Uraraka shook her bottle. "All out. Deku, is it okay if I used your water bottle—"

"HERE!" Izuku rolled the water bottle over to her.

"Um... Thanks!"

He heard her open the bottle and take a gulp.

Uraraka exhaled. "Man, what a day, huh? I'm so hot I could barely see straight."

Yes, you're hot, Izuku thought. Incredibly hot. Hotter than Endeavor hot. So hot I'm scared I might burst a hole in my pants if I take... another... look at...

He peeked at her through the gaps between his fingers. She was panting, his water bottle between her thighs as she wiped her face with her towel. He felt the blood rise to his head.

"Hey, Deku, by the way," Uraraka said. "How come you closed your eyes every time I looked at you while we were running? I'm not ugly, am I?" She blinked. "Deku?"

Izuku had passed out on the ground.

Uraraka sighed. I guess he was just tired.

She turned him over. He was covered in blood from his nose downward.