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Konoha Academy is one most prestigious academies in the entire country. It has dormitories, a student center, multiple buildings for different forms of classes, a recreation center, a few fields, and just about everything a student would need within walking distance. In every school, there is always that one student who was most talked about, most noticeable, and most liked because of family standings, brains and bronze.

Sasuke Uchiha was Konoha Academy's prodigy.

There was nothing that he couldn't do. He was the smartest kid in his entire grade, best grades in all of his classes, was class president without any competition. He was the best looking according to the majority of the girls and even some boy students. He was great at sports; especially great in karate and was one of the best in kendo.

But Sasuke was annoyed at the moment. When one gets so popular he tends to not get any free time to himself. No matter where he went, he was with at least five fan girls and swamped with his 'friends' hanging around him. After much thought, he decided to do something that he hadn't tried yet and to be in a place where he couldn't be bothered by his friends, fan-girls, or anyone who annoyed him.

So, he decided to join a class mid semester; Drawing 101.

Since Konoha Academy was so large, Sasuke's new classroom was in the art department, far from the dormitories. Sure, he'd been to the building before, but it was larger and perhaps, one of the older buildings on campus. This particular building, known as Satou Building, was eight stories tall and it contained the speech, art, and foreign language departments. So Sasuke had to travel all the way to the sixth floor for his new class.

The class room wasn't what Sasuke had expected. It was mostly dark with only a few lights around the room that glow a dim orange color. The desks were all in a circle that looked more like an oval, and there were only about fourteen of them, not including two that held up some random objects.

Of course, Sasuke had his supplies: a new sketchbook and a bag to help him carry his writing utensils. There were students who looked up as the Uchiha walked in, including the sensei, who was paler than the Uchiha and seemed to be a little older, the students.

"You must be Uchiha, welcome. I'm Sai-sensei, though you can drop the sensei part. I am the instructor of this class." The ink-colored hair man spoke in a fake tone. "Just find a seat and I will instruct you on what you will be drawing."

Sasuke looks around some and spots a free seat; he goes over, sitting on a stool and places his art bag on his desk. While digging for his sketchbook, his eyes darted to the left for a quick second before he realized who, he was sitting next to.

Naruto Uzumaki.

He looked the same but different, his hair was still blonde; his skin was still tan and he still had the same beautiful blue eyes, but he looked more... serious. Naruto had on a pair of glasses, to which Sasuke didn't know if he wore them for show or if he really needed them, his dark jeans looked worn and had holes in them. He wore flip-flops that looked edgy without trying. His shirt was gray, with his long sleeves rolled up. Sasuke didn't even know if Naruto even realized he was there because he had an ear bud in his right ear.

Honestly, Sasuke barely recognized him. No one had seen Naruto in a few years.

Question was now, what happened to him? And where has he been all this time?

"Alright class, we will be going over shading and dimension in drawing." Sai says and as he lectured for a bit, Sasuke couldn't help but look at the old dobe. Naruto was once known for pranking teachers and students alike and would get in trouble for it with a big smile on his face.

Sasuke didn't really know much about him, no one did, but one day, Naruto just vanished and the only reason anyone noticed he was gone was because it was an extremely quiet day in class.

Before Sasuke even realized what was going on, everyone started to draw the still life in the center of the room, which was a few empty glasses of wine, a barrel, and of a midsection of a manikin. Sasuke reaches in his bag, pulling out some drawing pencils and as he places them on his desk, but they began to roll off and hit the ground and since the room was quiet, everyone one in the room turned their attentions to Sasuke, who was now picking up the pencils. Even Naruto had given him a strange look as the Uchiha was making himself look like a fool. Sasuke quickly sat back down soon, the students began drawing, including Naruto.

Throughout the class, Sasuke drew the still life but kept taking glances at Naruto and saw him looked focused on his drawing, which looked really well done though he didn't want to admit that.

"Uchiha, how are you doing?" Sai asks. The teacher looks down and saw Sasuke's drawing, which was good, but not great. "I believe you need to work on drawing what you see..." As Sai went into explanation, Sasuke kept watching Naruto at work. It was like watching an angel drawing the world from the distance.

"Oh I see you are observing my best artist." Sai says with a smile.

A cold chill runs down Sasuke's back. Naruto...better at something then himself? Wasn't that impossible? In school, the dobe would challenge him to fights and Sasuke would always win, school was without question. Sasuke nearly lost his cool, but says, "He's the best?"

"Yes, Uzumaki in my opinion is one of my better students when it comes to drawing." Sai says as he causally walks over to his pupil, who didn't even bothering looking up. "Uzumaki, how are you doing today?"

"I'm fine." Naruto replies without haste or slowness. It was almost as if it was an automatic response. Naruto reaches up, grabbing of what looked like dirty clay, and uses it to erase some of the pencil marks he's made on his paper.

"Excellent!" Sai says and looks over at Sasuke, who was internally fuming. "Don't get so frustrated Sasuke, it may take you a few tries to get used to drawing." Sai says before going over to view other students' work.

Sasuke grits his teeth and then turned his head back to his own work, decided that he hated it, he grabs his square eraser and started to erase the entire piece, only to end up ripping the paper. Sasuke pales and as some of the art students tried to hide their chuckles, Naruto only looks over with the corner of his eye. Naruto knows all too well what it was like to become the fool of the class; he's been through that for years. To see someone like Sasuke make a fool of him, it was priceless and he too would be laughing his ass off, it only he didn't remember his own pain from being laughed at, instead of being laughed with.

The only thing Naruto knew what to do was not to join in the laughing, which wasn't much because everyone knew how power Sasuke's family had, it was best not to piss them off or else you can see yourself out of this academy.

Naruto focuses on his artwork, directing his attention away from the frustrated Uchiha.

At the moment, Sasuke knew it was wise for him to just stay quiet, and to just get another sheet of paper, and start all over like he wanted.


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