Author's Notes: I do not own Yuri! On Ice or any of the characters used within this story.

With that being said, this will be a series of one shots for Otayuri, in no particular order. Sometimes they will contain "bromance", friendship and humor. If you are not a fan of this pairing, please do not waste your time. If you are a member of the club, then without further ado please enjoy!


Introduction: Mission Accepted


Yuri Plisetsky: He was beauty. He was grace. He would kick you in the face.

So why was it that Otabek Altin wanted so badly to befriend him? In essence, Yuri's eyes had originally enticed him, dubbing them 'the eyes of a soldier', but that couldn't be his sole reasoning. Otabek had made the decision, once the final's line up had been announced, that he would seek out Russia's Ice Tiger and ask for his friendship…

…but things weren't going at all to his plan…

First Attempt: Hotel Lobby

"Huh? What's with you asshole?"

…He was certain that being called an asshole was the opposite of friendship…

(Status: Abandon Ship!)

Second Attempt: The Rescue!

Thank God he had rented that motorbike for his stay in Barcelona. It had come in so handy, especially as he heard rabid teenagers sniffing the streets like bloodhounds, closing in on one: Yuri Plisetsky.

"Where's Yuratchka?" "We're about to have a fan meeting!"

Here he had been thinking about his wasted opportunity, and now the gods were smiling upon him!

…So he'd pulled up on his motor cycle, told the blonde to get on, tossed him a helmet (why did he have two anyways?)…and without any further discussion, whisked the Russian away!

(Status: Mission Accepted! Damn social media.)

Third Attempt: Just Ask Him!

It wasn't surprising to hear that Yuri didn't remember him from Yakov's summer camp, he wasn't in his league after all…

Looking back, Otabek was pretty sure that the comment about the Russian's eyes, had to be the lamest pick up line known to man, but he had noticed the boy's faint blush in response, and believed that perhaps Yuri was unaccustomed to sincerity.

"I'm a rival, right?"

This was true. Yuri Plisetsky may very well pose as his biggest rival in this competition, if the teen's ego was of any evidence, but even still…

"I've always thought we were alike…"

So with an inhale of breath, he asked the question that had been plaguing him:

"Are you going to become friends with me, or not?"

…And as he took the tiger's hand in his own, he felt a smile tug at his lips…

(Status: Cue the Fanfare!)

Friendship Attempt: The Café

Why did friendship come with uninvited guests?! Just when it was getting good, they had been talking about skating and just scratching the surface of their new budding friendship over tea and now…

"Why did we all have to get together?" Came the frustrated voice of the object of his affec—no, that's wrong, his new friend.

Remember children: Stalkers are creepy, but Friends are good.

Otabek took in the conversation around him, stoically eating his salad, but his interest did peak when he heard about Katsuki's dance off with Yuri. As he thoughtfully continued to chew said salad, he kind of wished he could have seen that...until the photos got sent around…and then the Kazakh had to agree with Phichit, Katsuki wasn't who he thought he was…

He was much dirtier.

What the hell kind of influence had Plisetsky been exposed to? No wonder they were occupying the same side of the table. These people weren't right…

…Oh okay, now they were married and wasn't it customary to clap for the happy couple? The blonde bombsh—tiger—to his right looked horrified!

But not to worry because the atmosphere went from celebratory to cutthroat in 2.5 seconds with everyone glaring at one Katsuki Yuri in response to the gold medal comment (technically it was Victor's comment, but he wasn't the one competing in this competition). JJ's friggin entrance concluded that dinner date and Otabek found himself walking alongside of Yuri, who was grumbling about shitheads.

(Status: Transmission Interrupted)

Friendship Attempt 2: Deal Breaker!

Welcome to the Madness: Enough Said!

Friendship Level: ELITE!

(Status: Mission Accomplished)

So in reality, they were polar opposites, minus their taste in music. Otabek was relatively stoic, while Yuri was boisterous. The Hero of Kazakhstan was dark and masculine, while the Russian Fairy was light and lithe. Otabek had a humble fan base, while Yuri had rabid fangirls fixated on his every move. After Yuri won gold, his market value sky rocketed, but he remained the same foulmouthed rebellious punk he always was.

They'd been texting one another daily during the off season and Otabek was certain this was the one long distance relationship that he could handle…besides, he didn't really have any competition for the blonde's affections, and he would make it his new personal mission:

Level Up: From Friendship to Romance!

…although it might take another 5 years to complete, he was willing to invest the time.