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CH6: Pride's Explosive Downfall

The day after the Quirk Apprehension Test, class 1-A of the Hero Course found themselves excitedly waiting for their second day of classes at U.A. High School. On their very first day almost all of them had been pushed to their utmost limits under the threat of expulsion just so their homeroom teacher could deem whether or not they should bother with them. Even though it had turned out to be a ruse in the end, the pressure all of them had felt had been very much real.

That very homeroom teacher had also promised that today was going to be even more grueling and challenging than yesterday, so it was only logical that most of them were anxious for what was in store for them. There were a few key exceptions.

Izuku, Momo, Ochako and Tenya had already talked about what was likely going to happen today so even though they were excited about it, they were not fretting in nervousness. Momo, Izuku and Tenya, being academically oriented, were discussing many theoretical topics while Ochako just listening intensively to them with an expression of wonder on her face.

Katsuki, being his confident and uncaring self, just sat back and scowled at the ceiling as he rested his feet on his table. To him it didn't matter what they were going to be doing today because whatever it was, he was going to make sure Izuku remembered that his place was beneath him by making blowing him up until he died. The only one allowed to be number one was him, after all.

And finally, the other ones that weren't exhibiting anxious behavior were the bi-colored haired teen as he calmly sat reading, the guy that had an avian head and the guy with the tail, both of whom were seemingly meditating, the tallest guy there, the one that had six arms and was wearing a face mask, who wasn't doing anything in particular just… sitting there with an even look in his eyes and the girl that resembled a frog, who was looking towards the front with a blank expression on her face, head tilted and her index finger right below her mouth.

It was when the three of them were listening to Momo as she explained how she could easily create about a dozen of fragmentation grenades with just a complete breakfast's worth of fats, that Izuku perked up as he felt Aizawa entering his range of perception and that was only because he was paying attention. Izuku's eyebrows went up into his hairline. 'What the hell? Not only does he feel smaller than he really is, but his presence is appearing and disappearing from existence at random intervals!'

"What is it, Izuku-kun?" Momo asked as she, being the one that knew him the longest, could tell that something had caught his attention within his range of perception.

"It's Aizawa-sensei," he replied and went to elaborate when he noticed that quizzical looks he was getting. "You know how I can basically 'sense' everything within my range of perception of the Mantra aspect of my quirk, right? Well, yesterday I didn't notice Aizawa-sensei approaching us, so I was paying more attention to the information feed of Mantra. I can barely feel his presence and moreover, it's fluctuating like crazy."

Tenya sharply arranged his glasses. "Fluctuating?"

Izuku nodded his head. "Yeah. It's like it disappears and appears randomly. It feels really weird," he tried explaining, but he knew that to others it was a concept difficult to grasp, to not be aware of the position and presence of everything within a certain range. Unless you could experience that, the best you could do was imagine it and even then, you would fall short.

"Perhaps it has something to do with his Quirk? We don't know what it is or who is after all," said Ochako, pressing a thoughtful index finger to her chin.

That might be a very distinct possibility… Occhan," said Momo with a light dust of pink across her cheeks as she used the nickname Ochako had insisted on her using while they were riding the train back to their neighborhood. She flushed even harder when she saw Izuku's and Tenya's raised eyebrow as Ochako gave her a double thumb up and a beaming smile. "Ahem, th-that begs the question, Izuku-kun, how do we feel to your senses?"

Izuku rubbed his temple with his right finger as he elaborated. "Well, this might sound weird, but you do feel like your Quirks. That's how I can tell whom is whom when I 'sense' them with Mantra. For example, Ochako-chan feels like she is about to start floating, Tenya-kun feels almost like a race car and you, Momo-chan, give me the impression of an always changing, unstable atom," he said, trying his best to elaborate as to how the felt to his Mantra senses.

Ochako blushed a bit and sweatdropped at the same time. "That makes me sound too much like an airhead," she muttered in embarrassment. She knew that she had a bubbly personality, and that she tended to be blunt without realizing it and she sometimes laughed at the most random things, but that didn't mean that she was an airhead.

Tenya cupped his chin and nodded stiffly a few times. "The same would be in my case. My quirk gives me engines in my calves that allow me to reach high speeds depending on the gear."

Momo nodded ponderingly. "It makes sense that you would sense my presence like that, with my quirk being the ability to create anything out of my fatty cells," she said before pausing and then speaking again. "But that begs the question… just what is Aizawa-sensei's quirk, taking into consideration how he feels to Izuku-kun's senses."

Her question went unanswered as in that moment Aizawa opened the door to the classroom and slipped inside. Whatever noise that used to be in the classroom went away as Aizawa closed the door behind him and walked to stand behind his desk. With uncaring and bored expression still on his unkept face, Aizawa nodded with what almost looked like approval. "It only took you three seconds to quiet down and get to your seats today. It seems like you are learning common sense. Good."

Everyone sweatdropped at his words.

Aizawa continued on. "Since we didn't have time for it yesterday because of your lack of common sense, we'll use today's homeroom session to introduce ourselves."

The eyebrows of almost everyone twitched in irritation when they heard him. 'It was actually your fault, sensei!' That was the collective thought of everyone in the classroom.

"You will stand up next to your seats, state your name, the name of your quirk, what does your quirk do and a fact about yourselves. This is done with the purpose of getting to know each other better, obviously. For the next three years, you will be learning together everything you need to be Pro Heroes. It will also be extremely likely that you will work together as Pro Heroes as well. Might as well start the comradery as soon as possible, or something like that," he said uncaringly before taking a seat and motioning towards the first student on his right. "You start. Please follow the order of seating arrangements."

The blond teen with sparkling eyes stood up with an exaggerated flourish and made a princely pose as if he was in a drama play. "Je m'apelle Yuga Aoyama! My quirk is Navel Laser. Obviously, as its name implies, I can shoot laser beams from my navel. French is my second language! The pleasure is all yours!" He finished his introduction with another flourish and an over the top eye wink.

Everyone sweatdropped at the ludicrousness that just happened. Even though, Izuku dutifully noted down the name of his classmate, the name of his quirk and what it did. Even though his mother had gotten him out of the habit of muttering what he was thinking out loud, he still had his notebook in which he wrote everything relevant about heroes, their quirk, what they did and the many ways they could be implemented. All Might had told him that it was an extremely good habit that would serve him well in the future, and after such an endorsement, Izuku had continued to do it with even more enthusiasm.

'He can shoot lasers from his navel. While the point of origin is a bit inflexible, I recall him being in the same area as me during the entrance examination. He wore a belt that likely enhanced the strength of his lasers to the point the could easily destroy the robot villains. If he can find a way to shot those lasers from other parts of his body, he would be a very difficult person to fight against,' thought Izuku.

After Aoyama was the pink haired and pink skinned girl with yellow pupils, black sclera and horns. She had an excited grin on her pretty face as she eagerly jumped to her feet from her seat. "After the wierdo, it's my turn! The name's Mina Ashido! My quirk is called Acid! I can secrete a corrosive liquid from my body and I can control its solubility and viscosity! My quirk is also the reason why I look like this! Oh! And I like break dancing! Pleased to meet you all!" She finished her introduction with grin still in place and giving a double peace sign.

'She's cute,' thought Izuku with a slight blush as he wrote on notebook. 'Anyways, she can be an extremely dangerous close-quarter-combat fighter if she can coat her entire body with her acid. Not only that, but if she can shoot the acid far away from her, she also has an answer against those that fight at a distance.'

Next up was the frog looking girl. She calmly stood up and with a calm expression on her face she made her introduction. "My name is Tsuyu Asui, ribbit. My quirk is called Frog and it allows me to do everything a frog can do, so I am still experimenting and discovering new abilities. I like rainy days. Please take care of me," she said simply before taking her seat again.

'Despite looking a bit like a frog, she is also very cute,' thought Izuku with his blush from Mina increasing a bit. He blinked and shook his head as he focused on writing. 'What's wrong with me? Anyways, if she can indeed do anything a frog can do, then she has an arsenal of abilities that will allow her to respond to many different situations. She'll a very well-balanced heroine when she develops all her abilities.'

After her it was the turn of Tenya who rose mechanically from his seat, bowed stiffly and then spoke seriously while standing ramrod straight. "I am called Tenya Iida. My quirk is Engine. It gives me a set of engines located inside my calves that allow me to reach high speeds depending on the gear they are. I enjoy studying. I hope we can all have a fruitful stay here at the distinguished facilities of U.A.!" He said before bowing again and taking his seat back.

'As serious and diligent as ever, huh?' Izuku though with amusement, sharing a smile with Momo who giggled from behind her hand. Izuku could see that Ochako was trying hard to not burst out laughing. 'In any case, Tenya-kun's quirk is extremely formidable. It allows him to reach speeds that give him enough momentum to generate enough force to destroy the robot villains and he is though enough to not hurt himself while doing that. He'll be a force to be reckoned with in the future.'

Ochako, who sat next to Tenya, was next. She stood up and smiled happily at everyone. "My name is Ochako Uraraka! My quirk is called Zero Gravity and I can manipulate gravity, by making objects weightless or making them float when I touch them. My favorite hobby is star gazing. Please let's all get along," she said before taking her seat back.

'Ochako-chan said that she can manipulate gravity, but is it really limited to making things weightless or float? If she can make things heavier, she can become a fearsome combatant by both changing the tempo of a fight or manipulating the environment as she likes,' thought Izuku seriously as he wrote on his notebook. He then blushed. 'She's not only cute and a good person, but she can become an excellent heroine.'

Next was another blond teen with small black eyes, a thick tail with a hairy end and a calm disposition. "I am known as Mashirao Ojiro. My quirk is called Tail. As you can all see, I posses a tail that is as sturdy and strong as it is flexible. It comes with all the benefits of possessing a fifth limb that you can consciously control. I enjoy practicing martial arts. Thank you for listening," he said with a formal bow before he took a seat.

Izuku perked up at the last bit. 'So, he likes martial arts, huh? Maybe I can ask for a spar and we can exchange techniques and training tips. Also, I remember that he was also in the same area as me during the entrance examination. That tail is strong enough to destroy the robot villains. If he can effectively apply the usage of his tail to his fighting style, he'll as unpredictable as he'll be dangerous.'

Following Mashirao was another blond teen, but this one had spikier hair with a black lightning-shaped stroke and thin eyebrows. He stood up and tried to smirk in a cool manner as he pointed confidently at himself. "The name is Denki Kaminari. My quirk is Electrification. I can emit electricity from my entire body. I like cute girls and everything that is trending," he said before he, once again, tried to look cool by winking at all the girls in the room, whom either looked confused (Ochako and Tsuyu) or just ignored him (Momo, Mina and Kyoka). One couldn't tell what Toru's reaction was since she is invisible.

Izuku's eyes widened at his words. 'Electricity? That is seriously overpowered. If he emits it from his body, it stands to reason that he can keep it inside of it. He could enhance himself with electricity not to only make close-quarter-combat more effective, but to also increase the speed of his synapses, increasing strength, speed, reflexes and perception. Holy crap,' he thought excitedly as he wrote in his notebook.

Next up was a spiky red-haired teen that had a small scar above his right eye and whose teeth were slightly pointed. He grinned boisterously as he crossed his arms across his chest. "I am Eijiro Kirishima! My quirk is Hardening and it allows me to exactly that! I can harden and sharpen any part of my body! My favorite hero is Crimson Riot because he is the manliest of them all!"

'That's one impressive quirk! If his hardening abilities don't affect his mobility and he can control how much he can harden himself, then his quirk should function similarly to the Armament aspect of Haki. And believe me, I know how effective something like that can be,' thought Izuku with some excitement at finding someone that could relate to him in what their quirks did or, in Izuku's case, an aspect of his quirk did.

Then one that was next was a tall, muscular teen with peach colored skin and head shaped like a pointy rock. He timidly stood up with shoulders a bit hunched and holding a small white board with something written on it. It read: "My name Koji Koda. My voice is Anivoice. I can command and take control of any animal when I speak to it. I own a rabbit as a pet. Forgive me for any inconviniences." When everyone finished reading, Koji was bowing his head. After a few seconds he quietly took his seat again.

'A bit shy, isn't he? In any case, that quirk of his is pretty useful. Using animals, who generally have much better senses than humans, he can gather information and track others easily. Not only that, there are animals out there that can put up a mean fight,' he thought as he wrote on his notebook.

Sitting next to Koji was a tall, muscular teen with spiky brown hair and thick lips. "My name is Rikido Sato. My quirk's name is Sugar Rush. By consuming ten grams of sugar I can increase my strength five times for three minutes and by consuming more sugar I can extend the time my strength is increased. I like making all kinds of sweets. Nice to meet you all," he said before taking his seat.

'It seems that the strength of his quirk depends on how strong he is on his 'baseform'? Also, he can only extend the time of enhancement, not the amount of enhancement itself by consuming more sugar? That seems a bit inconvenient but it makes sense from a physiological point of view.'

After Sato it was time for the tall boy with silver hair wearing a facemask and with the sleeves of his uniform cut out to make space for his extra arms. "My name is Mezo Shoji. My quirk is Dupli-Arms. Not only can I generate extra arms but they can also imitate other parts of my body such as my ears and mouth. My favorite food takoyaki," he said, having used the end of one his arms to manifest mouth from which he spoke. It had been cool, in a weird kind of way.

'If he can manifest his mouth and ears, it's likely that he can also manifest eyes from which he can see, giving him an extremely expanded field of vision. Not only that, by I know for a fact that he is also extremely physical strong. The only reason I scored higher than him in during the grip test yesterday was because I used Armament Haki,' he thought after writing his observations on his notebook.

Next up was a slender girl with purple colored hair and triangular shaped, onyx colored eyes. Her most peculiar feature were her earphone-plug like earlobes. "My name is Kyoka Jirou. My quirk is called Earphone Jack. You see how I got earphone plugs for earlobes? I can control their length at will and I can channel the sound of my heartbeat through them. And they are way tougher than they look, just so you know. I hate players and perverts," she deadpanned at the end, giving Denki and Mineta, whom she had noticed had been ogling her and the other girls for quite a while, the evil eye.

'She is as cute as she is scary. What a combination…' thought Izuku, first blushing and then shuddering slightly, being glad that even though he could appreciate the female form as the hormonal teen he was, he didn't feel the need to blatantly ogle them… yet. 'In any case, sound-based quirks are extremely useful, even more so if the frequency of the sound emitted can be adjusted at will. I'll come up with suggestions, if she needs any, after I see her use her quirk.'

The following to make his introduction was a tall teen with a lean physique, almond shaped eyes and quite the large teeth, which were in display thanks to the friendly grin he had as he stood up. "Yo! The name is Hanta Sero. My quirk is Tape. I can shoot cellophane tape from my elbows and let me tell you, my tape is as strong as steel, so don't underestimate it! My favorite fruit is orange. I hope I can get along with all of you!"

'That quirk should give him a lot of mobility in urban settings. And if the cellophane tape he produces is as strong as he says it is, then very few people will be able to escape from it he wraps it around them enough times,' thought Izuku.

Next was the teen whom had a head shaped like a bird's but the rest of his body was human. "My name is Fumikage Tokoyami. My quirk called Dark Shadow. I am the host of a sentient shadow beast that I can materialize outside my body at will. Its strength depends on the amount of light there is in an inversely proportional matter. I am partial to apples. Thank you," he said simply before taking his seat back.

'A sentient shadow beast? That's awesome. He says that the less light there is the stronger it is, but he never specified just what he could with his quirk. However, I'm willing to bet that it is extremely versatile and strong enough, even during daylight, to allow to get enough points to pass the practical portion of the entrance examination,' thought Izuku as he furiously scribbled the many possible uses Tokoyami could give his quirk.

Next up was the bi-colored haired boy that also had heterochromia, with one eye being gray and the other being turquoise. He also had a burn scar on the upper left side of his face. "I'm Shoto Todoroki. My quirk is called Half-Cold, Half-Hot. From my right side, I can generate ice and from my left side, I can generate fire. I enjoy Zaru Soba," he said simply with some aloofness and coldness in his tone before he took his seat back.

'His quirk has two opposite aspects?! He can use both ice and fire at the same time?! Holy crap, that's stupidly overpowered. Not only can he probably fight quickly changing the temperature, which is very harmful for non-enhanced humans and if done in a large enough scale explosive, he can probably negate the setback of using one aspect of his quirk with the other! He should be one of the strongest here, as probably using both his quirk strengthened his body by exposing himself to quick and sharp changes in temperature… what if he can control the ice and fire he generates too?! Holy crap!" Izuku thought, impressed, as he noted down the flood of ideas concerning Todoroki's quirk.

Afterwards it was the turn of the girl that was completely invisible. She stood up with an excited little jump and she waved at everyone, judging by the movement of the sleeves of her uniform. "My name is Toru Hagakure. My quirk is Invisibility. As you can see, or not, teehee, pun intended, my body naturally doesn't reflect light, making me invisible. I'm still learning how to turn it on and off at will, but it's too strenuous at the moment. I like plushies and cute things. Please take care of me!"

Izuku chuckled. 'Even though I can't see her face, she has a nice voice and, if her uniform is anything to by, a nice body too,' thought Izuku before blushing and shaking his head. 'Serious, what the hell is wrong with me? Anyways, it seems like her quirk is light manipulation but limited to herself and she can't control it quite yet. When she does, she'll be formidable. Also, even though she scored second lowest yesterday, her physical abilities are not to be underestimated. She had to be strong and skilled enough to have passed the practical portion of the entrance examination.'

The next one to go was Bakugo. He stood up with a scowl on his face and hand in his pockets, his posture uncaring, almost like he was a delinquent. "My name is Katsuki Bakugo. My quirk is Explosion! From the sweat glands of my palms, I secrete a type of nitroglycerin I can detonate at will meaning that I can make all of you explode until you are dead if you piss me off! And I hate losing!"

Izuku sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance. 'This guy never changes. He's not going to endear himself to anyone if he keeps up acting like this,' he thought to himself, noticing the looks Katsuki was getting from most of the class. Also, he didn't have to write anything about Katsuki's quirk, because after basically having interacted with him his entire life, there wasn't anything he didn't about his quirk. Its current strength was more than likely increased.

Izuku noticed that it was his turn now. 'I wish we could've chosen our own seats,' he lamented a bit mentally, since he was assigned a seat next to Bakugo, whom he didn't like, for obvious reasons. Izuku lightly shook his head and focused in the task at hand: introducing himself. He smiled and put an earnest expression on his face. "Hello everyone! My name is Izuku Midoriya. My quirk is called Haki, because of how it works. I possess an energy inside my body that responds to my will regarding three aspects: Armament, which boosts by offensive and defensive capabilities, Mantra, which allows me to sense everything around me at a range depending of whether or not I am concentrating and finally, King's Will, which is essentially projecting the raw energy outside of my body carrying my will. My preferred hobbies are videogames and physical training! A pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can get along!" He finished with a bow.

As he took his seat again, Izuku took notice of his classmate reacted to him. He was not surprised by the glare Bakugo was sending his way, that was nothing new. He noticed that most of his male classmates, with the exception of Iida, Aoyama, Koji, Sato, Shoji and the short boy that was next, had the kind of interested expression that told him that they wanted to measure their quirks against him.

Much to his embarrassment, and subconscious pride, he noticed that the kind of interest in the faces of the girls was very different from that of the boys. Mina was shamelessly ogling him while giggling and grinning, Tsuyu was looking at him very intensively with her blank face and a dust of pink across her cheeks, Ochako's quasi permanent blush was a bit more intense as she looked at him with gleaming eyes, Kyoka was twirling a finger around her extended earlobes as she sent what she thought were discreet glances his way, he could tell that Toru was looking at him because he could sense her face was turned his way and Momo had a soft blush across her cheeks as she looked at him with tender eyes and a soft smile.

Izuku blushed and ducked his head but there was a smile on his face. He felt in a better mood out of the sudden after his introduction for some reason.


Inko Midoriya, who was running in the treadmill located in the training room that possessed all the advanced equipment All Might had procured for Izuku, felt the sudden urge to fist pump in victory as her future-grandbabies tingled with the force of a positive disturbance.


Back with class 1-A…

While Izuku suddenly shuddered and paled in horror inexplicably, the extremely short boy stood up and began his introduction. "I am Minoru Mineta. My quirk is Pop Off. My scalp secrets a extremely adhesive substance that takes the shape of balls that I can rip off at will without hurting myself. What I like the most is beautiful and sexy girls!" He admitted shamelessly at the end with a perverted look on his face as he turned towards his right and looked at Momo.

In a sudden spurt of annoyance, a short and directed burst of King's Will shot out from Izuku and hit Mineta, making him stiffen in horror as he paled. Under the mixed looks of confusion and disgust from his classmates, Mineta almost mechanically took his seat, while trembling.

Izuku blinked. 'What was that?' He then shrugged, not giving it too much importance. 'Anyways, despite how his blatant perversion is annoyance, his quirk, despite sounding so unimpressive, if apply correctly and smartly, could be extremely useful in many situations,' he thought as he put down some notes.

And finally, last but certainly not least, it was Momo's turn. It was after Izuku noted down all the names that he realized that they were organized in alphabetical order going by their surnames. Izuku sweatdropped. 'Isn't that kind of lazy?' There were countless of computer programs that could give you a numerical least based on those criteria with just a few clicks.

Momo went on with her introduction. "My name is Momo Yaoyorozu. My quirk is called Creation. As long as I know its composition, I can create anything that is non-living by molecular manipulation of my fat cells. I enjoy reading, especially illustrated encyclopedias. A pleasure to make your acquaintance," she said before bowing formally and taking back her seat.

There was nothing he could say about Momo's quirk. It was literally the most versatile quirk in the class and she was only limited by her imagination and the amount of material she had to work with. Izuku merely smiled at her, which she returned with her cheeks coloring a bit. Izuku ignored Mineta, who noticed this, and was giving him quite the jealous look.

Aizawa stood up, his expression seemingly having not changed ever since he got into the classroom. "Good. Despite some unnecessary boisterousness, you followed the instructions I give you. You are indeed learning common sense. As there is no more time to do something worthwhile during this period, I will take my lead. Please make sure to behave yourselves with the other teachers and do not waste their time. I would be very upset if you embarrass me. Oh, by the way, you can seat anywhere you like from now on," he said uncaringly before starting to walk towards the door of the classroom.

All the members from class 1-A looked with mixed incredulity and annoyance as he promptly left the classroom. 'He only cares about his reputation!' Was the collective thought.

Seeing that they still had about fifteen minutes before the next period, everyone went back to what they were doing before Aizawa arrived with a few key differences. The group of Izuku, Momo, Ochako and Tenya had been joined by Mina, Tsuyu, Denki, Kirishima, Kyoka, Sero and Toru, whom were the most social of the class apparently.

Katsuki scowled as he saw Izuku blushing and laughing nervously at something Mina said to him in teasing manner as she repeatedly poked his bicep, the others expressing amusement at this. 'So, this King's Will is what that damn nerd used to make me take a step back those times he glared at me. It's just another aspect of his quirk, huh? It doesn't fucking matter anyways! I'll kill him with my quirk until he is dead and it get's through his stupid head that I am the strongest between us two!' He thought furiously as he gritted his teeth.

Todoroki, for his part, merely looked at Izuku with an even look on his face. 'Armament, Mantra and King's Will… how interesting, Izuku Midoriya…'


The rest of the morning consisted of two periods of one and half hours each, the first one was English under Present Mic and the second period Modern Literature under the hero known as Cementoss. After the completely normal period of classes noon arrived and all the students gathered at the mess hall for lunch, which was prepared by the hero Lunch-Rush.

Izuku, of course, despite paying attention during the classes and enjoying the first-rate, but cheap, cuisine was fangirling on the inside after meeting so many famous heroes. And much to his embarrassment, it seemed like Momo and Ochako noticed this, as the former gave him a look of fund amusement while Ochako was trying her best to not burst out laughing.

But after that was when the normal period ended, because after the lunch period, it was time for Foundational Hero Studies.

Back within class 1-A's classroom, everyone was so excited about the class and the fact that it was All Might who was going to impart it that they were already seating in their preferred seats now that they could pick which ever they wanted.

Since Izuku, Momo and Iida liked to seat as close to the blackboard as was possible, and Ochako only wanted to seat close to them, they were seating in the middle rows with Momo and Ochako seating in the front and Izuku and Tenya sitting behind them since they were taller than them. The ones that joined them after the introductions also sat around them.


Everyone, but one, perked up in excitement when they heard the iconic laughter suddenly resounding seemingly everywhere.

Izuku was the only one who rolled his eyes. "Does he always have to do anything over the top?" He muttered to himself with exasperation.

"I AM…" Toshinori Yagi, in his All Might muscular form, wearing a skin-tight costume that consisted of a red top, blue pants, yellow gloves and boots with white accents and a blue cape with a red inner side, epically opened the door to the classroom and stood there leaning forward with his massive chest sticking out with his cape somehow billowing forward due to a nonexistent breeze. "… coming through the door like a normal person!"

Izuku sweatdropped. 'How is that normal?'

With an air of excitement and cheeriness, All Might began to merrily march into the classroom towards the desk.

"I can't believe it! All Might is really going to be teaching us!" Exclaimed Kaminari in disbelief.

"That design is so silver age!" Commented Kirishima with a grin. "The art style clashes so much that it almost gives me goosebumps…"

The moment he stood in front the desk All Might struck a flexing position that had him giving his back to the students. "Foundational Hero Studies…" he began as his entire body began to vibrate slightly. "For this class, we'll be building up your foundations through various trials! This class is the most important one within your curriculum!"

The entire class, even a mildly exasperated Izuku, hung on his every word.

"With that in mind…" All Might trailed off before suddenly turning to face them, making all of them flinch in surprise, striking an epic pose while holding a small piece of paper that had the word 'BATTLE' written on it. "Let's jump right into it with The Trial of Battle!"

Izuku rolled his eyes again in exasperation. 'Of fucking course.'

Bakugo, who was sitting around the middle, began to grin in excitement. "The Trial of Battle?!"

All Might, grin widening, adopted another epic pose with arms and legs spread. "Indeed. And to go with your first battle…" he pressed a button in a device that he had pulled out from… somewhere… as he trailed off which resulted in several compartments hidden in the walls coming out. These compartments contained several metal suitcases, each one labeled with the name of each one of the students in the classroom. "We have prepared the gear we had you send n requests to match your quirks!"

"Our battle gear!" Exclaimed Sero.

"Awesome!" Shouted Kirishima in excitement.

'With the rumored funds and the development department that U.A. possesses, I'm not surprised they had everyone's costumes ready by the time classes started,' thought Izuku with a slowly appearing grin as he found the excitement everyone else was exhibiting contagious.

"Go get changed and we'll be ready to go. We will head to Training Ground Beta." All Might epically turned towards the door with his cape trailing down behind his motion as he looked back at them over his shoulder. "The garb you bring into the battlefield is vitally important, boys and girls. And remember, from here on out, you are all officially heroes!"


All Might stood epically with his arms crossed in front of the control buildings of Training Ground Beta as he waited for his students to come out. Even though he looked as confident as ever, inwardly he was a bit nervous. Even though he had more confidence in his teaching abilities after the ten months he spent training Izuku, that was still a completely different situation from this one in which he was responsible for twenty teenagers that will become the future heroes of Japan.

'I'll just make sure to teach them everything I was taught to the best of my abilities. Everything that I learned here and from Master and from Gran Torino-sensei, though severely toned down in the latter's case, should be more than enough,' thought Toshinori to himself before nodding his head in resolution. He perked up and his grin widened when he saw the doors opening as his students walking towards him wearing their hero costumes.

All Might inspected all of them as they walked towards him. (Short A/N: The only costume that's different is Izuku's and it's the last one described, in case you wanted to skip reading about something you already knew).

Yuga Aoyama's costume was violet in color, possessing the shape of a lean knight's armor with a glimmering cape and also having a belt with a ring-shaped buckle that allowed him to use his quirk better. Besides that, he wore a wing shaped visor.

Mina Ashido's hero costume consisted of a purple and turquoise camouflage skintight bodysuit and a tan vest with white fur on the collar. She wore a white mask and dark purple and tan boots as well.

Tsuyu Asui's costume consisted of a green and black skintight suit with yellow linings which imitated a frog's skin markings. She also wore goggles, gloves, and high-heeled boots with a frog-like design.

Iida Tenya's costume consisted of a black one-piece suit with a high collar, over which he wore various pieces of silver-colored armor, including a silver-colored helmet, a metal mask with holes that covered his entire face except his eyes, a metal collar around his neck, a breastplate, decorative mufflers extending back from his midriff, and metal vambraces that extended past his elbows. The costume includes specialized metal boots that extended up past his knees.

Ochako Uraraka's costume consisted of a skin-tight pink and black suit with detached sleeves, knee-high boots, belt, helmet, collar, and thick, round bracers with handles attached to them.

Ojiro Mashirao's costume consisted of a white karate-like outfit with a partially furred collar and a hole behind for his tail.

Denki Kaminari's costume consisted of a black jacket that he wore open with lightning patterns, a white shirt underneath, a belt, black pants with one stripe running down each leg and a headset.

Eijiro Kirishima's costume had a vest that consisted of two shoulder pads that are shaped like gears that wrapped around his shoulders while his chest was left uncovered he and wore a skirt with a ripped pattern over pants with an "R" belt. He also wore a jaw guard around his mouth that looked vaguely similar to an animal's fangs.

Koji Koda's costume consisted of short-sleeved and short-legged dark yellow and red bodysuit that had around the chest area a set of teeth as if it was an open mouth and matching shoes.

Rikido Sato's costume consisted of a yellow full-body suit that had two holes for his mouth and hair to come out. He wore white gloves and boots and a utility belt around his waist.

Mezo Shoji's costume consisted of a sleeveless shirt possessing two hues of blue that was attached to a face mask that covered the lower half of his face. He wore a belt with a bronze buckle that held up his light blue colored pants that were tucked into light blue colored boots that went half way up his legs.

Kyoka Jiro's costume consisted of a black leather jacket, a long salmon-colored shirt with several rips at the collar and bottom, black pants and boots with stereos in them. She also sported two small, red triangle facial marks just below her eyes, a plain black choker, and white finger-less gloves.

Hanta Sero's costume consisted of a black full body suit with white designs across his mid-torso. The sleeves were likely left short so he could effectively use his quirk. He had white bands around his waist and thighs and sported white boots with an orange trim. His sleeves ended with a matching orange trim and he had two orange shoulder pads shaped like his elbows. He completed his outfit with a helmet similar in shape to a tape dispenser.

Fumikage Tokoyami's costume seemingly consisted of only a dark robe with a purple tint that covered his entire torso and black boots.

Shoto Todoroki's consisted of a simple white shirt, white pants, white boots, and gold-colored combat vest. He also had ice covering his left torso, arm, and head.

All Might supposed that the floating light blue gloves with pink lines and brownish gray shoes was Toru Hagakure, the girl that still couldn't completely control her light manipulation quirk so she was always in a state of invisibility.

Katsuki Bakugo's costume consisted of a fitted black sleeveless V-neck tank top with an orange X with the top half bordering his shirt collar. His costume also had a seemingly metallic neck brace fashioned and used as a collar with three holes in both sides. His sleeves reached from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also carries grenades, held up his baggy pants with knee guards. Underneath those guards were black, knee-high combat boots with orange soles and eyelets. His hero mask had large flare-shaped cloth.

Minoru Mineta's costume was very simple. It had a purple shirt and mask with a yellow cape, pants, boots and gloves.

Momo Yaoyorozu's costume consisted of a red leotard-like vest with silver linings and edges and matching red boots. She sported a gold utility belt that matched a band that goes across her chest. Her vest leaves space open from the center of the collar to the waist above the belt.

And finally, Izuku's costume consisted of skintight long-sleeved dark green shirt underneath a black hooded cargo vest that was left open. His hands were covered in black fingerless gloves and his elbows were covered by red elbow guards. His black cargo pants with dark green lines going down the sides were held up by his red utility belt and were tucked into red combat shoes that reached above his shins and his knees were covered by red knee guards. The last piece of his costume was a black and red breathing mask.

'Truthfully, the only part of Young Midoriya's costume that has a special function is his breathing mask which adjusts the concentration of oxygen accordingly in order to keep Young Midoriya's performance at its peak for an extended period of time in the unlikely case he reaches the end of his stamina. The rest of his gear, even though it's made with extremely sturdy, but flexible, material that should be able to resist the strain he is sure to put it through, is more for the sake of aesthetics more than anything else. One For All and Armament Haki are enhancements upon themselves after all,' thought All Might after nodding approvingly at the hero costumes of all his students.

All Might had to physically stop himself from stopping chuckling in amusement when he saw Izuku blush in slight embarrassment as he no doubt noticed the looks he was getting from the all the girls. He almost lost it when he saw Izuku almost unnoticeably, and more than likely also subconsciously too knowing him, puffing up his chest in pride.

Even though all the boys were in shape, Izuku easily possessed the most fit body out of everyone there barring All Might himself, and even Toshinori had to admit that it was debatable with he no longer in his prime. Due to how his long-sleeved green shirt molded to his body, every single one of the muscles of his upper body could be appreciated despite the cargo hooded vest. It seemed like the girls were taking advantage of that fact.

'Ah, to be right in the springtime of youth and full of hormones,' thought All Might, weirding everyone out slightly with the sudden change of aura to one that was epically nostalgic.

After a few moments All Might got a hold of his wits again and his perpetual grin widened as he looked at all of his students. "All right! Let's see what you are made off, you embryos! It's time for the Trial of Battle! I'm looking at everyone styles! Very cool" He ended his dialogue with an approving thumb up in their direction, making all of them beam at him in eagerness.

Uraraka and Momo recovered first from enjoying how good Izuku looked in his costume and they approached him, they were still lightly blushing though.

Ochako was the first one to speak. "That's a very cool costume, Deku-kun! It looks very practical too!" She complimented him sincerely before blushing a bit and sheepishly rubbing the back of her head. "I wish I'd drawn my request sketch a little better though… my costume ended up being both skin tight and puffy at the same time, hehe."

Momo chuckled and gave Ochako a once over. "I wouldn't worry too much. It still looks good on you, Occhan," she reassured her sincerely, chuckling again at Ochako's blush increasing, before turning towards Izuku and giving him a once over too. "And I have to agree with her, Izuku-kun. You look very cool in your costume." She complimented him before cocking one hip the side and crossing her arms under her big breasts, pushing them up and accentuating her already revealing cleavage. "I wanted to show more skin in order to make my quirk more effective but there are regulations against that, sadly."

'Yeah, how sad,' he thought to himself as he took in the sight of his two close female friends in their very flattering heroine costumes. So much was he into his appreciating and committing the sight into his memory that he didn't notice Momo and Ochako almost preening after they noticed how intensely he was looking at them. Izuku shook his head and laughed. "Thanks. The two of you also look very good in your costumes. Truthfully, the only special part of my costume is the breathing mask which regulates oxygen concentration when I need to extend my peak level of performance if I'm running on fumes. The rest is more for practicality and aesthetics since, you know, Armament," he said with a helpless shrug of his shoulders.

Momo and Ochako blushed a bit at his compliment about how they looked and the three of them shared a laugh at his last comment.

On another note, slightly separated from the group, Mineta took a good look at all the girls in the class in their costumes before looking towards the horizon with an even expression on his face and a thumb up. "Heroics is, without a doubt, the best department."


"Sensei! Regarding the training grounds we'll be using, is it the same as the one we used during the entrance examination?" Asked Tenya after robotically raising his right arm.

'If it wasn't for Mantra, his speaking patterns and his robotic movements I wouldn't have known that it was Tenya-kun,' thought Izuku as he looked at Tenya's costume appreciatively while nodding in a 'Not Bad' fashion. 'It looks pretty dope though.'

"While we will be using one of the urban training grounds in which the practical portion of the entrance examination took place, the setting will be different. This will be an indoor battle trial!" Elaborated All Might after epically putting his hands on his hips. He raised a hand to his face and cupped his chin. "Imprisonment… house arrest… the black market. In this quirk saturated society full of government backed heroes, any villain with a modicum of intelligence lurks in the shadows! With that in mind, for this test, you will be separated into 'Heroes' and 'Villains' for two-on-two team battles!"

As surprised rippled through the group of hero hopefuls, Tsuyu cocked her head to the side. "What about the foundational training?"

"THIS IS FOUNDATIONAL TRAINING!" Exclaimed All Might while tightening his left fist epically in front of his face. "This time there won't be just robots it'd be okay to just destroy!"

"So… how do we determine who wins and who losses?" Asked Momo.

"Is it okay if I can just make them explode until they die?" Asked Bakugo menacingly while sending glares in Izuku's direction, who just glanced towards him before rolling his eyes.

"Is there a threat of expulsion like with Aizawa-sensei's exercise…?" timidly asked Ochako in worry.

Tenya robotically raised his right hand high into the air. "If we are separating into different groups, what would be the best way to do so?"

Aoyama twisted his body so he was showing off his cape. "Doesn't this cape look fabulous on me…?"

With an epic drop of sweat trailing down his temple, a slightly shaking All Might almost looked like he was constipated. "Hnnn! I can't answer your questions if you ask them all at once!"

Izuku snorted in amusement when All Might pulled out a piece of paper from… somewhere… and began to read like it was a script. 'I don't know why it looks so fitting with his personality despite the image he portrays,' he thought, having gotten accustomed to All Might's slightly ridiculous side after spending so much time together.

"Ahem. For this training we'll have some 'villains' guard a nuclear weapon they intend on deploying! The 'heroes' must stop them and their nefarious scheme before it is too late! If the 'heroes' capture the 'villains' or reach the nuclear core before the time runs out, they win. If the 'villains' managed to keep the core the whole time or capture the heroes, they win!"

'That sounds like golden age super hero stuff,' thought Izuku as he committed the characteristics of the exercise to memory.

All Might then pulled out a lottery box from… somewhere… and presented it to everyone. "Your teammates and opponents will be chosen at random!"

"Is that really how we'll do it?!" Asked Iida.

Despite not seeing his facial expression, Izuku could tell that Tenya had an incredulous expression going by the tone of his voice. He got Tenya's attention by tapping him on the shoulder. "Remember that Pro-Heroes are often to form impromptu with other heroes they have never worked with before, Tenya-kun, so this is more than likely to get us ready for when we have to face a situation like that in the future," he explained, loud enough for everyone else to hear in case they had the same doubts as Tenya.

Tenya's eyes expressed his understanding. "Ah, I see… Always with our eyes on the future, are we…" He trailed off before sharply turning towards All Might and robotically bowing exactly ninety degrees. "I apologize for my ignorance!"

All Might looked a bit uncomfortable, much to Izuku's amusement, with Tenya's stiff diligence and formality as he turned around epically. "A-anyways! Let us begin!"

Everyone went to draw from the lottery box in order to determine each other's teammates. The teams ended as such:

Team A: Izuku Midoriya & Tsuyu Asui.

Team B: Shoto Todoroki & Mezo Shoji.

Team C: Momo Yaoyorozu & Ochako Uraraka.

Team D: Iida Tenya & Katsuki Bakugo.

Team E: Yuga Aoyama & Mina Ashido.

Team F: Rikido Sato & Koji Koda.

Team G: Kyoka Jirou & Denki Kaminari.

Team H: Fumikage Tokoyami & Minoru Mineta.

Team I: Toru Hagakure & Ojiro Mashirao.

Team J: Eijiro Kirishima & Hanta Sero.

'Mou! I wanted to be in a team with Deku-kun!' thought Ochako with a pout before perking up and beaming towards Momo. "We are in a team together! We must be linked or something!"

Momo chuckled and grasped Ochako's hands and beamed happily towards her teammate. "Pleased to have you, Occhan!"

Izuku approached the frog-themed girl and smiled good naturally at her. "It seems we are in a team together, Asui-san. Let's do our best!"

Tsuyu, with an almost imperceptible blush across her cheeks, tilted her head cutely and nodded. "Gero."

Izuku blinked. "Gero?"

Tsuyu's blush increased a bit but she didn't say anything else.

All Might then pulled out two other lottery boxes from… somewhere… one colored white, labeled 'Heroes', and the other one colored black, labeled 'Villains', and he reached epically into each them with one hand to pull the selections for the team that would fulfill each role in the mock exercise. "And the first two pairs to do combat will be the following!" All Might pulled the results out and epically presented them to everyone. "Pair A will be Heroes and Pair D will be Villains!"

Katsuki perked up at this and a savage grin began to appear across his face.

Izuku, for his part, remained impassive.

All Might approached the four students that will be the first participate in the trail of battle and epically motioned with a flourish towards the building tin which the exercise will be held. "This scenario has the villains inside the buildings first! Then, after five minutes, the heroes will be let in as well! Everyone else will be able to watch what unfolds through the surveillance cameras! This will allow Young Bakugo and Young Iida to get inside the heads of villainkind! This is a practical training exercise so go all out without fear of injury! Though naturally I will cut things short if they get out of hand…" he said, his eyes flickering towards Izuku in a way that only the ninth bearer of One For All got.

He understood the message right away. 'Give the three of them a fair chance and try not to accidentally bring the building down? Got it,' thought Izuku a bit sarcastically but he gave a small nod to All Might while ignoring the almost vibrating Bakugo.

"Is everything understood?" Asked All Might. When the four participants nodded he pulled out four pieces of paper and four small earplugs from… somewhere… handed them over. "That's the layout of the building. Commit it to memory. And use these communicators to keep constantly with your teammates. The 'Villains' shall go into the building first. The 'Heroes' will do so after five minutes. The rest of you follow me to the Control Room so we can observe everything!"


Having decided to put the 'Nuclear Weapon' on the top floor believing that it would give them the most advantage, Katsuki and Tenya stood there waiting for the five minutes to be up before the 'heroes' had to enter the building.

"It might just be a training exercise, but it still pains me to be a villain," commented Tenya as he rasped his knuckles against the 'Nuclear Weapon'. "Though I suppose I just have to just have to defend this thing. It's very realistic very is made of paper mache."

"So..." A few feet away, with a savage grin on his face, Katsuki glared at a wall. "You still think your quirk is superior to mine, huh?"

Tenya heard this and he sent a deadpan look in his teammate's direction. "I know it won't matter, but I personally saw Midoriya-kun destroy the humongous trap villain with a single punch with no signs of exhaustion after having rampaged through the training grounds during the entrance examination destroying the other villains like it was nothing. If I were you, I would consider your idea of just charging towards him head on."

"It doesn't fucking matter!" Snarled Katsuki as his savage expression intensified with a glare. "I'll show that fucking nerd that he ain't better than me!"

Tenya could only shake his head and exhale in exasperation.


"I noticed that Bakugo has a lot of aggression towards you, Midoriya-chan, even though you don't seem to care much about him," commented Tsuyu after confirmed that she memorized the layout of the building.

Izuku, having done the same, snorted. "That's putting it mildly. I'm pretty sure the moment the exercise begins he will head straight towards me. His pride blinds him. Hm, maybe we can use that to our advantage…" he mused before blinking and focusing on Tsuyu with an impressed expression on his face. "You are pretty perceptive, Asui-san."

A bit of color appeared across Tsuyu's cheeks at what knew was an implied compliment. "It one of my many talents," she admitted without boasting but also without playing it down. Izuku thought that there were few people that could do such a thing. "And please, call me Tsuyu, all my friends call me that."

"Such a talent is great for a heroine," he complimented and he smiled when he managed to catch her slight embarrassment. "If we are to be friends then I'll extend the same courtesy and request you call me Izuku."

Tsuyu nodded, a pleased expression on her face. "Gero." She then tilted her head cutely to the side and put a finger against her chin. "Why are you so sure Bakugo will head towards you after you the moment the exercise starts?"

Izuku sighed a bit before crossing his arms across his chest. "The only reason it looks like I don't care much for Katsuki is because I'm mostly ignoring him. Truthfully, I can't stand his guts. We have known each other for more than decade and he took a turn to the worst when his quirk manifested. He became an arrogant bully and I was his target most of the time until I developed my own quirk and got the means to defend myself. Be that as it may, because I didn't flaunt my quirk around like, he still believed me quirkless until I saved him during the incident with the Mud Villain that happened about eleven months ago.

In his mind, that was me saying that my quirk was better than his and my general dismissive attitude towards him and me getting higher scores than him during the entrance examination and yesterday's quirk apprehension surely didn't help. He will see this at the opportunity to 'set me straight'."

Tsuyu nodded in understanding. "I take it that you are pretty sure you can beat him."

Izuku nodded. "I am. As much as I don't like Bakugo, I have to give him the props he deserves. His quirk is extremely powerful and he is very skilled in using it in a way that make it being more than just generating explosions from his hands at will."

"But…" Tsuyu prompted, knowing that Izuku still had more to say.

Izuku shrugged his shoulders. "I am just better than him. And my quirk is stronger than his too," he stated it as if it was a simple fact.

"You are pretty confident." Tsuyu made sure to ignore the part that told her she found that trait extremely attractive.

Izuku nodded his head again. "In this case, I have every reason to be," he said with a laugh before he gave Tsuyu a curious and eager smile that had her slightly blushing. "So, you didn't specify earlier during the introductions, but what exactly your quirk allows you to do? I might have a few ideas that will go perfectly with how Katsuki will act during the exercise that we can use tou our advantage."

Intrigued, Tsuyu poked her chin and tilted her head to the other side.


"No watch carefully and strategize on your own!" Thought All Might as he and the other students stood up in front of the many monitors that would give them visuals of what would be happening. He would be the only one getting an audio feed to go with the visual one, however.

All Might took an epic pose by holding a pencil by his side with his right hand and holding a notebook by the upper part with his left hand and using his left forearm as support. 'I just hope Young Midoriya doesn't go over the top and performs at roughly the same level of the other three so the exercise can be effective. Here he is just another student of mine! Do not expect any favoritism from me! I'll grade him just as harshly as the rest!'


Izuku, having adjusted his breathing mask so it covered the lower half of his face and pulled up the hood of the cargo vest over his head, only had his closed eyes showing as he sat in a chair in the middle of a long hallway leaning forward, resting his forearms on his knees and letting his hands hand limply between his legs.

After a few moments his eyes slowly opened and not a second later Bakugo appeared around the corner sporting a savaged grin on his face.

"So, you were expecting me huh, Deku?!" He shouted as he held his palms at his side as he leaned forward a bit, making the show of igniting a few repetitive, small explosions from his hands.

Izuku said nothing. He just continued to stare at Katsuki with an even expression on his face.

This didn't suit well with the Explosion quirk user.

[Play "Represent" by Pettidee ft. Deuce Poppi]

Bakugo snarled savagely before thrusting his arms back and producing a series of explosions that propelled him at speeds towards Izuku. "Don't fucking look down on me you fucking nerd!"

Izuku's response was to grab the back of the chair using his hold on it to flip his entire body backwards and he used the motion to put the chair in between them by pulling it into the air as he jumped backwards.

"That's not going to work!" Shouted Bakugo as he put his left hand forward the moment he was within reaching distance of the airborne chair and he obliterated it with an explosion, creating a ball of dark smoke. A moment later a spinning Bakugo, having used the momentum of his explosions to push himself forward and make himself spin around clockwise, came out of the smoke and reached the still backpedaling Izuku in a blink of an eye.

Thanks to his spinning he gathered momentum to attack Izuku with his right hand.

However, before Bakugo could react, Izuku changed the direction of his footwork without pause and stepped into Bakugo's space. In the same motion he turned around following the same direction of Bakugo's spin, used his right hand to grab Katsuki's extended right arm by the forearm and continued with the motion to slam Bakugo's back solidly and with authority against the wall.

'Did he fucking read me?!' That was the only thing that went through Bakugo's mind in that moment.

"Gah!" That was the sound that came out of Bakugo's mouth as spit flew out of it due to the force of Izuku's vertical counter slam. It had carried enough force that for a moment Bakugo's vision got a few spots when his head also smacked against the wall.

Gritting his teeth, the Explosion quirk user turned pained eyes towards Izuku, who was still holding his arm, only to grow furious at what he saw.

Izuku's expression had not changed at all.

With a snarl of both pain and fury, Bakugo lashed out towards Izuku with his left hand and released an explosion. It didn't hit Izuku as he had released his hold on Bakugo and jumped back away from the range of the explosion, which also pushed Bakugo away from wall, which looked to all have a faint human shaped indent on it.

"I'm fucking pissed now! Just keep guarding the stupid thing!" Shouted Katsuki before he used his explosions to launch himself towards Izuku, this time lashing out with roundhouse left kick towards the side of Izuku's head.

The Haki user just leaned his upper body back enough to let the tip of Bakugo's boot to miss hitting his breathing mask before he pushed himself forwards to hit Bakugo in the middle of his back with a right spartan kick when the momentum of his missed roundhouse kick left him facing away from Izuku that sent Katsuki sprawling into the ground face first with a grunt of pain.

"Fuck!" Snarled Katsuki as he pushed himself towards his feet and turned around to faze Izuku with an enraged expression on his face. "Why aren't you using your quirk, you shit?! Do you think you are fucking better than me, huh?!"

Izuku, whose eyes were still calm and collected, responded by slipping into his fight stance, which had Bakugo tensing in preparation. A moment later Izuku exploded into action and he jumped while spinning around himself clockwise and sent a reverse roundhouse left kick towards Bakugo's head. Katsuki grinned as he leaned to the left to evade the kick but the expression was wiped from his face when Izuku, while still in the air from his first motion, sent a snap kick with his right leg that caught Katsuki right across the face.

Bakugo held his nose as he stumbled back with his eyes strained in pain and to prevent the reflexing tears from falling down. He shook the pain away as he saw Izuku jumping back to his feet after falling on his back to the floor due to the adjustment he had done to his body in order to get that las hit. His anger grew even more, if it was possible, when he saw the unchanging expression on Izuku's eyes.

"Stop looking at me like that god fucking damnit! I'm above you!" He snarled before he used his explosions to shot himself towards Izuku at even greater speeds than before and reached him in a blink. Bakugo lashed out with his left hand and when Izuku reacted to evade and counter, Bakugo twisted his hand suddenly so it was facing downwards and released an explosion that changed his trajectory so he flew above Izuku in an arc. 'Read this you fuck!' He thought with triumph the moment he was behind Izuku and he lashed out to release a point-blank explosion to his back.

Katsuki, however, became shocked when his hand found nothing but air. 'What?!' He thought frantically as Izuku seemingly disappeared from his sight only for his eyes to bulge out as his out was forced open with spit flying out from his mouth. "GAH!"

Izuku had ducked down under his attack and while he was still crouching down, almost directly beneath Katsuki and his form being covered from Katsuki's sight due to his grenade-like gauntlets, he turned around and leaned back, supporting his body with his flexed right leg and right hand. Then he pushed himself using his right leg and right arm to deliver a rising kick right to Bakugo's upper abdomen.

The Explosion quirk user was sent flying up and away and he landed on his back a few feet away. Izuku calmly rose to his feet as he watched almost uncaringly as Katsuki held where he had hit him in pain. Izuku reached towards his earpiece with his right hand and pressed it as he watched Katsuki slowly get a hold of himself. "Are you in position, Tsuyu?"

A short burst of static was his answer before he heard of his teammate. "Gero."

Izuku nodded. "Good. Prepare yourself and wait for the signal, over."

"Roger that, over."

Bakugo, who heard Izuku speaking into his communicator, felt like his entire circulatory system was filled with the nitroglycerin like substance he used to create his explosions and he gave a snarl/scream as he jumped to his feet, ignoring the throbbing coming from the places he had taken damage and he put his left arm forward pointing directly towards Izuku. "DON'T YOU FUCKING KEEP LOOKING DOWN ON ME, DEKU! YOU ARE JUST A STEPPING STONE TO ME! I'M GOING TO FUCKING MAKE YOU DIE, YOU STUPID NERD!"

He reached for the safety pin that hung from the distal end of what acted as the safety lever of the grenade design of his gauntlet.

For the first time since the fight started, Izuku's expression changed and they narrowed.


"They are separating before entering the building?" Asked Ochako curiously as one of the screens showed Izuku, after adjusting his mask and putting the hood over his head, entered the building through one of the first-floor windows while Tsuyu began to crawl up the wall using one the abilities granted to her by her quirk.

"It seems like they predicted how Iida and Bakugo would act," commented Kyoka as another screen showing Tenya staying in one of the floors of the top floor while Katsuki barely waited before the start of the exercise was announced before he began to make his way down.

More than one was amused when Izuku actually got a chair and sat down on it to seemingly wait for Bakugo in comfort.

"That's not surprising. Izuku-kun has known Bakugo for more than decade and they attended the same schools. Despite Izuku quite disliking Bakugo, having spent so much time coexisting with someone will allow you to give accurate prediction of how they would act," commented Momo.

Mina chuckled. "That's true. I can't blame Midori-kun from disliking Bakugo with that attitude of his," she commented before she sent Momo a teasing grin. "You sure do know a lot about him, Yaomomo! Something you want to share, eh, eh?" She nudged the taller girl teasingly even though she felt a bit jealous of her because of that.

Momo blushed prettily. "I, erm, we have met each other a week before the Entrance Examination when he helped me fend off three assaulters the day I came to the prefecture. We hit it from there and became good friends, that's all," she waved her hands cutely even as she wondered whether or not she liked the nickname the pink-skinned girl had given her.

"Look! Bakugo reached Midoriya! They are about to get it on!" Exclaimed Kirishima with a grin.

They all watched how the first exchange between them ended with Katsuki getting slammed into the wall.

"Wow! Just like a professional martial artist!" Exclaimed Ochako with wide eyes.

"Indeed," nodded Mashirao with an impressed expression after analyzing the movement. "It's even more impressive when you consider that Midoriya also timed his own spinning and through with the spinning speed that Bakugo had in order to make the most of use of Bakugo's own momentum, maximizing the damage of effectiveness of the technique," he commented, inwardly planning to ask Izuku about having a spar so they could exchange techniques, having recognized that he was also a martial artist.

Then they watched the second exchange in which Bakugo attempted to kick Izuku on the head only to be denied solidly before Izuku hit Bakugo with a kick of his own the looked to have come out of nowhere.

"Damn!" Exclaimed Kirishima, Denki, Sero, Mina and Kyoka when they saw that.

"The level of athleticism, body control and reflexes required to pull off something like that has to be insane," commented Tokoyami with an impressed tone of voice.

The they watched their third exchange in which they were impressed by Bakugo using his explosions to suddenly change direction, showing that he had an impressive control of his quirk, but it al paled in comparison to what they felt when they felt Izuku ducking down and evading Bakugo's attack without looking before countering with a rising kick directly from the floor that sent Bakugo flying away.

"What the hell…" muttered Mineta in disbelief.

"Holy shit!" Exclaimed Kirishima.

"Um, do you guys are noticing the same thing as me, right? Midoriya…" trailed off Aoyama in somewhat of shock.

"… has yet to use his quirk," finished saying Todoroki his arms crossed.

"That's not necessarily true," pipped in All Might after he heard that. 'And I'm thankful for that. Otherwise this exercise would've ended before each one of them could've done their part to deserve a grade. Thank you, Young Midoriya!'

"What do you mean by that, All Might?" Asked Toru curiously.

"Do you all recall how Izuku's quirk has three aspects, right?" Momo asked everyone and when they nodded she continued to elaborate. "He might not be using the Armament and King's Will aspect of it but he is most certainly using the Mantra aspect. During the introduction he said that his range of perception varied depending on how much attention he was paying to his senses but, since our senses are always working normally, Izuku possesses a passive range of one hundred feet that extends in all directions and never varies. Within that range he can feel everything as it is happening," she explained.

"That explain how he evaded Bakugo's last attack but… isn't that kind of unfair?" Asked Kaminari rhetorically with a jealous chuckle.

"Absolutely," agreed everyone else without hesitation.

Everyone then watched how Bakugo got angrier when he saw Izuku reaching towards his communicator and speaking to Tsuyu, which made everyone remember the frog themed girl and they looked for her in the screens only to see that she was now inside the building and was glued to the ceiling right next to a door as she responded to whatever Izuku was telling her, before the Explosion using quirk aimed his gauntlet at Izuku.

All Might saw this and, hearing what Bakugo was saying, grew a bit alarmed. "I can't believe Young Bakugo will go that far against one his fellow students in a situation like this!"

"Huh?" That was what was expressed by more than one when they heard All Might's words.

"As your Foundational Hero Studies teacher, I know the specifications of each and everyone of your costumes! Young Bakugo's gauntlets allow him to store a great amount of his nitroglycerin-like palm sweat, increasing the range and force of his explosions exponentially. In such a closed space, the power of the explosion is also greatly enhanced further!"

The eyes of everyone widened when they heard this.

"All Might-sensei! This is just a lesson! You must stop this before Midori is seriously hurt or worse!" Cried Mina with wide eyes, most of the other students nodding in agreement with her.

All Might shocked everyone when he just grinned. "Ah, there's no need for that. While I am shocked about the lengths that Young Bakugo will go when his pride is wounded, I'm not worried about Young Midoriya one bit! HAAAAAAHAHAHAhahahaaaa!" He even laughed epically at the end.

"What do you mean by that, All Might?!" Asked Kirishima incredulously.

All Might just chuckled and turned his attention to the screen, prompting everyone else to do the same. "You'll see."



With that shout, Bakugo pulled the safety pin with a crazed expression on his face and an explosion of gigantic proportions was produced by his gauntlet that completely covered the entire hallway with its blast. It was so strong that all the windows from that side of the building and some of the windows of the same side of the adjacent buildings exploded. Also, the power of the explosion was enough to destroy the walls of the hallway.

Bakugo laughed almost manically as he looked at the lingering flames of his explosion. "Do you still believe you are better than me?! Think again, Deku! Use your fucking quirk! I want to break you at you full strength, you asshole!" He snarled, ignoring the frantic questioning from Tenya that resounded from his communicator.

As the flames began to die down Bakugo could see a darkened silhouette, that could only be Izuku, that was slowly becoming more distinct and his smile died down when he noticed that he was standing in the same exact spot he was before he released his explosion. Bakugo's eyes widened in disbelief when the flames and the smoke died down enough so he could discern the form of Izuku.

The Haki user, with his hood no longer covering his head, had his entire left side facing towards Bakugo with his left arm raised towards the explosion quirk user and his palm wide open in a stopping motion. The reason why Bakugo was just rendered speechless was because the entire left side of Izuku, costume included, was covered in the shiny blackness of Armament Haki. His green eyes were narrowed intensely towards Bakugo.

The explosion had scorched the floor but starting from where Izuku stood, in a triangularly spreading manner, the floor was from scorch damage and where the intact floor met the walls of the hallways there was also lacking destruction. From that point the hallway was perfectly intact.

"Katsuki…" trailed off Izuku seriously, speaking for the first time since the start of his fight with Bakugo, as his Armament Haki began to recede away as if being slowly sucked by the tip of his fingers. "You seriously tried to kill me right now, didn't you?"

Gritting his teeth, Katsuki growled with anger and hate. "Oh yes I fucking did! Otherwise you wouldn't have used your quirk! You would've kept looking down on me!"

Izuku's eyes narrowed even further. "I see. Congratulations then. You managed to blow my hood back before I stopped your trump card without effort," he said with any kind of infliction of anything other than statins a fact in his voice.

"Are still fucking mocking me?!" Bakugo almost screeched in hatred as he raised his right arm this time and aimed it towards Izuku ready to pull out the pin and cause another similar explosion.

The moment Bakugo began to pull the pin, in a show of insane speed, Izuku exploded forwards, crack the floor of the hallway, and reached a wide eyed Bakugo just before the safety pin was completely pulled out. Izuku, with his hand up to his elbow covered in Armament Haki, grabbed covered the exit point of Bakugo's gauntlets just before the pin was completely out, which meant that Bakugo couldn't have stopped what happened next.

The developers at U.A. were far from stupid and they knew that equipment such as the one Bakugo had requested possessed a higher chance of causing harm to their user if malfunctioned. In this case, while it wasn't a malfunction, the user safety mechanism activated anyways. Because Izuku had closed the exit point of the ignition, the explosion had turned itself inwards. Normally, that would have resulted in Bakugo getting his entire left side obliterated and resulted in an instant death, but thanks to the mechanism the only result was an explosion that was three times as strong as Bakugo's normal ones that completely destroyed his right gauntlet, gave him second degree burns and also cracked his ulna and radius due to the force.

A noteworthy injury, certainly, but nothing that was remotely life threatening. It had hurt like a bitch still and Katsuki screamed in pain.

Izuku, with his eyes narrowed, closed his fits over the lingering embers of the flame of the small explosion snuffing them out, trails of smoke rising from between his Armament covered fingers. "So that was the safety mechanism," he commented idly as Armament receded, having felt the parts of it, which had felt almost out of place inside the gauntlet, using Mantra. It was the only reason why he had dared to do what he just did. He was not his opponent after all.

Before Bakugo could reach with his left arm to hold his right one reflexively in pain, he gave a grunt of pain when Izuku wrapped his left hand around his wrist and held him in place. Bakugo looked into the narrowed eyes of Izuku with slowly increasing fear.

'He stopped my strongest attacks twice with his barehands using just one aspect of his quirk and before that he was dominating the fight without using it. He…' Katsuki trailed off as he saw Izuku cocking right arm back, with his hand curled into a fist, as it got covered in the black shiny substance that was the Armament aspect of Izuku's quirk. Then it got a silvery hue as red veins of power appeared and arcs of green lightning began to trail off from the enhanced appendage. In that moment, Katsuki could only see a gigantic fist heading directly towards him. '… is going to kill me!'

"First Gear!" Declared Izuku before lashing out with his arm and Bakugo was understandably flagbasttered when Izuku, instead of punching him, delivered an uppercut towards the ceiling, his fist stopping right in front the shocked Bakugo's face.


Even though Tenya had been extremely frustrated about Bakugo's actions and his unwillingness to work as a team so they could perform their best during the exercise, Tenya had still gone and done his part the best he could. After deducing that with Bakugo confronting Midoriya that would leave Asui coming towards him to make a try for the target.

After recalling what she said about her quirk giving her frog-like abilities, he had taken the necessary steps to counter her. He had moved the 'nuclear weapon' in to a corner of the room at the top floor so he didn't have any blind spots Asui could exploit. Also, the room he was in lacked columns that she would be able to use as cover and the only entrance to the room was a single door that he hadn't taken his eyes off since moving here.

The next few minutes were spent trying to establish communications with Katsuki, getting into the most villainous mindset possible and thinking about Asui's possible abilities and he could counter them.

Tenya had waited and waited but Tsuyu had not appeared.

He had been about to take a look outside of the room when he was almost sent to the floor after a massive explosion shook the building. Knowing the most likely course of it, he had immediately started to berate Katsuki while pacing around the room for using such a thig in enclosed spaces but, as it had been happening since the beginning of the exercise, he had been ignored by Katsuki.

'It's not like he had even the slightest chance of winning. Midoriya is on a whole other level,' thought snidely after Katsuki failed to answer his demands for an explanation about the massive explosion.

Before he could calm down his irritation towards his teammate and walk back to stand protectively in front of the nuclear weapon as his pacing had almost taken him to the opposite side of the room, the floor was suddenly destroyed by a rising shockwave of force that shook the building even more than the explosion and resulted in all the windows of the building and the adjacent buildings as the shockwave of force also destroyed the ceiling of the top floor and continued going up towards the sky.

Tenya had been sent to the floor this time as he had not managed to retain his footing and before he could react, Tenya watched almost as if slow motion as Asui quickly crawled into the room passing the upper part of the frame of the room's only door and her extendable tongue lashed from her mouth until it struck a point above the somehow still standing 'nuclear weapon' and it stuck.

Tsuyu then used her tongue to pull herself towards the weapon and she landed solidly on the upper part of it, sticking to its surface in a manner that resembled a frog.

Tsuyu reached towards her earpiece. "Nuclear weapon successfully retrieved. The plan was a resounding success."


"Nuclear weapon successfully retrieved. The plan was a resounding success."

Bakugo heard the voice of Tsuyu coming from Izuku's communicator but he barely reacted with a twitch as he fell almost limply to the floor ass first after Izuku released the hold he had on his wrist. Bakugo's face seemed to be perpetually stuck in a shocked expression as kept looking up, his eyes not leaving the sigh of the gigantic hole Izuku had punched through all the surfaces of the building to the point that the sky could be clearly seen.

After a moment, Bakugo shakily pulled his gaze away from the almost impossible sight to stare at Izuku, who had taken off his breathing mask, allowing Katsuki to see the sight of his expression, which was one of slightly narrowed eyes and frowning lips.

"You… you…" Bakugo couldn't form words.

Izuku, however, could tell what he was trying to say. He shrugged his shoulders and nodded. "Yeah. I kept fighting you for two reasons. The first one was to give enough time for Tsuyu to get into position as close as she could to the weapon without being detected by Tenya-kun. She knew where Tenya had moved the target because while you were making your way down to me, I used the Mantra aspect of my quirk to sense where Tenya had moved it. This hallway is directly below the room in which Tenya-kun had put the target. After that I just had to create a create a distraction that was powerful enough to serve both prevent Tenya for moving to defend the target and as a signal for Tsuyu to go for it."

Bakugo was speechless.

Izuku then continued speaking as he continued to look down at Katsuki with his narrowed eyes. "And the second reason was to show you. To show you that there will always be someone better than you, no matter what your pride tells you. And that you have to stop letting something as stupid as a wounded pride to cloud your judgement because if you allow it to happen in the future, the consequences will be far worse than just a failed training exercise," finished Izuku before he turned around and began to walk away from the downed Bakugo. "I hope you learned your lesson."

Still unable to form words, the still shell shocked Bakugo could only stare at Izuku's suddenly abnormally wide back as he walked away.

All Might's voice suddenly resounded through the many speakerphones that littered the floors of the building.


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