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Trigger Warning: Deals with issues of depression, self harm and thoughts of suicide and PTSD. I, like many others, have dealt with depression, anxiety and the stigma that comes with both. It is not my intent to treat, diagnose or in any way mock or treat with insensitivity those who face these issues. Because of that I will not go into any details regarding the specifics of any therapy sessions. They would be based only on my experiences of therapy and there are many different styles of therapy. If you are battling depression or thoughts of self harm I strongly urge you to speak to someone and seek professional help.

Chapter 1

The war was ten years over and Hermione was pleased with the way her life had turned out. She was on track for a top position in the Ministry, her private muggle practice was going amazingly well and her Ministry practice was equally successful. Harry and Ron had both rolled their eyes, but after Hogwarts she had attended both Muggle University and Wizard Healing School completing both in record time. She was affectionately known as Healer Doctor Granger.

Her two children Rose age seven and Hugo age five were doing very well. Both were bright, happy well adjusted children who would grow up free from the fear and pain that had followed her throughout her early years.

Hermione had nearly finished a long exhausting day. It seemed no matter wizarding or muggle world there were always wars and always those who suffered their effects. Today she had seen a young woman who had lost her legs to an explosive device and a young girl who had lost her father.

Hermione was waiting on her last patient of the day, Druella Rosier, the name sounded familiar, but she could not remember why. Of course there was more than one Death Eater named Rosier but they were all men and all safely dead or in Azkaban. And none of those pure blood extremists were going to walk into a muggle psychiatrist office.

She now used her healing skills to assist those who were struggling with PTSD after effects from the war. The ministry had found her efforts quite useful and she maintained an office there, but this was her muggle office and while not impossible for a wizard or witch to find, few bothered.

She sent an owl to Ron and the children who were vacationing in Romania for the summer visiting Charlie. Ron and she had divorced quite amicably two years ago realizing they were much better friends than spouses. There had been few tears, no angry words and they were still best friends. They loved each other very much and very deeply, just not romantically. It had started to feel like incest after awhile. When Ron came home one day and told her he just could not stand the idea of continuing to sleep with her all she could say was "Thank Merlin!" He laughed and asked if they could divorce so he could start dating again she had cheerfully laughed and signed the paperwork the next week. Molly and Arthur were more upset than the two of them had been until they figured out they actually saw MORE of the two together than they had before and that it was actually less tense and awkward.

Hermione was musing this over after her owl Emalina left when her nurse Sarah announced that Mrs. Rosier was checked in and in the waiting room. "Please see her in Sarah and hold my calls"

Hermione was prepared for any eventuality she had believed. She was not prepared for Narcissa Malfoy to walk through her office door.

"Mrs. Malfoy…." She said, uncertainly.

"Please forgive the ruse Healer Granger, I was not certain you would see me if I booked an appointment under my own name, so I booked it under my mother's."

Narcissa, Hermione noted looked as poised and elegant as ever but was clearly under a great deal of strain. The last seven years since the war ended had been kind to her beauty, but her mental health was clearly suffering. She was hovering in the doorway, also uncertain.

"Please come in Mrs. Malfoy, I would never turn away a patient in need." She motioned to the chair across from her.

Narcissa sat down gracefully in the chair "I am not certain where to start…"

"How about we start with a cup of tea?" Hermione poured them both a cup and waited patiently.

"I am here for my son. He has been having a rough time since Astoria abandoned him and Scorpius." Narcissa took a sip of her tea looking sad and uncomfortable.

"I see. And does Draco know you have come to see me?" Hermione could not imagine Draco would be pleased with his mother discussing his personal life with her.

"He knows I intended to come." She looked evasive.

"And how did he feel about that? Was he agreeable?"

"Healer Granger, I hope that what we say in this office is confidential."

"Perfectly. At this point as far as I am concerned you and not your son, are my patient, meaning you are protected by doctor patient confidentiality. In the muggle world that means I would lose my license to practice if I were to discuss anything that occurred in this office."

"I see. Draco neither agrees nor disagrees with anything. He does not leave his room. He does not speak to anyone, not even Scorpius. This is very difficult on his son. I am afraid he may do harm to himself."

"Have you considered having him placed in St. Mungos for his own safety?"

"Lucius won't hear of it. The scandal would be unbearable."

"And the scandal of having me treat him would be bearable?"

Narcissa looked much more uncomfortable "Lucius has agreed on the condition that we tell people that you are Scorpius… tutor."

"You want me, with my credentials to pose as a TUTOR?"

"Please Healer Granger, we will pay whatever fee you ask, we will not question your healing methods, we just want our son to be better."

"This is not a matter of money, Mrs. Malfoy… but I cannot and will not return to Malfoy Manor. I would agree to see him at my office at the Ministry if you can get him to agree to go there."

"We no longer reside at the Manor. It held horrors for my family as well. Nothing compared to yours I know, but we have another home. It has no shared memories for any of us. Will you please just come and evaluate him? I am pleading with you to help my son."

Hermione knew how much Narcissa loved her son and how far she would go to protect him. She had defied Voldemort to protect him and saved Harry in the process. Hermione could not in good conscience refuse to at least look at Draco.

"I will agree to visit. I cannot make any promises, but I will evaluate his condition."

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your agreeing to assist us Healer Granger."

Hermione nodded and saw Narcissa to the door after they made an appointment to meet on Thursday the following week. They shook hands at the door briefly and Hermione gathered her belongings to go home.

She had never desired to break the Doctor/Patient confidentiality clause before but she wished she could discuss this with someone this time. It was not that she was still harboring a grudge from childhood. She just had no idea to open old wounds or place herself in proximity to people who had played such starring roles in one of those most painful periods of her life. Draco had been a child. His parents had not.

But there was a child involved. One the same age as Rose. That was a consideration as well. If Ron could not get out of bed wouldn't she want someone to help him get better so Rose would have a father again?

And why was she still debating this in her own mind when she had already made an appointment? Would she change her mind? Was she hoping she would?