Chapter 19
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"Just because you bury something doesn't mean it stops existing. Those feelings, they've been there all along. I just had to face it. He was part of my DNA."

"I'm sorry, Professor Dumbledore." Hermione looked suitable chastened at the Headmaster scolds her for going to Little Whinging.

Little liar…

After all summer he had kept them apart from Harry, or told them to and it was only a matter if they listened to him or not. Like Ron did. She just chose to be a good friend and not leave him to deal with Cedric's death, granted she had a means to get to him.

"How did you get rid of the Dementors Miss. Granger?" His blue eyes were darker than they usually were, the twinkle not at all present. "You have not received an expulsion notice as of yet."

"I doubt I will be getting one anytime soon, sir." She said, face blank, "At least I was there when they came for Harry, or else he would be getting a notice. Wouldn't that have caused more problems than necessary?"

He said nothing, glancing only to where her flowered wand was disillusioned and strapped to her forearm. "Good day, Miss. Granger."

She smiled charmingly, "Good day, Headmaster."

Harry ranted about not being in the loop as he waves the Daily Prophet around, not even jumping as Fred and George apparated on either side of him as everyone else had the first time they had appeared near them. Hermione was starting to get a pounding headache at his yelling that had been going on for twenty minutes. Ron sat on the other side of the bed from her and, in vain, tried to dispel the other boy's unnecessary anger but was having great difficulty. He only took a break to catch his breath once as Ginny came in and tells them she couldn't eavesdrop on the Order meeting, dropping in between the twins as they each wrap an arm around her shoulders.

Harry opens his mouth to start up once again at Hermione this time as he looked to her, but she had enough with the pounding in her head.

"Enough," she said, knowing he was going to say something about her not telling him anything while she was in Little Whinging. She put her fingers in either side of her nose, and everyone blinked at how much she looked like Snape in that moment. "As i'm sure you remember, we didn't have much time to talk when I came to visit, Harry."

Harry looked suitably put down, and finally took a seat next to Hermione and put his head in her lap as Ron then asked, "When did you go and see him? Dumbledore told us not to. I didn't get to see him."

"A few days ago," Hermione threaded her fingers through his already messy hair, "I didn't plan on it, Ron, and Dumbledore never would have known if the Dementors hadn't of shown up."

"You went against Dumbledore's orders," Ron looked aghast and was starting to sound like his mother who thought the Headmaster hung the moon.

"Our little-"

"- rule breaker." The twins grinned at her from their corner.

Ginny looked at her with a confused expression, a frown appearing, "But how did you banish them? You couldn't have used your wand, the trace is still on it."

Hermione sighed as Harry murmured, "The question of the week." She yanked on the hair she still had a hold of, ignoring his yelp.

They would find out eventually from Harry, so lifting her dress to the side, causing eyebrows to raise and Ron's ears to turn red. She lay her swirled wand in the middle of the bed.

"That's not your-"

"-normal wand. Why didn't- "

"-we think of that?"

Ginny's eyes lit up as she saw the untraceable wand, "Where did you get it?"

Hermione was saved from answering by the door swinging open, making everyone jump as their black clad Professor was revealed on the other side.

He eyed everyone, then the wand on the bed in which Hermione casually grabbed and holstered, and finally to the boy in her lap who eyed him back. She met his black eyes with a raised eyebrow, "I would like you in the lab, Miss. Granger."

She nodded and he swept back down the hall, leaving the door open wide. Ron scowls, "You spent all summer locked up in the Potions lab with that git, why does he have to keep you in there days before school?"

Hermione grinned a little bit, her curls hiding it as she looked down. Ginny puts on a mock concerned look, "He's not doing anything untoward is he, love? Blink three times if he is."

Ron and the twins all gag at the same time as the girls laugh, and neither of them see Harry looking up to see Hermione's reaction. She slids out from underneath him while tucking a pillow beneath his head, smoothing down her dress as she stands.

"Well then, I'm off to get ravaged on top the potions ingredients, so try not to get into trouble while I'm gone." She said to the disgust of all the boys, Ginny looked far too happy with herself and Hermione was glad the topic of her wand had been discarded.

"Wait, she was joking, right? Hermione!" Ron yelled at her as she closed the door, a grin on her face.

"You weren't joking were you?" A voice came up behind her, the owner's large hands grabbing her around the waist and pulling her to his chest.

Hermione continued walking to the door at the end of the hall, holding onto the hands resting on her stomach. Pausing just long enough to throw a familiar smirk at Severus, "Of course I was."

She squealed slightly as he tickles her ribs, turning into a laugh as he nipped at her neck and slammed the door behind them.


The ballroom was a sea of black, filled with Death Eaters ready for the new Marking.

"The Ministry will need to be ours," Tom had said to Hermione and his two lutienents, taking a sip of his drink. "They will make things much more difficult once they know I am alive."

Dolores Umbridge stepped up, shaking in front of the Dark Lord as she uncovered her left forearm and baring it to the man who touched it gently with his wand. Hermione was at least glad the foul woman would have some of the pain she had inflicted upon others directed towards her. Her eyes focused on the pink beads at her wrist, sneering at the them slightly.

"Umbridge is a liability," she had told him once he brought up her name, "She is very outspoken on her views towards half- bloods, and muggleborns. She has made several laws trying to ban werewolves from Britain!"

Tom had only tugged on one of her curls with an indulgent smile, "Yes she is love, and if the Aurors were to open their eyes to a mole in their midst, she would be the scapegoat. She will also be your new defense professor this year, so you will have to learn to tolerate her for the time being."

She grumbled, "I don't want to speak to her outside of class." She was amazed sometimes at how much she could get away with talking to this evil man, and he only laughed at the girl who brought him back to life.

"As you wish," was his answer, then it was onto the business of a new Minister when the time came.

She screamed when the mark was seared into her flesh, the snake slowly taking form into the skull.

"When will you give me my mark, my lord?" Hermione's eyes flicked to Severus before they went back to Tom.

"Soon, when the time is right."


The inhabitants of Grimmauld Place continued to wage war on the house, and in that process Hermione found a very interesting piece of jewelry. Sirius had thrown it in the pile of things he no longer wanted, but something of an aura surrounded it that Hermione had become accustomed to.

Levitating it from where it was buried from beneath Walburga Black's necklaces, she was given a vicious look from Kreacher that she ignored. The golden locket was a gaudy thing with it's green enlaid 'S' right in the center, and it's clasp would not become undone. After casting diagnostic spells for curses she grabbed it out of the air, and the longer she held the large locket, a whispering went through her head that sounded like nothing and yet something.

"Sirius? Do you mind if I keep this?"

He took it from her, casting the same spells and shrugs as he gave it back to her, "Might as well, going to get thrown out anyway."

Looping it around her neck to show to Severus later, she continued stunning doxies whenever someone would open a dark drawer.

A black clad man stood in front of the kitchen sink, staring out into the darkness of night. Slipping her arms around his lean waist, Hermione rests her cheek on his back and feels it rumble as he says hello.

"You haven't been in all day, I missed you. Now it's the middle of the night, and you didn't even feel the need to come see me." She tickled him on his surprisingly ticklish ribs, her hands then going up to his neck to undo the snake embossed buttons that he had already started on.

She feels his snort vibrate her cheek, "You didn't give me a chance to."

They continued to stand that way until Hermione finished with his buttons, her hands splaying on his stomach where she could feel his warmth through the thin shirt. "What is Dumbledore doing Severus? Harry is getting upset, he thinks he is ignoring him."

"He doesn't tell me everything, girl. He barely trusts me with the information I pull out of him now." He turns around, putting the wand he had apparently been holding down on the dining table. Wrapping her arms around his neck after he lifts her up to the counter in front of him, his goes around her waist.

"Do you trust him?"

His eyes glitter in the little light from the moon outside the window behind her, he pushes back one of her curls from her forehead, "The only one I trust in this madness we live in, is you."

She smiles cheekily at him, showing her fangs, "Is that so?"

He growls lightly, his lips bruising her's as they laugh into one another's mouths and their hands go into each other's hair. The golden locket sitting quietly in Hermione's beaded bag goes forgotten until the time comes for it to become known once more.


Hermione ran her thumb over the P on her red and gold prefects badge that had come with her new class schedule, looking at Harry. He didn't show anything on his face as the twins tease Ron about his new status, only looking on with a polite expression.

Dumbledore is trying to seperate us even more from Harry...

Wrapping an arm around the dark headed boy, he wraps an arm around her shoulders as they hear music start downstairs for the party Mrs. Weasley had put together.

"Are you alright Harry?" she squeezes his side.

He smiles down at her weakly, kissing her temple, "I'm fine, 'Mione."

She looks back at him worriedly as she is pulled into a hug by a crying Molly, telling her how proud she was of her and her youngest son. Harry goes to talk to Remus and Kingsley at the edge of the living room. Mingling around for an hour or so, studying all the Order members who were gathered, she deigns to see Severus who had been cooped up in his room all day.

Harry had perked up much after talking the Remus and Sirius about his father, so she gave Crookshanks her attention as she stood with their little group. Picking up the cat who had been circling her legs, she listened to their conversation.

She kissed his furry head before giving him her badge who then takes it in his mouth, "Watch over Mummy's badge, Crooks." She kissed him once more before letting him down to trot about the house, showing off his pilfered goods.

The boys, who she hadn't noticed watching her and her familiar, all stared at her as she watched him walk away. Blushing as she finally did, they all grinned at her, "What?"

Remus pulled her to his side, "Do you think that's a good idea, Hermione? Giving your cat your badge?"

She pinched his side smiling brilliantly, hugging him briefly before letting go, "Of course it's a good idea, Remus. He'll give it back."

Escaping up the stairs to find Sev, a knocking inside an open doorway draws Hermione's attention. A dark mahogany dresser was rocking from side to side, something inside of it tried very hard to get out. Against her conscience, she pulled it open, and a boggart materialized in front of her as she backed out of the room once she saw the shape of it.

It seemed confused, switching between shapes, but settled on one the longest. Severus stood in front of her, in his thin unbuttoned shirtsleeves, his Dark Mark writhed on his arm as Hermione's eyes were glued to his face. His skin was a dusky grey, as if soot had been blown everywhere there was taunt skin. It was as if all the blood had been drained from him, causing his skin to grow leathery and tight against his bones, giving him the appearance of a walking skeleton with pale lips and colorless cloudy eyes.

She steps back with her wand raised, but she was paralyzed as he backs her against the wall, his face coming within an inch of her own. He smiled cruelly, made even more grotesque by the Boggart's chosen death like facade. His skeletal hand raised, mimicking Severus' actions from days ago by sliding one of her curls behind one ear. Hermione squeezed her eyes shut, tears sliding from underneath her lids as he whispered in her ear.

"It's all your fault," his breath slid across her neck like a frigid wind, causing chills to rack her body along with her suppressed sobs. "You let this happen. You let the Dark Lord drain me of my life, just as you are doing to your best- friend." His lips twisted into a seer, not that Hermione saw. "You brought him back, you signed my life back to him just as you are doing to your precious Potter."

She falls to the ground, a loud thump sounding through the hallway. Her hand covers her mouth to suppress the sobs, not doing anything to block the whimpers that escaped as he continues to say the same words in her ear. Her wand lays abandoned next to her on the floor until finally, his words stop, but she does not open her eyes as it is banished.

Large familiar hands pick her up slightly, putting her on his lap as he strokes her hair to calm her. She wraps her arms around his neck, burying her head in his hair as her sobs subside with his platitudes whispering so much different than his dead copy. As several footsteps sounded on the stairs, male voices echoing just around the corner, Severus slid Hermione to the floor beside him instead of draped over him.

Harry had seen many strange things concerning his friend, but the scene that greeted him, his godfather, Remus, and Moody on their way to banish a trapped Boggart had to be put at the top of the list. Severus Snape was sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. The Potions Professor was practically laying on the floor, with a curly haired girl curled up into his side in front of an open door. Hermione was curled into their Professor's side, and had his arm around her shoulder. Comforting her. The man who had made over fifteen years worth of whole Potions classes cringe, and cry, was comforting a girl who was best friends with the boy who he seemed full of contempt for.

"Hermione?" he whispered, not exactly comprehending what was going on in front of him. Based on the silence behind him, neither did the other three men.

"Snape!" Barked Moody, his wand held in his right hand with Sirius right behind him, walked towards the couple who stood. Snape's hand going down to help the smaller girl up. Harry's heart twinged as she looked at him with wet red eyes, a trembling smile on her lips."What is the meaning of this?"

"The boggart is gone now," she said softly, wiping the tear tracks from her cheeks. "You can tell Molly we took care of it." She didn't make any more sound as she walks up to Harry, squeezing him tightly, then grabs Severus' hand and pulls him back towards his room.

No one says a word as they walk back down the stairs. Harry looks up to Remus once though, and he senses he sees something more than the younger boy does.

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