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A/N: This is about Sabrina having to take a big sister role over her younger cousin, Amanda. For those of you not familiar with Amanda she is Sabrina's fifteen-year-old cousin. (I think that's her age.) Well, enjoy this spur of the moment idea I had.

                                              CHAPTER 1

          Sabrina raced downstairs to the kitchen of her house. Her long blonde hair was flying with her. She stuffed two pieces of bread into her toaster and quickly poured herself a glass of orange juice. Salem watched her from his spot on the counter.

"Whoa. Going out for the Olympics, Sabby?" the talking cat kidded.

"Salem, I completely overslept. I have to get to work," said Sabrina. "Annie wanted my article an hour ago." Sabrina grabbed her toast as soon as it popped up. "Ouch! Hot. On top of everything else I'm melting my hands. Plus I—"

          All of a sudden Sabrina's younger cousin, Amanda, appeared in the kitchen. She was wearing a short, black skirt with a red silk blouse. She flipped her brown hair, revealing her pearl earrings.

"Hey," Amanda greeted.

"Plus she's baaack," Salem said, finishing Sabrina's sentence.

"Amanda, what are you doing here?" Sabrina asked.

"School's lame. So I came to hang out. What's up?"

"Amanda, I don't have time for a social call. I have to get to work. Why don't you hang out with Salem?"

"Goody," said Salem sarcastically.

"Fine," said Amanda.

"Great. Good. I have to go. Bye now." Sabrina raced out the door then.

          Amanda pulled a chair up to the counter, facing Salem. She released a sigh.

"What's the deal, kid?" Salem asked.

"Uh, you can keep a secret, right?"

"Been keepin' Sabrina's for over five years."

"Well, there have kind of been some problems at school."


Amanda sighed again. "I've been kicked out."

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