"Oh Norman...this is horrible" said Margret holding her husband's hand as the plane took off.
"It'll be okay honey...shh" Norman sort of patted Marget's hand.
"I just don't know how this could happen" began Margret. "She was on the honor roll in high school...and made all of the school plays. Then she celebrated her 21st birthday with booze...and that changed everything" a tear slipped down her cheek and her husband handed her a tissue.


Gretchen sat on flight #224 with a sick feeling in her stomach. Partly, because she was 8 1/2 months pregnant with her sixth child and partly nervous about what might happen when she arrived back in New Jersey.

"Do you think the rest of the school kids will think I am a nerd still?" she asked, looking and feeling panicked.
"Nah...they are grown up now. They know how to act" said her husband, Josh.

Janie stared at her novel for awhile, not really reading, more thinking about what would happen when she arrived. What would her classmates look like? Would Freddy "The Lobster" finally had grown up? She couldn't expect anything right now.


All the girl's flights arrived 2 hours apart. They were all staying at the same hotels, but didn't get a chance to see each other until the memorial service that afternoon.

"Gretch!" cried Janie. "Margret!" she hugged her two friends.
"Gretchen! Janie!" cried Margret, crying.

Gretchen couldn't say much, she was very sober.

They went up to the coffin and hugged Nancy's mother, and said how sorry they were. Then they took a look at the body.

"She looks so...peaceful" said Gretchen looking at the body, still shocked her friend was this way.

"I know..." was all could Margret say.

They talked with people. Freddy had grown a mustache and looked handsome. Margret caught Janie staring at him and had to giggle a very small laugh. Laura Danker had grown a bit taller and had longer hair since the last time Margret had seen her. And finally, Phil Leroy was a business man, and his cell phone rang a few times. He left the room to go and chat.

Janie heard him. "What! What do you mean they won't let us buy AAS? Tell them to offer any price!" he bellowed into the phone, and she giggled.

A few words were shared. Then the Beatle's "Something" was played. Then old classmates and friends and family talked about Nancy a bit. Finally, it was time to go and bury her...it was time to say on last goodbye to the girl's final friend...