The cold october breeze picked up the sides of his trench coat. His hands grasped the front of his beige coat, teeth chattering, he shivered and held his chest. Azure colored eyes looked up at the dark sky and he sighed. The cold vapor staining the air in front of him. "Cold?" He heard next to him. He nodded.

An arm wrapped itself around his shoulders. "There's no need for that." He smiled. The hand that rested on his shoulder held him tighter.

"Don't worry," He looked up into those hazel colored eyes covered by those thin glasses. "It's just us." Tezuka looked over to the empty streets and then back at him with a small smile. Fuji nodded and smiled, gently leaning into the hand on his shoulder. "What do you have planned for tomorrow?" Tezuka asked, their footsteps matching against the cold wet pavement.

Fuji hummed and dug his gloved hands into his pockets. "I was thinking we could go to Eiji's place. He's hosting an early halloween party and he invited us." Tezuka pursed his lips. "No?"

Tezuka sighed and let his arm fall and placed it into his jacket pocket, mirroring the action of the other. "I wouldn't mind...but you know…" Tezuka said looking ahead of them without much expression. Azure eyes still fixated on his waiting for a response. Fuji knew he hated when he stared at him for an answer. He sighed and looked away. "I don't want to see Atobe."

The smile on his face dropped just a bit and he looked up at the sky, enjoying the many stars that were visible at night. He could even see the whole constellation of Orion. It was breathtaking. "Ah," He finally said more like a sigh than an actual response. "I heard he's going as a sexy vampire. Who knows, he might just turn me." Fuji chuckled ignoring the pain in his chest.


"I think I might make a nice meal, don't you think?" Taking the hand out of his jacket pocket, he ran his clothed fingers down his neck lightly tugging at his collar and bit his lip. "I think I would make a sexy vampire, ne, Tezuka?" He stopped and licked his lips.

Tezuka grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled Fuji towards him. Their lips met and Fuji shot his eyes wide open. Tezuka's tongue swiped itself along his bottom lip and he moaned, his hot velvety tongue slipped in and he groaned feeling those strong hands on his waist. Taken by surprise at the action, his body began moving and he grinded his hips against Tezuka's. Tezuka's tongue massaging his tongue, taking total control of the kiss; Fuji moaned again and pulled away. His hand slid up Tezuka's broad chest covered by that lovely black coat that suited him so well and nimble fingers grabbed at the hair on the back of his head.

He placed his forehead against Tezuka's and lustfully stared into those hazel eyes, biting his bottom lip. "Mmm, you really hate him don't you?" Tezuka panted and brought his hand up to caress Fuji's cheek, thumb rubbing against his cheekbone.

Without words to say he nodded and something caught his attention in the distance. Fuji's eyes widened and Tezuka turned to look at him realizing he was fully alerted. "Syuusuke?"

He felt every hair on his body rising and he felt the presence behind him. "Tezuka...What do you see?" He asked in a whisper. His tone serious and quiet. Tezuka stared into those azure colored eyes, perplexed. One of Fuji's hands slipped into his hand and lightly squeezed it reassuring him.

"A figure down the block...under the light." Tezuka quietly said still staring at the figure that was unmoving. "It's probably just some random guy." He dismissed and began walking.

"No wait," Fuji held onto his hand and pulled him back finally turning around to look the figure. "It doesn't feel right." He finally said looking at the unmoving figure. He felt it in his gut. Something was off about the thing that was standing at the far end of the street.

Tezuka sighed. "It's nothing, let's go." Closing his hand around Fuji's, he began walking and pulling him along. Fuji hesitantly began walking. His eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes fixed on the figure. The more he got closer the more he felt a bad feeling rise within him. Something wasn't right. They were within a few feet and Fuji stopped again.

"Tezuka, I don't feel good." Tezuka stopped and looked at Fuji blocking his vision from the figure ahead of them. Somewhere he began hearing laughter, not regular laughter but rather a dark laughter; he grasped Tezuka's jacket and closed his eyes. His body began shivering,

Tezuka placed his hands on Fuji's face and tried to look at him. "Fuji, what's wrong?" He could barely hear Tezuka's voice anymore. "Fuji? Fuji?!" He fell to the ground and suddenly everything went dark.

He could feel the hands on him shaking his body as he fell to the ground. The voice calling for help that sounded awfully muffled and far away.


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