Disclaimer: I own nothing, so u can't sue me, so don't bother trying

Disclaimer: I own nothing, so u can't sue me, so don't bother trying

The Day Squall Got Eaten By A Backpack

By: ZellyBaby

As Squall walked down toward Rinoa's room he began his nervous twitch that he had developed from being around Rinoa for way too long. He was going to end the relationship with one of those "We need to see other people" talks.

"Rinoa…*twitch*…can I come…*twitch*…in?" he was having a bit of trouble knocking on the door, but to his surprise she replied very quickly and didn't tell him to come on in.

"Umm, no Squall, I'm kinda busy…….at the moment….."

"Okay, I'll just tell u…*twitch*…from out…*twitch*…here."

"ok…ay, SQUall, go ahead."

"I think its time we starting seeing other…*twitch*…people"

"That's….fine with ME SquaLL…..!" she sounded kinda weird, but he was so happy when he said goodbye he didn't twitch once. As Squall was happily skippin down the hallway he heard Rinoa scream Irvine, but ignored it, he could have cared less if Rinoa ate Irvine.

"Now I can get me a real woman!" he thought aloud as he dialed the number to a fellow video game stars house.


Ding, dong when the door bell as squall waited outside the mansion of TombRaider 1,2,3 and 4 star, Laura Croft.

"Hello, oh its u Squall" she said in her English accent.

"Hi Laura, may I come in" Squall was clad in his usual leather pants, tshirt and bomber jacked, while she was in camo and a tight belly shirt thingy. They walked up to her room right away. They were really movin fast.

"Squall could u wait here a second, while I change into something more comfortable?" He sat down on the bed. "no really, this shirts cutting off the circulation to my upper body" she walked into her bathroom to change and left squall in awe as he stared at the large room.

"oooo, looky here!" he said looking at the small brown backpack laying on the floor with a rock on top of it. Squall removed the rock and picked it up and examined it.

" I always wanted to know how she fit all those guns in here….." he said as he opened up the small backpack. He stuck in his hand looking for the bottom but didn't find one, he stuck his whole arm in and he still didn't find the bottom, well one thing led to another and soon squall was gone.

"Squall I'm backJ" Laura said as she walked into the room and saw her backpack lying on the bed where squall had been sitting just a few minutes before.

"Damn u backpack, he had to remove the rock didn't he? Its all your fault, u eat every boyfriend ive ever brought to this house, u already ate Seifer and Cid, and Cloud and god knows how many others, why did u have to eat squall? I liked him too"


yeah I know it was stupid but I was really bored, as usual but I was especially bored today, I wrote this in bout' 10 minutes, so I don't expect it to be that good, anyway R&R, pleaseJ ZellyBaby