Set four months after 'Sympathy for the Demon.' Cole did not kill Edward Miller the slumlord in 'Witches in tights.' Cole is still his opportunistic self trying to get Phoebe back, he's just not as obvious about it.

"Emily you're going to be okay, those people, those things that were after you, are gone now." Phoebe comforted.

"My lawyer, I need to see my lawyer now, I'm going to be evicted."

"Evicted, that can't be good, why are you being evicted sweetie?"

"Because those things, kept harassing me, causing a lot of trouble so the landlord wants me gone."

"That's terrible." Phoebe said sympathetically.

"Can I use your phone" Emily asked, with a business card falling out of her pocket."

"Sure." Phoebe said, while picking up the fallen business card, her face turned from neutral to horrified.

"Cole Turner!"

"Yeah, he's been so good to me in this difficult time." She says before taking the business card and heading towards the phone."

"No this can't be right he's evil!"

"What?" Emily said in surprise and half amusement, continuing to dial the phone.

Leo jumped in "I think it is right Phoebe, Cole's been helping people like this for months now, he's even helped me a couple of times."

"He has, how come you never told me this?" Piper whined.

"Because he didn't want people to think he was just doing this to get back to Phoebe, he's moved on now, trying to redeem himself from all the evil he has done in the past."

Phoebe repeated "This can't be right."

"Thank you for all your help." Emily hastily headed towards the door.

"Wait, I'm going with you no one should be alone with Cole."

At Cole's office.

"I can't express how grateful you we are for what you have done for me and my family."

The middle-aged woman hugged Cole and walked out the door with a thousand troubles removed from her back, relief filling her face with contentment. Cole spotted the two women at the entrance of the room and made eye contact, a mixture of warmth and shock greeted his face as he finally laid eyes upon his ex-wife, he eventually composed himself enough to address his two guests.

"Emily, Phoebe."

"Is it over, am I being evicted."

Cole hesitated and briefly glanced at Phoebe eyes, they were fixed on him with a blank cold stare.

"No, not yet, I think I can still delay things further, but unless we can convince one of the other residents to speak on your behalf, or the landlord to halt the proceedings we're not going to win this battle."

"Okay so that's it, we'll convince the tenants or the landlord and everything will be peachy, let's go goodbye Cole." Phoebe replied.

Emily was grabbed and Phoebe practically dragged her out the room like a woman possessed.

"Wait, you'll need my help." He pleaded moving towards them.

"We don't need you Cole." Phoebe fired back before storming out the door with Emily, slamming it behind them.

Cole threw a low voltage energy ball at the wall in frustration, as much as the work he has done for others made him feel better, it just wasn't enough. Seeing Phoebe again even only for a moment brought back old feelings of despair that begged to be forgotten. He moved back into his chair and buried his head into a folder and broke down. He never really felt responsible for his actions as the source, after all he became the source not from his own free will but as an unexpected consequence of saving Phoebe. He desperately tried to fight it off like a disease infecting him, but he was left helpless against the source's power. Again, he felt helpless, another afternoon spent alone in his office after once coming so close to perfect happiness. He would never consider himself good, however that doesn't make him evil, almost more human, he's not sharing his body with Belthazhar, he's not infected by the source and he's not without purpose like when he was a human, he's finally able to be the real him. But he needs Phoebe like a struggling alcoholic.

There was a knock on the door, Cole quickly tried to regain his composure wiping his face with his blazer in a sorry attempt to look presentable.

"Come in."

"I know what you are doing and it's not going to work." Paige attacked.

"What exactly am I doing this time, stopping people from being evicted, I'm truly evil." Cole fired at her with more built up anger than sarcasm.

"Who are you fooling Cole, you can never be good, stay away from our innocent, you won't be able to help."

"Maybe I can't at least not on my own, but I think you can, you used to be a social worker right, I haven't had much luck with convincing the tenants, but I think you might be able too, we should be able to get there before Phoebe messes up a month of my work."

"I've got it, thanks." Paige orbed out the room.

Everything was falling out of control, if Paige saved Emily then he wouldn't get the credit, but if she fails Emily will be evicted and he will be blamed for it.

Just outside Emily's apartment.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Phoebe replied.

This couldn't be further from the truth, as much as she would like to admit she had moved on from Cole, her face betrayed her true emotions, being with Cole was almost like flying with a dragon, the mediocrity that followed had little chance of capturing her heart the way he did.

They turned the corner and arrived at the apartment complex only to be greeted by Paige.

"They won't help you Emily I'm sorry."

"Now what am I going to do."

Back at the manor.

"Cole what are you doing here." Phoebe asked.

The living room was a packed auditorium, Cole stared at Phoebe briefly, then his eyes darted around the room until they landed at Emily.

"The landlord has agreed to stop proceedings, Emily you're free to stay."

Emily was ecstatic, she sang screams of joy jumping up into Cole's arms, today he was her knight in shining armor, the sisters may have defeated the demons, but Cole was the who had saved her from her problems. The reaction of the audience was not what was intended only Leo smiled, the rest held a blank face, Phoebe's bordered on disappointment and she didn't even know that Cole used his powers to brainwash the landlord.

"That's really great Emily." Phoebe said, trying her best to hide her disappointment.

"We should all celebrate, at Piper's club!" Emily said enthusiastically.

"I don't know." Piper tried to protest, conscious of Phoebe's feelings.

"No, I insist, not just to celebrate but to thank you all properly for all you have done for me."

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