playing would be stopped
because starmie would be unable to play so the other Pokémon would win meanwhile over by Misty starmie return you done good your charizard is well trained beating a Pokémon that has the advantage in the match said Misty in a surprised voice she was clearly
speechless by the charizard it was nothing like Ashes charizard she thought Staru go Misty through the poke ball releasing staru out to battle the astonishing charizard Charizard use flamethrower then use fire blitz to extinguish the staru so we win the
game said Chloe in a vicious voice of anger staru use water pulse to defend your self *explotion* Staru! we give up staru you will be ok let's get you to the Pokémon centre meanwhile Pikachu finish him of with an electro ball Pika-Chuuu Onix is unable
to battle challenger Ash wins the gym leader We did it Pikachu are 3rd badge Pika pi Said the courageous leader Ash Katcham Pikachu danced as Ash jumped for joy Ash get out here now Mistys staru is in bad shape *ding-dong* Staru is in perfect shape good
as knew explained Nurse Joy Oh thank heavens I thought I lost you staru knock knock on the window all Ashes Pokémon were all looking in Staru Pikachu Misty Brock and Ash all laughed as are heroes walk of too virminion city