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Hermione/ Severus

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Summary: Hermione's first introduction into the magical world is by two very different men, one light, and one dark, but the one she is enamored with is the one everyone fears.

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Part 1: Chapter 1

"Every child is born a naturalist. Their eyes are, by nature, open to the glories of the stars, the beauty of flowers, and the mysteries of life."

"Hermione! Can you come down here please, love?" she heard her mother call to her from downstairs.

"Coming Mom!" the little girl called from where she lay with her head hanging over the end of her bed, her long caramel curls just about touching the floor as she held her book above her face. Sweeping downstairs, her lacey white dress twisted around her ankles almost tripping her in her energetic flurry into the Granger dining room.

Albus Dumbledore in his usual half moon spectacles, and Severus Snape in his black frock both sat in the bright living room of the two muggles who stood whispering in their kitchen.

"She's always been different Mark, ever since she was a baby," Mrs. Granger took the pot off the stove as it started to whistle, "Remember when she made a flower bloom in her hand when she was three? It was dead Mark, and she brought it back to red."

"Yes, I remember Sheila," Mr. Granger put the pot onto a tray, taking cups and saucers from the cupboard. "Our little girl is very special."

"Try to be nice Severus," Dumbledore said to the Head of Slytherin House, hearing little feet pattering down the stairs, "Introducing a new student into our world is a wonderful thing, try not to look as if you despise them on sight".

Severus sneered at the old headmaster as he got up from his position to join his now standing master, though he did smooth his features into his usual mask. He turned to the stairs just as his new bright eyed student came into view.

Hermione wasn't expecting two grown men to be at the end of the stairs when she set foot on the last step, especially one who wore such a bright purple with a beard and hair as long as hers, or a very tall intimidating man who looked as if he was doing his best to imitate stone.

"Hello, Hermione," the older man greeted her with a smile and a clasp of his hands as her parents came bustling in, her dad put a hand on her shoulder to lead her more into the room. "My name is Albus Dumbledore, I am Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and this is Severus Snape, our Potions Master."

Hermione had sat down next to Severus while her parents talked to the Headmaster, not paying attention to the glance they gave her, and listened what they said, but it wasn't anything she didn't already know. She had always known she was different, and she had a feeling the man she sat beside was different too, but not viewed in a good way by other people as her being witch would be. They made quite a picture, her with her bare little feet dangling off the edge of the sofa, holding a porcelain cup with dainty fingers looking up to the imposing profile of the man to her right who held his own cup but never once took a sip.

Taking a sip of her own she continued to look up to him as he stared hard at the crackling fireplace over her head, his eyes snapping down when he felt cold fingers gently prying his long ones from his untouched tea only to replace it with the one she had already taken a drink of. Cocking his eyebrow at her hidden smile, his obsidian eyes hold her hazel ones as he drinks the already tasted tea, accepting that it was not tampered with, the rim hiding the slight quirk of his lips.

Dumbledore is the only one who sees the exchange, and hides his bafflement well as he had never seen the boy he has know for over twenty years take food from anyone other than the House Elves.

After taking out quite a few books from a pocket that should not have held them, Dumbledore purposely stridded out of the quaint muggle home before the Potions Master after bidding farewell the the elder Grangers'.

Hermione hadn't planned on doing anything of the sort, but the short time she spent in his presence demanded that she at least try to take some of the hardness out of his mouth. As soon as her parents had left her to see the professors' out, she flung her pale arms around his lean waist, her eyes resting right beside his snake engraved frock buttons.

Severus was momentarily stunned, his arms akimbo as if not knowing where to put them.

"Ms. Granger," Hermione heard him say for the first time, his deep baritone startling her as she had never heard a voice that deep, but she didn't let go, only angling her head up and smiling brightly. "What are you doing?"

"Mummy always says if someone's not smiling they could use a hug," she gave him a light squeeze as if to accentuate her meaning. "And if they still won't smile to not let go until they do or hug you back."

Severus stared at the very strange girl whose head barely reached up to his hip and thought she might be the strangest witch he had ever met, and that was saying something with how many witches he had encountered in his life.

"You're really not going to let go?"

"Nope. Mummy's always right."

"Will a book get you to, silly girl?"

Her eyes lit up as if she had gotten a puppy, the same as they had when Dumbledore had given her his stack of magical books with moving pictures. She let the dark man go to bounce slightly on the balls of her bare feet as he pulled out a thin book from a hidden pocket beside his buttons.

"Here, girl. I would have it back once term starts."

She flung her arms around her new professor once again, not seeing the small smile he did indeed have now as he swept down the porch stairs in a flurry of black cloth, leaving her to devour his book laying on the floor where they had stood.

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